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The Quantum Jesus

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Typically, we refer to Jesus of Nazareth as Jesus Christ. The

“Christ” meaning “the anointed one” or a power archetype. I, and other

have written about multidimensional reality. If Jesus was crucified on Earth

as the Gospels say, then one can argue that such a crucifixion took place or

takes place in only those universes where such an event was probable. The

same would be true of the resurrection of Jesus.

I have argued that Jesus is present in and in fact represents the

Quantum Field. I have argued that the only real unifying factor in the

universe, physically, as such, is the Quanta or Quantum, subatomic particle.

This particle is a chameleon and masks itself as other subatomic particles

based upon meaning. The Quantum Field, as Deepak Chopra has argued,

can affect dross matter on the physical level. With the right Quantum move

one could turn air into a bunch of grapes to eat. This explains the miracles

that Jesus performed, as well as those of the Old Testament.

I argue that in some reality frames Jesus was crucified and then was

placed in the tomb, and then underwent a Quantum resurrection. In the

tomb, the physical, material body of Jesus was transformed into Quantum

subatomic particles, which are essentially energy. The resurrected Jesus is

the Quantum Jesus. When Jesus appeared to his disciples after the

resurrection he manifested in his Quantum “Glorified” Body. Before

doing this, Jesus dematerialized into the Quantum Field in the tomb and

became one with the Earth and the Universe. I argue that the Jesus of the

public ministry was also the Quantum Jesus, but in material form. By the

Power of the Holy Spirit, the Quantum Jesus helped to “father” himself in

the womb of his Mother Mary, in the first instance as a Quantum Energy