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"/BLACK ACE GUIDE" for "Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace" by serafinaiv This file loading from ----------------------------------------------------------VISIT MY BLOG FOR GUIDE AND REVIEW `,,;` .,;#;. .`.;:#+; ;.,,,::##;` `;:,.:,,#+;. `,;;``.,##;; ``..`;````+++'` .:,``` `,`+++;. ` `.,.: .:` `+++': '` .;.:..,.::.+++''` ' `'+. `,;;..```,`++ ;'` + ,+#.; :;'::;` .,`+ +;;, ., ``# ;##`;` `.;+'..,,`,.`+ ,::`` `;. ',' '##```: `;,.;;#:.,,:,``,;`, ,`` +;`';:` `;##.``. .;;.::,#',,,,. :.`:,,,`` +;'':,. .;##,.`,. .::``` +#';..` ``..;::, ,',;':+` :'##` ;;; .. `` `:,:+;;` ``:,,;:.,`,;;'''#'; ,;+##,.`:;`` `.,;:::.,,::`` `;.`:,;,.`.':;#'',:'+##`.`,'.: `.:;;:. `,,, ` ``.,`,:;;`,`++:;+:''+##.,.+.`,, `:;;,.```:,``.` ``````:;::;.:;:+;,'+#+.,':, .`` ,:..`````` ,;:,,:::;'+':+,.:+##``+#, ``` `..` :;,,,,,. ` :;;,`, ,,+,;';'+# `,..,:..,: `....,. `..:'.. ,,, ...;:;#@`.:'+`,:,.. ` ..;'+'';;';'`. ` `` ,.':,:#;;;#'`,:, `,;`. `,:''++###+';` `. `;#@'';;'+`..##++++.. `,;:,...`,,,`` `.';+''#;'#`:':.;;;;, `;;:,,`,`.```. ,::. `;..+'+'#`@::;.``.,;` `.;`;:`:,`,.``;;': `:# ,':@+,.;'':+`,.:: :.` .,.;,:,+';### `'+, ';#@+`;###+`:``;` `,``.`,`:''#:'. ,''# ,:##;#.#''++;`` `;,::;,.;:;+;;` :,'+' .,##@@#'``+@::;,` .;.:.`,:;;'#;` .,,+'# ;'#@@#@#: ,',,,;` `.;:'#, ;,,:'+# `####@@@#;. `+` ` .;:'#. `,,+'+#` ##:@`#@@;#' ;` `;,. ''::+#' ,#';; `#@+,'` ;,,:;:` #'#@ #@;#:' :,,:'; :++;. .#;+;'` `,,::'` ;'#+ ##;#'' `,,:': ;:++. :@'+`:. .,,,'` .+##: @+'+.' ,,,;: ,:+#, @::# '. :,,'` ;:'+# @#'#` ; `,:, .,'++: ;@#+' ''` ,,';# .@@#' . ',,##' `@@@:. .,:,##` ##@:;`+. ,:.,+# ##@:;++. :;+,,#` .+##::'+, .;;#+:@ ;+@#,+'+: '''++:+ #+'#''''+`

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MEGAMAN STARFORCE 3 BLACK ACE WALKTHROUGH(V 0.9) BY B864mer5 PLS RATE THIS GUIDE SO I CAN MAKE IMPROVEMENT IN MY GUIDE THX This is no spoiler walkthrough, =spoiler for boss battle name= +++++++++++++++++++++++++Table of content++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1.Introduction 2.walkthrough -DAY 1(tutorial) -DAY 2(spica mall chapter) -DAY 3(Magnes spade) -DAY 4(meet with "old friend") -DAY 5(diamond ice) -DAY 6(Club strong) -DAY 7(Queen virgo) -DAY 8(NOISE TROUBLE) -DAY 9(JACK CORVUS) -DAY 10(ACID ACE) -DAY 11(DREAD JOKER) -DAY 12(RESCUE DR.GOODAL) -DAY 13(HEARTLESS) -DAY 14(CRIMSON DRAGON) -POST GAME PART 1(APOLLO FLAME) -POST GAME PART 2(SIRIUS) 3.Hp memory list location(QWE1) 4.PURPLE DATA LOCATION(QWE2) 5.SPESIAL area key access(QWE3) 6.version(QWE4) info(QWE5) 8.credits 9.copyright(QWE6) ++++++++++++++ 1.INTRODUCTION ++++++++++++++ welcome to my megaman starforce 3 black ace guide. In this version you become geo stellar who meet Omega-xis and become the hero megaman. This is my first walkthrough, I made it as best as i can, also i made it free spoiler but i can't do that with boss name,sorry. Like i said this is my first walkthrough so if you find mistake tell me and i will fix them ASAP. Thank you and enjoy the game.Dont forget play with passion ^0^. USE CTRL+F AND TYPE DAY... TO GO SPECIFIC DAY. +++++++++++++++ 2.WALKTHROUGH +++++++++++++++ ======

DAY 1 ====== Echo Ridge Elementary School(class 5a) ====================================== After cutscenes and you gain control over your character input codename in your upgraded VG.Then talk to kid in front of you and learn about pop up system. After that just go talk to sheppar and check geo's desk for large energy. Echo Ridge Elementary School(2f) ================================= Go to elevator beside your class and choose roof. Echo Ridge Elementary School (roof) =================================== Finally you now can wave change by press the R button then go to wave station. Go to first access mark for your Tutorial battle in game. Battle 1 ==> 2 mettenna Tutorial about rules how to pick the battle card for battle with virus. Pay attention!!! If you are new into this series. Battle 2 ==> 2 mettenna Teach you about mega attack.It can be done by press down,when lock on mark appear use the battle chip to do mega attack. Battle 3 ==> 3 mettenna Use Mega attack when enemy about to attack to counter. If you do a counter you will get extra battle chip. It is random from your card folder. After battle check your mail and get longsword from blue data cube. Go outside by press R button.Talk to student you help earlier then Go to elevator and choose 1f. Echo Ridge Elementary School (1f) ================================= Go to snack shop and talk with Luna. After explanation about brotherband talk to Zack and Bud.Download white cards in wave station nearby and check your email for explanation about white card. Go to roof. Echo Ridge Elementary School (roof) =================================== Talk with 2 kids nearby the tree and back to 2f. Echo Ridge Elementary School (2f) ================================= Go talk to man that named damon crow (wear orange cloth). Enter the door nearby w( club). Get Hp mem 10 in brown box in upper right room.Back to 1f. Echo Ridge Elementary School (1f) ================================= Go to wave station(Change into megaman). In the wave road take the green mystery data and go to 2f.

Echo Ridge Elementary School (2f) ================================ Go to ACCESS mark that lead to moth specimen display. Inside talk to hertz in the middle and he will fix the problem and explain about default card.Back to real world and talk with damon crow. He will give you blossom code.Now go back to the roof. Echo Ridge Elementary School (roof) =================================== Talk to the little kid and you will get email from Bud then go to snack shop like he said. Echo Ridge Elementary School (1f) ================================= Go to snack shop and talk with the kid and you can go out from school now. Echo ridge ========== Go down and right you will see green big area near building (Big Wave). Talk to the kid near the woman. Transform into megaman and go to wave station near your house. Near the entrance there is a merchant (you can buy Hp memory from the merchant) and continue forward to the middle of city you will see hertz attacked by viruses. Battle ==> Big mettenna easy as normal mettenna but big virus always get more hp and damage. After finish battle and talk to the hertz back to the school. Echo Ridge Elementary School (1f) ================================ Talk to the kid who ask for your help. Check email from zack. Go to Sci ci club. Echo Ridge Elementary School (2f) ================================= In Sci ci club you will get email.Check it. Go to school entrance.Go out from school. Echo ridge ========== Go to Bud house but you can't enter so check dog house beside his house twice after change into mega. You will find noise enter the area. Inside dog house noise you will find beast slap1, find the exit. Go back to your house, inside check ctrl panel near utensil(i dont know what it is but the color is blue) enter noise area once again and get after that search for exit and back to normal and sleep in your room. WARNING: ~~~~~~~~ Inside noise area you can't simply jack out by press R, you must find the portal like you enter earlier.

====== DAY 2 ====== Echo ridge ========== Go to spica mall from train station(near Bud's house). Spica mall ========== Check the route map Change into megaman Inside wave road go then back to middle (sync hook 1).Go to

nearby to get and continue. and go to wave station. to left in dead end(hp memory 10) and go to access mark that lead to trash can, access mark that lead to security sys cc.

security sys cc =========== Go up and you will get(attck +10),go to right,step in to blue floor, go up talk to green hertz. Pulse out. Spica mall ======== check poster near wave station(hp mem 10) and continue to next area. Battle ==> noise wizard B 1 HP=250 easy battle,he attack like base mortar but he can move. Just attack with your strongest attack. After battle you will get giga energy card, back to area where prez and the others stay. Go up and check pink post to get beast slap1. Talk to prez.Back to echo ridge elementary school sci ci club and talk to woody. Back to home and sleep. ===== DAY 3 ===== Echo ridge ======== Go to your school roof and change into megaman after cutscene. Echo ridge elementary school( roof) =================================== Go to wave station in here. Grab blue data for grass stage and green data. Go to ACCESS mark that head to rocket sys cc. Rocket sys cc area 1 ===================== you will notice there is a panel that color red and blue.Step in and touch pop up in touch screen (magnes's brother i forgot his name) to change the color of your shield. ATTENTION: this work like magnet, red cube will pull blue shield and reject red shield. Blue cube will pull red shield and reject blue shield. Go forward take the green data the up change the shield to red and

get blue data(800z). (push directional button while being pulled or reject, so the time was perfect to get to platform you want to step in) continue until you get into area 2. Rocket sys cc area 2 ================ Change into blue shield and get blue data. You will see there is rotating cube so place your character to direction you want to go, first go up to get green data and back to rotating cube and let yourself get pulled by red cube and get blue data (HP mem 10). Continue and you will see blue data near the skull mark platform. Skull mark platform lead to bosses. (to get blue data here you need perfect time to step in but if you find it hard, dont bother it only contains large energy). Now get ready for your first Boss battle. BOSS BATTLE MAGNES HP:400 Hmm,he is not as though as his appearance. His attack: Rocket ==> it always spawn just dodge left or right Slam Ball(sorry for the name i dont know what to call it ^0^) he will turn into like "ball thing" and rush forward, it is easy to dodge but you better counter it so he will die quickly. Sword slash ==>he will disappear and pop up in front of you just block or counter. TIPS ==> you follow my walkthrought right?? if yes you already get 4 beast slap1. when he turn into ball thing and your panel hightlightened cast beast slap to get counter (don't cast when he arrive in your beast slap area because this card take long delay time so cast it when he turn into ball) if you do that perfectly you will get counter. BEAT HIM WITH BUSTING LEVEL S TO GET HIS CARD!!!!!! It is not hard battle so you better load until you get his card. Remember counter make level S more easy because you get extra battle card so thats mean you get more damage perturn. ===== DAY 4 ===== Echo ridge ======== Go to school and you can't enter the the school. Now go to Luna's apartment enter 202 you will get school pop up then go to your classroom in 2f. Echo ridge elementary school (2f- class 5a) ================================

Go to outside school near bigwave. Echo ridge ========== In big wave there is battle BATTLE Noise Wzrd R 1 HP 300 Like before he only can do sword slah and mad vulcan skill.Very easy. Wave change and go to access mark that lead to INFO KIOSK, take item.Go out and head for SCHOOL GATE CC access (HP mem10and 500z).Go to school via wave road. Echo ridge elementary school (wave road) ======================================== Go to roof via wave road.Go to Access mark that lead to MEMORIAL TREE CC grab out all item and get out from memorial tree.Go to wave station in the roof to get out from wave road. Now go out from school and back to home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIDE QUEST ~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the roof there is a child that need your help (you can know by looking at touch screen and there HELP pop up. Touch that and talk once again with that person and accept him/her request). After accept his request go out from school, now go to BIG WAVE which now is open. Check the right wall( like AC thing)you will get code Beta86425 (it is outside BIG WAVE not inside). Enter BIG WAVE,buy thing if you want and talk to the wizard and enter the code you found earlier(it is case sensitive). Now go out and go to wave station and and search for paper test (it is above BIG WAVE still in wave road!!!!!!!!!) Go to school roof again(human form).Talk to the kids and get HP mem10. Now head home and sleep. ~~~~~ DAY 5 ~~~~~ Echo ridge =========== Wake up and head to train station. WBG studio(outside) ================== You will arrive at WBG studio and talk to prez and wizard dog police near her. Transcode and go to wave station. In wave road access stunt car cc(purple data and 1200z), Go out after get that item. WBG studio(inside) ================== Go inside building with wave road and go to right to access PROP CABINET CC(star hoop ==>megaman weapon). Now back to wave road after you get item

and get out from wave station nearby. Revert to human so you can talk to Sonia. You have pass card now so head to outside. WBG studio(outside) =================== Talk with wizard police dog. Now you can get inside. WBG studio(inside) =================== Check WBG logo (HP mem 10). Go to Sonia room and check the table for Rec 80. Now go forward to get cutscene. Go outside now. WBG studio(outside) =================== Talk to wizard near Sonia he will mention missing wizard. Go inside now. WBG studio(inside) =================== Go to Sonia's room and talk with wizard here. Transcode and go to wave station, Go up and you will see access mark that lead to big monitor(dark room) then Access to REGULATOR CC(Rec 50 and Talk to wizard that mention about lighting process. Now revert to human and go to Belle's room Talk with Prez and go outside. WBG studio(outside) =================== Cutscene and save then battle BOSS BATTLE TAURUS FIRE HP 600

If you play another series of starforce his attack pattern not change much. His attack: slam ==> like magnes he will dash forward to you, so we will counter with the sama battle card beast slap 1. fire breath ==> just dodge left or right Fire(in the panel) ==> search for un-highlightened panel or just block it. BEAT HIM IN LEVEL S TO GET HIS CARD your best fried here is beast slap. It is easy counter his attack with this card. when he do fire on your panel you can do mega attack to counter him. After battle go inside WBG studio. WBG studio(inside) ================== go forward to new area. WBG studio(event stage) ======================

Go forward to Big hexagonal thing(Big projector). Now head back inside again. WBG studio(inside) =================== Go to cabinet room(near Sonia's room) and talk to the man near the cabinet and he will mention that his wizard did't come out. So get into wave station, transcode and go to ACCESS mark to Cabinet CC( Inside you will find frozen wizard, melt him with taurus fire). Revert back to human and go to event stage. WBG studio(event stage) ======================= go to Big hexagonal thing again and melt it with taurus fire. Now go to WBG studio outside. WBG studio(outside) =================== Talk to wizard police dog and transcode. Go to stunt car ACCESS. Inside stunt car you can talk to hertz that will mention code (Epsilon07292). Now search for frozen wizard and melt him with taurus fire. Back to human form talk to wizard dog and head for Sonia's room now. WBG studio(inside) ================== Use taurus fire to melt ice in Sonia's room door.Go to event stage now. WBG studio(event stage) ======================= It will be cutscene when you enter. after change into megaman go to access mark that lead to Event stage cc. ATTENTION: This area have ice floor,when you step on ice floor your body temperature will get low and if it reach zero you will frozen solid, then taurus fire will come and you must press A button repeatedly to get your temperature back. So it is really no big deal to be frozen solid ^0^. Event stage cc area1 ================ Go left first to get V shot ability. Continue to right accross purple floor to get ice stage. Now back and go up grab green data then continue and melt ice with taurus fire and go to area 2. Event stage cc area 2 ================ Go to left then up,!!!ignore left when you go up because there is no item in the left!!!!. After arrive in normal platform go to left (purple floor) to get Air spread v2. Back to normal platform and go up and right before go to area 3 to get go to area 3.

Event stage cc area 3 ================= Go to left first and grab green data then go up. After reach normal panel go down tehn left to get Hp +50 Ability. Back to middle and go to purple floor go forward quickly to get Hp mem 20. Continue until you can see skull mark and save. BOSS BATTLE DIAMOND ICE HP 700 Easy but if you want to beat her with level s,you need right set of card. His attack Dance 1st version ==> she will make her ice block go forward to you dodge by blocking. Dance 2nd version==> she will make her ice block move in your row so just block it. hammer slam ==>just move to left or right, counter her if you can. ice storm==>he will dance and ice storm will come at your panel =++ ++= plus area is her attack range so it save to move right or just block it, you can do mega attack though. TIPS: you got icy spin1 card right??? set all you have it will effectively destroy her ice block in just one hit. I suggest use flash strike 1 and atck +10 because she weak to electricity. BUST her with level S to get her card. Back to stage and return home sleep. ===== DAY6 ===== Echo ridge ========== You will get SP key 1 from Now go to wave station and In wave road go to up then SP key 1(touch it in touch to next area.

Ace. transcode into megaman. left to pass access wall using screen).Get WindyAtk 1.continue

Astro wave area 1 ================= There is Hp memory 10 in this area left before you go to alohaha. Astro wave area 2 ================= Go up then right(before purple floor) to get ability Diaglock/5.There is merchant but he only sell battlechip. Explore this area and get all item. If you wanna go to alohaha just go to left across blue platform. Go to warp. Alohaha =======

Go down,left and ACCESS food stand cc(invicible and Hp mem 10). Now across blue platform and go down to get out from wave road. Go inside alohaha castle. Inside check kimono like outfit stand to get Hp mem 10. Transcode into megaman and check fish stand beside kimono stand to get inside Noise(Plus cannon and 1300z). Go out after get all to blue wizard in pedestal. Go out from castle and talk to Bud.Transcode into megaman. Go to wave station and get into Access mark that lead to Food stand cc and talk to hertz inside.revert to human now. Talk to Bud again and you will get email.Now go to beach. Alohaha beach ============= Go to water to trigger cutscene.Now go swim to the beach check dragon statue for HP mem 10. Now back to land and talk to Sonia(near couple who are on date).Transcode and go to wave station then go to beach via wave road then ACCESS Stone wallcc. Battle 1 KomaG(210) and koma(140) you come alohaha by astro wave you already fight these guys just battle like normal. Battle 2 WibbledeeG(120) and Blueshark G(165) what i can say ..... easy Battle 3 KomaG(210) Basegunner(100) BluesharG(165) Kill basegunner first then shark so you not busy to evade Koma's attack Talk to everyone here after that look cutscene.Go to alohaha castle. Alohaha ======= Talk to strong in castle. Transcode enter wave for purple wizard.Near beach entrance there is one(zack's pants).Go inside alohaha castle and go up to get Hp mem 20. Now access to Island display cc (srch eye).Go to stone wall cc again(1500z). There is one purple wizard in the middle sea(wave road).Now choose the item you want to take.I take Prez hankerchief(dont worry it is not important).Next morning go to castle.Transcode and go to alohaha castle.And get inside Enviro system cc. Enviro system cc area 1 ======================== ATTENTION: when you step in brown floor it will collapse so run and if you see a crack press a to jump. If somehow you fell you will ended in CC abyss just find warp to return. first floor There Go up go go is to to up and left grab Hp mem 10.When you see brown right first to get green data.Across brown platform. windy attack in the left.Go down and take green data. next area.

Enviro system cc area 2 ======================== Go to right to get HP mem 20.Go up acrross brown floor just go up

don't go to left,it is a trap.After you arrive take green data.Go up to get whistle.Now continue until you see another brown platform just go straight down.Go to area 3. Enviro system cc area 2 ======================== Go to left to get ability Wood panel.then continue to brown floor. This one is long.Go to left and grab green data.Back and go up. Prepare for boss battle. BOSS BATTLE CLUB STRONG HP1000

wood pillar==>every time he move it will spawn toward you just move left or right tornado==>shoot the white tornado to avoid you can also mega attack club slam==>for god's sake dont block this attack you are not that strong^0^ coconut throw==>he will puke coconut????? just shoot the fruit Brutal slam==> same as club slam but he do this many2 time so counter him. BEAT HIM AT LEVEL S TO GET HIS CARD TIPS Insert all your fire chip mad fire1 and heat upper1. He will down quickly.Dont beat him when your noise gauge above 100%. maybe you will get different chip(i don't sure)but it is safer. email me if somebody has confirm it. Go to alohaha beach. Alohaha beach ============= Cutscene. BOSS BATTLE JACK CORVUS HP 1400 purple flame==> just block corvus slash==> move to the normal panel. just lower his hp below 1000 the battle will end. easy....... save. ===== DAY7 ===== Echo ridge ========== Talk to the kid near river in your house and touch help icon. Accept his challenge and now go up to swimming pool near Prez's house and check it. You will get Hp mem 20. Go back to your home and talk with your mother. Now go talk with old man near train station and touch the help button.

Now he will give you memo, you can look at it in the item menu(the memo mention 961) enter the number but failed,notice mega say something.Now enter 196 you can contact his brother.Talk again with old man near river he will make you become his brother(+40).Now go to alohaha via train station. Alohaha ======= Go to alohaha castle and talk with boreal.And you will arrive at Natl WAZA HQ ============= Go to nearby wave station and go to Mr.hertz square in order to get ability from number of hertz you already helped so far. Now go out and head to gate and enter 3745(the number that ace give you) Natl WAZA HQ(inside) ==================== Check world map behind sonia and enter the noise area(srch eye) and go out. Go up you can meet Mr dubius(from starforce 1)you can battle with his wizard. before continue Go to wave station and transcode into megaman get synchook2. Go to desk CC(1500z).Trans out and head to elevator and select 57f Natl WAZA HQ(inside)57f ======================= Now go inside check globe for Hp mem 10. Check the big monitor to get srch eye and talk to the man near it.You will get WAZA fldr.Go to wave station and transcode into megaman. Get Waza key.Now go down back to 1f. Natl WAZA HQ(inside)1f ======================= Go left now it is open. more cutscene.Now go to Command center(57f) Natl WAZA HQ(inside)57f ======================= Talk with the man near globe(where you find Hp mem 10).Transcode and go to wave station and from portal nearby. Now you arrive in wave road(1f) go to middle room so you can see Access mark that lead to Mt.belenus pic. Now enter it and get sprd shoot ability, now search for virus and delete it. You will get email. Now go to Ace's place again.Now go outside and head for exit to go to alohaha. Alohaha ======= search near old man's kiosk,check for blue object to find luna fragz talk to red wizard near wave station and he will notice hertz carrried something shiny. Now go to castle and talk with wizard near display cc then enter now walk near purple wizard(3rd from middle) scan behind him then talk to him enter battle to get luna fragz.go out from castle. Now check area near exit to the beach Alohaha beach ============= Go to beach and go up in the Brown floor continue until you see blue wizard then scan with touch screen,talk again with blue wizard to get luna fragz. Now search wave station in the beach when it got detected notice blue light and search in that area to get it.Transcode and head to dragon statue access mark,now you can enter it with waza key(HP mem 20 and hevycannon).Go to enviro system cc inside castle now.

Enviro sys cc 1 =============== go talk with 2nd hertz(all his dialogs CAPS) and scan here talk again enter battle and you got prez fragz. Alohaha ======= transcode and go to astro wave. Astro wave area 2 ================= simply return to area 1. Astro wave area 1 ================= Battle Crowketg HP180 mettenna2g HP120 stealht2g HP135 kill mettena first and crowket so they dont interfere with you. After battle you get new ability.Open the wall beside you with WAZA SP key2. continue until you got warped into WAZA HQ. Natl WAZA HQ ============= MIni games (just press B button to kill copy of omega xis defend and do not let them destroy the defense. If you got attacked from behind you will battle them). Go inside WAZA and left. The comnputer will be attacked again and you will enter same minigame.Now go to elevator and another minigame. Go to command center. MINI game again. Go to command center again to help your friends. Access nearby wave station and go to Main computer cc. There are 1500z,Air spread v3 and Hp mem 10.Just go up and you will find dark phantom.SAVE!!!!! BOSS BATTLE DARK PHANTOM HP 900

DARK GRAB==> he extend his hand toward your your panel just dodge. TORNADO SPIN==>he disappear and pop up near your position and damage entire panel next to him,just block or counter. PHANTOM SLASH==> he will teleport in front of you and slash his sword just block or evade it. PHANTOM GRAB==> A hand will spawan in front of you.DON't BLOCK THIS ATTACK just dodge it. You dont need level s to get his card if your noise level above 100%.i only beat him with lvl 5 busting level.

Go back to ace and queen virgo's place. BOSS BATTLE QUEEN VIRGO HP 1200

WATER DRAGON==> she will spin her staff and a dragon will attack you zigzagly. shoot her when she spin her staff and counter if you can. RAINFALL==> she will channeling to make rain in random panel you can dodge it or you can block it if you can evade it. LASER DANCE==> resemble to phantom dance she will disappear and come from above and laser attack your panel +++ +0+ MMM 0(her position) MMM(place where you usually stand(her attack reach M area) +(attack area) it is obvious right you cant evade, just block don't block too fast or you will get hit by the laser. Most effective method is counter and it is easy to do. WATER BARRIER==> just like the name said you can't attack her while she shield herself Water wave==> same attack like mettenna do.but she can do this while she in shield careful. BEAT HER WITH LEVEL S BUSTING LEVEL TO GET HER CARD!!! Seriously she can give you trouble if you wanna kill her by lvl s and you don't memorize all her moveset.I suggest you use magnes and other eletric element card(stealth lazer, flash strike,dll). AIM for counter and noise rate above 50% so you can get extra powerful card. You don't need to defeat her very quickly just concetrated to evade all damage. Now go to command center. ========= DAY VIII ========= ECHO RIDGE ========== Now go out from class and talk to the kid near green board. Touch the help icon, and answer her question(the answer is 2 5 1).she will make you become her brother. Talk to another girl (in front of class 5b) and you can help her also. Accept and now go to Belle's room(WBG STUDIO) talk to her and she will ask you dor megaman autograph, so transcode now and look your touch screen, touch your new icon and sign in( whatever you like).NOw back to school and talk to child that ask for your help. She will make you her brother.Now go Sci ci club(2f) and talk to teacher in that room. Then go talk with Mr.Shepar in front of your classroom. Now go to the roof and talk to the gardener(feeling familiar??).Now go to wave station and transcode.Go to SPRINKLER CC, delete noise inside.Jack out and talk to

Damian(Gardener),you can battle him if you want.Back to your class and talk with Prez.Now check your email.Go to Bud's house and check the bed and go to noise from his bed(UndrShrt ability).Now go to WAZA via wave road (just go to Astro wave road 1, the warp is here.) Natl WAZA HQ ============= Go to nearby wave station to get out.Now go to 57f and transcode into megaman and go to main computer cc.Now go to where you fight with dark phantom.You will battle with ACID ace(he only got 800hp and easy,but he is fast so your attack will miss if you are not careful about aiming).Now back to Echo ridge via wave road.In astro wave you will find red bug(like Noise NPC) talk to it and you will battle. Echo ridge ========== When arrive you will battle immediately(3 consecutively).Now go back to astro wave.After event you will arrive at NOISE WAVE 1 ============ In this place buy unlocker from merchant.To unlock purple data(AIR SHOES). Now search noise portal(the other one from where you enter).You will arrive at WBG STUDIOS ============ Go to where sonia battle and check water pond near her to trigger water ctrl noise(air spread 2 and red buzz(like in astro wave) to destroy it.Now go to tennis court (you can walk in red area) talk to Bud to battle with him and check red area near virus to trigger tennis court Noise (drill arm2) destroy red buzz.You will get email,check it and get out.Go to event stage.Check tree where Taurus fire and harp note looking at.Enter tree noise(Hevycannon).Inside explore the area until cutscene.Now search for exit and back to NAZA. Natl WAZA HQ ============= Talk to ace(leftside 1f).Go outside and there will be cutscene.check your email then go back to WAZA command center(57f) talk to Girl operator(near entrance to main computer).Now go to spica mall and buy ice cream for 50 z (ice cream store located beside man with orange clot,Fula hart).Now back to WAZA and talk with the lady(you only have 3 min before ice cream melt). Now you get 1000z and pass card so from now on you don't need to go from astro wave if you want to go to waza.Back to home and sleep. ====== DAY 9 ====== Go to your school and talk with Prez.Now go to your classroom then go to wave station.Enter noise and mini game(just shoot all red buzz),go to 2f and enter noise again(3 times).After destroy noise three times SAVE, go to roof and you will fight Solo BOSS BATTLE ROGUE HP 1000 PURPLE PUNCH==> he will make purple punch going toward you. It will attack 3 lane if he attack from middle(the area attack resemble wide wave card).just block.

ROGUE SLASH==> he will move to middle arena then do multiple hit slash. === === =+= MMM MMM +(his position) M (attack area) You can evade this one,just counter or block (require nice timing,but if you can't you probably only get 1 hit) ROGUE COMBO==> move to one panel ahead you and do punch kick combo. just dodge his attack. ROGUE HELMBREAKER==> he will jump and do helmbreaker like DANTE(DMC4 ^0^) and your panel will be destroyed. Move to the right or left.Don't block the attack!!!. YOU DONT NEED LVL S TO GET HIS CARD. He is very fast.You still can miss even if you lock-on.To get level S avoid all his attack and counter, make sure your noise gauge above 200% so you can Finalize.After you transform he will die very quickly. Now save again and go up. BOSS BATTLE JACK CORVUS HP1400

PURPLE FLAME==> Like magnes's rocket but it is flame^0^ shoot at it or block. CORVUS SCHYTE==> he will appear in front of you and do slash with schyte Counter!!!! it is very easy to counter or dodge.He does it 2-3 times in a row so watch out. CORVUS DASH==> He will disappear then dash diagonaly to you. from left from right === === === === M(attack area) MM= =MM MMM MMM =MM MM= So it is obvius how to evade his attack jsut go to = area. You can't block this attack!!!! METEOR FLAME==> He will channeling like an idiot and purple fire start falling from sky(random).Why idiot?????? because he is now open to be attacked.^0^. BEAT HIM AT LVL 10 OR S TO GET HIS CARD. The easiest way to get level S is to finalize(transform into black ace or red joker).When battle with him i use rogue noise,so my primary card is sword. It is easy to get above 200% noise gauge(don't use your battle card very quick, wait until your custom gauge half filled then unleash all your attack).

======= DAY 10 ======= Echo ridge =========== Check your email and talk to your mother.go outside and talk with Prez.Before go to school you can do other thing.Just skip it if you don't want to do it. SIDEQUEST ~~~~~~~~~ Go to Natl waza Hq and enter Satella police HQ.Talk to officer near stair (leftside) and help him.Go to alohaha beach and go inside Dragon statue.Search for purple wizard and delete him.Now back to Satella police Hq(Hp mem 20). Now talk to the man near him(there are 3 people talk to middle one).Help him by Go to spica mall and keep going until you see 3 mettena standing each other (in megaman form,normal field not in wave road),Delete them and return to Satella police Hq to talk with the man(Hp mem 10). Now go to 57f and talk with Mr Boreal in Main computer.Help him by trade a card (Bigdrp 1) for Heat grenade.Check panel beside Orange tube(Hp mem 10). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now go to school and your classroom.Talk to Prez then to everyone in the class. Cutscene,so go to school entrance now.Battle 2 wizard.Go to spica mall. Spica mall ========== Fight Blue wizard that out of control in first area(you can see him).Now go to event mall area (in wave road) then enter Spimo the cat cc(unlocker). Fight blue wizard inside.Now go to dentist cc and go left to find warp. Go to candy store and enter Gum machine cc(Hp mem 20).Talk to red wizard in left to battle.Now go back to Satela police HQ. Natl WAZA HQ ============= Go inside and talk to the officer in front of receptionist desk. Go left and talk to ace.Now head to WBG STUDIO ========== SAVE!!!!!!!Go to event stage. BOSS BATTLE AcidAceB HP1200

You can't win this battle just fight until it ends itself. Back to echo ridge.Talk with your mother then sleep. Side quest ~~~~~~~~~~ Echo ridge ========== You can go to Astro wave area 2 to battle Moon destroyer. Go to your classroom(5a) Talk to the kid and help him.Now go talk with kid in the snack shop.Now go to echo ridge and talk with kid(girl)outside bIg wave. Go to spica mall and talk with man near train station.Back to your classroom and give the card to the kid.Now he will make brotherband with you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

====== DAY 11 ====== Talk to your mother and go to school.Before go to school,I suggest you to buy zenny finder(6000z) in astro wave area 1 by talking to one of hertz(enter from echo ridge wave road,go up cross blue platform twice then go to left). NOw check gold principal statue in your school,transcode and enter the noise(Hp+200 ability).Search red wizard and Talk to him. BATTLE NOISE WIZARD R2 HP400 Talk to wizard and he will give you Noise code1.Now exit and go to Spica mall ========== Check white posters in the wall near Hunter VG box.It will make noise appear, enter(search eye and sync hook 3).Search purple wizard and talk to him and give him cannon card.You will get Noise code 2.Exit Now go inside candy store and check grey pnl beside ice cream(sonia's poster). Enter video game noise(2000z),search for red noise npc then talk to him. Answer yes then he will ask you quiz.The Answer are yellow,an empty bag,7. You get noise code 4 now exit. Go to mall event area then search for stage light(near wizard and girl satela police).check and enter Lightning noise(Black ink).Talk to red noise npc again and he will give you Noise code3.Now go to Wbg studio or Side quest ========== Talk to man in event mall area and help him to search the game.Search Hunter vg(near early noise location) to buy Taco fantasy and go to big wave check blue display near behind 2 kids.Now back to the man in event mall area. You will get 13000z and HP mem 10. WBG STUDIO ========== Go to event stage and talk with wizard police(dog) then check left corner. Enter Noise wave2(Pnl FormatS ability and flash band),NOw search for exit and you will arrive at SECRET SHELTER ============== Move and check brown box near fire extinguisher.Enter Wooden box noise(Woodpnl ability).Go out and move forward there will be cutscene.Now go to wave station and transcode into megaman.Go forward and grab Dealer key and continue go left to enter Air duct cc(Hp mem 10 and Undrshrt 30).Go to right then up to enter King wall cc(reflect ability and 2 green mystery wave),talk to purple wizard in front of panel. Battle malwizard3(HP500) DoomcountG(HP225)

Pulse out then check BIG green reactor near stair(HP MEM 10).Back to Ace's position and enter the door. SECRET FACTORY ============== Check the machine near the door where you enter(HP MEM 10). Now go to wave station inside crimson factory and transcode.In wave road enter crimson tank cc (HP MEM 10 and ice panel/210 ability)and go outside. Enter AC system cc(HP +100 ability), Back to crimson factory wave road but use the right door(the other door from where you enter).Inside enter

Analysis unit cc(drill arm 3).Now go to CRIMSON MACHINE CC 1 ==================== Talk to noise to get info about puzzle in this area,then move passthrough the card.Move until you see another card pass them from upper way.Go left take GMW and continue to right until see another card puzzle.Touch the card this way (Numbers indicate which way card must be touched,v^ indicate pathway) I hope you can understand this ^0^. ^>3>> ^ 4 v > ^ 3 v ^ 2 v 1 5> 234 If you find it hard to understand this puzzle and cant solve by yourself, talk to red noise behind you and answer yes to let him finish the puzzle, but i dont know is it make difference for later game.Move until you see card puzzle and just run straight. SECRET FACTORY ============== Go to next wave station and pulse out.Enter the door and SAVE BATTLE ACID ACEBB HP 1400 Too many variable of his attack so it is hard to list them all.But none of his attack are hard to evade or counter.The hard about him is only he fast. BEAT HIM AT LVL S TO GET HIS CARD I only use Bushido card and another sword card try to get finalize so you can do black end galaxy(black ace version).He will go down in no time. SAVE AND go follow ace BOSS BATTLE DREAD JOKER HP 1600

JOKER ROCKET==>he will shoot MANY2 rocket toward you,just shoot rapidly(hold B) I use titan glove in this battle. JOKER SLAM==>He slam the ground and Stone come from sky, look out for this attack especially if your form weak to break attack(it will lower noise to 0% so you cant finalize). JOKER SLAP==>He will appear in front of you and slap just block or counter. JOKER KICK==>He does a kick like chunli street fighter,counter him. JOker LASER==>he charge crimson and unleash laser,it is unblockable and you cant evade this attack JOKER BOMB==>just destroy the bomb he planted. BEAT HIM AT LEVEL S TO GET HIS CARD To get level s you must never tke any damage from him and beat him in time (i beat him 27 second,it is not good time but i only want to give the picture to you).It is hard in my opinion,Really you need finalize here. I recommend use bushido card and other sword elemental card.

YOU will be asked to SAVE ====== DAY 12 ====== ECHO RIDGE ========== Go out from school,cutscene and talk to all your friend. ~~~~~~~~ OPTIONAL ~~~~~~~~ Go to nearby wave station and go to SCi ci club via wave road, enter Human model cc(srcheye and 1800z). Now go to spica mall event area(wave road) and enter Shooting game cc (2100z and Xshoot/110). Go to alohaha and enter alohaha dog cc(in front of castle via wave road) to get HP+300/390 ability. Go to wbg studio and enter wave station,go to Wbg wicket cc(Unlocker). Now revert to human and go to NATL WAZA HQ ============ Enter noise there are 3 noise area here,your mission is to find dr.goodal (i found her in by enter the noise in the left,i am not sure it is random or not.There is no item inside the noise).When find dr goodal talk and BATTLE kotetsuG(HP 240) nuttyG(HP 180)

Talk to her and she will ask you to go to Alohaha castle ============== talk to everyone inside alohaha castle(satella police officer). Back to your home and talk with your mother.check your email and you will get Wing blade.Go sleep in your room. ====== DAY 13 ====== ECHO RIDGE ========== Check your tv.Go to WBG STUDIO ========== Go to jamming area.There will be 3 noise again like in waza (i rescue lee in left noise and belle in middle)there is no item. BATTLE OMEGAXIS COPY W(HP 500). You will get pop up that allow you to go to KING's location. So now go to ECho ridge and go to astro wave(just go up from moon destroyer position) then touch pop up when you reach barrier.You will arrive at ORBITAL BASE ============ Explore wave road and get beast slap 3.Go to Giant monitor cc(Anti damage/350).

Search for wave station and out.cutscene. Pulse out and check panel beside wave station(HP MEM 10).Transcode again and go again to access mark earlier. Meteor G CTRL cc ================ Just go up and grab item(Hp +300/390 and Drill arm3).GO up until you see JACK and TIA.You will battle with BATTLE SPADEMAGNES V2 HP 800 Huh i say even 2 omega-xis copy w more hard than this one.He will down very quickly. Pulse out and talk to heartless.You get EXtra folder.^0^ Now go back to WAZA HQ ======= Enter wave road and search for Mini antenna cc access(Card finder).Pulse out and go to 57f and talk to mr.Boreal.Now go to Echo ridge. Echo ridge ========== Go to your school roof.You get kelvin key. ====== DAY 14 ====== Echo ridge ========== Go to WAZA HQ ======== Go to BIG WAVE STATION and say ok if you are ready. ROCKET ====== BATTLE SCORCHERG(HP 225)


NOISE WAVE 3 ============ Grab Hp memory 10 in right side red noise npc.Now search for noise portal. You will arrive at METEOR SERVER 1 =============== Go up in mini game mode(like copy freak accident).Now search the place you just saw.Check area when you get in there to get memory splinter.After get 3 memory splinter back to skull mark and SAVE if you want.Go forward BATTLE DIAMOND ICE V2 Continue METEOR SERVER 2 ================ (HP 1100)

Item in this area: HP mem 20,purple data(holy panel) Touch kevin pop up to know where memory splinter location.Go to each location to get it.After you get it all head for skull mark then BATTLE CLUB STRONG V2 (HP 1400) continue Meteor server 3 =============== Item in this area:K.knuckle Same step like before(check kevin pop up adn search his memory).Go to barrier and skull mark. BATTLE JACK CORVUS V2 Go to next skull mark BATTLE QUEEN VIRGO V2 HP 1600 HP 1800

BEFORE CONTINUE SAVE!!!!!! =============================================================================== FINAL BOSS CRIMSON DRAGON HP2500 (+ is area attack)(= is safe area) CRIMSON CLAW==>he slash with his claw,it pattern random but the most he used is ++= or =++. There is another pattern like +=+ but the chance is slim. you can't block this one.Just move right or left.LOOK THE PANEL CAREFULLY!!!! CRIMSON BREATH==>He make breath that attack all panel(like grand wave but red ) it can be blocked but since he do it consecutively you must time your block. (CHARGING ATTACK) CRIMSON LASER==> he shoot many laser to area =++ ++= =++ or ++= =++ ++= can be blocked. CRIMSON MINION==>Like spade magnes rocket,spawn in every column. shoot the minion he created(choose the smallest one). CRIMSON LASER(2ND VER)==>like earlier version but it attacks all panel. (CHARGING ATTACK) CRIMSON HEADBUTT==> He use his head to attack. ONly dodge left or right easy,cause he only attack 1 column DRAGON HEAD BOMB==> He spawn rocket with dragon appearance. If you block you will get hit by the rest of rocket,so timing your block and move left or right. (CHARGING ATTACK)

When battle with him you can't damage him if by hit his head.You can reduce his hp by attack the core.To open the core you must attack his head(it is not recommended use normal buster except in finalize form).When he do charging attack he will become vulnerable and you can counter him(He will do like scream when he want to do CHARGING ATTACK).Try to get finalize quickly. ================================================================================ JOKE BOSS CRIMSON DRAGON HP 8000 (VERY2222 HARD)

when i look at HP,I surprise,but when i saw my card in 2nd turn i even more surprise than before.Black end galaxy with blank damage so know. FINISH with one hit.Also you are invicible now huahahahahah. So watch cutscene and THE END. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ================================================================================ [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] =================== POST GAME PART 1 =================== Pulse out and Talk with all your friend.Notice they now have help icon. Luna quest ========== Accept her request and now go to your classroom and talk to kid(girl near mr shepar).She will give you code.Now go spica mall and check bathroom and enter the code and you will battle viruses.Back to luna your linkpower will increase by 40 and get Antidamage ability. Bud quest ========= Go to his house and place ginger beef in middle room,go outside.Now check refrigator and put ginger beef in middle room again and choose "pile on it". exit and you will find the thief.Talk to bud and you will get HP+ 500 ability and 40 link power. Zack quest ========== Go to his house and transcode into megaman.Now you will face for 10 consecutive time.After bust them all.Back to zack and he will give you giga class+1 and 40 link power Sonia's quest ============= She will ask you to get blackhole card,You can get it in meteor server 1. The virus only can be damaged by sword type card.She will give 40 link power and Float shoes ability. Other quest =========== If you follow my walkthrough from beginning there are many quest that haven't done.The quest: Hamer nayl==>old man near school gate.Now go to clean his grafiti

School roof(the other side of giant vine,Blind spot) SPICA MALL(Near wave station left side dentist wall) Alohaha castle(go to behind castle and you will end up at 2nd floor.Check left wall) Link power +40 and HP MEM 20 BRoken VG quest==>talk to the kid in event mall area(near burger quest man) Then go to mr boreal to fix his vg. He will make you become his brother. HYPNO EYE ==>talk to another man in this area (near stair) he will ask you for flash strike 2.Give him andget hypno eye. Box lunch quest==>Go to event area in WBG studio talk to the man,go to snack store in your school.Now back to WBG studio and deliver the lunch(in prop cabinet,dark room, and outside near the pond) HP MEM 10 and LINK POWER. WOODY'S MEDICINE==>go echo ridge science elementary school and help girl. Now go to alohaha and talk to old merchant and he will ask you for ingredient Coconut(in palm tree beside old lady merchant) hibiscus(plant behind rogue) snake juice(talk to the man in the brown platform in beach) after collect all ingredients talk again with old man and go to woody.Now back to little girl and you will get HPmem 20. ALOHAHA PICTURE==> Talk to woman near pond in wbg studio and help her. Now go to alohaha beach and swim and land on little platform and talk to the man, now you can shoot by press a. Go to blue platform in front of alohaha castle and talk to old man so you can photo again like before. Back to Onda and she will give you +40 link power. myst.person quest==> Talk with man in WAZA(he already give you quest,middle man in 57 f).Now go to Echo ridge wicket cc and bust purple wizard inside.Back and you will get giga card. WAZA HQ ======== You get mail when you load old save data right? So now if you check wall near your friend in WAZA HQ,there will be noise portal enter it +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CAUTION + After this you will find the door that sealed.The seal can be broken by + defeat"R"(rebuilt version bosses).To make the boss appear in the area you + MUST CHECK THE transmission log!!!!!so you can't immediately go to boss + location. + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NOISE WAVE4 =========== Explore the You can get that can be Go up until

area there is silver meteor opened if you you arrive to

noise portal that connect to Noise wave1(echo ridge). and recover 300 from the Blue data.There is a door already fight 500 battle(GIGA CARD). another barrier

(you need to beat SPADE MAGNES R TO OPEN IT==>his location is in the mini antenna cc at WAZA).CHECK THE TRANSMISSION LOG!!!! noise wave 5 ============ Item in this area(holy panel and HP MEM 10) Locked door=>(requirement to unlock the door(item) link power above 500=>(meg class+1/400 and white fang) possess 100 diferent standard card=>(HP+500/610) beat clubstrong r(required to go to outer astro 1)=>LUNA'S HOUSE CC OUTER ASTRO WAVE 1 ================== Item in this area:HP MEMORY 20 and windy attack 3 LOCKED DOOR: BEAT diamond ice r lock(dragon statue in alohaha beach) Beat dark phantom r(secret shelter,airduct cc) when visiting secret shelter go to room where you fight joker and check left wall(50 coin) and enter coin noise (smile coin 2 and 2800z). Go up to where king usually and check large roulette(HP MEM 10). OUTER ASTRO WAVE 2 =================== ITEM:Aura,HP+400/450 LOCKED DOOR: BEAT WOLFWOOD R(STUDIO SET CC=>ROCK NEAR POND) CYGNUS WING R(DENTIST CC SPICA MALL) NOISE WAVE 6 ============ LOCKED DOOR Possessed 150 different battle card(Chivalry,Giga class + 1). deletion all virus in the world(Flotshoe/210 and PARA Pnl/180). BOSS BATTLE APOLLO FLAME HP2500 In this battle always deplete his barrier so you can always counter his channeling attack TORNADO FLAME==> he will spin and your whole row will be attacked by tornado (like strong club)you can easily block it or evade. RIVER OF FLAME==>this always spawn in random place but you can block it very easy. METEOR==>he will stand still and summon meteor to your back row just move out from his area attack by doing counter.If you do not counter you can still evade by moving left or right. APOLLO'S GENKI DAMA==>Like the name said(if you watch dragon ball you must be know).He will gather all his energy and throw it to you. This is why you must always keep his barrier down becausethis attack can't be blocked,so you can counter him when gathers the energy. ^0^ YOU DONT NEED LVL S TO GET HIS CARD

portal in the left lead to noise wave 4(so you can go to here much faster) Go up to continue ================ POST GAME PART 2 ================ PLANET FM ASTRO WAVE 1 ====================== ITEM:windy attack 3 LOCKED DOOR: BEAT TAURUS R(crimson factory analysis unit cc) BEAT MOON DESTROYER R(echo ridge elementary memorial tree cc) You can buy HMr buster ability from npc near locked door for 2000z. PLANET FM ASTRO WAVE 2 ====================== LOCKED DOOR: beat queen virgo r(Spimo cat cc in spica mall). require 3 times star chance in sp card trader(SILV METEOR). BEAT JACK CORVUS R(MAIN COMPUTER CC AT 57 TH FLOOR WAZA HQ). PLANET FM ASTRO WAVE 3 ====================== SAVE!!!go pass blue platform and BOSS BATTLE ROGUEZ HP 2500 same like before but now he is 100% harder because: 1.his damn barrier regenerate very fast(every time he move)so always shoot him before attack him with battle.My strategy is using giga card mu barrier so i get the same attribute like him. 2.his skill now is very damaging(corvus slash must be blocked this time!!!) 3.he move very fast about acid ace v3. ITEM: 3500z LOCKED DOOR BEAT ROGUE Z(HUMOR BUSTER 2 ABILITY) POSSESION 20 MEGA CLASS CARD(HP MEM 10) NOW MOVE TO BLACK HOLE SERVER 1 =================== LOCKED DOOR LINK POWER 900(HP+500/540) giga class complete(giga class+1) you will fight red joker and acid ace consecutively so careful.SAVE!!!!When you see acid ace leg(you can see it after you teleport from purple panel). HARD BATTLE DREAD JOKER R HP 2800 ACID ACE R HP 2400 for you who say this battle easy that mean you are great starforce player. I died twice before i learn the boss pattern so here the tips: fight joker first watch when he move and count when it is 3 times.He will

attack you so always prepare for counter.Fight joker is no hard so try to get perfect.You can't evade his rocket with shoot his rocket(the rocket hp increase) so the best way to avoid it is counter. 2.The biggest pain is acid ace r.Now he move very fast it is hard to lock him, The trick is wait until he move about 3-4 times,WHEN YOU SEE HIM DO any FUNNY MOVEMENT(like charging his gun,lock on,etc) QUICK COUNTER BEFORE GOT COMBOED ^0^ BY HIM.(his attack vary from wide wave,mech flame,wing blade, sword slash,etc). maybe you died for first time but after you died once you know will know their cheap tricks won't work again for you.So my tips is die a lot ^0^,but remember to get accustomed to their movement or your died will be in vain. After battle don't go to purple platform, grab HP MEM 10 IN BLUE DATA.Now back and go to purple platform and enter. BLACK HOLE SERVER2 ================== LOCKED DOOR: ALL HELP POP UP(SPREAD SHOT/160) POSSESION ALL MEGA CARD(Meg class +1/400) POSSESION ALL BATTLE CARD(SPR ARMOR/900) CRIMSON DRAGON SP(GIG CLASS +1/650) BEAT ALL R BOSSES UNDER 12 SECOND(COSMIC RAVE) BEAT SIRIUS(IMPACT ROAR) POSSESION OF 6 OMEGA PIECES(Quick gauge ability/500). Go up until you encounter the door locked(require all standard card). Go down then left to grab HP memory 20 then back and continue to right. SAVE BOSS BATTLE SIRIUS HP 3000

BARRIER==> he create a blue wall in a row to protect himself.One normal shot from kaiser knuckle destroy this thing. Debris thrower==>he throw his gold debris at you(attack one column) last about 5-6 times.just dodge it left and right. If you want to counter him watch the debris movement so you wont get hit. Sirius laser==> he shoot laser toward you(one column) just dodge it. Debris laser==> his debris separate and become cannon like thing. It is hard to evade this attack if you don't concentrate on red panel(highlightened).jsut concentrate and move to white panel. You can't get his card this time so don't bother to not take any damage. +++++++++++++++++++++ ====================+ BONUS SCENARIO END + ====================+ +++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++

3.HP memory list location(QWE1) +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. 10==>in sci ci club, near human statue in brown box. 2. 20==> buy from merchant in echo ridge area for 1000z. 3. 20==> buy from merchant in echo ridge area for 2000z. 4. 20==> buy from merchant in echo ridge area for 4000z. 5. 10==> spica mall 1st area(near merchant). 6. 10==> poster near wave station (spica mall). 7. 10==> rocket sys area 2. 8. 10==> school gate cc. 9. 10==> quest (paper test). 10. 10==> noise area WBG logo. 11. 20==> buy from merchant in WBG STUDIO WAVE ROAD 2000z. 12. 20==> buy from merchant in WBG STUDIO WAVE ROAD 3000z. 13. 20==> buy from merchant in WBG STUDIO WAVE ROAD 5000z. 14. 20==> event stage area 3. 15. 10==> astro wave area 1 16. 10==> food stand cc 17. 10==> kimono like outfit(alohaha castle). 18. 10==> dragon statue in alohaha beach(swiM) 19. 20==> inside alohaha castle top castle(via wave road) 20. 10==> Enviro system cc area1 21. 20==> Enviro system cc area2 22. 20==> Hide and seek quest(the kid can be found at swimming pool). 23. 10==> inside office WAZA 57f (command center). 24. 20==> dragon statue cc(inside). 25. 10==> main computer cc WAZA. 26. 20==> merchant in noise wave 1 2000z. 27. 20==> merchant in noise wave 1 4500z. 28. 20==> merchant in noise wave 1 6000z. 29. 20==> Dragon statue quest(talk to the man in Satella police). 30. 10==> Spica mall virus quest(Talk to man in Satella police). 31. 10==> Panel beside orange tube(where Prez is being resurrected). 32. 20==> Gum machine cc. 33. 10==> "taco fantasy and burger quest" quest 34. 10==> Air duct cc(secret shelter). 35. 10==> BIG green reactor in secret shelter(near wave station). 36. 10==> Measuring device near crimson factory entance. 37. 10==> crimson tank cc in crimson factory. 38. 20==> Crimson machine cc 3. 39. 20==> Buy orbital base for 4000z. 40. 20==> Buy orbital base for 6000z. 41. 20==> Buy orbital base for 8000z. 42. 10==> Panel near wave station in orbital base. 43. 10==> Noise wave 3 44. 20==> METEOR SERVER 2 45. 10==> box lunch quest 46. 20==> Hamer nayl quest. 47. 20==> woody quest. 48. 10==> NOISE WAVE 5 49. 20==> OUTER ASTRO WAVE 1 50. 10==> large roulette DEALER BASE 51. 20==> OUTER ASTRO WAVE 2 FOR 5000Z 52. 20==> OUTER ASTRO WAVE 2 FOR 7500Z 53. 20==> OUTER ASTRO WAVE 2 FOR 10000Z 54. 10==> NOISE wave 1 enter from alohaha near purple wizard. (I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS ON GUIDE) 55. 10==> PLANET FM ASTRO WAVE (REQUIRE 20 MEGA CLASS CARD). 56. 10==> BLACK HOLE SERVER 1(AFTER FIGHT WITH ACE R AND JOKER R) 57. 20==> BLACK HOLE SERVER 2.

============================ 4.PURPLE DATA LOCATION(QWE2) ============================ YOU NEED UNLOCKER to obtain this data(buy from echo ridge merchant). 1.SPICA MALL==> Double eater. 2.STUNT CAR WBG==>Area eaters/5 ability 3.ASTRO WAVE AREA 2==> HP +200 ability. 4.ALOHAHA CASTLE=>Aqua fang. 5.NATL WAZA HQ==>Parlyz Wing. 6.NOISE WAVE 1 ==>AIR SHOES. 7.Spica mall candy store ==> Dblstons ability. 8.METEOR SERVER 2==>holy panel. Content and specific location will be updated soon. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 5.SPESIAL area key access(QWE3) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In game there is ACCESS AREA that you can't enter earlier but when you get WAZA access key you can go inside them. WAZA KEY 1.LUNA'S HOUSE==> UNLOCKER. 2.TROPHY CC(IN school)==>1700z. 3.Echo ridge train station==> Hp + 50. 4.Dentist cc(spica mall)==>Sync hook 2 and 1300z. 5.Air duct CC(secret shelter==>Hp mem 10 and Undrshrt 30. 6.Studio cc(WBG STUDIO)==>Srch eye. DEALER KEY 1.Analysis unit cc(crimson factory wave road)==>Drill arm 3. 2.Crimson tank cc(crimson factory wave road)==>HP MEM 10 ice panel/210 ability. 3.Human model cc(sci ci club)==>srcheye and 1800z. 4.Shooting game cc(spica mall event area)==>2100z and Xshoot/110. 5.alohaha dog cc(near castle)==>HP+300/390. 6.Wbg wicket cc==>Unlocker. 7.

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