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45 .
By certified mail, Israel Post, April 8, 2014
To Attorney Dov Even Or: RC032255038IL
To State Attorney: RC032255069IL
Repeat and Detailed Request to Inspect Court File
1. Requester's details:
Full name: Joseph Zernik, PhD
ID: 05362559-6
PO Box 33407, Tel Aviv
2. Court file details:
Court file no.: HCJ 2300/11
Parties: Moti Ashkenazi+ 76 others v Minister of Justice and Director of the
Execution and Enforcement Authority.
3. Records to be inspected
a. Uniting court files
Control data (user ID, login date, time) for data entries under "Related
Court Files", and/or any other records, which provide the judicial
foundation for uniting court files in this case:
(1) 804/0-12 -United File, and
(2) 6804/0-12- Administrative Union;
And/or any other judicial records, pertaining to "Related Files", relative to
instant court file.
b. Summonses, and/or Notices to Appear in Court
Three "Notice to Appear in Court" records, pertaining to hearings on the
following dates:
(1) July21,2011;
(2) September 10,2012, and
(3) June 19, 2013;
And/or any other record, akin to summons, which provides the foundation
for jurisdiction of the High Court of Justice in this case.
4. Purpose of inspection and justification:
(1) On February 20, 2014, the Undersigned filed Request to Inspect in
instant court file, including both paper and electronic records. [1]
(2) On March 27, 2014, Presiding Justice Asher Grunis issued a Decision
granting the request to inspect. [2]
(3) On March 31, 2014, the Undersigned visited the High Court of Justice
office in order to inspect and to copy the above referenced file. In two
fundamental matters, no paper documents were found as legal foundation
for the operations in the court file:
a. Uniting of Files, and
b. Noti ces to Appear in Court.
In response to a request to inspect the corresponding data in the High
Court of Justice staff terminal , it was discovered::
a. Control data (user ID, login date, time) for data entries under
"Related Court Files":
Duri ng the visit the Undersigned was told (including demonstrations on
the screen) by High Court of Justice staff that no control data or
1 I 3
reference data could be viewed from the High Court of Justice staff
terminal, relative to the entries under "Related Court Files".
b. Three "Notice to Appear in Court" records
During the visit the Undersigned was told by High Court of Justice staff
that the "Notice to Appear in Court" records became inaccessible after
the respective hearing dates.
(4) Any reasonable person, who understands how data systems work in
general, and case management system of the courts in particular, would
surely conclude that a person, who holds the administrative authority for
the system, has access to:
a. The requested control data, relative to "Related Court Files", and
b. The "Notice to Appear in Court" records.
(5) Therefore, the Undersigned requests to inspect the records and data,
which are listed under 3, above. Such records are integral parts of the
above referenced court file.
[1)14-02-20 Moti Ashkenazi and 76 others v Minister of Justice et al (2300/11) in the
High Court of Justice- Request to Inspect Court File// m\U J 'nN. 76-1 'TDIUN. •um
jl'n::J. l1'l!'7 il\Ujl:l- (2300/11 y".u Joc'K':l 'nN.I D'lJ91Unil
http://www.scribd.com/doc/21 0599367 I
[2)14-03-27 Moti Ashkenazi and 76 others v Minister of Justice et al (2300/11) in the
High Court of Justice- Request to Inspect court file-- Permitted
5. Relationship of the Requester to the court file:
No relationship except for academic interest.
Data: March 8, 2014
Requester's Signature
2003-:\" 0ll.m ,(o'p'n::J P'Y) i111::JY7J' 1i1 'n::J1 'n::J m1pn
(().)4 mpn) ,2 o::,m
t']OI' 'l'l : l'\7;-) OlV
05362559-6 : m;n '0;-)
:l':lN-'m ,33407 1n : n:nm
I'N: ' Oi)
: n'::l p'n .2
2300/11 y"n : P'Yi1 lVj71:J,"J 1:llV   n':l p'n 'o;o::
nJIUl '7ilmJ D'lJ91U)')il liU J 0'901J D'lnJY 76+•TDIUN 'lJ))') : j?'n:J t:;'ii:Si1
il":l.:lill il9')Nil
2 /3
t •• •
D',l\!lj7 D'j7'n .N.
j7'n::l D'.!J'91Y.li1 ,D'Jim mri1 (1';!1'7i1 InTI Dl' ,1Unmuni1 DIU) i1lj7::l'Jim
:"D'l11Uj7 D'j7'n" nnn 'JillJj7'7Ni1
lnJNn j7'n - 804/0-12 (1)
•'7i1m lin'?<- 6804/0-12 (2)
.i1r j7'n'7 .!J;!In D'j7'ni111n'N D'lnN D"lJI9'1U D')non '7) INII
1'7 iUrlTi'l IN/I 09\Urli'l n•::t'7 i'llrlTi'l .:l
:DI'Y) D'll'l'::l;\'7 "p•1'1 i1JYJTi1" '::ln) i11UI'71UI
;2011 ,
'71''7 21 (1)
;2012 ,l::lY)lJ90'7 1 0 (2)
;2013 ,']1''719 (3)
'71U lJI9'1Ui1 nDr'7 0'0::li1 nN ,lJ91UY) i1 n•::1'7 i1JnTi1'7 i1YJIIi1 lnN ::ln) '7) IN/I
.i1r j7'n::l
: m,N t,'Yl'l .4
i1'7'7)::11 ,i1r j7'n::lp'.!J'7 i11Uj7::1 i1lJn Dlnni1 IU';Ii1 ,2014 ,lNil::l9'7 20-i1 Dl'::l (1)
[1] .'JillJj7'7Ni1 j7'n::lll"Ji1 j7'n::l D'::ln)i1
• l\UN II''7.!Ji1 lJ91Uni1 n•::1 N'IUJ '71U i1lJ'7ni1 i1Jm ,2014 ,yln'7 27-i1 Dl'::l (2)
[2] .'7"Ji1 j7'n::lii'.!J i1l'nni1
j7'n::li".!J'7 i1llJYJ::l y"n nn•)m::l i1lJn Dlnni1lj7'::12014 ,y1n'1 31-i1 Dl'::l (3)
ni'71.!J9'7 0'0::1) l"Ji1 j7'n::l D'::ln) '7) N'7 ,i1T j7'n::lll0' ']"].!J ']IU::l .'7"Ji1
:i1r j7'n::l
,D'j7'ni1 lln'N .N
,p•1'1 n1mri1 .::11
,nll')TY)i1 C)IOY)::l i1'7N D'::ln)::l l".!J'7 i1lJY) Dlnni1 '71U ln1Uj7::1 '7.!J i1::11An::l .
D'li'91Yli1 ,D'ltnl nlTi'l JrlTI Dl'
\!lrln\!lrli'l D\!1) i'l,j7:l 'ltnl .N.
:"c.,l\!lj7 c•j7•n" nnn 'lllOj7'7Ni1 j7'n:l
n1Nl'7 1n'J l'XIU ,y"n 'l::li.!J •".!J 1'1 DAIIi11 i1lJn Dmn'7 lYJNJ ,'7"Ji1 lllj7'::1 n11::1
nnn D'.!J'91Y.li1 D'JinJi1 Nn)nox 1x i1lj7::1 'JinJ '7) nn•)m C)lonn
."D'li\Uj7 D'j7'n"
"JI'"T'7 i'llrlTi'l" •::tnJ i'l\!11'7\!1 .:l
"p•1'1 i1mri1"i1 '::ln)IU 'l::lllJ •".!J D;!lli11 i1lJn Dmn'7 lYJNJ ,i1T lllj7'::1 n.!J::l
·l'li1 Dl' 1nx'1 D'IU';!J •n'7::1'7 D')91i1
'n::l '71i1'J'7 nDl.lJY)I ,'7'7)::1 D'JinJ nDl.lJY) nJ'7lJI9 l':::l.Y)i1 ,nlJil::l DIN. '7) (4)
i11U';! IU' ,nNr n)llJYJ::l nl''7i1mi1 ni'Dnoi1 '7lJ::l'71U ,'?<11::1 j7'0' ,lJl9::llJ91Un
:•:::N'7 ?14-fl::lt"l Z!J2J
-1 "D',IIUj7 D'j7'n" '::1;1'7 D'IUj71::1Y)i1 D']Jn] , .N
."11'1'7 i1mri1" i1 '::ln)'7 .::1
D'::ln) .'7•lJ'7 .3 nnn llJli91U D'Jinnl D'::ln)::ll"lJ'7 i1lJn Dlnni1 1Uj7::ln 1)'9'7 (5)
.'7"Ji1 y"n j7'nn ll9J •n'1::1 j7'7n Di1i1'7N
,U?i' ?::l J":l? Kl)   fl':J j:''fl? ?U? ,U?j:'l"' .5
.'NY)Ij7Nil I"J.!J'7 lJl9 l\Uj7 '7) I'N
2014 , s : 1'11'\n

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