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JANUARY / 2014

OUMH 1203

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ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION OUMH1203 BODY OF CONTENT PAGE Question 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 References---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Question 2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 References---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Question 5---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 References---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Question 6---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 References---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Question 7--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 References--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 1 .

This can be proved when children copying their parents’ ways of interacting with people such as insulting and using harsh words. reflexive attitude that positive will not be accessible by children if imitation and observation made on adult especially parents is treatment that is negative Other than that. the result will be negative. If all observation and imitation made on the adult are negative. This is not a good lesson for children. Parents act of disliking vegetables and consuming too much junk food will eventually be copied by children. also named as modelling. produced when adult or children observing others behaviour or those who are significant and record the consequence of the behaviour. Children that 2 . especially parents. Behaviour that is mature. athlete. The act of lying though to please the child is actually implementing the negative act on the child. Adults. negative and aggressive behaviour and other various behaviours are learned through modelling. teacher and such figure as their model. Observation learning. children will eventually end up with the same behaviour. actor.ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION OUMH1203 Question 1 According to Maarof (2003) and Bandura (1997). Children usually take parents. The best way of learning for children based on observational learning and imitating is not true because not all observation and imitation made produce the best result. Frequent also parents escaped look will children learning problem through observation and imitation is more wide open with the existence of telecast. parents usually fail to teach their children on healthy diet because they themselves fail to practise it. emphasised that human’s learn by observing others’ behaviour. teach children without realizing that lying is a negative approach to students. This tells us why behaviours are different according to society and culture. Most speech pattern attire.

Although it is just a small act it serves great impact on children’s diet. so illuminated the pattern and doubtless become paragon and source fad that is good. The texture pattern determine by the mould environment. so it can damage the future and will burden persons around him. The best lesson for children starts from home. Due to this. given by the parents who do not show negative behaviour which can min students’ brain development. so it is clear that that learning through observation and imitation not all give effect that is best to children. An apple usually does not fall far from its tree.ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION OUMH1203 are exposed to plans like fierce sports action. creepy story and phantom is motivate children nurture negative attitude in themselves. story which contains violence factor and sexual. serial dramas. If on the other hand. Learning and imitation result from the behavior that is positive only which would ensure the children's growth is positive or otherwise. Children’s is like white cloth. 3 . If good the mould environment.