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Izar, Nikko Norman Cudiamat Prof.

2008-01-45944 BC211 TTh CAS 407 1:30pm-3:00pm

News investigative program such as Mission X and Imbestigador are nowadays a part of the long run of
television programming. Here the program exposes the anomalies, abuses and other crimes by exposing to the
public the entire series of actions done to solve the problem. It will be a series of actions to be exposed on the
proposed airing until the case was solved and to be closed. The actions are like an excerpt from the famous novel
of Scherlock Holmes. The only difference is that it is a captive audience wherein viewers are just swallowing the
cliché ridden effects of media.

It is said to be part of the responsible programming as it helps and promotes the general welfare of the
people especially the victim. As our country’s constitutional provision under Art II sections 20 and 23 which
states that any non-government sector are encouraged and has the commitment to help promoting the welfare of
the countrymen. It seems like the media are said to be the accountable sector for securing the nation’s welfare. It
even triggers the people to cooperate to different ways to solve such problems. In other words, help is a step

However, let us not cast these things out in a political parlance. Here we are
not recognizing or we do fail to see the things on its most important surmise. We
do look at the ethics on a myopic point of view. Try to look at the program it first
violates that rights of the person to privacy, aside from the fact that it is again a
part of constitution still on the moral parlance it is not correct. Covering a news in
a private manner wherein there are hidden cameras are perhaps on the views of
the people as a wise strategy but it is a form of decline one’s chance of enjoying
his business and privacy. Moreover the suspect’s right to a fair trial is clearly
jeopardized. Here, the concept of a right is not recognized since the only views to
it was the “crime and anomalies as presented by the media” and not the “manner
how the media were able to solve it in either a sophisticated and humane way or
detrimental to the part of accused. See? In addition, the so called character of the
program tend to be a licensed deception-“ist” as they deceived other people just
to got the fastest result to their investigations. Are they an advocate of truth?
Moreover, they are just framing those things to render what the viewers would like
to see according to the script. Responsibility and accountability is an issue here
aside from the ethical point of view. Let us skim through the code under the KBP;
Izar, Nikko Norman Cudiamat Prof. Hufano
2008-01-45944 BC211 TTh CAS 407 1:30pm-3:00pm
Programs that underscore any form of injustice or wrong-doing shall show that
such acts are punished just as meritorious deeds are rewarded. The portrayal of
criminal activities shall always convey its negative social and human effects. It
simply portrays on how it will be portrayed but not on how to look on the other side
of the fence.

Moreover, at the end of the series of action conducted by the program the
suspect are being exposed as if they are the most sinful life forms existing in this
world. Like the GRO’s, not looking at their side; the criminals as if they have that
huge offense that will have to be recognized. Perhaps it is a pinch of humor since
the program was only catering to the audience that seems to have that sufficient
knowledge on how things are going.

According to the constitution, as well as the BMC; the media must help
develop the nation through its services. It is overly hammered on the point that it
generally concerns on the aspects of having an affluent living on a just and fair
setting. Let us not ground on to look at things if the shows are worthy enough to
be recognized as part of the members of the game that continues to help and
elevate our status to a point of progress by also considering the side which most of
us did forget.