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Music from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon played by a 1970s revival band assembled by Hiwa K

10–11 April, 2010, 2–4pm Shishawi, 51–53 Edgware Road W2

w. She has worked as a sound engineer. He has taken part in many exhibitions and projects. drawing.. Abdalla and collaborator Cressida Trew link the Free Cinema School to global independent cinema networks. 2009 © no. has developed projects for the Sharjah and Venice Biennials. View ongoing projects by artists-in-residence. 22 April–1 May Possible Studies Abroad (Beirut) Homeworks V: A Forum on Cultural Practices Artists CAMP and Hiwa K participate in Home Works V: A Forum on Cultural Practices. Their residency is undertaken in collaboration with Raven Row. Ultra-red with year 9 students at St. His residency is undertaken in collaboration with The Showroom.The Edgware Road Project 25 March– 1 October 2010 The Serpentine Gallery’s Edgware Road Project links local and international artists with people living and working in this London neighbourhood. workshops and education programmes. Marylebone School APRIL 1 April–30 May Artists in Residence: performances. London W2 A competition for students in Year 9 at Westminster Academy. hosted by Edgware Road Project partners. home to is an artist run space in London where the place of the moving image within contemporary art can be explored and expanded. sculpture. with actors Khalid Abdalla & Cressida Trew Marwan Rechmaoui Wael Shawky Rania Stephan Ultra-red The Centre for Possible Studies 64 Seymour Street London W1 Opens 30 May Wednesdays 3–8pm and Thursday–Saturday 2–5pm at er Baysw Road The Edgware Road Project in collaboration with eet r Str u o Seym Street Oxford Marble Arch Ashkal Alwan: The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts (Beirut) (Cairo) Projects supported by gw Ed ar e ad Ro rk Pa ne La The Edgware Road Project supported by Hyde Park Eranda Foundation Serpentine Contact Janna Graham. Working with people involved in the infrastructures of water. The project base is the Centre for Possible Studies. Ashkal Alwan: The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts. CAMP have developed temporary TV and radio Omni Colour Westminster Arts Serpentine Gallery supported by Events MARCH 1 March–15 April Artist in Residence: Hiwa K Thursday 25 March 7pm The Seventies: Research in Progress Donya Restaurant. Homeworks (Beirut) and the Townhouse Gallery (Cairo). video. Googoosh © Googoosh tv.w. no. He is currently producer of In the Last Days of the City.. 2007 © Lamia Joreige Cairo Stories 2009. placemats. His residency is undertaken in collaboration with Townhouse Gallery in Cairo. events and an ongoing project archive. 64 Seymour Street W1 Lamia Joreige and Rania Stephan. much of Hefuna’s work is informed by her dual heritage (German–Egyptian). Saturdays in June 11am–6pm Free Cinema School Course: Make a Scene! Centre for Possible Studies. Her filmography includes: Tribe (1993). Free Cinema School. cable TV and the internet. 2009. Baghdad. scholars and local people about the desires driving arts organisations to work in local neighbourhoods.where work with actors Khalid Abdalla and Cressida Trew to recall histories of Britain’s Free Cinema movement. no. Their residency is a collaboration with Gasworks and The Arts Catalyst. Marwan Rechmaoui studied Fine Arts in the United States. Working in photography. they were dreaming. Facilitated by åbäke design collective.. His work has been exhibited at the Queens Museum of Art. producing a collaborative film made by those with links to the neighbourhood. Lebanon. he is now based in Germany. activists. They produce projects. spent his youth on the Edgware Road. MAY 1–15 May Artists in Residence: Susan Hefuna no. His investigation of the Edgware Road can be seen at The Centre for Possible Studies in August and September. Sunday 11 April 2–4pm daily Chicago Boys: while we were singing. Edgware Road Project Assistant amalk@serpentinegallery. researchers and organisers from a range of social movements. in conversation with members of the London-based XTalk: free language classes for migrant sex workers. installation and film and video production. Collectively. 64 Seymour Street W1 A drop-in swap session inviting people to generate posters. an ongoing exchange between artists in Poland and Iraq. Booking essential as spaces are limited. His residency is undertaken in collaboration with Townhouse Gallery in Cairo. She is engaging in ongoing cinema investigations on the Edgware Road. W2 A weekend of music played by a 1970s revival band assembled by Hiwa K. known for his lead role in the film The Kite Runner. Thursday 13 May 11am–1pm Susan Hefuna: Fantasy Spaces Westminster Academy. Hiwa K is an artist and musician who is interested in informal knowledge. 64 Seymour Street W1 Join curator Bassam El Baroni (Alexandria). New York. Wael Shawky lives and works in Alexandria. She is co-founder of the Beirut Art Center and among many exhibitions. January–March 2011 Writing the Possible Visiting artists and local groups develop propositions for the future. Hiwa has created a 1970s revival band. April 2011 Studies on a Road An international forum including presentations of ‘possible studies’ that have been undertaken by artists and local people on the Edgware Road and abroad. Her residency is undertaken with Ashkal Alwan: The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts. Palestine. His residency is undertaken with Ashkal Alwan: The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts.w. Public Record. Egypt. Roshi. CAMP have created edgwareroad. Hefuna is working in collaboration with students at Westminster Academy on the production of fantasy architectures for public speech and Free Cinema School II: Make a Scene! Inspired by the Free Cinema movement artists no. Lamia Joreige's work explores notions of archive through writing. 2005 © Marwan Rechmauoui The end of. Wednesdays 5. an animated film installation in which the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is displayed as a fairground carousel. Attempt at Jealousy (1995). Saturday 10 April. Alexandria and (London) and Rania Stephan (Beirut) to discuss international exchanges of art. pamphlets and webcasts. 12 and 19 May 7–9pm Free Cinema School: Screening Salons Various locations. He lives and works in Beirut.w.serpentinegallery. Ultra-red work with students at St. Booking essential. Shishawi. Iran. Friday 3 September 7pm Serpentine Gallery Park Night: Edgware Road Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2010 designed by Jean Nouvel Tuesday 7 September 7pm Possible Exchanges: Forming the Political Centre for Possible Studies. Formed in Artists no. Arrest at Manara (2003). On the Edgware Road. 255 Harrow Road. www. 436 Edgware Road W2 An evening with artist Hiwa K and global Photograph: Sarah Pucill Serpentine Gallery Kensington Gardens London W2 Admission Free Open daily 10am–6pm www. the  Riwaq Biennale. His works include Télématch Sadat. My First Camera (1998). first assistant and producer with renowned filmmakers including Simone Bitton and Elia Suleiman. they were dreaming. Special Edition postcard © Susan Hefuna Clockwise: Bendaly Family.w. editor. Noura Sanatian. Projects Curator jannag@serpeninegallery. annotated film archives and websites..serpentinegallery. 64 Seymour Street W1 Young people with a relationship to the Edgware Road are invited to an intensive course to make films with artists from no. 51–53 Edgware Road. Susan Hefuna takes up everyday aspects of life in her work. a feature length film shot in Cairo. UPCOMING September–October 2010 Re-Assembly Student opera by Ultra-red and St. Bland Mahdi.w. Marylebone School © Mark Blower November–December 2010 Cairo Stories and Free Cinema School (Cairo) Parallel events in London and and actors Khalid Abdalla and Cressida Trew move through the Edgware Road neighbourhood to make scenes for a collaborative film. a presentation of the events surrounding the assassination of Sadat in 1981 re-enacted by children and Al-Aqsa Park. 64 Seymour Street W1 Celebrate the opening of the Centre for Possible Studies in its new location. DAMAGE: For Gaza ‘The Land of Sad Oranges’ (Ghassan Kanafani) 2009  © Rania Stephan Tuesday 29 June 7pm Possible Exchanges: Image and Movement Centre for Possible Studies. Wastelands (2005). Iraq and Lebanon. She is currently working on a documentary about the legendary Egyptian film star Suad Hosni. performativity and the artist as amateur. facilities. Helene Kazan. Lebanon/War (2006). Amal Khalaf. members include: Cihat Arinc. Photograph: Sophie Ballmer Saturday 1 May 11am–6pm Possible Exchanges: Deschooling Society Neighbourhoods Summit Centre for Possible Studies. Her residency is undertaken in collaboration with Townhouse Gallery in Cairo. the Moscow with actors Khalid Abdalla and Cressida Trew lead screening and discussion salons to inform a collaborative film about the Edgware Road. The winning structures will be realised by students in collaboration with designers. Possible Studies CAMP is a Mumbai-based collective that tests the ground between art and the public.w. Monday 24 May 7pm Possible Exchanges: From Archive to Action Centre for Possible Studies. artists-inresidence no. Shimon Sakakibara and Nicolas Vass.w. textile artists and dancers. Check www. 64 Seymour Street W1 Artist’s talk by Marwan +44 (0)20 7298 1535 with Edgware Road. rumoured to have died mysteriously in the Edgware Road neighbourhood. Wednesdays in July 3–8pm Wednesdays in the Basement Centre for Possible Studies. Marylebone School and local organisations on an opera that explores the politics of citizenship and migration. Hiwa K. Sunday 30 May 2–8pm Centre for Possible Studies: We’re Open! Centre for Possible Studies. Afghanistan and America. including: Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East. the Sharjah Biennial. the group have produced radio +44 (0)20 7298 1535 Amal Khalaf. and Ashkal events. Chicago Boys: while we were singing. Beirut. ideas and desires. Ultra-red is a sound art collective that includes artists.w. Janna and actors Khalid Abdalla and Cressida Trew. Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July 11am–5pm Course: Free Cinema School III Centre for Possible Studies. 64 Seymour Street W1 A discussion between artists. 64 Seymour Street W1 Weekend film and video Master Class with Rania Stephan and Lamia Joreige. recalling music and politics from Afghanistan. placemats.serpentinegallery. Iraq. Open to anyone. installations. Beirut. followed by discussions about the 1970s in Iran. an open publishing platform for local research to be distributed as journals. © Bendaly Family. On the Edgware Road.. Edgware Road Project Collaborators Al Arez Lebanese Cuisine The Arts Catalyst Church Street Neighbourhood Centre The Cockpit Theatre Delfina Foundation Donya Restaurant FreqOUT! Gasworks Gallery Al Shishawi (Miramar) Restaurant Raven Row St. Rania Stephan was born in Beirut. Actor Khalid Artists. websites and typefaces related to the Edgware Road. Re-Assembly: Civis Sum. For the Edgware Road Project. Her residency is undertaken in collaboration with The Delfina Foundation. where he has co-curated Estrangement. and digital media. texts and public space actions featured on their fair-use online record JUNE–JULY Artists in Residence: Lamia Joreige Rania Stephan AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 1 August–30 September Artist in Residence: Marwan Rechmaoui Untitled 22 (The Arab World). Born in Iraq. recordings. Abbas Nokhasteh. Participating artists include: CAMP Susan Hefuna Lamia Joreige Hiwa K no. Marylebone School The Showroom Tyburn Convent 60 Penfold Street Westminster Academy Westminster Arts Westminster City Archives XTalk åbäke .