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through Bertha Dudde 7569

Self-awareness of the original spirit....

!er" original spirit regains its self-awareness when it li!es as a hu#an $eing on earth and re%ognises itself as a hu#an $eing. &hen all s#all parti%les of soul' whi%h on%e were dissol!ed for the purpose of return through the %reation' are gathered together in hi# again' and then the $eing is a$le to a%(uire the degree of #aturit" whi%h it originall" possessed as a %reated spirit' whi%h it had renoun%ed and now has to regain in order to enter the spiritual )ingdo# as a spirit of light. *nd thus e!er" hu#an $eing is an e#$odied original spirit' a on%e fallen $eing' +" eternal lo!e,s produ%t of %reation' whi%h #erel" had left +e of its own free will and therefore also has to return to +e again of its own %hoi%e. But the hu#an $eing does not )now what he was' what he is and what he should $e%o#e again.... -e first needs a %ertain le!el of #aturit" $efore he %an re%ei!e and understand this )nowledge.... -e %ertainl" re%ognises hi#self as a hu#an $eing soon enough $ut not as a spiritual $eing that is to fulfil its purpose' and sin%e he onl" re%ognises hi#self as a hu#an $eing li!ing on earth' his thoughts are #ore dire%ted towards the world. *nd this usuall" pre!ents spiritual awareness whi%h he will onl" e.perien%e when he turns awa" fro# the world towards the spiritual )ingdo#. &hen it is possi$le to infor# hi# a$out his real purpose' and then he will $e a$le to a%%ept and ad/ust to it !oluntaril"' whi%h will %ertainl" result in his full spiritual #aturit". -owe!er' on%e he has a%%epted it he will also $e happ" at the thought and the %ertaint" to $elong to the original spirits' whi%h 0 e.ternalised as li!ing %reations and whi%h are returning to +e as

%hildren' and as hu#an $eings are therefore approa%hing their perfe%tion. *nd onl" the hu#an will needs to $e good' $e%ause then it fo%uses on +e of its own a%%ord. &he hu#an $eing as)s for his God and 1reator and this will is alread" the right de%ision' it has passed the test of will whi%h %onfronted the original spirit as hu#an $eing on earth. 2ife on this earth does not last long $ut it %an full" suffi%e for a person to spiritualise hi#self so %o#pletel" that he a%(uires the degree whi%h results in the %hildship to God' i.e. whi%h returns the original spirit into the state of perfe%tion again. On a%%ount of his will he has a%hie!ed the highest degree hi#self and %an now sta" in %losest pro.i#it" to +e where the dire%t e#anation of +" lo!e is assured to hi#.... e!en though e!er" original spirit will $e a$le to as%end e!er higher on%e he is allowed to enter the )ingdo# of light' pro!ided the right de%ision of will was #ade on earth. *nd e!er" original spirit is e%stati%all" happ" when he $e%o#es aware of the infinitel" long path he had tra!elled in order to a%hie!e the greatest a$undan%e of light' in order to $e i##ensel" $lissful.... *nd he will sing +" praises and gi!e than)s and glorif" +e eternall"' he will $e and re#ain +" %hild whi%h will ne!er lea!e +e again' whi%h will %reate and shape in a%%ordan%e with +" will for its own happiness.... *#en


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