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While reasoning my intentions to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering at your University. I would like to throw some light on my career till now, a fascination for Science & echnology and keen interest in the ever!growing world of echnology. Motivated me to take up engineering. I choose to ma"or in Electrical& Electronics and Engineering with an intense urge to delve into the denouncing field. In U#, I had a keen interest in su$"ects such as Electronic %evices and &ircuits, Switching heory and 'ogic %esign, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Integrated &ircuit applications. he fact that the common electronic e(uipments such as computers and mo$iles are getting smaller, faster and more power efficient $y the day due to the a$ility to pack more and more transistors onto a single chip has ama)ed me. My pro"ect in the third year of U# was *Manufacturing of ur$o #enerators+. he outstanding special feature of a ur$o #enerators Where my pro"ect continued up to two months at Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited [BHEL]. Which was the 7 th largest power e(uipment manufacturer in the world, and is an Indian state!owned integrated power plant e(uipment manufacturer. his pro"ect mainly deals with manufacturing and designing of ur$o generators, which are very essential for generation of ,ower. - tur$o generator is the com$ination of a tur$ine directly connected to an electrical generator for the generation of electric power. 'arge steam powered tur$o generators provide the ma"ority of the world.s electricity and are also used $y steam powered tur$o!electric ships. -nd coming to my final year pro"ect in U# was *,ower #rid &ontrol System using #SM technology+. his is $ased on indication of power #rid using - /0c12 Micro &ontroller. Where my pro"ect is completed at 3ational Small Industrial &orporation 43SI&5.In addition to the coursework, I have $een a student mem$er of the 3ational Small Industries &orporation 43SI&5 for the past two years. hrough their workshops, seminars, research work and academic oriented papers in the fields of electronics, telecommunications and information technology, I have $een e6posed to a myriad of emerging technologies in the field of Integrated &ircuits , Microcontrollers and 7'SI %esign. It is after a good deal of self!evaluation that I have decided to pursue graduate studies in Masters ,rogram. his decision naturally followed after carefully considering my 8amily $ackground and areas of interest in the master9s program .-s I graduate from Electrical and Electronics engineering , -fter my Studies I have had a chance to utili)e my previous education to further my skills and operate as a professional in the company. I have $een in charge of academic pro"ects, as well as trainer in the company. I have found this position to $e as rewarding as it is challenging: most importantly, it has provided me with a valua$le foundation of knowledge in practically all aspects of Electrical and Electronics. ;owever, despite this, I feel

that it is necessary for me to pursue a master9s degree in US- in order to further $roaden my knowledge and e6pand my career potential in the International telecommunication area, My consistent so far academic performance makes me feel confident of holding my own against the $est and I have developed a deep interest to pursue the graduate studies. I have no dou$t that your University is the appropriate one for me, since it provides a uni(ue mi6 of educational advantages. It is one of the most dynamic universities providing personal attention and e6tensive academic resources along with superior education in the field of elecommunication. ;ere, I will receive an education that gives me $oth, the technical skills and the intellectual discipline to $ecome a leader in industry. It is a University where research is an integral part of the department and the entire faculty is highly (ualified and friendly. his I say from my personal e6perience while interacting with them through chat. It is a meeting ground of various social lives and cultural ideas. In all, it is a comprehensive university that furnishes an education that will serve me well in my career and prepare me for a lifetime of learning. I would $e an ideal candidate for your college since I have $een consistently performing well in my <achelors course procuring at aggregate marks with =>.>?@ marks. I $elieve that I would $e a suita$le applicant for course in the university since I9ve always $een inclined towards practical task and the everlasting (uest to learn more. Education should $e a medium for the unfolding of one9s in$orn faculties, ena$ling him to use his mind, eyes, ears, and hands, as they should $e used. his is the kind of education I would want, and one that I know your university will e(uip me with. It would $e a great pleasure and honor for me if given a chance to ensue my graduate studies at your university and if given an opportunity to teach or do research work would not fall short of your e6pectations. 7I3-A BUM-C #DU3I