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Brought to you by Laura Swartz, Cynthia Gutierrez,
Peter Killinger, DerickMaxwell, and Anthony Ciminello
Fall 2013 Smartphone App Project
Concept Stage
What is “GLAB”?
• The Green Living Advisory Board of the City of Boca Raton
• Appointed by the City in 2009 to pursue the implementation of sustainable
development principles
• GLAB does not make or enforce city policies, but rather encourages citizen
awareness and adoption of sustainable development strategies through
efforts targeted at citizen involvement, education, and collaboration
• In charge of implementing a Green Neighborhood Certification Program
• The Board’s goal with this program is to increase residential participation
in sustainable or “green” living within the Boca community
Water Conservation/
Storm Water Reduction
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Litter Prevention
Organic Gardening
Renewable Energy /
8 Categories of Sustainability
• A scorecard for individual homes
• A scorecard for the homeowners’
associations (HOAs)
• Credits listed on the scorecard can
then be calculated and measured
on a “Shades of Green” scale.
• The higher the score, the darker
green level of certification the
home or neighborhood has
Light Green Dark Green
What is the role of our App?
 Prototype is for residents of three Boca neighborhoods: Woodlet, Royal Oak Hill, and Vista Verde
 Contains 61 “yes” or “no” questions from the individual scorecard, broken out into separate screens for
each of the 8 categories
o Increases ease-of-use and decreases the perceived complexity and length of survey
o Users do not have to commit to answering all 61 questions at once
 Results are calculated and returned to the user immediately
 Explanations of key survey topics and terms are always accessible at the top of the app
o Can be accessed during the survey without losing your place or responses already completed
o Answers questions like “What is xeriscaping?” “What is Community Shared Agriculture and
where is that near me?”
o Aids consumer education of the sustainable strategies available to them locally
o Improves understanding of survey questions in order to improve data quality of results
 “Outside Resources” tool in the app connects users to detailed, credible Web sources for more info on
survey topics
o Boca Raton Municipal Codes, Florida-Friendly Fertilizing and Florida-Friendly Landscaping
publications from the Water Management District, Manuals on how to compost and use permeable
surfaces, among other topics
To develop an app capable of helping GLAB administer its Green Neighborhood Certification Program
Target Users:
GLAB, individual homeowners, and HOA representatives from Boca Raton neighborhoods
App Utility
• Results could be stored for use in future urban
sustainability analysis and to facilitate GLAB’s green
living community research
• Utility for individuals and HOAs
• Could be used to foster friendly neighborhood
competitions geared toward educating and increasing
sustainable actions
• Green score data can be used to support competitive
home prices and neighborhood attractiveness
Demo Walk-through by Peter Killinger, Derick Maxwell,
and Anthony Ciminello
Movie Promo by Cynthia Gutierrez