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21st Feb 2014

The Manager Dear Sir

QUOTATION FOR SUPPLY OF TVS MOTORCYCLES we are pleased to give below our quotation for your kind and favourable onsideration!
OUR OFFER : "#$Sto k supply of TVS Motor y le %odel&) PHOENI X 125, (125cc) . .1 !"(11PS) #

$$$RPM, 12%5MM &'(() *+,(, Ec- .'/0,. (1231( &3.' %4 !MPL, 50))6 7323.+) ,8((7- 9(.(/,R-.8(.+) 73,c */+:(,;0+) .-1( 2/+8'3c,, 12 ) c+8+c3.6 31c)07312 2 ) /(,(/<(. PRICIN=: Make ' TVS PHONEIX 125 (=/((1>R(7>=/(6) +s!1,-&4-2.$ +s 21&41-.$ R,. 1??,?$$>@ A

Model ' (ri e without )*T ' )*T 12/ ' T-.+) 31c)0,3<( -5 VAT '

AS8(c3+) P/3c(, +/( 31c)0,3<( -5 12B VAT. T'( +*-<( 8/3c(, +/( 31c)0,3<( -5 + R37312 C+c:(. D + H()9(. 8(/ M-.-/c6c)(. R(23,./+.3-1 5-/9+)3.3(, &-0)7 *( +..(17(7 .- *6 0, +. R,.5,55$>@ (,.+17+/7) (L(+,( R,.4%$$>@)+17 3, 31c)0,3<( -5 .'( CR E--:, N09*(/ P)+.(, D V('3c)( I7(1.353c+.3-1 S.3c:(/. SPECIFICATIONS: (lease refer "n losed 0ro hures! VAT RE=ISTRATION NO : 11411214, ,000 COUNTRY OF ORI=IN: 23D2* PRINCIPALS D MANUFACTURERS: T)S Motor 4o%pany 5i%ited (!0! 3o! 4& 6arita& 6osur 7 189 10: Ta%il 3adu& 23D2*! PLEASE NOTE 1! ;oods offered "#$Sto k are sub<e t to prior sales and hen e will be issued only if available at ti%e of re eiving your valued order! 2! (ri e quoted have been obtained at the prevailing rates of "# hange& Duty& )*T& Defense 5evy and other fis al harges urrently appli able to all %otor y le i%ports and is hen e sub<e t to hange in a ordan e with any flu tuations or revisions in these rates! (C-1.7. 2)

@2@ SUPPLIERS QUALIFICATIONS: "E, TVS LAN!A (PVT) LT;., 1! *re the a redited agents in Sri 5anka for = TVS MOTORCYCLES, SCOOTERS, $F "HEELERS D SPARE PARTS. 2! 6ave an ultra %odern workshop with trained personnel and are in a position to offer e# ellent after sales servi e! 2n addition& we have an island wide servi e dealer network for your onvenien e! 8! 6ave ountless satisfied usto%ers in luding ;overn%ent and (rivate Se tor organi>ations to who% si%ilar supplies have been %ade! "ARRANTY FREE SERVICES AVAILAEILITY VALI;ITY PAYMENT TERMS ;ELIVERY : M-.-/c6c)(, : 2G M-1.', -/ F$,$$$ :9,., whi hever li%itation o urs first! : $F L+*-0/ F/(( ,(/<3c(, &3)) *( 8/-<37(7. *ll lubri ants ? standard repla e%ent ite%s su h as filters et ! will be to the usto%er@s a ount! : "#$ Sto k sub<e t to prior sales! : Apto 19th Mar 2014 : Full (ay%ent along with your onfir%ed order! : Bithin 14 days fro% re eipt of your onfir%ed order sub<e t to availability!

CONTACT PERSON : Thanu<a Dhinali 7 0,,, ,1-0,2& Fa# 7 41198-, ? e$%ail ' thanu<a!dCtvslanka!lk Be trust the above offer %eets with your approval and look forward to re eiving your valued order! (lease feel free to write or onta t the undersigned in the event you should require any further infor%ation or larifi ations! *ssuring you always of our losest o$operation and best attention at all ti%es& we re%ain! Dours Faithfully TVS LAN!A (PVT) LT;.

U S S R+.'1+6+:( SALES EXECUTIVE ENCL: 0ro hures of Models offered