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and what skill they can give to the company. . Most of application letters are written because the applicant get information about job vacancy. phone number and the date must be on the letter. Effective application letters explain the reasons for your interest in the specific organization and identify your most relevant skills or experiences. Your application letter should let the employer know what position you are applying for. The information of educational background should be provided if there is no CV sending as enclosure.I. Always address the letter to the person named in the advertisement. your address. Your application letter have to contain detailed information about your job vacancy. Content A letter for a job application is a very important letter. there is a standard format for this kind of letter. however. Introduction A letter of application is a document sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience. and how you will follow-up. A letter of application typically provides detailed information on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. the applicant only tries to apply a job to a company or enterprise. The applicants usually think about what job they want to apply. There are many ways you can write a letter for a job. A letter of application can also be written without any information about job vacancy. and this makes the letter much easier to write. If it should be in handwriting. The way you present the letter is your first introduction to the person who could be your new employer. you have to make sure that your handwriting is clear enough to read. the appropriate qualification with the requirements of the job. magazine. the time that they need to work. clean. This information may get from newspaper. in this case. and free from misspelled words. If there is no name mentioned write Sir/Madam or phone the company and get the correct name. It should show the interest of the applicants in the job they want to apply. why the employer should select you for an interview. The look of a letter of application should be neat. As luck would have it. or our relation that works in the company. the salary’s prediction. II.

B. 2) Include some information about yourself. Example: Anita Karisma Jl. except the application letter. Things to Remember 1) Before writing an application.78 Slawi 52451 . 5) Write neatly. 3) Give the name. How to make an application letter There are seven steps to make an application letter: 1. For example. Get someone to proof read it for mistakes before you send it. This is not necessary if you are including a CV. Pahlawan no. name the newspaper where the ad. 2) Make a draft plan first with what you want to put in your application. 8) Make a number of copies of your resume and send one off each time you apply for a job. 3) Write it as many times as you want until you get it right. but get it typed if you can. 6) Always send copies of everything. 9) Keep your resume up to date. appeared and the date when it was printed. 4) State the times when you will be available for an interview. 7) Keep a copy of your application.A. address and phone number of two people who will recommend you to the potential employer. There are four basic pieces of information you need to include in a covering letter for a job application: 1) Name the job you are applying for and where you found out about it. C. It is best if one of these is a personal referee and one is a work referee. research the job and find out as much as you can about the company. 4) Always check spelling and watch your grammar. Write your contact information at the top of the letter.

I have always had a natural ability to work well with people. . Example: in the job description for the position that PT.. Write the date in the letter. Summarize your strengths and any particular qualifications or experience that would be considered relevant to the post. Example: in my previous role. presentation & inter personal skill. (start from strong sentence) Example: Reading your advertisement on KOMPAS Daily. Example: March. Teuku Nyak Arief Blok CC No. Begin the letter by telling the cofor the position that acmempany why you want to the job and why the job would be suitable for you. Write the name of the company to whom you are applying for the job. Example: i believed that I am an exellent fit for this position. Outlook. 7. given me extensive background in account manager and administration.can speak English both orally and in writing.good communication. and I know that my skills and qualification prove my ability to fill that role. and Internet. networking. Include the most relevant aspect for your career. Write the name of the person to whom you are writing. Word. I believed that the office manager is the driving for a bussinesses support team. Access. Introduce yourself as opening of your paragraph. 6. I am interested to apply for the position on Account Manager your offer. 13th 2014 4.2. i successfully supported an office of offer 100 people. help . such as Excel. INOV PERDANA TEKNOLOGI Panin Plaza Jl. 8. INOV PERDANA TEKNOLOGI posted. PowerPoint. Example: Dear Mr/Mrs . there were some requirements that stood aout to me: . as well as correspondence in English.. . 5. negotiation. (include the address) Example: Attention to: PT.6 Unit 03 Permata Hijau – Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan 12210 3.Particularly to operate MS Office application packages. dated March 9 2014.

it doesn’t matter how many the number of pages of documents that we enclose. Don’t use HVS paper. Sign and write your name underneath. 7) Wear the appropriate clothes in the photograph you send with your letter. envelope which has the same material with the letter. Some Tips to Write a Good Job Application Letter 1) Customize the application letter with the advertisement. and clear language. End appropiately. and mesh with office staff. . please feel free to contact me. 2) Use simple. As long as it is really important and build competence perceptions. brief. Example: Respectfully. Use Yours Sincerely or Yours Faithfully. Explain how you think you can contribute to the company and help it become successful. 8) Consider what documents we enclose carefully. 4) Use the conqueror paper to print your application letter. 5) Use particular envelope which is different with other envelope. I understand that good interpersonal skills allow for a more comfortable and cohesive office environment. 9. If they are going to contact you at the bottom of the letter. Example: i believed that after you have reviewed my application and resume you will see that I possess an excellent skill set which matches your requirements perfectly. write I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convinience. Example: if you have any further questions or requirement additional documentation. before your closing and signature. 12. 11. Use 4x6 size colorful fotograph. Thank you for your kind and consideration. For example.customer. It needs only one letter with A4 or folio size. 3) Make it as interesting as you can to attract the prospective employer’s interest. Example: Anita Karisma D. 6) Enclose the important data such as our successful experiences that we have achieved. 10.

because a few mistake will decrease our assessment. Bandung: PT. diunduh pada 15 Maret 2014 http://www. and punctuation carefully. 2004.oxforddictionaries. Surat Menyurat Resmi Bahasa Indonesia. Conclusion IV. 10) Don’t forget to recheck. F.9) Check your spelling. Personal Secretary. References      diunduh pada 18 Maret 2014 V. Yogyakarta: Graha Ilmu Soedjito & Solchan. 2004.X. grammar. Pernik-Pernik Korespondesi Bahasa Inggris.wikihow. Some employers routinely discard job applications that contain such mistakes.word 2) It is better to use courier new font with 10 size point 3) File format should be in the form of TXT F. Bandung: Karya Kita Nadar. III. Alia. Some Tips in Making Application Letter via Email 1) E-mail format should be 65 characters in ms. Type or write our letter with balck ink. Remaja Rosdakarya http://www. Enclosures The Example of Job Application Letter based on Job Vacancy . E. 11) Send the application letter as soon as the advertisement have been published.

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