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A Report on Financial Statement Analysis of PRAN Agricultural Marketing Co. Ltd.

Submitted to: Dr. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed Associate Professor, Finance & Accounting School of Business Inde endent Uni!ersit", Bangladesh

In Partial Fulfillment of the #e$uirement of %BA Program &ourse 'ame: Financial Accounting &ourse ID: %BA ()* Section: )+
Submitted b": ,an-ina Amin Sunn" ID:)(.))+/

,an-ina Amin Sunn" ID: )(.))+/ ,an-ina Amin Sunn" ID: )(.))+/
Program: %BA

I'D0P0'D0', U'I10#SI,2, BA'34AD05

Letter of Transmittal

6ul" .), .)+* Dr. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed Associate Professor, Finance & Accounting Inde endent Uni!ersit", Bangladesh Sub-ect: 4etter of ,ransmittal. Dear Sir, 7ith due res ect, this is to inform "ou that we are the student of 8Financial Accounting9 :%BA ()*; of %BA Program. As a re$uirement of artial fulfillment of the course, we are assigned to submit a grou re ort based on the financial statement anal"sis of Pran Agricultural %ar<eting co. 4td. 7e ha!e tried our best to re are this re ort in consistence with the o timal standard under "our !aluable direction. 7e made every endeavor to prepare this report and tried our level best to
accumulate relevant and insightful information. It is a great experience for us to work on this topic. We have tried to make the report vivid and effective within the scheduled time and limited resources.

7e fer!entl" ho e that our wor< will meet "our a ro!al. 7e also ho e that "ou would consider our limitations. ,han<ing "ou for "our <ind su er!ision.

Sincerel" 2ours, ,an-ina Amin Sunn" =ID:)(.))+/

,o re are this re ort considerable thin<ing and information in ut from !arious sources were in!ol!ed. But at the beginning we would li<e to con!e" our sincere a reciation to the almight" Allah for gi!ing us the strength and the abilit" to finish the tas< within the lanned time. First of all we would li<e to gi!e s eciall" than<s to our course instructor Dr. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed for his ro er guidance, ins iration and logical hel . 7ithout his assistance it would ha!e not been ossible for us to furnish this re ort com letel". 7e would also li<e to than< our classmates who hel ed us while re aring the stud" b" gi!ing their suggestions, assistance and su l" of information, which were !aluable to us.

!ecuti"e Summary
,his re ort has been re ared with an intention to meet artial re$uirement of the course >Financial Accounting?? and to ha!e a better insight of the sub-ect matter. 7e ha!e chosen P#A' Agricultural &o. 4td, one of the leading "arn manufacturers of the countr" for this ur ose. Firstl", we ha!e collected P#A' Agricultural financial statement and made them common si@e for anal"@ing ur oses. Secondl", we ha!e also shown whether the P#A' Agricultural &o. 4td is currentl" facing an" roblem in ma<ing reasonable rofit or not. For this ur ose, we ha!e anal"@ed balance sheet and income statement data for four "ears of P#A' Agricultural %ar<eting &o. 4td. and com ared the ratio results in different "ear?s to de ict the real icture of the com an". Furthermore, we ha!e also tried to find out whether the com an" is incurring loss or not, the debt osition is higher or notA its current li$uidit" osition, does the com an" ro erl" manages its assetA and whether the com an"?s share rice has decreased or increased com ared to the re!ious "ear and its abilit" to a" di!idend in order to let the readers <now about its future osition and hel them to ta<e decision in terms of in!esting in this articular com an".

Ta#le of contents

,o ic


+.) Introduction +.+ Bb-ecti!es +.. Brigin of the re ort +.* Sco e +./ 4imitation +.( Sources of data +.C %ethodolog"

..) &om an" histor" ..+ %ission statement ... De" roduct

*.) Findings and Anal"sis

*.+ Profitabilit" ratio *.. Asset management ratio *.* 4i$uidit" ratio *./ Debt management ratio *.( %ar<et !alue ratio

/.) &onclusion

(.) #eferences

C.) A