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Name _____________________________________ Date ______________________________________ Class _____________________________________ Blitzkrieg to the Bomb – Video Questions Terms to know: RAF – Royal

Air Force (of England) Luftwaffe – German Air Force SS – schutzstuffel – literally means “protection squad” 1. Throughout the video, the narrator (Martin Sheen) will mention 3 military miscalculations that Hitler makes. List them here. a.



2. Benito Mussolini is the dictator of what country? 3. Who is der Fuhrer of Germany? 4. What countries (3) form the Axis powers? 5. Japan invades Manchuria and then _________________________ 6 years later. 6. Who invades the Rhineland? 7. Neville Chamberlain is the leader of what country? 8. Who is the leader of the Soviet Union? 9. What agreement is reached in the non-aggression pact that Hitler signs?

10. September 1, 1939 – What country does Hitler invade, starting World War II? 11. Hinrich Himler is the leader of the ____________ (2 letters). 12. What is the Maginot line?

13. Who takes over as Prime Minister of England after Chamberlain? 14. The Germans take over Holland in _______ days.

1941? 28. How does the Allied Army trapped there escape to England? 18. Why do the British attack the French navy? 20. Where is the surrender of France signed? 19. What does the Lend-Lease Act allow President Roosevelt to do? 27. What general takes on the British 8th army? 33. 16. Why are inexperienced officers commanding Russian troops? 24. Belgium surrenders to the Nazis after _________ weeks. When does the US declare war on Japan? 29. What happens to Mussolini after the fall of Sicily? . 17. What is new about the battle of Coral Sea? 30. The Northern Allied Army retreats to the French town of ____________________. What stops the Germans when Russian troops can’t? 26. Who had invaded Russia 100 years before? 25.15. Where did the Japanese attack on December 7. Who leads the American 7th army in Sicily? 34. What is a U-boat? 32. What types of weapons are used to fight the Battle of Britain? 21. Why does the US know when and where the Japanese are going to attack? 31. Who is one of Germany’s greatest commanders also known as the Desert Fox? 23. 1940 – Italy invades _______________________ 22.

What are 2 secret weapons that Hitler uses against England? 40. What general commands the 3rd army that comes to the 101st airborne’s rescue? 42. How many people died in concentration camps? 46. How do kamikaze pilots attack? 44. How does Hitler die? 47. 1944—What happens? 39. What general accepts the surrender of the Japanese? . What do the Italians do after the allied troops land? 36. How does the commander of the US 101st Airborne reply when asked to surrender during the Battle of the Bulge? 41.35. Roosevelt and Stalin (the Big 3) meet in February 1945? 45. What does the Enola Gay do to Hiroshima? 48. 43. Kamikaze means ______________. Who is charged with defending the French Coast for the Germans? 37. Who is in charge of the allied invasion force? 38. Where do Churchill. June 6.