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Venus Morning Star, Venus Evening Star by Michael R.

Meyer If you're one of the millions who give attention to astrology, or have had your birth chart drawn and interpreted, you probably know the zodiacal sign and natal house occupied by Venus at the time of your birth. The natal house in which Venus was located at birth shows the particular set of human experiences through which your emotional life, feeling nature and sense of values, fueled by the type of energy symbolized by Venus' sign, best operates. But a house and sign examination is not the most fundamental astrological key revealing your Venusian nature. This article presents a basic, easy to use techni!ue to determine and interpret your Venus type. "t is based on viewing the #$% day cycle between the &un and Venus as a whole. 'eaders of my series on mental types, The (our (aces of )ercury, will recognized that the Venus cycle follows a pattern similar to the cycle of )ercury, but with some important and very intriguing variations. The approximately **+ day cycle of the &un and )ercury deals with mental processes, associations and attitudes, while the cycle of Venus symbolizes emotional rocesses and attitudes, as well as our value!and!meaning!giving faculties that is, how we interpret, evaluate and make sense of our life experiences and the world around us. ,hereas )ercury is the neutral and asexual planet, the servant and messenger of other planets and their functions, Venus is assigned a feminine polarity- it represents the set of values motivating our actions .)ars/ and guiding our mental processes and use of knowledge .)ercury/. But the most uni!ue and fascinating feature of the cycle of Venus is the remarkable way it conforms, cycle after cycle, to a five fold pattern. "he #ycle of Venus and Its $ive!$old %attern Because the orbit of Venus lies within 0arth's, from our geocentric point of view Venus always leads or follows the &un by no more than %1.# degrees. 2nother special feature of the Venus cycle .which it shares with the )ercury cycle, because the two bodies both lie within earth's orbit/ is that Venus forms two very different types of geocentric con3unctions with the &un the inferior con3unction and the superior con3unction. 2 Venus cycle begins at the inferior con3unction, when Venus is exactly between the &un and the 0arth. 2t the superior con3unction, which is e!uivalent to the opposition aspect, Venus is on the far side of the &un, with the &un standing exactly between the 0arth and Venus. The inferior con3unction, e!uivalent to the 4ew )oon phase of the lunation cycle, occurs when Venus is in the middle of its retrograde cycle and moving !uite slowly across the zodiac. "t is then nearest to the 0arth and, from our point of view, dark. 'ising before the &un, Venus appears in the pre dawn sky about a week after the inferior con3unction, when the &un and Venus are about ten degrees apart. 2s a herald of the new day, Venus is called %hos horus and &ucifer, the latter name meaning 5light bearer.5

Venus turns direct about three weeks after the inferior con3unction. Thirty six days after the inferior con3unction, Venus is most brilliant in the morning sky. Thirty six days more, Venus reaches its maximum distance from the &un. 2t this time, Venus is moving through the zodiac at the same speed as the &un, and gaining. Two hundred and sixteen days .or + x 6+ days/ later, Venus reaches its superior con3unction with the &un, when it is moving close to its ma'imum of s eed of about ()(*' er day. (or several weeks before and after the superior con3unction, however, Venus is so close to the &un in the sky that it is no longer visible. Venus is furthest from the 0arth at superior con3unction, which is e!uivalent to the opposition aspect and the (ull )oon phase of the lunation cycle. The superior con3unction inaugurates the hemicycle in which Venus plays the role of the 0vening &tar, +es erus, which means western. Thirty six days after the superior con3unction, when the &un and Venus are about ten zodiacal degrees apart, Venus first appears in the evening sky, setting after the &un. Two hundred and sixteen days .+ x 6+ days/ after the superior con3unction, Venus again reaches its maximum distance from the &un about %1 degrees, but maximum elongation

varies slightly from cycle to cycle. "t occurs when the motion of Venus e!uals the &un's, and is slowing. Thirty six days later .which is also thirty six days before the next inferior con3unction/, Venus is most brilliant, outshining all other ob3ects in the evening sky . Then, about two weeks later, Venus begins its forty!day retrograde ,ourney, in the middle of which occurs the inferior con3unction, the birth of new cycle. But about twelve days before the inferior con3unction Venus becomes no longer visible in the sky. Because Venus rotates one hundred and eighty degrees on its polar axis between inferior con3unctions, at each superior con3unction Venus shows 0arth the face that during the inferior con3unction faced the &un, while the side that was facing the 0arth during the con3unction now faces the &un. But this is not the most extraordinary feature of the Venus cycle. ,hen one plots the cycle of any important turning point of the cycle of Venus for five or more consecutive cycles, a remarkable pattern forcefully emerges a five! ointed star-

&o many factors figure into the remarkably stable five fold structure of the Venus cycle that we can only outline here a few of the most important. The most striking features of the pentadic structure include7 (. a superior con3unction occurs very near to +%$ degrees .one complete circuit around the zodiac plus 8$$ degrees or four points of a five pointed star/ from the inferior con3unction which opened its cycle- // successive inferior con3unctions occur about 96+ degrees zodiacal degrees apart that's two circuits around the zodiac, plus 8*+ degrees or three points of a five pointed star- 0. this patterns repeats itself in terms of the zodiacal degrees on which Venus turns retrograde and direct, as well as the degrees of greatest brightness and maximum elongation- 1. a complete pentagram is formed after five complete cycles, totaling two days, eight hours short of eight years- *. successive five cycle sets identically repeat the pattern, with an offset of only two zodiacal degrees- and 2. the star

pattern created by five Venus cycle rotates backwards through the zodiac, completing an entire round once every 1+: Venus cycles, which adds up to about *,8*# years. 2dditionally, henomenon of Venus occur in ste s of thirty!si' days or in multiples of thirty six. )aximum brightness occurs thirty six days after the inferior con3unction- the next step, maximum elongation occurs thirty six days later- and the superior con3unction occurs 8*+ days .or + x 6+ days/ after maximum elongation. "n the evening star phase, maximum elongation occurs 8*+ days after the superior con3unction- maximum brightness takes place thirty six days following maximum elongation and thirty six days more brings the inferior con3unction. Morning Star, Evening Star The brief overview of the Venus cycle presented in the previous page provides a multiplicity of factors susceptible to astrological interpretation, and it offers a foundation for a process oriented classification of Venus types. &uch a classification consists of two fundamental types Venus &ucifer, the Morning Star- Venus +es erus, the Evening Star. 2s we'll presently see, each of the two types presents a particular emotional tem erament and a particular sense of values, meaning, ideals and appreciation. 2dditionally, each of the two primary types carries a special retrograde subtype. ;etermining your Venus type is easy. (irst locate the &un in your natal chart. "f Venus is cloc3wise from the &un, your Venus type is <ucifer, the )orning &tar. =n the other hand, if Venus is positioned countercloc3wise from the &un, your Venus type is of >esperus, the 0vening &tar. "f you haven't had your birth chart calculated, simply look up your birth day and year in an ephemeris. "f the &un is further along the zodiac than Venus, your Venus type is <ucifer. "f Venus is further along the zodiac than the &un, it's >esperus. ,hile you're at it, check to see if Venus is retrograde .indicated by the letter ' in the Venus column above your birthdate/. "n the ephemeris and horoscope graphics generated by 4haldea/55("M, retrograde planets and listings are shown in red. (or example, if your natal &un is 8: degrees ?emini and your natal Venus is *: degrees Taurus, your Venus type is <ucifer, the )orning &tar. ,hile the interpretation given here provides the most fundamental a roach to the cycle of Venus and its place in astrology, it is important to note that it does not factor the latitude of Venus into the picture. 2dditionally, a thorough astrological consideration of ones emotional nature re!uires an examination of the house and sign occupied by Venus, as well as considering how other astrological planets, especially the )oon, )ars, &aturn and 4eptune tie in with Venus and the chart as a whole. 4evertheless, the interpretations below provide the first and most fundamental approach, and they deal not only with our emotional ma3e!u , but also with our value!system and how we interpret, evaluate and ma3e sense of our life!e' eriences and the world around us. Venus &ucifer 2 new Venus cycle opens when the &un and Venus meet in inferior con,unction. "t is a moment when the Venusian faculties of emotion and evaluation are impressed with what ;ane 'udhyar calls a 5new !uality of will and purpose.5 But the new !uality of Venusian response and meaning does not become realized all at once. "t is rather gradually translated from potentiality to actuality throughout the #$% day Venus cycle. The first half cycle of the Venus cycle is characterized by a s ontaneous, eager and im ulsive emotional nature. "t corresponds with the constructive, biological activity predominate during the waxing hemicycle .from the con3unction to the opposition/ of the lunation cycle. But while the approximately 89 day lunation cycle deals with our most basic and essential life forces, and with adapting to the demands of daily life, the Venus cycle deals

with our inner nature and the set of meaning giving values guiding our daily actions and forming our long term goals. @eople born during the <uciferian or )orning &tar half of the Venus cycle generally let their feelings lead the way, tending to feel and emote first and thin3 later, especially if natal Venus rises before )ercury. They are emotionally fresh, spontaneous and open to new experiences. Emotionally resilient, Venus )orning &tar people usually recover !uickly from emotional or romantic disappointment, while Venus 0vening &tar people are more likely to scar emotionally and carry deep seated resentments because their emotional make up tends to process and replay scenes of disappointment and hurt. But when a Venus <ucifer person, especially one born while Venus was retrograde, experiences profound emotional pain or abuse early in life, she may 5close down5 emotionally and assume a protective or fearful attitude toward life and relationships. Venus +es erus Venus' second half cycle begins at the su erior con,unction which always occurs when Venus is direct and moving through the zodiac near its greatest velocity and continues until the next inferior con3unction. 2 few weeks after the &un and Venus meet in superior con3unction, Venus emerges on the other side of the &un, appearing as >esperus the 0vening &tar. Aorresponding with the waning hemicycle of the lunation cycle .from (ull )oon to 4ew )oon/, Venus' 0vening &tar half cycle denotes a deliberate and goal oriented emotional make up seeking to extract and distill the meaning of e' eriences encountered and ideals formulated during the )orning &tar half cycle. ,hereas emotions and feelings eagerly rushed forward during the Venus <ucifer period, they are now more controlled and introverted in the Venus 0vening &tar period, though not necessarily less intenseB 2lthough Venus 0vening &tar people may not show emotions are largely and as easily as Venus )orning &tar types, they often experience emotions more intensely because they tend to become more privately and internally involved with their emotions and their emotional life. $eeling after the fact, so to say, Venus >esperus people may take a long time to recover from emotional trauma, thinking about and anguishing over a lost love or a bitter disappointment for years. Relationshi between mi'ed ty es, while not necessarily favorable or unfavorable, may at times produce misunderstandings and a sense of being 5out of synch5. "n such instances, it is not unusual for the Venus )orning &tar partner to claim to immediately 5forget about5 or 5get over5 a disagreement or fight, while the Venus 0vening &tar person may re!uire much longer to 5forgive and forget.5 =ne may be amazed and deeply perplexed that the other can so easily disregard a painful incident, or that it made such a minor impression on his partner- the other may be annoyed that her partner still brings up that 5old5 issue of a few days ago, thinking, 5"t doesnt bother me, so why should it bother himC5 "he descri tions of the Venus ty es 6and subty es. which follows are illustrated with the birth charts of numerous personalities. Thorough interpretations of the sample charts are not attempted here, but indications are provided regarding how Venus fits into the chart as a whole, and some additional hints are given regarding the key factors of the nativities. 2dditionally, in the examples an exhaustive interpretation of the Venus types is not attempted. ,e point the way, and offer suggestions, because our approach encourages self devised, self initiated learning and thinking. ,e encourage you to study of the biographies of personalities who interest you, and if you wish to learn more about the astrological planets and asepcts, you may want to have a look at The @lanets Aelestial =rgans and their (unction, and The 0on7

The 6+ Ayclic 2spects. Dou can also learn more about the planets, astrological aspects, the signs and the houses, and much more by browsing the online edition of 2 >andbook for the >umanistic 2strologer and The 2strology of 'elationship. "he cycle of Venus begins during its retrograde eriod, signifying a phase of renewal and reorientation of feelings, emotions and values. "t is a time when the future attem ts to free itself from the ast, clearing the way for the development of a new set of values and a new emotional sense. But attempts to fight or rebel against the past and its values and morality can bind us to the very things from which we seek to free ourselves. ;uring its #$% day cycle, Venus spends only about forty!one days retrograde, which is proportionately less than any other planet, and only about one in 6: people are born while Venus is both )orning &tar and retrograde. "f you are one of them, your feeling nature and sense of values may go 5against the grain,5 and you may dee ly 7uestion traditional values and morality. This means you may find it difficult to get emotionally insynch with others, or others may have difficulty connecting with you or understanding your value system. Det your emotional natural is very strong and you are guided by a very definite set of values and ideals. Venus &ucifer retrograde eo le often find themselves involved in the arts, especially as exemplars dedicating their life and wor3 to new ideals. &uch truly avant garde individuals may be so far ahead of their time that their true stature is recognized only after the close of an often tragic life. "n other instances, a struggle against the past and its biological and social imperatives, combined with a search for higher values and ideals, may lead to ascetic practices or to a life of devotion and renunciation. But ironically, such practices and their associated forms of devotion and renunciation, and the values and ideals driving them, are likely to be rooted in a past tradition. 0xamples of the denunciatory type include )eher Baba, the once famous 5silent mystic5, and the female Ahristian mystic Teresa de 2vila. The birth chart of )eher Baba features Venus in the first house 2!uarius, with no planets between it and the &un. Eranus is on the )idheaven, with &corpio )oon and &aturn retrograde nearby. "n the instance of Teresa de 2vila, Venus is on the 2scendant and )ercury rises between it and the &un. @luto retrograde is on the )idheaven. In a mans chart, Venus )orning &tar retrograde suggest a high degree of self discipline and dedication to ones ideals and goals, to ones art and self image. ;edication of this sort should not be confused with pure ambition or a drive to 5get ahead5 or to dominate drives connected with )ars and Fupiter and which may factor in according to how these two planets tie in with natal Venus. The tragic artist 2madeo )odigliani .who was born with Venus straddling a very close con3unction the &un and )ercury/ is an example of this type, and so is, in his own way, actor Fack 4icholson. 8omen leading ioneering, often difficult, lives figure largely as examples of Venus <ucifer retrograde. Ahrissie >ynde, the first woman to become the creative and musical principal of a successful rock band, is an outstanding example. Ahrissie went where no woman had gone before. &he was never merely a 5chick5 in a rock band, and she never played traditional female roles. Ahrissie is the heart, soul and guts of The @retenders, and she made it as 5one of the guys,5 on her own merit. 2nd when she wanted a child fathered by a musical genius, she chose and won her long time influence, 'ay ;avies of the Ginks. 2nother example is provided by the birth chart of )imi (arina, sister of Foan Baez and widow of writer 'ichard (arina. Entil a tragic motorcycle accident took her husbands life

6: 2pril *9++, 'ichard and )imi (arina were among the most successful and influential folk musicians of the mid *9+:s, and probably the first to create the folk rock blues fusion that saw fuller development and success in the work of Bob ;ylan, Buffalo &pringfield, the Byrds, Aountry Foe and the (ish and many others. "n the *91:s )imi founded the Bread and 'oses (oundation, which brings live music concerts to prison inmates. Aourtney <ove exemplifies the full range of Venus <ucifer retrograde womanhood. Born when Venus was con3unction )ars in the eight house, and at the very end of the Venus retrograde period, 3ust a day before its station, Aourtney had to rise out of a background of early abandonment and abuse to find her own place in a world which never seems able to understand her, a world in which she often felt emotionally displaced. "n *99% her husband, the legendary Gurt Aobain, took his own life, leaving her with a young child. (ans of Gurts band, 4irvana, and the press tried to blame her for her husbands suicide, and she was even vilified by her publicity seeking 3ournalist father. Det Aourtney continually goes on, and the world continues to misunderstand her. ,hen considering a birth chart with Venus <ucifer, it is important to determine whether or not Venus is also the @lanet of =riental 2ppearance that is, if it is the planet rising immediately before the &un, with no other planet between Venus and the &un. 2dditionally, planets situation between Venus and the &un should figured into the interpretation the Venus types, as the functions and drives they symbolize inevitably play into the picture. "n the instance of the remarkable birth chart of figure skater Tonya >arding, Fupiter .expansion, compensation and the need to succeed/ is situated between Venus <ucifier retrograde and the &un, and the three are involved in a triple con3unction, which opposes a tight con3unction of )oon and &aturn retrograde. Venus is seen stationary, turning direct, about three wee3s after its inferior con,unction with the &un, marking the beginning of the approximately nine month long <ucifer ;irect phase of Venus. ;uring this face of Venus, the emotions become more relaxed, free flowing and less encumbered by fear of loss, hurt and re3ection. Venus <ucifer direct people are not necessarily more emotional, or even more emotionally demonstrative, than Venus <ucifer retrograde types. But whereas <ucifer retrograde people internalize emotional difficulties, often to an intense degree, and tend to fear or anticipate future emotional hurt, <ucifer direct people are more emotionally relaxed, at ease and resilient. They seem to !uickly bounce back from a romantic break up, a personal re3ection, a disappointment or an insult. Because they appear to bounce back so easily, and because they do not always a ear to register emotional impacts, <ucifer direct types sometimes seem like emotionally detached social butterflies. But such an impression can be deceptive because <ucifer direct people can be very adapt at concealing their emotions, which are often far more intense, delicate and vulnerable than they care to reveal. This is especially so of people born during the early part of the <ucifer direct phase, because they tend to be working their way out of the Venus retrograde character, and are therefore more delicate emotionally than those born later on in the phase, who tend to possess !uicker, more fluid emotional natures. Venus <ucifer types often conceal the more vibrant .and dark/ sides of their emotions because they desire to fit into the cultural mainstream, a tactic Venus )orning &tar direct people often feel will at once give them a greater sense of self worth and enable them to effect their culture and its values and ideals more successfully. 4evertheless, <ucifer direct people can be very direct and demonstrative regarding their feelings, and they tend to have an open and optimistic approach to life and to relationships. Venus <ucifer direct people are often involved in romoting new values, ideals, outloo3s and ways of life created or exemplified by others. They do not wish to live a life

5against the grain,5 which is more the destiny of <ucifer retrograde types. 2nd because they wish to 5fit in,5 they tend not to 5act out5 their emotional turmoil as fully as Venus )orning &tar retrograde types. 2lthough <ucifer direct types are not likely candidates for a tragic, misunderstood artist, they are often very successful at producing the sort of social and culture reforms and change the more tormented and misunderstood <ucifer retrograde types dedicate themselves. They excel at politics, leadership and the at art of making things happen. Bestowed with a strong sense of ideals, Venus <ucifer direct people are often of a humanitarian spirit, wishing, and often working long and hard, to make a beneficial contribution to society. 9bout two wee3s after turning direct, while rising about %: zodiacal degrees before the &un, Venus is most brilliant in the pre dawn morning sky. "n natal astrology, it is difficult to gauge if Venus )orning &tar natives born while Venus is brightest are more or less emotional than others especially because they tend not to 5act out5 as much as others. "ndeed, rather than 5acting out5 they tend to play an acceptable and comfortable role. ,hile it may be difficult to gauge the emotional intensity of the few people born while Venus is most brilliant in morning sky, these individuals do seem to be very dedicated to their work, possessing com elling ideas and values. 0xamples include 2lan ,atts, the 0nglish cleric turned Hen philosopher- 'obespierre, a ruthless leader of the (rench 'evolution- cowboy humoristIphilosopher ,ill 'ogers, and opera star <uciano @avarotti. The birth chart of 2lan ,atts features a well defined See!Saw, with a tight con3unction of the &un, )ercury and )ars in the first house, Aapricorn, and with Venus )orning &tar in the twelfth house, &agittarius, trine 4eptune retrograde a suitable configuration for a Hen thinker. ,atts was also a gifted promoter and, along with 2llen ?insberg and a few others, played a large role in bringing Buddhism and )ysticism into mainstream 0uro 2merican culture. "n the instance of the birth of 'obespierre, leader of the ruthless 5'eign of Terror5, we find Venus )orning &tar in the first house, near Eranus, the planet of revolution. &aturn is 3ust below the 2scendant suggesting a strict, stern character and )ars and 4eptune are con3unct in the sixth house, <eo, trine Fupiter and @luto, both retrograde in the tenth house. Venus is 5under aspected,5 forming only a powerful tri octile .*6# degrees aspect/ to )ars. Venus not only signifies our emotional life and our values and ideals, it also symbolizes ,udgement, which is something 'obespierre performed with une!ualed ruthlessness. Det the ruthless 3udgement of the reign of terror was based on a revolutionary, but limited, set of values, ideals and goals, albeit tinged with vengeance and cruelty. &ex &ymbol )arilyn )onroe was born shortly after Venus )orning &tar was brightest. >er birth chart shows )ercury rising four degrees before the &un she liked smart men, said 2lbert 0instein was the sexist man she had ever met, and had an over powering attraction to 'obert (. Gennedy. Venus is the most elevated planet, and it is trine 4eptune in the first house, <eo a fitting symbol for a glamorous film star. But the most powerful and revealing configuration of the chart is a tight T s!uare in fixed signs, formed by 4eptune opposing a con3unction of the )oon and Fupiter in the seventh house, with &aturn retrograde in the fourth house s!uare both ends of the opposition, suggesting potent parental complexes. Venusian 7ualities become more ronounced, and the emotional nature more active and responsive, between the time of Venus' maximum brightness and its maximum elongation from the &un .about %1 degrees ahead of the &un/- that is, about thirty six to seventy two days after its inferior con3unction with the &un, while Venus is still moving through the zodiac slower than the &un. 'ock icons ;avid Bowie and Fim )orrison were born two to three weeks before

maximum elongation. "n )orrison's instance, there are no planets between a &agittarius &un and Venus at the first degree of &corpio, but the tenth house &un broadly opposes Eranus, )ars and &aturn in ?emini. The latter three bodies are retrograde. 2dditionally, the chart features an outstanding number of !uintile aspects, and @luto retrograde is con3unct the north lunar node, 3ust below the ;escendant, and s!uare the )oon. ;avid Bowie was born 3ust after a con3unction of the &un and )ars, and both )ars and )ercury stand between the &un and Venus, suggesting Bowie's Venus )orning &tar !ualities are somewhat filtered through )ercury and )ars, symbolizing his faculties of intelligence and self promotion, reinforced by a !uintile linking Venus and )ercury. @luto retrograde is seen 3ust below the ;escendant, with &aturn retrograde and the )oon nearby. The latter two bodies are trine Venus. <eader of the *9*+ 'ussian 'evolution, 4icolai <enin was also born soon before maximum elongation. "n <enin's birth chart a con3unction of )ars and 4eptune in 2ries .suggesting a ruthless, ideological attitude toward life/ is found between a sixth house &un and a third house Venus. 2dditionally, the )ars 4eptune con3unction forms a tight s!uare to Eranus, which is on the north lunar node. &aturn retrograde has the focus, in the first house, &agittarius. &inger songwriter, painter Foni )itchell was born ten days before the maximum elongation of Venus )orning &tar. "n her horoscope, )ercury rises one degree before a fifth house &un, in &corpio, while Venus is con3unct 4eptune appropriate symbols for her multi faceted talent. >er chart also features a tight T s!uare in mutable signs, formed by Venus opposing the )oon, with a con3unction of )ars and &aturn .both retrograde/ at the apex a stressful and difficult configuration from which she probably draws much material. 5<ive fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.5 (ilm icon Fames ;ean was born 3ust three days before the maximum elongation of Venus )orning &tar. >is chart features Venus in the first house, !uincunx .*#: degree aspect/ )ars retrograde and a trine to 4eptune .film, glamour, suicide/ and a sextile to a &corpio )oon. &aturn and )ercury lie between Venus )orning &tar and the &un, and the pair opposes )ars retrograde, @luto retrograde and Fupiter retrograde. Both ends of the compound opposition s!uare Eranus in the fourth house, 2ries. Early abstract artist %aul 4lee and modern com osers Maurice Ravel and 9le'ander Scriabin were born two to three wee3s after the maximum elongation of Venus )orning &tar that is, when Venus began to 5loop back,5 moving toward the Sun, attaining at geocentric velocity greater than the &un, and gaining. "n the instance of @aul Glee, )ercury &agittarius retrograde standing in the ninth house very near the )idheaven is situated between a &agittarian eleventh house &un and Venus in the eight house, &corpio, symbolizing the mental approach and philosophical values he shared with many early modern artists. 2dditionally, Venus forms a trine with Fupiter and the )oon in the first house, @isces, and a tight opposition with )ars con3unct 4eptune retrograde in the second house Taurus. The birth charts of early modern composers 'avel and &criabin both show Venus rising about forty four degrees before the &un, and both have &aturn and )ercury retrograde standing between the &un and Venus, though not in the same se!uence. "n the instance of 'avel who was born at a 4ew )oon Venus is seen in the third house, 2!uarius, at the apex of a tight T s!uare with 4eptune .the planet of music/ 3ust below the ;escendant and Fupiter retrograde 3ust above the 2scendant. 2dditionally, Eranus is at the )idheaven. 8e now come to a long segment of the Venus &ucifer direct hase during which a much larger number of people are born than during the 5sub phases5 discussed above. Aoming out the its maximum elongation from the &un, Venus )orning &tar spends about si' months

increasing velocity and moving closer to the Sun advancing toward the superior con3unction. This part of the cycle of Venus symbolizes a gradual refinement of goals and values, as well as a more deliberate and confident approach to relationships. "n a sense, Venusian !ualities are being honed and better defined as they become closer integrated with &olar will. The emotional nature becomes more fluid, spontaneous and fearless as Venus gains velocity over the &un, and individuals born during this period tend to be more emotionally secure and demonstrative than those born before maximum elongation. Det other horoscope factors, such as &aturn retrograde, may figure into the picture, which may symbolize a tempering or repression of the emotions and the expression . . . or, at times, 3ust the opposite. 2dditionally, individuals born toward the close of the Venus )orning &tar direct phase often seem to take on some of the characteristics of associated with Venus 0vening &tar types. "n astrological symbolism the planet Venus and the sign Taurus represent the throat, the vocal chords, the voice, vocalists and singers. 0arly woman of 'ock, 2nn ,ilson, and alternative singerIsongwriter 2lanis )orissette, were both born a couple months after maximum elongation of Venus )orning &tar, and the horoscopes of both feature Venus in the sign Taurus. ;uring the early 1:s 2nn ,ilson formed >eart one of the first successful 'ock bands led by women with her sister, guitarist 4ancy ,ilson. =ne of the strongest and most compelling voices of 'ock, 2nn ,ilson was born with Venus rising about thirty six degrees before the &un, with )ercury situated between the two. "n her chart Venus is seen in Taurus 3ust below the ;escendant, s!uare a powerful )oon @luto con3unction in the ninth house <eo. 2dditionally, Venus is the focus of a number of !uintile and decile based aspects .derived by division of 6+: by # and *:, or multiples of # and *:, producing aspects of 6+ degrees, 18 degrees, *:$ degrees, *%% degrees, and so on. &ee my "he E:;< "he 02 #yclic 9s ects Symbolically =e icted for more on the aspects/. "n addition to forming a decile .6+ degrees/ with the &un, Venus is also involved in a triangular formation consisting of a bi !uintile .*%% degrees/ to 4eptune and a !uintile to Fupiter, with a bi !uintile between Fupiter and 4eptune. "t is an apt configuration for talent, fame and success as a vocalist and songwriter, but there might be a story behind the singleton Fupiter standing alone at the 4adir. The birth chart of 2lanis )orissette also features a number of decile and !uintile based aspects. Venus in the tenth house, Taurus, rises forty degrees before the &un .a novile aspect/ and is bi !uintile 4eptune in the fifth house of creativity and self expression a fitting symbol for a highly expressive singer. &ignificantly, Venus is exactly opposite the )oon in the forth house, &corpio, which is con3unct Eranus retrograde a striking symbol of the female angst which in *991 brought 2lanis worldwide attention .and unparalleled success/ with her album >agged &ittle %ill. "con )adonna was born a bit further along the Venus cycle, when Venus rose about twenty two degrees before the &un- that is, midway between maximum elongation and the superior con3unction. Both Venus and the &un are in <eo, with Venus in the eleventh house of associations, connections and aspirations, and with the &un in the twelfth house .with three other planets/, suggesting she is much deeper and more complex than her public image. 4otably, the edgy and non conformist planet Eranus stands midway between the &un and Venus. 2dditionally, Venus forms a tight s!uare to 4eptune .music/ in the second house .money/, which is con3unct Fupiter .expansion, compensation, success/ and the north lunar node .what one aspires toward/. &aturn is retrograde in the fourth house. ?iovanni Aasanova was also born midway between maximum elongation and the superior con3unction. "n his instance, )ercury rises between Venus and the &un. Venus and )ercury are con3unct in the fifth house @isces, and )ars and Fupiter are also seen in the fifth. Eranus .con3unct the south lunar node/ is rising and, significantly, )ercury .the scribe/ and Venus

are opposite @luto retrograde in the eleventh house of friends, associations and social en3oyments. Aasanova was more than a famous lover who wrote a lot about his sexual exploits .Venus, )ercury, )ars, and Fupiter in the fifth house/, he was also a penetrating social historian and his autobiography not merely depict his sexual escapades, they also provide an inside look at the courts and aristocracy of his time. Victoria ,oodhull was one of the most important women of the *9th century, and one of the most @romethean women of all time. 2n early feminist, one of the first truly liberated women, a consort of F.@. )organ, an early health food advocate, a financial advisor, one of the first 5channel writers,5 and a candidate for the office of the @resident of the Enited &tates, Victoria ,oodhull was born with the &un and Fupiter at the 2scendant, both in the last degree of Virgo. Venus rose twenty one degrees before the &un, and Fupiter and )ercury retrograde are seen between the &un and Venus. The birth chart of nineteenth century social satirist =scar ,ilde shows Venus rising fifteen degrees before the &un. Venus is the focus of a number of septile based aspects .derived by the division of 6+: by 1 and by multiples of 1/. Venus also forms a bi !uintile aspect with Eranus .he was persecuted for his unconventional, homosexual lifestyle/ and a decile with )ercury, symbolizing his literary artistry and talent. 9s Venus draws near the Sun, it attains its ma'imum velocity through the zodiac. ,hen the arc between the two reaches about ten zodiacal degrees, Venus is so near the &un that it is no longer visible in the morning sky. The period of 5invisibility5 lasts several weeks before and after the superior con3unction- it symbolizes an integration of Venusian guiding !ualities and principles with solar will geared toward the fulfillment of an ideal, vision or creative goal . . . or solar will .or egotism/ eclipsing and overshadowing Venusian values. 'omantic composer (rederic Ahopin, scientific genius 4ikola Tesla, and singerIsongwriter Tori 2mos were born at the close of the Venus )orning &tar phase, 3ust before the superior con3unction. Ahopin's horoscope shows &un and Venus 3ust below the ;escendant, with @luto on the ;escendant, and the three form s!uares to 4eptune and &aturn, which straddle the 4adir. "n the instance of Tesla, a lifelong celebrant, the &un and Venus straddle the 4adir, in Aancer, while forming s!uares to the )oon and )ars .the latter is also con3unction the south lunar node/ in the sixth house, <ibra. The &un !uintiles @luto, which is rising suggesting Telsa's energy discoveries, as does the bi !uintile linking )ars and Eranus in the first house. Tori 2mos was born when Venus rose two degrees before the &un, and her horoscope shows both bodies in the ninth house <eo, along with Eranus in Virgo. But the focus of her chart seems to be placed more on &aturn retrograde in the fourth house .always a powerful symbol, often indicating a father complex/ and Fupiter retrograde .symbol of compensation/ in the fifth house, both of which stand alone. " am reluctant to provide gender specific interpretations for Venus <ucifer direct for a number of reasons. 2s we have seen, this particular face of Venus comprises a number of 5sub types5, and it is better to attempt to achieve a integrated understanding of the entire Venus cycle, and the gradations of the Venus <ucifer direct type, in basic human terms. 2dditionally, in this phase, and in the corresponding Venus >esperus direct phase, gender shadings regarding the Venus function especially concerning core issues and physiological complexes are far better symbolized by Venus' lace in the chart as a whole and by her connections with other planets. "he Evening Star hemicycle of Venus begins at the su erior con,unction of Venus and the &un, while Venus is moving at or near its maximum velocity. "n the Venus cycle, the superior con3unction corresponds to the opposition and the (ull )oon. "t is a moment of

fulfillment of Venusian values and goals or the beginning of a realization of failure to integrate new Venusian !ualities into the fabric of personality. "n the first instance, the second half of the Venus cycle symbolizes the distillation of meaning and purpose from prior experience. "n the latter instance, the cycle tends to become a closed circuit of devolution, repeating past failures and shortcomings. But inevitably there is both partial success and partial failure, a blend of the two. "f your natal chart features Venus >esperus ;irect, your feeling nature tends to be mature and outwardly reserved. Det in spite of your tendency to withhold public displays of emotion, you may be emotionally intense under the surface, and even explosively expressive in your private life. "n another sense, while Venus <ucifer denotes an outgoing emotional nature, Venus >esperus suggests a more deliberate and reflective emotional nature that tends to feel after the act. Venus 0vening &tar direct people are guided by the distillation of experience and a highly refined and often elaborate set of guiding values, ideals and goals. They take in the big picture and base their 3udgements and plans on ersonal and historical recedents. They are more given to formulating and executing long term plans with deferred incentives and rewards than Venus )orning &tar types, who tend to let their immediate feelings, emotions and desires guide the way. Venus 0vening &tar direct types are inclined to evaluate and react to situations after they ta3e lace, and their post facto 3udgements tend to rest on a set of values and expectations based either on a cultural tradition and its morality or on one's own past experience and observations. "n any instance, as a Venus 0vening &tar type your strong sense of values and ideals tend to temper your emotions and feelings. "n other words, for Venus >esperus people, their Venusian !ualities tend to be most visible in large ideas and systems. The world knows them for their big ideas and schemes, but to their lovers and family they are loved and feared for their big emotions. Their emotions are big, and displayed on a large canvas, because they tend to internally process, replay and elaborate their emotional experiences. ,hereas Venus )orning &tar types tend to release their emotions in a more immediate fashion, letting them out and often forgetting about their content, Venus 0vening &tar types internalize their emotional experiences, both the pleasant and the unpleasant. &o when their emotions do fully surface, they often erupt with pent up force. ,hen such eruptions occur, family and lovers might feel overwhelmed or think the expression is out of proportion, that the Venus 0vening &tar person is 5over reacting.5 This is especially the case when a Venus 0vening &tar makes a big reaction to a seemly minor incident or disagreement. "t is not the single, isolated event she is reacting to, but to a long series of similar incidents which she has been internalizing and feeling resentful about for some time. (eelings of frustration or resentment might have been exaggerated if the Venus 0vening &tar person had attempted to discuss her hurt feelings in a 5rational5 manner, yet unable to succeed because her partner, perhaps a )orning &tar type, didn't recall a particular incident, or thought it not worth discussing, or avoided addressing the issue. The tendency of Venus 0vening &tar types to internalize emotional disappointment, abuse and damage gives them much in common with Venus )orning &tar retrograde people, but theirs is generally a larger perspective, with greater patience and reliance on precedents. =uring the first several wee3s of its Evening Star hase, the light Venus is lost in solar brilliance. "t is only when an arc of about ten zodiacal degrees separates the &un and Venus that the 0vening &tar may be actually seen by the unaided eye in the early evening sky 3ust after sunset. "n astrological symbolism, the period between superior con3unction and Venus' first visibility in the evening sky suggests an integration of solar will with new Venusian

visions and ideals developed during the )orning &tar hemicycle. ,hereas those born during the closing period of the )orning &tar hemicycle tend to be more concerned with personal or individual goals and creative fulfillment, those born during the 0vening &tar phase tend to place more focus on social values and in making a creative contribution to their society. But in a less integrated personality, the superior con3unction might represent proud egohood, a 5do what thou will5 attitude. 2s with every astrological factor, however, one needs to be careful not to make too much of the Venus type. The whole chart needs to be considered, and any particular astrological symbol stands not on its own but as a part of a whole picture. The chart as a whole is the ultimate astrological symbol. @eople born at the beginning of the Venus 0vening &tar phase may dazzle us with their solar brilliance, but behind their solar will often stands strong Venusian vision, values and goals. (or example, novelist and social satirist ?eorge Bernard &haw, prototype superstar (ranz <iszt, and editor >elen ?urley Brown were born 3ust after the superior con3unction of Venus and the &un. ?eorge Bernard &haw, one of the most intellectual men of his age, was a penetrating wit and an insightful satirist of Victorian society. >is birthchart shows Venus at the 4adir, rising immediately after the &un. 2 @romethean )ercury rises much ahead of the &un, suggesting his avant garde views and mental orientation. (ranz <iszt, who in the nineteenth century achieved unprecedented fame and notoriety as a concert pianist, was born when Venus rose three degrees after the &un the mirror image of his friend, composer (rederic Ahopin, who was born 3ust before the superior con3unction. "n the instance of <izst, )ercury rises before the &un and forms a productive sextile aspect to 4eptune .the planet of music/, and Venus is trine Fupiter in the eleventh house. 2lthough <izst is best known as the first superstar performer, his musical compositions are now becoming recognized as precursors to twentieth century music. 2dditionally, <izst brought to musicians a new social standing, elevating them above the status of 5servants,5 to which they were designated before his time. "ndeed, he was the first musician to enter through the front door. ;uring the middle part of the twentieth century, >elen ?urley Brown, editor of Aosmopolitan magazine and author of Se' in and Single ?irl, played a tremendous role in re defining gender roles and liberating female sexuality. Though she was not as outspoken as edgy feminists of the time, as an editor her influence was deep, enduring and ubi!uitous, and she never sacrificed her femininity in realizing her vision of a 5new woman.5 >er chart shows Venus in @isces rising three degrees after an 2!uarian &un. 2 visionary @romethean )ercury retrograde in 2!uarius rises before the &un. The &un and Venus form bi !uintiles to &aturn retrograde in the ninth house very near the )idheaven, as well as s!uares to a twelfth house con3unction of the )oon and )ars in &corpio. The edgy and revolutionary planet Eranus rises soon after Venus. "t is important to note that the three above examples feature )ercury @rometheus that is, )ercury rising before then &un which in a sense can 5mas!uerade5 as Venus <ucifer. )ercury @rometheans let their minds or their rationalizations and thinking guide the way, and when born during Venus 0vening &tar, they tend to seem mentally proud, egotistic and 3udgmental. =ften maintaining a degree of restraint in the relationships, they do not easily give themselves completely. 9fter Venus becomes visible in the early evening s3y, it continues to distant itself from the &un for about six months, rising later, and remaining visible longer, each evening until it reaches maximum elongation from the &un 8*+ days after superior con3unction. ;uring this period values become more defined, longer term incentives are pursued, and perspective deepens. 2 greater reliance is placed upon traditions and systems because they are re!uired to

integrate experience, to give meaning to existence, and to serve as a foundation for 3udgement. 0motions and feelings become tempered .or conditioned/ by morality and tradition. Fohann von ?oethe, author of $aust and one of the greatest intellects of all time, was born midway between the superior con3unction and maximum elongation. >is natal horoscope shows a (ull )oon, and the &un and Venus are in the tenth house, Virgo, with &un at the )idheaven. )ercury is in the ninth house, <eo, rising before the &un and opposite Eranus. &aturn is at the 2scendant. The birthchart of ,olfgang 2medeus )ozart shows Venus in the sixth house rising twenty two degrees after the &un. Both are in 2!uarius and the &un is in the fifth house con3unct )ercury, rising one degree after the &un. &aturn, rises four degrees before the &un. The &un, )ercury and &aturn are opposite 4eptune retrograde. The )oon and @luto form an exact con3unct in the fourth house, &agittarius, and they in turn form a s!uare to Eranus on the ;escendant .and south lunar node/ and a sextile to Fupiter in the second house, <ibra. The chart features a rather large number of !uintile and decile based aspects, including a !uintile linking Venus and the )oon. )ars retrograde in the tenth house is trine Venus. The natal horoscopes of )ohandas ?andhi, liberator of "ndia, and poet @aul Verlaine, both feature Venus 0vening &tar con3unct )ars. "n ?andhi's instance, Venus rises thirty eight degrees after the &un, with )ercury in &corpio 3ust below the 2scendant, rising between Venus and the twelfth house <ibra &un. Venus is in the first house, &corpio, with a &corpio )ars rising two degrees behind it. The Venus )ars con3unction is involved in a tight and powerful fixed T s!uare Venus )ars is opposite a con3unction of Fupiter and @luto, both retrograde in Taurus and in the seventh house, and both sets of con3unctions form s!uares to a <eo )oon in the tenth house of politics and the public life. 2dditionally, the Venus )ars con3unction trines Eranus in the ninth house. 2 con3unction of Venus and )ars is always significant in a birth chart, and it generally tends to figure into the sexual life, either directly or indirectly. "n his younger years, ?andhi was hypersexual, turning celebrant in his later years as a social activist. 2dditionally, Venus rising before )ars suggest ?andhi's )artian nature was bridled and guided by Venusian values and principles, and this symbol is reinforced by the fact that the two bodies are in autumnal signs. "n the instance of @aul Verlaine, the sexual symbolism is even clearer and more revealing. >is birthchart shows a seventh house Taurus Venus rising forty one degrees after the &un in the sixth house, 2ries. @luto rises twelve degrees after the &un, and )ars rises three degrees before Venus. 2 con3unction of Eranus and )ercury rises soon before the &un. The con3unction of )ars Venus, Taurus, in the seventh house of relationship and others is at the apex of a very tight fixed T s!uare, forming s!uares to both ends of an opposition between )oon in <eo in the tenth house near the )idheaven and 4eptune in the fourth house near the 4adir. Verlaine was an outstanding poet and writer of the mid nineteenth century, but he is today most remembered for his tumultuous homosexual liaison with 2rthur 'imbaud, a relationship which culminated with a gunshot wound inflicted upon 'imbaud and a prison term for Verlaine. ,hile in prison, Verlaine embraced Aatholicism, though his reform seemed short lived and he spent much of his remaining life drinking and consorting with prostitutes. The horoscopes of ?andhi and Verlaine are examples of another sort of Venusian dualism, a dualism other than the fundamental and obvious duality of )orning &tar and 0vening &tar. ,hile Verlaine was born while Venus and )ars were in the vernal sign Taurus, the two planets were in the autumnal sign &corpio, during the birth of ?andhi. 2dditionally, ?andhi was born with Venus rising before )ars signifying Venusian values, principles, goals and incentives guiding )artian action while Verlaine was born with Venus rising after )ars, suggesting a more macho, dominate approach to life and relationships. "deally, Venusian values and principles guide )artian action. But astrologers today have

all but lost sight of the fact that there is a fundamental difference between Venus in the vernal signs .2ries, Taurus and ?emini/ and Venus in the autumnal signs .<ibra, &corpio and &agittarius/ 3ust as there is a fundamental difference between Venus' 5rulership5 of Taurus and its 5rulership5 of <ibra. "n 9n 9strological Study of %sychological #om le'es, ;ane 'udhyar writes that symbolically, Venus as a 5behavior determining factor in man's inner life, is related mainly to the zodiacal sign <ibra .her 'day house'/ and to the fall e!uinox, the symbolic time at which the mature seed is released from the planet that bore it. Venus a ruler of the spring sign Taurus .her 'night house'/ is, on the other hand, subservient to the positive )ars in 2ries, the energy at the core of the vernal e!uinox period. Venus is then that which gives substance to the )artian impulse and outward initiative. "t is the woman who 'bears children to' her man and concretizes his desire for self extension into progeny. Thus, generally speaking, Venus in the early vernal signs of the zodiac is largely dependent upon the )ars function which gives it direction and purpose- it is Venus as an instinctual power of fertility. But when placed in autumnal signs, Venus ac!uires a very positive determining energy which dominates, for good or bad, the emotional life.5 9s we move toward the ma'imum elongation of Venus as Evening Star, we encounter a group of personalities inspired by big ideas. They possess the vision, evaluative abilities and long term motivation re!uired to successfully integrated large bodies of knowledge and experience into important theories and systems of philosophy, science and religion. The natal horoscope of F. Grishnamurti features a see saw pattern suggesting a fundamental dualism of personality. Venus 0vening &tar rises thirty eight degrees after a third house Taurus &un. )ercury, @luto and 4eptune rise before Venus, and Fupiter and )ars rise after Venus. The &un is opposed Eranus in the ninth house and Venus opposes an eleventh house )oon. ,hile still a boy, Grishnamutri was promoted by 2nnie Besant and A. ,. <eadbeater as the vehicle of the coming )aitreya, and a large number of devotees gathered around him and 3oined the many worldwide organizations he 5headed,5 such as the =rder of the &tar of the 0ast. <ater, he went his own way and eventually G. become identified as a philosopher of 5,holeness5 and 5non dualism,5 yet his philosophy remained essentially dualistic because it was deeply rooted in denial. ;ane 'udhyar, the premier philosopher of ,holeness who has given ,holeness its fullest formulation, was born a few weeks before Grishnamurti. >is chart features )ercury @rometheus and a number of !uintile aspects and no planets between the &un and Venus 0vening &tar. 'udhyar's multi dimensional philosophy of ,holeness is founded in a 5total affirmation of being.5 The natal horoscope of Aharles ;arwin shows a number of planets between the &un and Venus 0vening &tar. Born about six weeks before maximum elongation, when Venus was forty four degrees behind the &un, ;arwin was able to formulate a vast and revolutionary scientific hypothesis. 2dditionally, his horoscope also features a con3unction of &aturn and 4eptune in &agittarius on the 2scendant, which ties in with the authoritarian, almost religious, foundation and zeal of Darwinism. Foseph &mith, founder of the )ormon Ahurch of the <atter ;ay &aints, formulated and promoted a grandiose religious system, one of the first modern religions. Born less than two weeks before maximum elongation, )ars, )ercury and the )oon rise between a &agittarian &un and an 2!uarian Venus in the seventh house. >is chart also features a con3unction of Eranus and &aturn in the fourth house <ibra. Betty (riedan was one of the very first promoters of the women's movement of mid twentieth century, and her "he $eminine Mysti7ue was as revolutionary and as important in its day as the work of any leader in science and religion. (riedan's natal horoscope shows

)ercury, Eranus and )ars rising before Venus, and it is notable that )ars is in @isces and Venus in 2ries, both in the third house of communication. >er birth chart features a strong see saw pattern, comprising one group in the first !uadrant .first to third house/ opposite another group in the third !uadrant .seventh to ninth house/. 2ll of the planets in the latter group consisting of Fupiter, &aturn, 4eptune and @luto are retrograde .because they roughly oppose the &un/. 4otably, Venus and )ars oppose &aturn retrograde in the ninth house Virgo, which is near Fupiter. 8hat ha ens when there is a brea3down or devolution of Venusian values following the su erior con,unction@ )ar!uis de &ade was born about twelve days before maximum elongation, into a class and family background which allowed him, at least for a time, to more or less freely act out his anti social values. Fupiter, 4eptune and &aturn rise between the &un and Venus. )ost notably, Venus is con3unct &aturn and both are in the twelfth house, along with 4eptune .a planet often associated with sadism and sexual aberration/. )ercury @rometheus rises immediately before the &un, suggesting, in terms of the whole picture described here, emotional detachment and de &ade's undeniable talent as a writer. The planetary package is led by a powerful )ars in 2ries, elevated near the )idheaven, which s!uares Venus and &aturn. The )oon in the second house Virgo, @luto retrograde in the fourth house &corpio and Eranus in the sixth house Aapricorn .significantly con3unct the south lunar node/ are found below the horizon, and they each seem to stand alone. Aorn shortly before ma'imum elongation, ,erner >eisenburg is the formulator of one of the most important and far reaching principles of physics the principle of indeterminacy, which bears his name. "n his horoscope, Eranus rises soon after a &agittarius &un, followed by )ars, &aturn, Fupiter, and finally Venus. 2 first house &corpio )ercury rises before the &un, and it forms a productive sextile with Venus. <ong before the women's movement of the *9+:s 1:s started changing the world, )arie d'2goult was a liberated woman, the paramour of (ranz <iszt and, writing under the pseudonym ;aniel &tern, one of the most important (rench social commentators and philosophers of her time. Aorn three days before ma'imum elongation, her birthchart features &un in Aapricorn on the 4adir, con3unct the north lunar node. )ars and )ercury retrograde rise soon after the &un, and much later, Venus, which is in the fifth house, 2!uarius. 2dditionally, 4eptune is s!uare Venus and decile )ercury, and Venus is trine a con3unction of &aturn and Eranus in the first house. 9t ma'imum elongation Venus' s eed of daily motion matches the Sun, and slowing. The 0vening &tar period following maximum elongation is much shorter than the span leading up to it, and Venus turns retrograde seventy two days after maximum elongation. 2fter maximum elongation, Venus' velocity of daily motion rapidly decreases, leading to its station seventy two days later. "ndividuals born between maximum elongation and Venus' retrograde station tend to be more involved with their emotional life than those born before maximum elongation. @eople born while Venus is moving toward its 0vening &tar retrograde phase may possess big ideas, expansive vision and long term goals similar to those born earlier in the Venus >esperus hemicycle, but they tend to be more easily hurt emotionally and they register emotional pain and trauma deeply, taking a long time to get over it. )ore than other 0vening &tar direct people, they tend to feel, emote and evaluate after the fact. >elena @etrovna Blavatsky was born twelve days after the maximum elongation of Venus. 2 powerful <eo &un in the second house, opposite a con3unction of Fupiter and Eranus, rises forty five degrees before Venus, which is in the fourth house <ibra. The )oon, which is

opposite @luto, rises six degrees after Venus and a third house, Virgo con3unction of )ars, &aturn and )ercury rises between the &un and Venus. >@B was one of the most important and influential women of the late nineteenth century, and her Secret =octrine is the most all embracing metaphysical work ever published. "t was .and remains/ as influential as any modern scientific theory or religious work. ,hile Blavatsky, like the earlier examples, was successful in formulating a vast system of thought, she was also famous for her highly emotional nature, symbolized by a <eo &un perhaps frustrated by an exact con3unction of )ars and &aturn. The natal horoscope of contemporary poet and writer Fim Aarroll shows a bright Venus in the sixth house, Virgo, close to the south lunar node, rising thirty seven degrees after the &un. &aturn in Virgo and 4eptune in <ibra are also seen in the sixth house, and @luto and )ercury rise between the &un and Venus. )ars and the )oon are exactly con3unct in the third house, near the 4adir, and they are also con3unct Eranus, which rises seven degrees earlier. The triple con3unction is the apex of a T s!uare, being linked by s!uares to both ends of an opposition between a twelfth house Fupiter and 4eptune in the sixth house. 2dditionally, Fupiter stands alone in the twelfth house, a singleton above the horizon. =utwardly calm, Aarroll's dairies shows another side. 2 bright Venus 0vening &tar is also featured in the birth chart of Aatherine the ?reat, 0mpress of 'ussia. >er birthchart features )ars rising shortly before a first house Taurus &un, with an exact con3unction of the )oon and Venus rising forty two degrees later .)oon rising immediately before Venus/. 4eptune is situated between the &un and the )oon Venus con3unction, and it is trine @luto in the seventh house of relationship. =ne of the most unusual women of all time, Aatherine the ?reat is often regarded as hypersexual. 2lthough the number of her for love affairs might have been inflated by early biographers, a Taurean &un is certainly one of the most sexual and sensual configurations for a woman, and in the instance of Aatherine the ?reat, an exact con3unction of the )oon and Venus in ?emini suggest a promiscuous approach to relationships, perhaps exaggerated by @luto in the seventh house and Eranus &corpio retrograde in the eight house. But Aatherine the ?reat had a stern side, symbolized by &aturn in the first house, 3ust below the 2scendant. (inally, one of the most successful and uni!ue women of 'ock, &tevie 4icks, was born at the end of the 0vening &tar direct phase, one week before the retrograde station of Venus. >er natal horoscope features a loose see saw pattern, with all planets below the horizon, except the )oon, in the tenth house near the )idheaven .symbolizing her public life/, and Fupiter retrograde in the ninth house &agittarius .symbolizing her metaphysical outlook and the internalized, compensative influences of her father and grandfather/. The massing of planets below in horizon is contained by a trine linking the &un in the second house, ?emini, and 4eptune <ibra retrograde in the sixth house 3ust below the horizon .the latter symbolizing her musical talent, her 5love won and lost5 themes, and a predisposition to drug use/. 4eptune forms a s!uare to the )oon and another s!uare, this one exact, to Venus in Aancer con3unct the 4adir, which in turn completes a cardinal T s!uare with an opposition to the )oon, across the meridian .one of the most difficult configurations of a woman, yet it also signifies the her powerful and pro3ective feminine character/. 2 ?emini con3unction of )ercury and Eranus in the third house is situated between the &un and Venus .symbolizing her songwriting talent, her youthful !uality, and the !uality, character and action of her drug of choice cocaine/. The )ercury Eranus con3unction is opposite Fupiter retrograde .bringing it all back to the big picture/. The gestalt pattern and containments of &tephanie's chart, and the strong T s!uare, are key factors in considering the chart as a whole, but there are many more factors operative here. (or instance, 4eptune is linked by bi septile to the )ercury Eranus con3unction, and &aturn .which forms a loose con3unction with @luto/ is seen at the midpoint, forming septile aspects

to both 4eptune and the Eranus )ercury con3unction, comprising a septile based triangular formation. 2dditionally, Venus and )ars are septile, and @luto is linked to both ends of the opposition between Fupiter and the con3unction of Eranus and )ercury by octile based aspects .forty five and one hundred and thirty five degree aspects/. "he retrograde station of Venus commences the concluding hase of the *B1!day cycle of Venus. <asting only 8* days, during the 0vening &tar retrograde period of Venus and the &un toward each other in zodiac from o osite directions. "n astrological symbolism, the final phase of the cyclic relationship between Venus and the &un as seen and experienced from our geocentric perspective represents the essentialization and internalization of the experiential contents of the entire cycle. The new set of values, ideals, goals and incentives released at the beginning of the cycle are now integrated into a large tradition, and formulated as enduring new forms which, while new, remain faithful to fundamental values artistic, religious, metaphysical, scientific or national. "f you are one of the very few born during Venus' 0vening &tar retrograde phase, self expression for its own sake is not enough. (or you, your work and your creative outlets must have an enduring social value. Though you tend to be outwardly reserved in your social relationships, you are passionate about your ideals and goals . . . and in your intimate relationships. Venus >esperus retrograde types are often diligent workers, especially in creative fields, and they often find themselves intensely involved with, and often icons of, the avant garde and social movements of their time. >ighly dedicated, they possess a large capacity for self sacrifice. Det their true natures are often misunderstood by others who are unable to see the breadth and depth of their emotions, ideals, motives and goals. C+ow glorious it is, but how ainful it is also, to be e'ce tional in this world-C &o wrote poet, writer and dramatist 2lfred de )usset in his *$%8 work &a Merle Alanc. 2 leading figure in the 'omantic )ovement of the early nineteenth century, 2lfred de )usset was born two days after the retrograde station of Venus, with Venus situated in mid Aapricorn in the twelfth house. &ignificantly, there was a &un &aturn con3unction and a superior con3unction of the &un and )ercury less than two days before his birth. "n de )usset's natal horoscope, the &un, &aturn and )ercury are in &agittarius and seen in the eleventh house of associations, friendship and aspiration, with &aturn rising a degree before the &un .it is therefore the lanet of oriental a earance/, and )ercury rises a degree after the &un. The triple con3unction is opposite a fifth house ?emini )oon, while also forming bi septiles to Fupiter retrograde on the third house cusp, s!uares to a first house @luto, and sextiles to )ars in the seventh house of relationship. 4eptune is elevated in the tenth house &agittarius, near the )idheaven, an appropriate symbol for a poet and dramatist. 2lfred de )usset was the first modern dramatist of the (rench language. >e was a talented creator of multidimensional female characters, he wrote of love from the depths of experience and integrated classical clarity and purity of form with the passionate sub3ectivity characteristic of 'omanticism. 2lfred de )usset was at the center of the 'omantic )ovement and was an early lover of novelist and liberated woman, ?eorge &and. Vocalist 4ancy &inatra was also born a few days after the retrograde station of Venus. >er birthchart features five planets in the twelfth house, including a con3unction of Venus stationary retrograde with )ars and the )oon. =ther than the con3unction, the only aspect to Venus is a septile to Eranus in the eleventh house. 4eptune stands alone, below the horizon near the third house cusp. In the birth chart of a man, Venus 0vening &tar retrograde often indicates a high degree of

artistry, and a tempered and disciplined approach to work. de )usset showed a careful appoach in his creative work, though not particularly so in his personal life. =ther careful and successful male artists born during the Venus 0vening &tar retrograde phase include abstract artist ,assily Gandinsky and musicianIartist ?raham 4ash. The premier abstract artist of the twentieth century, ,assily Gandinsky, was born midway though the Venus 0vening &tar retrograde phase. Venus rises twelve degrees after the &un, and it is con3unct )ercury retrograde, which rises three degrees earlier. The three bodies are in the first house &agittarius. &aturn in &corpio is on the 2scendant, opposite @luto. Gandinsky's art, though thoroughly revolutionary, entirely abstract and non representational, was the product of an utterly systemic approach which grew, in part, out of Gandinsky's study of Blavatsky's "he Secret =octrine. "n Gandinsky's work, every primitive point, line, curve every color, every geometric form has a place and meaning according to they system of his devise. 2 highly &aturnian approach, but also an approach which aimed at integrating new forms with traditional values, creating a new approach of lasting value particularly in view that both Venus and )ercury were approaching the conclusion of their cycles of relationship with the &un at his birth. ?raham 4ash, member of the super group Arosby, &tills and 4ash, was born at the very close of a Venus cycle, less than a day before an inferior con3unction. "n his birthchart the &un Venus con3unction is situated in the third house 2!uarius, near the 4adir. )ercury, retrograde in the forth house 2!uarius, rises about thirteen degrees behind the con3unction, and the three oppose a <eo )oon in the tenth house very near the )idheaven. 4eptune is in the eleventh house and there is a stellium of four planets in the seventh house including )ars, &aturn, Eranus and Fupiter, the latter two being retrograde. The )oon )ercury opposition forms a T s!uare with &aturn and Eranus at the apex. 4ash brought to the group he formed with &tephen &tills and ;avid Arosby a disciplined professionalism, an attention to traditional musical values, and a vocal polish needed to leverage the group to super stardom. "n addition to being a musician and talented songwriter, 4ash is a photographer, artist and social activist. $or a woman, Venus 0vening &tar retrograde is often more difficult and stressful than for a man, and social and cultural factors may contribute more to it than anything inherently female. 2dditionally, this Venus type seems to manifest in the form of self sacrifice and renunciation more fre!uently for women than for men. Det, this too may have more to do with 5sexual politics5 than with anything inherently female. ;ancer and double agent, )ata >ari was also born midway between the retrograde station of Venus and the inferior con3unction. >er natal horoscope features the &un and Venus in the ninth house, Aancer. &ignificantly and revealing, )ars rises 3ust one degree after Venus retrograde and the two are very near the )idheaven. The Venus )ars pair are opposite the )oon in Aapricorn near the 4adir a difficult, but very powerful, set up for a womanB 0!ually revealing, Fupiter is retrograde in the first house &corpio, suggesting a predisposition to self sacrifice and involvement in social causes perhaps deeply rooted in a need to com ensate. Fupiter trines the &un, Venus and )ars, opposes @luto in the seventh house, s!uares Eranus in the tenth, and sextiles the )oon. &aturn is retrogade in the fifth house. 2 double agent for the allies during ,,", )ata >ari's motives and intrigues were too deep for the (rench to appreciate. The classic example of Venus retrograde, 9nnie Aesant, was a remarkably ascetic and influential woman. "n the 8:th century she was known not only as the adopted mother of F. Grishnamurti, but also as the leader of a very large, international theosophical organization and a leading figure in the early struggle for "ndian independence. >er horoscope features a sixth house Venus rising three degrees behind the &un in the sixth house, <ibra. Venus is also

con3unct the north lunar node and involved in a T s!uare with the )oon and Eranus. =ne of the most famous and infamous women in Britain, Besant was a feminist and a strike leader, an early advocate of birth control .a Venus retrograde symbol because it goes 5against the grain5 of natural biological imperatives and traditional female gender roles/, a lover of ?eorge Bernard &haw and a large figure in the (abian )ovement. "he %rogressed Venus #ycle may be used as a guide to help you understand turning points and stages of emotion development, and refinement of values and goals, throughout the life cycle. %rogressed transitions from one Venus ty e to the ne't are revealing, but few nativities occur close enough to the conclusion of any particular to allow the possibility during a normal lifespan. )ovement from one 5sub type5 to another are such as attainment of maximum elongation are more common and are worth tracking. Ayber,orld Ghaldea plans to web publish tables listing the dates of the ma3or turning points of the Venus Aycle over the span of *9:: 8:#:.