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Is the Arbitration Clause in My Contract for Enforceable?

The Federal Arbitration Act creates a strong national policy in favor of enforcing arbitration clauses. The Act states that arbitration clauses will be enforced in all cases where there is a maritimetransaction, or where a contract involves a transaction crossing state lines. However, in cases where the Federal Arbitration Act does not apply, State law determines whether the arbitration clause is enforceable. For example, some courts require that there be a contract for interstate commerce for the Federal Arbitration Act to apply. Thus, if a contract is not covered by the Federal Arbitration Act, State law will determine whether the arbitration clause is enforceable.

Which State Will Decide If the Arbitration Clause Is Enforceable?

If the Federal Arbitration Act does not apply, it is then important to determine which State's law applies. Jurisdictions use different methods to determine which State's law to apply. The most common choice of law methods that are used are: The State where the contract was made The State specified in the contract The State where arbitration is specified by the contract to take place The State that has the most significant relationship to the arbitration provision Each State has different laws concerning the enforceability of an arbitration provision. Many States' laws mirror the Federal Arbitration Act and require the enforcement of arbitration clauses. However, most States do allow for several exceptions to the general mandate to enforce the arbitration provisions. California, for example, allows arbitration clauses to be disregarded if the parties agree to take out the clause, if the contract itself is not valid, or if a party in the arbitration agreement is joined by a third party in pending court action which arose out of the same transaction or series of related transactions. Conversely, other States, like New York, prohibit mandatory arbitration clauses from being included in consumer contracts altogether.

Do I need an Attorney for My Arbitration Clause Issue?

Arbitration is a complex and evolving legal field. An attorney would be useful in helping determine if the arbitration clause in your contract is binding. Should the arbitration clause be enforceable, your attorney would be able to guide you through the arbitration process and would be knowledgeable on specific state laws which may apply. Consult a Lawyer - Present Your Case Now! Last Modified: 03-03-2014 12:46 PM PST