Speaking and listening – Elementary to Intermediate

Let’s talk about TOURISM
Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.
How often do you go on holiday? Where ha e you been? What are the %ost #o#ular tourist attra"tions in your "ountry? !es"ribe a sightseeing tri# you ha e taken$

Whi"h %useu%s ha e you isited? Whi"h did you en&oy %ost? Why?

)ity tri# or bea"h holiday? Whi"h do you #refer? Why?

What are the benefits of touris% for a "ountry? '(#lain$

What are #ossible disad antages of touris% for a "ountry? '(#lain$

What kind of &obs are there in the touris% industry? Would like to do one?

What %akes a good tour guide? '(#lain$

*or tourists+ what is the %ost "on enient way to get around in your "ountry?

Ha e you flown? Was it short or long haul? !id you suffer fro% &et lag?

Ha e you taken a long distan"e bus tri#? How %any hours were you on the bus?

Whi"h of the 7 new world wonders do you know? Where are they lo"ated?

Whi"h "ity or "ountry would you like to isit %ost? '(#lain why$

,a%e so%e land%arks fro% your "ity or "ountry$ !es"ribe the%$

Whi"h "ountries are the %ost #o#ular destinations? !is"uss$ !o online resear"h$

Whi"h "ities or "ountries ha e you isited? What’s your to# 3?

!oes your "ountry benefit fro% touris%? -n what way?
Match 1$ go 2$ book 3$ board 4$ "he"k .$ do /$ isit 7$ fill in "usto%s 8$ #ass 9$ go through 10$ res#e"t

Landmarks 1ngkor Wat )hrist 2edee%er )oliseu% 'iffel 3ower 4a"hu 5i""hu 4ount *u&i 5yra%ids 6tatue of Liberty 3a& 4ahal 3ower 7ridge # Country


3 4

a$ i%%igration b$ a %useu% "$ so%e resear"h d$ an arri al "ard e$ "usto%s f$ on a tri# g$ lo"al h$ into a hotel i$ a #lane &$ a #lane ti"ket

/ . 7