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April 7, 2014

Dear Friends: Tomorrow is election day here in Long Beach. The campaign process has, at times, been grueling. Despite the difficulty, we have been able to get issues in front of the voters during this campaign. We raised and pressed the issue of character - whether the appointed city attorney should be out asking to be "re-elected" when he's never been elected before. We raised and have kept the proverbial "heat" on special interest groups including the Police Officers Association which has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on influencing the election. We've also stayed focused on the issue of endorsements and candidates who owe allegiance to special interests. While we don't have the money the other campaigns have raised and been promised through endorsements and special interests because I have refused both even when offered, we have had a team of dedicated citizens volunteering to get the word out to voters about important changes to be made and work to be done in our city. As we approach election day, it is so very important that those citizens who have been disenfranchised by an "us versus them" attitude in City Hall exercise their right to choose by voting. The City Attorney's office has been run by the same group of people for almost fifty years in our city. Things have eroded -- people have suffered. The Long Beach Police Officers Association (POA) has spent about $160,000.00 on Charles Parkin. It is no wonder there is no accountability for Long Beach officers when the POA can simply call in the debt owed to it by politicians who could not resist the allure of the many dollars it held in front of them. The police chief needs personnel authority - officers should be wearing body cameras - there should be a system that looks to improve through training. Instead, the POA utterly rules over the politicians it funds while citizens suffer at the hands of a few bad officers who tarnish the image of the entire department.

Matthew Pappas for Long Beach City Attorney 2014

1719 E. Broadway Long Beach, California 90802 (562) 354-1775 FPPC #: 1362171

Long Beach Citizens April 7, 2014 Page Two When I spoke with a City Councilperson at length a couple of months ago and presented a platform to improve the police department, she told me there was no way the changes would get through because of the POA. She said a ballot initiative would be the only way. That is not how things should work. Special interest groups should not wield such power and control over elected officials. The City belongs to the People - not special interests. Although she reported other abuses and issues, we've not been able to get all of those issues out prior to the election because we don't have the time and resources to do so. If elected, I will work to ensure transparency -- to ensure that Public Information Act requests are responded to properly and that information is made available to the public. I'll make sure we have a Citizen Concern Coordinator who will be available to listen to, address and report on issues for every citizen, regardless of how much money they have, where in the City they live, or what "connections" they have. I'll work to reduce the role special interest money has in elections so people can decide based on the qualifications and positions taken by candidates. Until I ran for office, I did not realize that - for purposes of the political parties - the criteria used to determine who they support is based more on what past party campaigns you've worked on rather than your skills, experience, and positions. For the special interest groups, it is all about what you'd do for them -- what "pledges" you'll make to benefit those groups rather than all citizens. From pension reform to the issues impacting the current City Hall, Long Beach needs real leadership . It needs a person who has experience and who will actually stand-up to special interests and other elected officials -- including the next mayor -- when issues that have such major impact come to the forefront. There's only one candidate with that experience and who has the strength to stand-up for what is right -- I am that candidate. I ask that you please vote no matter where you live - your vote counts. Tomorrow, if you live in Long Beach and are registered to vote, please vote for change. Vote for accountability and transparency. Vote for leaders who will stand-up for the People and not shirk their responsibilities to the citizens at the beck and call of special interests. There are candidates up for election who will work to do the right thing by ensuring accountability and transparency -- Rosemary Chavez, Eric Rock, and Gerrie Schipske all have committed to ensuring change. Be sure to read your voter guide and make choices that will benefit all of the citizens of Long Beach - not just a select few. There are also candidates that have "sold" their proverbial souls to special interests -- they are easy to spot this time because

Long Beach Citizens April 7, 2014 Page Three they've sent out slick mailers on almost a daily basis -- they are easy to identify because it is clear they have taken the money of special interest groups and endorsements galore. Remember that Measure A - the medical marijuana tax proposal - is also on the ballot. The tax rates proposed in Measure A are extreme and will negatively impact seriously ill and disabled people. I urge a NO vote on the measure because it is important for us to treat all citizens with respect -- even those in wheelchairs and who are suffering from physical and mental disability. We can be a better society -- a better group of people -- if we remember as well as embrace respect. We are best when we honor the dignity of others. Long Beach is a vibrant and dynamic city. It has a diverse population. It is time the City government work for all of us -- all of the citizens of our wonderful city -- not just the folks in the rich neighborhoods or those who have political connections. Tomorrow you have a historic opportunity to elect change. Please do so by voting to make Long Beach a better place for everyone. With my Warmest and,

Very Best Regards,

Matt Pappas MSP:jm