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Madagascar Task

1. The homepage for the Madagascar official website immediately suggests that the target audience for this film are children aged between 3-10. This is shown to us by the types of character's which are shown on the web page and the colours which are uses, the main image of the homepage in ol es spotlights and cannon which con ey connotations with the circus and since circuses would most likely appeal to children, the link up worps well. !n the bottom left corner of the homepage, there is a use of synergy by the "#acebook $ike button, by using synergy, the film can be promoted through different types of social media and social networks. The top of the homepage features bios of the main character, this can peakfans interests if they want to find out more about their fa ourite character's. The bottom of the homepage shows the different pages to the audience are able to go around the website. %. The images and colours used in the homepage suggest that the target audience for Madagascar 3 are children aged 3-10, this is seen in the main image which has circus connotations. The font of the Madagascar logo is ibrant, which signifies that the film genre is a light-hearted ad enture film. #eatures of The &ebsite 3. 'hracter (ios)!nformation* The audience will be able to find out about the characters in the film and what part the characters ha e in the film +ownloads* The audience who are interested in the film can download content related to the film ,ideos* The audience can iew sneak-peaks of the film and can iew the trailer to get an idea of the film plot -tory* The audience can read about the story of the film. ,iewers know what they are getting into .ames* The audience will be able to play games relating to the film, this would especially appeal to the children because of their interest of interacti e entertainment -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/.The website features synergy through the #acebook $ike button. 0sers who like the website will be spreading the word about the film to their friends through the #acebook page. !n the 12artners" page of the site synergy is used which shows the amount of brands that +reamworks has associated with to promote their film. 3n e4ample of this is $oreal using shampoo to promote Madagascar 3. 3rchways gi e away Madagascar cookie 5ars with a purchase of cookies. 6nergiser batterys promote madagascar through custom displays at selected stores. These are all uses of synergy. 7. The Madagascar website is effecti e in a number of ways. The website uses a large amount of synergy to promote the mo ie through social media and brands. The website caters well towards their target audience through the use of games. The audience can also iew the trailer of the film to get an idea of the plot. ! think that the website is effecti e through the use of bright colours on the website and the link with social media.