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Jayesh Patidar

medical handwasing Chemistry . location of the pain and abnormalities of appearances and functioning of the patients body Microbiology .cleanliness of the patient's unit should be checked before the patient is admitted.drjayeshpatidar.medical terms should be used to describe any complaint.PRINCIPLES INVOLVED IN ADMINISTERING ENEMA    Anatomy and Physiology .characters of the bowel content is a result of chemical reaction 2 .blogspot.

drjayeshpatidar.materials to be used must be prepared before performing the procedure provide privacy by draping the patient explain the procedure to the before inserting the tube in the rectum 3 .PRINCIPLES INVOLVED IN ADMINISTERING ENEMA   Physics .solution to be administered should be held at high position Psychology    Time and Energy .


Nurse should explain:  procedure  precautions to take  length of time necessary The amount of solution to be administered depends on the kind of 5 . and the person’s ability to retain the solution.drjayeshpatidar. the age of the person. 2.GUIDELINES IN ADMINISTERING ENEMA 1. www.blogspot.

com 6 .drjayeshpatidar.GUIDELINES IN ADMINISTERING ENEMA  The following are approximate amounts: www.blogspot.

GUIDELINES IN ADMINISTERING ENEMA 7 . the faster the flow and the greater the pressure in the rectum. The force flow of the solution is governed by the:  height of the solution container  the size of the tubing  viscosity of the fluid  resistance of the rectum 4. www.drjayeshpatidar. The higher the solution container is held above the rectum.blogspot.

blogspot. The time it takes to administer an enema largely depends on the amount of fluid to be instilled and the clients tolerance. 8 .GUIDELINES IN ADMINISTERING ENEMA 5.drjayeshpatidar. The enema for adults are usually given at 40 to 43 C (105 to 110 F) www.


the nurse must be familiar with the various kinds of enemas that may be ordered.the nurse is to check the physicians order .com 10 . their purpose and administration .drjayeshpatidar. their purpose and administration .determine the presence of kidney or cardiac disease www.NURSING RESPONSIBILITIES  BEFORE: .blogspot.check patient’s ability to retain fluid and tolerate the activity ordered.

with the leg as acutely flexed as possible .com 11 .assist the adult client to a left lateral position.encourage the patient to retain fluid as long as possible .the nurse should explain the correct procedure to the patient .nurse must see to it that enema is administered to the correct patient .drjayeshpatidar.assist the patient to the bed pan www.NURSING RESPONSIBILITIES  DURING: .blogspot. 12 .blogspot.drjayeshpatidar.

record in the patient’s chart the type of enema 13 . amount of fluid instilled and the time it was given www.observe and evaluate results .drjayeshpatidar.NURSING RESPONSIBILITIES  AFTER: .