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How many world religions do you know? W at are t eir !ollowers "alled? &re you religious? W i" religion do you belong to? How o!ten do you go to " ur" #t e mos$ue#tem%le? W o do you go wit ?

How im%ortant is religion to you? '(%lain)

&re t ere any religious ob+e"ts in your ouse, s" ool or o!!i"e? .alk about t em)

*s religion a s" ool sub+e"t in your "ountry? *! so, do you like it? - ould it be or not?

W i" religious olidays are t ere in your "ountry? W at do t ey "elebrate?

-ome %eo%le t ink t e 'art is less t an 10,000 years old and e/olution did not take %la"e) W y would t ey t ink t is? 1is"uss)

&t eists don’t belie/e in 0od be"ause t ere is no %roo! e e(ists) W at do you t ink?

1o you t ink religion as ad a %ositi/e or negati/e e!!e"t on t e world? 0i/e e(am%les)

4an %eo%le " oose t eir own religion or do t ey +ust !ollow t eir an"estors? 1is"uss)

Ha/e you e/er been on a %ilgrimage? 2tri% to a sa"red %la"e3 .alk about it)

5la"es o! wors i% are o!ten em%ty nowadays) *s t is true w ere you li/e? 1is"uss)

-ome religious !anati"s kill ot ers in t e name o! religion) *s t is e/er okay? 1is"uss)

1o you t ink t at religious %eo%le are a%%ier? W y or w y not?

*n most religions, only men "an be"ome religious leaders) 1o you agree? 1is"uss)

Wit out religion, t e world would be a better and more %ea"e!ul %la"e) 1o you agree?

. ere is no 0od, so sto% worrying and en+oy li!e) Would you !ollow t is ad/i"e?

Match "at edral " ur" "ru"i!i( i"on 6udd a monk mos$ue nun %riest tem%le




2 4

1) animist 2) at eist 7) 6udd ist 4) 4 ristian 8) Hindu 6) 9uslim 7) !anati" 8) imam

a) !ollower o! 6udd ism b) %erson wit e(treme o%inions ") male %rayer leader in a mos$ue d) %erson w o wors i%s s%irits and nature e) %erson w o doesn’t belie/e in any 0od !) !ollower o! Hinduism g) !ollower o! 4 ristianity ) !ollower o! *slam

6 6 8

7 8

9 10

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