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Fall, 2006

Vol. I, No. 4
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2 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Safe & Affordable

Medical Cannabis
12 noon to 8 pm • 7 days a week
ATM, VISA, MasterCard, Discovery
American Express and
Diner’s Club accepted

Registering online and via fax

Ph: 310-246-9345 • Fax: 310-246-9358
1649 So. La Cienega Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90035
10% OFF WITH THIS AD Free Joint or Fudge Bar With
Purchase of $40 and up
Free hand pipe with
purchase of $60 or more
to new patients only and not to be used in conjunction
with any other special or discount 10% off all Smoking $5 Off Purchase of any
Accessories Eighth priced at $55 and up
Must be 18 yrs. old or accompanied by parent or guardian to redeem these offers. One coupon per patron/visit. No smoking. Valid ID and county card required. No exceptions.
Fal l, 2006
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4 greenkind Fal l, 2006

San Diego!

Photos by William West

Patients and Caregivers don red T-shirts in protest.

Patients and caregivers actively

challenging the San Diego city council
to regulate, not arrest.
Support ASA Defense Fund for San Diego Patient’s right to safe and legal access.

San Diego council members. Patients giving testimony.

Fal l, 2006
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6 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Grand Opening! Daily 4:20 specials. Medicate onsite.
Coffee Cup Café Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
Coffee, Smoothies, Pastries, 2:15 pm - 10:00 pm
Sandwiches & More 818-345-6337
4799 Heyer Ave,
17302 Saticoy St.
Castro Valley Van Nuys, CA 91406
(corner of Heyer & Center)

510 537- 8382

537 More— Highest quality medication at affordable prices —
than 25 strains plus extracts, edibles and clones
Mon-Thur 6 am to 5 pm; Fri ‘til 7 • Sat-Sun 8 am to noon

Advertising info contact
GREENKIND @ (510) 728-4779
or to view our online
MEDIA KIT key in


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516 East 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401 COMING SOON! 11 AM – 9 PM
Phone (650) 685-7851 / Fax (650) 685-7852
New Locations in
7B Purity Plaza, Woodland, CA 95695 ALL
Phone (530) 661-9935 / Fax (530) 661-9945 Newark & MAJOR
531 Sea Pright Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062 So. San Francisco CARDS
Phone (831) 420-0999 ACCEPTED


 22554 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA
Phone: (510) 888-9471 (btwn A & B St.)

 15-20% OFF w/valid patient ID 

Fal l, 2006
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8 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Traveling with
your Medicine
by Nanda Propaganda

t’s time to travel. Can I take my medicine with me? If If you plan to cross the state line remember that your
you are traveling with in the state of California by car, Physician’s Statement (recommendation) is only good in the state
you may want to keep your medicine in the trunk along of California. To learn more about medical marijuana laws in other
sates, check out
with a copy of your physician’s recommendation. Never
If you plan to travel by air, be aware that all bags are subject
drive under the influence or keep your medicine where the
to search, including checked baggage. Also, as soon as you board
driver of the vehicle can reach it. a plane (and certain areas of the airport), you are in federal terri-
If you are stopped by the police, do not consent to a search tory where it’s illegal to have marijuana. Some have suggested
of your person or vehicle. Americans for Safe Access suggests you carrying edibles. Don’t tell anybody, but I used to be one of those
say the Magic Words: “I do not consent to this search.” This may invasive security screeners that searched bags when I was doing a
not stop them from searching anyway, but if they search you ille- law enforcement internship at SFO. We used huge underground
gally, they probably won’t be able to use the evidence against you CTX (catscan/x-ray) machines that alarm when a “threat” is de-
in court. ASA says you have nothing to lose and lots to gain. Do tected. When the CTX has detected a “threat”, we would carefully
not physically resist police when they are trying to search. Just search the bag by hand. CTX machines look at density, shape and
keep repeating the Magic Words. If the police decide to detain/ proximity of contents in the bag being scanned. One of the sub-
arrest you and start questioning you, say the other Magic Words: stances that would alarm every single time is peanut butter. If you
“I am going to remain silent. I want to see a lawyer.” travel with cannabis peanut butter in your bag, it WILL be found.
Americans for Safe Access’ California Legal Manual is a must It has the same density as some plastic explosives. Another way
have for all medical marijuana patients in California. You can call your bag is sure to be searched is putting electronics, batteries,
them at 888-929-4367 and request a copy for $1.00 or print it from
certain foods and/or dense metal objects that the x-ray cannot see
their website here:
through close together in your bag. Spread them out and your bag
will be less likely to alarm the CTX and be searched.
Last year, the California Highway Patrol announced that it
Going overseas? Familiarize yourself with local marijuana
will no longer confiscate medical marijuana during routine traffic
laws before you travel. Over 2,500 Americans are arrested abroad
stops, as long as the patient does not have more than eight ounces
annually. More than 30% of these arrests are drug related. Over
and has proper medical documentation. Many counties in Cali-
fornia allow patients to possess more than eight ounces. Counties 70% of drug related arrests involve marijuana or cocaine.
that have not set guidelines for amounts default to the state limits. The rights an American enjoys in this country do not travel
If you have more than eight ounces and plan to travel through abroad. Each country is sovereign and its laws apply to everyone
multiple counties, it would be wise to find out have much you are who enters regardless of nationality. The U.S. government cannot
allowed to have in those counties. Many police officers do not know get Americans released from foreign jails. However, a U.S. consul
what the guidelines are in their own county. will insist on prompt access to an arrested American, provide a
Before you hit the road, you may want to print out the guide- list of attorney’s, and provide information on the host country’s
lines for all the counties you will be traveling through and keep legal system, offer to contact the arrested American’s family or
them with your medicine in the trunk. You can find county guide- friends, visit on a regular basis, protest mistreatment, monitor jail
lines on the CaNorml website here: (click on conditions, provide dietary supplements, if needed, and keep the
Medical Marijuana). The CaNorml website is an excellent resource State Department informed.
for finding local lawyers, should you need one. continued next page
Fal l, 2006
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Traveling Medicine, continued from previous page

ACS is the point of contact in the U.S. for family members National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
and others who are concerned about a U.S. citizen arrested abroad. (California Chapter)
If you get into trouble while overseas, contact the Bureau of Con-
sular Affairs, Overseas Citizens Services. They provide emergency
and non-emergency services to Americans abroad. Consular duty U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs
personnel are available for emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, at embassies, consulates, and consular agencies over-
seas and in Washington, D.C. To contact the office of Overseas American Civil Liberties Union Drug Law Reform Project
Citizens Services in the U.S. call 1-888-407-4747 (202-647-5225 af- ACLU Drug Law Reform Project
ter hours). Contact information for U.S. Embassies, and consular 1101 Pacific Ave., Ste 333
agencies can be found here: Santa Cruz, CA 95060
SOURCES: (831) 471-9000
American for Safe Access • (888) 929-4367 (831) 471-9676 (fax)
10 greenkind Fal l, 2006

BOOK REVIEW by Melrose Sanchez

Discrimination by Staff

and Dollars
David Bearman, M.D.

“There has been some speculation that (George)

Washington may have used cannabis medicinally or
recreationally, (1) because he separated the male from the
female plant; and (2) because he once wrote in his diary he
hoped he got home in time for the hemp harvest because he
so enjoyed the burning of the slag. (Solomon, the Marijuana
Papers) This conjecture most likely is just wishful thinking on
the part of the modern-day cannabis advocates, but you
never know.”

octor Bearman answers the questions we each have
rolling around unanswered in our minds as we
watch the news. Almost daily we witness the on-
going polarities and entanglements of medical cannabis. We mation is solid while the style is easy in tone imbued with the
have to ask the big question, What is the big deal about medical subtle-flare of a natural born storyteller. It is excellent for that
cannabis or any cannabis for that matter? bedtime read.
Doctor Bearman guides us quickly and safely through Bearman’s casual, yet authentic voice is more like a de-
the evolution of how this pretty plant became demonized. lightful narrative than a history lesson. He has the knack of
How did the huge dis-information campaign that leaves so- leading the reader through a rather adventurous saga that
ciety today with a distorted if not perverted view of mari- leaves one empowered rather than diminished or tired. He
juana get such a head of steam? does know his subject with over 40 years experience in the
Bearman says, “The AMA (American Medical Association) drug abuse treatment and prevention field, Bearman was the
testified at the Marijuana Tax Act hearings in 1937. They com- co-director of the Height- Ashbury Drug Treatment Program,
plained that over its two-year preparation period no one ever told a member of Governor Reagan’s Inter-Agency Task Force on
them that this legislation was being discussed, much less asked for Drug Abuse and the list goes on.
their input in drafting it. Furthermore, the AMA opposed the Act. This is the one of those books that creeps into one’s
They saw no need for it. There were 28 patent medicines containing thoughts during the day. Little revelations of a deeper under-
cannabis on the market in 1937 and no problems with cannabis standing, unlike the usual historical rhetoric. It is the book to
were known to the AMA.” be kept, reviewed and is thought-provoking time and again.
The text includes the how’s and why’s which deter-
mined the current medical cannabis legal and social reality. “Marijuana’s recreational introduction into the port of New
The laws affect each and every patient, advocate, caretaker Orleans is traced to the Caribbean, particularly Jamaican,
and all of the future patients. It is said that knowledge is power sources. This may have occurred as early as the late 1890s.
and in regards to the current legal situation of medical can- It is suggested that Hindus, brought to Jamaica by the British
nabis, nothing could be truer. Bearman’s book empowers pa-
to organize the cultivation of sugar cane and hemp fields,
tients with knowledge about the consistent legal perversion
of cannabis. had taught the Africans the magic of the female hemp plants’
Bearman’s fact-driven text with chapter names like, Hey, flowers. This was no doubt later supplanted by Mexican
Let’s Punish Low Income College Students, and Will Sanity Pre- influence.”
vail? makes the text enticing before a word is read. The infor-
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 11
tary reasons, also people often apply way too much saliva. It makes
me think of a puppy getting a bath from its mother. Once the joint
is rolled and burning, pace is a big factor. If you have ever been
next to a guy that is talking while it is his turn then you can relate.
It is a “J” not a microphone, and this is not the time for a speach.
Puff, puff, pass, a very simple guideline to follow.
There is an evil menace lurking out there, dead set on
ruining your joint and wasting your cannabis. Like a disease, “The
Run”spreads quickly and can come from nowhere. If a person
draws too hard during a toke then it will spread like wildfire. So
toke nice and smoothly, not like drinking an extra thick milk shake.
Of course, there isn’t exactly a fool proof way of preventing The
Run. If everybody involed is puff conscious, then your chances of
by Maria Juanna being run-free increase.
CONTRIBUTING WRITER A wet, soggy mouthpiece can be a real turn-off. It can be
compared to a big sloppy kiss. Depending on who you are stand-
ing next to, that can be an issue. This can be caused by a person

t is very common for patients to get together and share medi- dangling the “J” in their mouth like a cigarette. Or maybe just a
cation with each other in a group. Over the years, I have ob- case of wet lips. If this is a problem then perhaps bring a napkin
served many things that have made me recoil in horror while along with you. I have even cut the end off in a desperate attempt
doing so. Once something is deemed unappetizing, there is no to reach dry land. You can also rest your lips on your fingernails,
turning back. Preparing and consuming cannabis is very similar avoiding the mouthpiece all together.
to food. There is a certain etiquette and protocol involved, espe- I hope to reach those who do not realize the things that
cially when partaking of a finely rolled joint. They are fun to smoke, they do, so that they may identify problems in an attempt to correct
practical and portable. Not to mention, it takes a good amount of them. Have you ever been left out of a “Group Session”? If the
bud to produce. A good “J” demands the respect of everyone answer is “yes” then maybe you do one of the aforementioned things.
involved. Remember, sharing medication is a two-way street. A person that
When rolling or twisting a joint, tightness is a key factor. does not contribute is just asking to be excluded. If any of you have
Too tight and it won’t draw air properly. If it is not tight enough it any medicating horror stories, please feel free to email them to me at
will fall apart and you could end up with a mouthful. There re- I will feature them in future columns. Till
ally needs to be a “J” licking machine. Not only for obvious sani- next time, keep your chin up and your spirit high.


12 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Did you know . . . that the active key ingredient of marijuana (THC) may be considerably better at suppressing clumping
of malformed proteins that is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s than any currently approved drug prescribed for the treatment of the
disease? This finding was reported by scientists in the October 2, 2006 issue of the journal of Molecular Pharmaceutics.

ADY Law Group

1925 Century Park East, Ste. 500
Support Services, Inc.
Assisting Californians in need with
Los Angeles, CA 90067 Medical Marijuana Evaluations

(310) 601.3640 ph James W. Eisenberg M.D.

(310) 388.3907 fx 9157 W. Sunset Blvd, Ste #215
West Hollywood CA, 90069
“We handle cases in both State and Federal courts” (310) 858-8602




1944 Ocean Ave., San Francisco • 415.239.4766

Only individuals with legally recognized medical cannabis ID
may purchase cannabis from medical dispensaries
Fal l, 2006
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Bear Bones Band



he 8th Annual Cannabis Harvest Dance will be held at the Levin and Company in Healdsburg, or they may be purchased at
Sebastopol Community Center on Saturday, November 4th the door.
from 7pm until midnight. This special evening’s events For further information contact Doc Knapp at 707-824-1534
include dancing to the live music of Rootstock and Bear Bones or visit
Band. The keynote speaker this year will be activist, author and
campaign consultant, Mikki Norris. This unique event also fea-
tures a speakers’ forum, silent auction, great exhibits, and food
and drinks. Tickets are $15 in advance at independent record stores
throughout Sonoma County, or $20 at the door.
Performing at the event will be Northern California reggae-
rockers Rootstock. The 5 piece band has a musical style that can
best be described as World Fusion or reggae with a rock edge.
Also on the bill is Bear Bones Band playing folk, rock, and reggae
tunes. Additional performers include Doc Knapp and Jules Wood,
Bill Panzer, and dancer Christina Sukkal.
Two education rooms will have cannabis experts and gar-
den consultants available to answer questions. There will be ex-
hibits on making cannabis capsules and butter, and on vaporiz-
ing, as well as books for sale and free literature.
Proceeds from the event support Sonoma Alliance for Medi-
cal Marijuana (SAMM), a nonprofit organization dedicated to edu-
cation, advocacy, research, and networking related to the medici-
nal uses of marijuana, and the implementation of the Compas-
sionate Use Act of 1996. SAMM was founded by after California
voters passed into law Proposition 215 in November of 1996. Doc
Knapp and Mary Pat Jacobs are SAMM’s Spokespersons. Over
the years they have met numerous times with the Sheriff’s De-
partment, District Attorney, Public Health Department, Sonoma
County Medical Association to develop guidelines for cultivating
and using medical cannabis. One of the more important services
SAMM provides is to advocate for legitimate patients who have
been arrested and find themselves in court. SAMM does not dis-
tribute medical marijuana.
Tickets are available at: Last Record Store in Santa Rosa,
Peoples’ Music in Sebastopol, Tall Toad Music in Petaluma, Hemp Members of the Rootstock band
& Chocolat in Guerneville, Backdoor Disc & Tape in Cotati, and
14 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Dr. Wesley Albert, M.D.

new patients, $100 for renewals, or $50 for HIV or Cancer
patients. Please call to schedule a free consultation. Medical
Marijuana can be legally recommended by a physician in California
under Prop 215 for many illnesses such as anxiety, anorexia,
chronic pain, MS, Chron’s Disease, depression, cancer, HIV, etc.
1605 West Olympic Blvd., Ste 9090 • LOS ANGELES, CA
213 477-4186

Upcoming Events
Wonders of Cannabis — San Francisco Golden Gate Park, at the Hall
of Flowers, October 28-29, 11-7pm. Join host Ed Rosenthal at his 2nd
Annual cannabis culture celebration with music, vendors, comedy, prizes,
symposiums. Call CAN for info (510) 486-8083. Sponsored by and tickets
available through www.Cannabis
10-Year Anniversary of Prop 215 — November 4th, 7pm to 10pm.
Dennis Peron, Tom Ammiano, Terence Hallinan, Dr. Tod Mikuriya, Dale Prop 215 Patients only
Gieringer, plus. SF Gay Community Center, 4th flr., 1800 Market St at
Octavia. Entertainment: David Nash, Matt Martin, Gypsy Music. DJ music
and food. FREE (415) 441-3859. 1444 Productions.
SAMM Cannabis Harvest Dance — 8th Annual Cannabis Harvest Deliveries to South Orange County/North
Dance, Sebastopol Community Center, Saturday, Nov. 4th, 7pm- San Diego County
midnight. Live music of Rootstock and Bear Bones Band. Keynote
speaker: Mikki Norris. Cannabis experts and garden consultants, exhibits, 8-12 pm — 7 days per week
books, food/drink, etc. Proceeds to Sonoma Alliance for Medical
Marijuana (SAMM). Tickets $15 advance; $20 at the door. Further info
call Doc Knapp (707) 824-1534 or visit (714) 658-3502
National Election Day — November 7th! Be sure to vote for your
interests and this day of opportunity. Make a difference and support
candidates for positive marijuana reform.
Humboldt Hempfest — November 12th, 11am near Garberville. A
annual, all-day hemp happening with booths and crafts, speakers, Kubby for
performers and Native American Dancers. Chris Skyhawk at 3 pm. Mateel
Comunity Center, 59 Rusk Lane, Redway. (707) 923-2586 for more info. President 2008!
High Times Cannabis Cup, Holland Amsterdam, Holland on
Thanksgiving Day weekend. For more information,
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 15
16 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Eddie Lugan
To whom it may concern,

Y NAME IS EDWARD P. LUGAN; I am a Medical Marijuana me wife drive away with my cousin. They then took
Patient under California State Health and Safety Code me to Oceanside Police Department and booked me
11362.5 & Senate Bill 420. The reason for this letter is to with possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute
demonstrate the injustices that I have encountered as a Medical Pa- HS Code 11359 which does not apply to me under Senate
tient in Oceanside, California. This is not the first incident either; in Bill 420 (Wrongful arrest). While they were booking me at the sta-
November of last year I was sited for possession of Marijuana and tion the partner of officer Trabelsi wanted me to urinate into a bottle
had my medication seized by the same Police Department knowing that had some powder in it, a drug test I guess but I couldn't do it.
that I was a valid Medical Patient under State law. After a while they took me into a room and sat me down at a table
On 02/07/06 I was parked in a public park "Lusineo Park" in and put a recorded on and read me my rights finally. They asked if
Oceanside, CA. It was around sunset and I was sitting in the driver's they could ask me some questions and if I would co-operate with
side of my wife's car discussing a Real Estate transaction with my them. I said "No, I will not answer any questions and that I wanted
cousin because we had just gotten off of work and were relaxing at a lawyer and for them to contact my Doctor." They turned off the
the park. He was in the back seat with his car parked right next us recorder and said that they contacted my Doctor and that he was
and my wife was in the front seat. We had decided to get out of the very irate on the phone and acting very unprofessional. I told them
car and smoke cigarettes, at that same moment a Police car drove that he had every reason to be irate because the Police were not obey-
into the parking lot and stopped behind my wife's car. "What are ing the law of the State of California and had arrested a Medical
you doing?" The officer's first words followed by, "Is anyone on pro- Patient that was valid under state law. They gave me a weird look
bation or parole?" without leaving time for us to answer his first and took me back to the holding cell. They later took me to Vista
question. I responded by telling officer Trabelsi (Badge #1186) that detention center and booked me there. I called my wife and told her
we were just smoking cigarettes and we weren't doing anything everything that had happened and I told her to bail me out. Thank
wrong just hanging out. He said that it looked suspicious that we God that I had just gotten paid for a Real Estate transaction that I
had gotten out of the car at the same time that he came into the park- was working on, I had not even cashed the money order yet. My
ing lot. I informed him that I am on informal probation and he then Bail was set very excessively at $25,000 and I posted 10% $2,500. Just
put his vehicle into park got out and proceeded to harass me par- about everything that I had to my name, I only had $3,000. Thanks
ticularly out of the group of us. to working hard. About 12 hours after being arrested at the park and
The officer asked to search the vehicle that we were in (My then posting bail I was finally released from jail.
wife's car). I said NO, you can not search the car! He said, "So you're It just comes to show you how much your voice and votes
not consenting to a search?" I said "No I am not consenting to a search. count on a proposition that passed in the state and how law enforce-
He threatened to call in the "Dope Dog" as he referred to it, "If he ment ignores that law and proposition. I can't believe that Police
finds any illegal drugs or weapons then your going to jail" he said. I would waste their time arresting a Valid Medical Patient that is fol-
told him to go head; the only thing he will find is my medication lowing all the laws of the state. I think that I should be compensated
that was put anyway in some bags and in a jar that was in a back for my bail amount; given a county Medical Marijuana ID card and
pack in the trunk. The officer looked around the car from the outside that the Police should start following the law themselves. Patients
while we were waiting for the "Dope Dog" and he had his partner should not have to go through this kind of treatment from law en-
search us and sat us on the curb. A few minuets late another Police forcement anywhere! Please, help me stop this so that it doesn't hap-
car came into the lot to check on the cops I guess and then took off. pen to anyone else. Thank you very much for taking your time to
After that another Police car entered the lot and out came the "Dope read my situation.
Dog", the officer with the dog walked around the car a bunch of Defending the rights of Medical Marijuana Patients
times trying to get the dog to go crazy and scratch on the car pulling in California
the dog onto the car excessively trying to make him find something. Edward Paul-Josiah Lugan
After the Police realized that the dog wasn't going to find anything
illegal, Officer Trabelsi demanded the car keys from me saying "Give (760) 277-4059
me your keys! I want to see what's in your trunk."
Me, wanting to be co-operative being that I am on probation
and all, handed the officer the keys as he demanded. I never said go
ahead and look in the trunk or gave any type of consent to search
the vehicle. The officer opened the trunk and asked where my medi-
cation was, once again being co-operative I told him that it was in
my back pack but I still didn't give any consent to search it. The
officer pulled everything out and found my two ounces of Medical
Marijuana, smoking pipes and my digital scale and some baggies.
After that he placed me in hand cuffs and said, "Everything you said
doesn't add up and that I was being taken down to the station for
questioning." I didn't resist because I wanted to be co-operative and
I was seated into the back of a squad car in hand cuffs. I was stuck in
the back of the car in pain due to the hand cuffs beings tight and my
shoulder at an awkward angle. The Police searched my wife's car
and my cousins car right next ours. They only took me away and let
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 17

Available at Legal Defense Funding and Emotional Support Needed!
Even a dollar donation will help the defense of our fellow
Excerpts from Marie patients. Pass up the designer coffee and give these folks a
Matlock’s Krafty vote of confidence. Let them know we are here and they are
Cannabis Eatables not alone in this struggle for choice.
Available at Marie Matlock, founded and is currently the CEO of, the nonprofit, Public Benefit Siskiyou County Medical Cannabis, Co-op/Research and Registration Center established over seven years ago. She is also the author of Crafty Cannabis Eatables
and featured in Greenkind Magazine. A stroke victim since 1999,
Marie grows around 20 plants for her husband, her assistant,
and herself for their personal use at her site. She does not
dispense medical cannabis, but does act as a registering
agency for medical marijuana patients within her county.
Shockingly, Marie was shut-down by the DEA and
charges have been filed against her. Her plants were seized.
Now Marie is faced with legal fees and is in need of defense
funding. For more detailed information about Marie’s case
call 541 482 4810.
Thomas Lloyd/Marie Matlock Defense Fund
125 North 2nd Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520

Roger Mench has been operating a much needed delivery

Recipies by Marie Matlock

service out of Santa Cruz. He also is facing a court trail cur-
rently. He feels he was safely operating within the legal guide-
lines and delivering much needed medication to shut-ins and
the most critically ill in Santa Cruz County. Roger also needs
our support. Please e-mail Roger: rmench@

ith the Holidays coming upon us, these scrumptious
marijuana recipes will delight even Scrooge! When
cooking with marijuana only your mind can stifle you.
Your favorite recipes can be converted, and then prepared. Just
think out-of-the-box!
Remember, NEVER cook with Molded Marijuana, it will
KILL YOU. It’s all right if you smoke Molded Marijuana (not the
best thing for you), but if you have no choice smoke it, BUT DO
3 eggs 1 cup marijuana milk
2 cups sifted all-purpose flour 1/2 tsp. Salt
1 cup melted cannabis butter 2 tsp. Baking powder
In a large bowl beat the eggs and marijuana milk together. From our door to yours
Add salt, flour and beat well. Add the cannabis butter and mix it
in well. Add baking powder and mix well. Pour onto hot waffle
Yearly subscriptions
iron and bake according to manufactures’ directions. Top with ONLY $39
Marijuana syrup.
1 cup light Karyo syrup Address ___________________________________
1/4 cup finger crushed, marijuana
City/State/Zip ______________________________
1/8 to 1-1/2 tbs. Flavoring — (fruit juice concentrate, or
extract) _________________________________________
1/8 to 1 tbs. Vodka
In a small measuring cup add the marijuana and pour over it the Greenkind Subscriptions

Vodka; stir well. Pour the marijuana into a small pot with the Karyo 4061 E. Castro Valley Bl., #267
syrup; bring it to a soft simmer, remove at once. Strain the syrup. Castro Valley, CA 94552
Serve liquid syrup, over waffles, pancakes, or ice cream, or add it 510.728.4779 PH • 510.728.4772 FX
to other foods.
18 greenkind Fal l, 2006


Kiyokawa Japanese Restaurant

Beverly Hills, California

by Melrose Sanchez

ere is a luxurious treat that redefines the idea
of fresh. Snuggled in a tree-covered courtyard
near larger, more expansive buildings on
South Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, is the most
delightfully cozy restaurant serving traditional Japanese
fare personally created by owner/chef Satoshi

Serving vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes in-
cluding salads, sashimi, sushi, and a full selection of
lunch and dinner specials and combinations, this res-
taurant blends the tradition and grace of Japan with cut-
ting edge California style.
Calling Satoshi a chef is an understatement. A more accu- was a show in itself and the presentation of each dish was like a
rate title is artist. Having the opportunity to sit at the counter, we gift being bestowed rather than food being served.
witnessed the preparation of our meal. Selecting his knife like an Each morsel and tidbit from rice to saki provoked eye-clos-
artist selects his brush, Satoshi carefully began choosing the natu- ing appreciation as the flavors blended and melted into a truly
ral and organic ingredients. Watching the preparation of our meal delectable dining experience. The selections range in price to fit
most any budget, and this is the restaurant
to make your Beverly Hills/Hollywood
visit most memorable. It is also a place to
enjoy with family and friends. The elegant,
yet simple style lends itself to intimate
dinners, social gatherings and casual
Satoshi loves his restaurant and it
shows through the décor, service and care-
fully prepared food. Fresh, by Satoshi stan-
dards, means the food was thriving in one
of the several large and beautiful fish tanks
five minutes before it is served. That is
about as fresh as it comes.
For more information about Kiyo-
kawa’s go to www. kiyokawa-restaurant. com
where the complete menu is posted, a map
to get to the restaurant, and with beautiful
photos of the interior and exterior of the
restaurant. Or call 310-358-1900 and speak
directly to Kiyokawa’s.
This is a place we will return to en-
joy as frequently as possible. Greenkind
ranks Kiyokawa’s Japanese Restaurant
with five green leaves — the highest rank-
ing possible.
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 19

Seattle Hemp Fest 2006

by Eddy Lepp

e arrived Friday, just in time to check in and
hook up with Jack (Mr. Herer). From there
we went to the VIP welcome party; it was
held on a beautiful old steam boat. As we met and
greeted all of our old friends and made new ones, we
are thankful for this great event. It is the largest hemp/
marijuana gathering in the world and it would not be
possible were it not for all the wonderful volunteers.
Jack and
Seattle lost one of the best this year, as we lost James,
Eddy and
one of the greatest men I had the privilege of know- Jack’s
ing. He is missed by us all. Thank you James, we love Booth
you and will remember you always.
The party was wonderful, good food, drink,
music, etc. Later we returned to the hotel to get some
sleep before the first official day of the Seattle
Photos by Craig Lemire of Hello Jazz Productions

Eddy helps auction a very special piece. All proceeds to Seattle HF. Eddy with Oregon NORML.

Up at 5 a.m. we showered and headed out. The event was a next year in Seattle. Please attend, we need you. Cannabis will
mess due to construction projects in the park, but it worked out save the world.
fine. As Craig and I walked about getting a feel, we met many
Respect All, Hurt None, Love One Another
great people setting up for the day. There were new things like
Vape-a-Hookah (, which was great. There
were hundreds of vendors spread out over a half mile stroll. It is a
delight to the eye and ear. So much love it’s contagious. There are
three stages with speakers and nonstop music. That night we were
the guests of Apothecary Travel who had tickets for the Seattle Can-
nabis Cup. What a party; held in a waterside hotel overlooking the
sound. It was a party to be remembered.
The samples were excellent. I really liked the Plum Haze,
which won third. I believe Pez and Levity won first and second.
But it was all so good it is hard to say which is best. Congratula-
tions to all who entered, you are all winners. Much thanks to Bret
and his lovely wife for taking us.
Sunday dawned another beautiful and sunny day in Seattle.
It was filled with more music, knowledge and love than the day
before. Our dear friend, Steve Kubby, announced he was running
for President of the good old USA. We wish him luck. We must
support all of the brave souls willing to run for office to help us
get rid of those who refuse to listen to us. We hope to see you all Jim and Eddy backstage. Jim is one of the founders of Seattle HF.
20 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Photos and
captions by
Marcella Sanchez

a t t l e
S e Greenkind banner at the
McWilliams Stage.
Skateboarders at the H

Roving glass vendors. On right, Norm Stamper, Got Vape girls.

former Seattle Police Chief

An estimated 150,000 people attended the Fest over a
two-day period.

Giant smoking joint.

Artist at work.
Space Needle and downtown Sea

It’s never too early to plan for attending Hempfe

Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 21

Handcrafted jars and pipes.

e Head’s Magazine ramp.

Attendees enjoying the Hempfest.

Medical Worker for Medical

Handmade bamboo smoking Marijuana.

The Hemp fairy.

An Inspired vendor.
Attendees enjoying Greenkind.
God loves pot.


eattle view from HempFest.

pfest 2007. For information

22 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Photo by Marcella Sanchez

415.209-3996 •

Lynnette Shaw for Lieutenant Governor of California

For years, the sick and terminally ill have been arrested, jailed and imprisoned for taking the medication
of their choice. Even doctors, who have written recommendations for alternative medical herbs, have
suffered the same fate. As Lieutenant Governor, I will stop this travesty. As a caregiver for over 13
years, I will work to stop this practice to incarcerate the ill and the dying.
Medical cannabis was approved by the voters in 1996 and I promise to stop the federal government
from overstepping their powers to interfere in medical choice. I will seek complete access to medicinal
herbs which has relieved the suffering of thousands.

“…government should be a referee and

not a player in society.”
Further, if elected I will promise the use of industrial hemp to help farmers and communities
survive communities survive in tough economic times. I will seek communities surviving in tough
economic times, I will seek environmental reforms to authorize new energy sources, especially those
derived from the oil of hemp seeds. But most of all, I want to ensure that citizens and their rights are not
abused by heartless bureaucrats, unjust laws and heavy-handed state legislators.
It has always been my opinion that government should be a referee and not a player in society. We
need leadership that will foster the right of citizens and their freedom to be left alone. But I cannot do
this alone. I will need your vote if you want me to make sweeping changes in Sacramento.”
—Rev. Lynnette Shaw
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 23

– Only individuals with legally recognized medical

cannabis identification cards –

on earth as it is in heaven

669 o’farrell at hyde, SF Marijuana Policy Project
open daily 12–8

Cannabis H

(hints on pg.36)
24 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Greenway compassionate relief

by Melrose Sanchez

Model Dispensary
Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Photos provided by Greenway Compassionate Relief

Greenway Compassionate Relief.

or every patient who has ever left a dispensary with Compassion is the operating word at Greenway. Patient need
that “if only” feeling, there is hope because there is is the first priority. Lisa Molyneux fueled her fortitude with faith to
Greenway. Seemingly, Lisa Molyneux has left no stone overcome every possible obstruction to obtain full city and state
unturned in creating a nurturing, caring environment licenses to operate her dispensary with full legal sanction. It took
that is extremely safe and well-organized, with one of over a year and a half to fulfill every requirement, but Lisa didn’t
the most extensive selections of medicine in the State of Califor- give up and the result is Greenway.
nia. Greenway is friendly, welcoming, helpful and embracing. In They are offering one of the most extensive selection of medi-
other words, Lisa has created a model dispensary balancing legal cine we have seen anywhere. It wouldn’t matter if they only of-
requirements and patient needs with true compassion. fered one. More than medicine is happening at Greenway. It is a
A cancer survivor herself, Lisa was a patient long before she coming together of diverse people to work together to create some-
became a dispensary owner. She had learned first hand what thing larger and more than themselves. With Lisa at the helm, one
patients are looking for and desire from a dispensary. She has by one her team has come together and it shows. Clean, orga-
only visited maybe two or three different dispensaries, so what nized, simple and thoughtful, Greenway has a recycling program
she created came from her personal experience rather than what for its glass jar dispensing containers, a magnificent discount pro-
other dispensaries are or are not doing. There is purity present gram for cancer patients, the elders, veterans, and low-income
at Greenway born of Lisa’s viewpoint and perspective. patients. Lisa has employed patients and offers dignity to those in
Located in a modern and sleek industrial park in Santa Cruz, need. She doesn’t want anything back. “Pass a favor on to some-
next to prominent and well-known businesses, Greenway sits one else,” is the motto. There are not accolades enough to applaud
proudly, yet discreetly, with ample patient parking, a gracious re- Lisa’s effort. Lisa used her gentle determination to become legally
ception area, and finally a dispensary second to none. Glass sanctioned and supported by city and law enforcement officials
counters house one of the most expansive selections of medica- as well as by her local community. It is a peek into the future, how
tion in the state. This vast variety ranges from “Old School”1970s it will be when medical marijuana is normalized. The support of
style medication to the highest quality, more familiar strains. The the city and law enforcement lends a relaxed quality to the dis-
counters are stuffed with options. Tea, lemonade, tinctures, and pensary. The legal status combined with the offering of true com-
brownies created as a sleeping aid. There are extracts, ointments, passionate relief has earned Lisa universal respect. Her attitude
candies, and glass-jar containers filled with both indoor and out- toward others and her love of life shows in every aspect of
door strains too many to name. Greenway. It seems apparent that as Lisa’s accomplishments are
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 25

Lisa Molyneux at Greenway.

discovered, her influence will be felt in the medical

marijuana community for a long time to come.
Greenway patients obviously love their dispensary,
and there is a visible reciprocal relationship going on
between the dispensary operator, staff and patients.
Everyone seems happy, the staff embracing the patients.
Patients are interested in their dispensary and coming
with newsy talk, jars to recycle, reports of how the last
medication worked for them. The counter staff is busy
helping patients; Lisa is behind the counter too, laugh-
ing and talking to staff and patients, taking a phone call.
It is the day of their first anniversary celebration and
the parking lot now has speakers for the live music, the
smell of cooking hot dogs and hamburgers is in the air.
There is a sense of belonging, a desire to linger a
few moments longer just to soak-up the energy of the
place. Should you find yourself close to the Santa Cruz
area, take the time to visit Greenway. Santa Cruz is about
an hour or so drive from the Bay Area, and worth the
time and the gas to visit this truly great dispensary. All
around, Greenway and the beautiful Santa Cruz area of-
fer a real treat to sojourners, neighbors, and local pa-
tients alike.
For more information call 831-420-1640.

High-d and Randolph Greenway reception staff.

26 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Greenkind Product Review by Melrose Sanchez

420 Jars are the finest medicine storage jars we have seen to date.
These jars are made in America with a high-quality, durable glass.
The lids have a plastic gasket seal to protect your medicine’s po-
tency. This tight seal creates an air-vacuum that you’ll hear “pop”
every time you open the jar. 420 Jars come in two styles. The Clas-
sic series is cylindrical much like a traditional apothecary jar while
the Vibe series flares gracefully to a broader base. Both styles are
extremely attractive and each style comes in three different sizes

that hold as little as 1/5 ounce and as much as 1.5 ounces of your
Steven Hager, the founder of the Cannabis Cup, recently
selected 420 Jars as the Official Stash Jar of the 2006 High Times
Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. That means all entries at the Cup
will be displayed in 420 Jars. Also, a limited edition of commemo-
rative jars will be created for event.
With a selection of 22 designs, the jars fit every personality and lifestyle. These are the perfect storage jars for both dispensaries and
patients to protect medication potency. In fact, some dispensaries are now having custom jars made with their name & logo to give away
or sell to their patients, including both Sunset Collective and PCH Collective. So throw out those baggies, put those plastic pill containers
in the archives, it is 420 Jars that keep medicine fresh, potent, and ready to use. Reasonably priced from around $15 - $25, the jars more than
pay for themselves by keeping medicine fresh and at a consistent potency level. Go to or call 1-888-420-5277 for more
details. This really is a “must have” storage container for every patient.

Flower and Herb dryer
Quick Grow Systems — Flower and Herb Dryer is a necessity for patients
growing personal medication. Proper drying is as critical to the health and
potency of medicine as is every other step in the cultivation process. This
model of the Flower and Herb dryer was developed by QuickGrow Systems
especially for California patients.
Simply plug this dryer into any wall outlet, it uses less than 1amp. of
power and creates the perfect environment for drying medicine and main-
taining potency and flavor. It has an effective odor killing Coco-Carbon filter

Photos: QuickGrow™
so there are no tell-tail wafting scents of drying your medicine. It cuts drying
time down to just a few days. The dryer’s durable plastic container comes
with an easy on-off lid for quick cleaning and storage.
The unit has quiet 3” ball-baring fan
with a safety metal finger guard,
with 3 levels of drying, two large
removable mesh shelves will hold
an ample amount flowers and
herbs. There is also a thick re-
movable pre-filter which is easy
to clean. This great unit IS the Front view with lid
answer for this season.
The Flower and Herb
Dryer, will simplify and improve
your entire drying process.
Top view with mesh shelves
For more information
please call 1-877-788-4769;
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 27

Canna Banana Bread is a product more than worthy of searching out
and trying. It is nothing less than wonderful. The home-baked quality
combined with a tasty, yet subtle, banana flavor makes this medicating
experience a cut above. Unlike many infused foods, Canna-Banana Bread
is not overly sweet, so the flavor simply augments the appealing bread-
like texture containing no nuts. One taste tells that the finest ingredients
and highest quality medication is used to create this excellent ingestible.
The dosage is so consistent that a 1/2 inch slice produced the same
level of medication that could easily be controlled according to need.
The loaf with proper refrigeration has a long shelf-life and serves 8-12
depending on serving size. Also, it is important to note that the bread is
reasonably priced. Generally, because of calorie and fat content, I shy
away from pastries, cookies and breads as a means of medicating. As a

Photo: Marcella Sanchez

note to those who have experienced weight gain from indulging in baked
goods and candies, Canna-Banana Bread fit into my usual diet by replac-
ing two slices of sandwich bread. If you don’t see Canna Banana Bread at
your local dispensary ask them to obtain a sample or call 310-541-0608
for ordering information.
The Medi-Scope is a product no patient should be without. This handy, inexpensive instrument is a
magnifying glass designed especially for medication inspection. All medication needs to be clean
and free of mold, fungus, insects (dead or alive) and have no musty-smell. Patients need to inspect
before they ingest. Certain mold can be deadly if eaten. Properly dried medication poses no threat,
These days more dispensaries are providing magnification inspection for patients. But patients need to protect themselves by inspecting
every medication purchase. As with all things — it is buyer beware. Protect your medication dollars by being sure your medicine is all you
expect it to be. Check out or call 800-756-3305

Keep it
Photo: Marcella Sanchez
Keep it Medical offered by is a great little personal pack
for medical cannabis. This hand-sized zip-pack is made of a canvas-type,
water-resistant material and comes in green and black. The pack zips fully-
open and stores four plastic, snap-open medical containers secured in place
with wide elastic bands. There are also two bands to hold other items such
as a small pipe and a lighter.
The exterior of the pack has a zipper pocket to hold medical prescription papers, and identification cards. There is also a handy
snap-hook to keep the pack secure on the belt, in a backpack, purse or briefcase. It provides a low profile, secure and organized method to
store four different strains for both home and travel. Priced at $25 – this handy little pack offers a simple, organized solution to keeping
medicine close at hand. This organization’s motto is helping you “Keep it Medical”. Check out and support this non-profit’s
cause to empower patients.
Free pouch to new, verifiable patients just for mentioning this article, while supplies last at Caregivers Medical Resource, 3232
Barham Blvd., Los Angeles.
28 greenkind Fal l, 2006
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 29


Thank you California NORML for the use of your directory format. Content expanded and updated by Greenkind Magazine

California DOCTOR Referral List California ATTORNEY Referral List

Northern California North State
Dr. Roger Stephen Ellis, San Francisco CA, Phone (415) 681-0823 Chris Andrian, 1100 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, 707-527-9381 Eric Alan Berg, 5000 Bechelli Lane, Suite 201, Redding, CA 96002, 530-223-
Dr. Frank Lucido, Berkeley CA, Phone (510) 848-0958, 5100 (p), 530-223-5200 (f), Bob Boyd, 107 West Perkins Street, Suite 17, Ukiah, CA 95482, 707-468-0500
Dr. Gene Schoenfeld, Sausalito CA, Phone (415) 331-6832 (p/f), ,
Dr. Tod Mikuriya, El Cerrito/Berkeley (psychiatrist): Phone (510) Gordon S. Brownell, 1241Adams St. #1139, St. Helena, CA 94574, 707-942-
525-1278 4565 (p), 707-942-8520 (f),, appellate cases
Dr. Hanya Barth (415) 255-1200 (San Francisco & Santa Rosa) Russell Clanton & Bryce Kenney, 791 - 8th St. #R, Arcata, CA 95521, 707-825- 6587
Dr. Hany Assad - (510) 839-0723 (Oakland, 1504 Franklin St #101, lower level - Manny Daskal, P.O. Box 593, Eureka, CA 95502, 707-443-9842 (p), 707-443-
walk-ins accepted) 7 days a week 3654 (f),
Dr. Tom O’Connell (510) 965-1735 (Oakland) Eugene Denson, POB 158, Alderpoint, CA 95511, 707-923-4764 (p), 707-926-
Dr. William R. Turnipseed, Citrus Heights - Sacto: Phone (916) 722-3433 5250 (f),
Dr. Marion “Mollie” P. Fry, California Medical Research Center (office in Cool, El Sandy Feinland, 404 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95402, 707-421-0909
Dorado Co, CA). Phone 1-866-4-DocFry Mark Harris, 1160 G Street, Suite B, Arcata, CA 95521, 707-822-9506 (p), 707-
Dr. William Toy, Grass Valley (Nevada Co.); Phone (530) 273-5690 822-8175 (f),
Dr. Stephen Banister, 1117 E Main St #C, Grass Valley (530) 274-2274 Susan Jordan, 515 S. School St., Ukiah, CA 95482, 707-462-2151
Dr. Jeff Hergenrather, Sebastopol (Sonoma Co.); Phone (707) 484-7720 David Nelson, PO Box N, Ukiah, CA 95482, 707-462-1351
Norcal Healthcare, 527 S. State St. Ukiah, (707) 468-7400 Dale Rasmussen, PO Box 954, Chico, CA 95927, 530-342-5130
Dr. Raymond Rowell, Livermore (925) 443-3097 Ronald Sinoway, PO Box 1339, Redway, CA 95560, 707-923-3905 (p), 707-923-
Dr. Philip Denney and Robert Sullivan, 1522 Charles Dr, Redding (530) 242-6784, 2099 (f),
and 4709 Engle Rd #5, Carmichael (Sacto County) Steve Spiegelman, 708 College Ave., Santa Rosa (707) 575-1103
(916) 978-9777
MediCann (Dr. Jean Talleyrand) (Modesto, Oakland, SF, Santa Cruz, Sacto, Sacramento — Central Valley
San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Ukiah) 866-632-6627, (see David W. Dratman, 1007 7th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, 916-443-2000 (p),
ad pg. 23) 916-443-0989 (f),
Dr. Armond T. Tollette, Jr., ROOTS Medical Clinic, 8419 Hannum Av, Culver City John Duree, 428 J. St., Ste. 352, Sacramento, CA 95814-2328, 916-441-0562
(310) 505-0002, (p), 916-447-2988 (f),
James R. Homola, 2950 Mariposa St., Suite 250, Fresno, CA 93721, 559-441-
Southern California 7111 (p), 559-441-7115 (f)
Dr. Daniel B. Brubaker, Pain Mgmt/Musculoskeletal, 3726 North First St., Fresno Bill Logan, PO Box 726, Three Rivers, CA 93271, 559-561-4695
(559) 248-0116 or 0117 William McPike, 36360 Peterson Mill Rd., Auberry, CA 93602, 559-841-3366
Dr. Philip Denney and Robert Sullivan, 22691 Lambert St, Lake Forest, Orange (p), 559-841-5343 (f), Prop 215 civil expert
County; (949) 855-8845 Kenneth Clark, 3245 S. Hughes, Fresno CA 93706, 559-276-2210
Dr. Claudia Jensen, 8 N. Fir St Ventura; and 34281 Doheny Park Rd 7538 Julie Ruiz-Sierra, Post Office Box 73381, Davis, CA 95617, 530-758-3180 (p),
Capistrano Beach (805) 648-LOVE (5683).
Dr. James Eisenberg, Santa Monica 877-468-5874 Peter Tiemann, 490 Main St. #E, Placerville, CA 95401, 530-621-2400
Dr. James W. Eisenberg, West Hollywood, 310-858-8602 (see ad p.12) Steven Cilenti, 25 Court St. #2, Jackson, CA 95642, 209-223-5550
Dr. Christine Paoletti, 1304-15th St #405, Santa Monica, (310) 319-6116 Tim Warriner, 1725 Capitol Ave., Sacramento, CA 95814, 916-443-7141 (p),
Dr. Wesley Albert, 1605 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste 9090, Los Angeles (213) 477- 916-448-5346 (f),,
4816; $50 recommendation fee for cancer/HIV patients (see ad p.14)
Dr. Vivi Stafford Mathur, 6051 San Vicente, Los Angeles, (323) 954-9162 San Francisco Bay Area
Dr. William Eidelman, 1654 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, (323) 463-3295 Bruce Hall Atwater, 1440 Broadway Ste. 919, Oakland, CA 94612, 510-451- 9800 (p), 510-451-9807 (f),
Dr. Dean Weiss, 46 Park Ave., Venice, (310) 437-3407 Mark Arnold, 45 E. Julian St., San Jose, CA 95112, 408-286-6320 (p), 408-286-
Dr. Robert Sterner, San Diego; Phone (619) 543-1061 9155 (f),
Dr Alfonso Jimenez, 420 K St #13, San Diego, (619) 913-2860 Scot Candell - 2019 Webster St, San Francisco CA 94115 (415) 441-1776; 303 Broadway #204 Laguna Beach,
continued page 31

MPP You can help.

Visit us at
30 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Nature’s Medicinal

Edibles & Since ’05


323 Roberts Lane Bakersfield, CA 93308

(661) 392-9353

• Deliveries to hospital patients • Affordable medicine of

• Helping with indigent patients exceptional quality and
and SSI goodness
• Expanding to serve the • 420 Hunny • books by Jack
community in a greater Herer, Ed Rosenthal, CraigX
fashion • Superior edible selection
• Patient needs are top priority • Expanding to Hillsdale location

High-Grade Medicinal Cannabis

Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 31


James L. Clark - 506 Broadway, San Francisco CA 94113 (415) 986-5591 (p) Sean Tabibian, 9000 W. Sunset Blvd, W. Hollywood CA 90069 (310) 633-0444
(415) 986-5591 (f) Allen G. Weinberg, 9454 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 600, Beverly Hills, CA 90212,
Joseph Elford - Americans for Safe Access - 1322 Webster St. #208, Oakland 310-550-7177 (p), 310-550-1558 (f),
CA 94612 (510) 251-1856. Medical marijuana specialist. David Yousefyeh, 1925 Century Park East, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90024,
Alan Ellis, 34 Issaquah Dock, Waldo Point Harbor, Sausalito, CA 94965, 415-332- 800-762-8469 (p), 310-388-39007 (f) (see ad pg 12)
6464 (p), 415-332-1464 (f), ,
Anthony Feldstein, 177 Post Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94123, 415- San Diego and Desert
668-4845 (p), 415-474-4882 (f), Patrick Dudley, 4153 Market St. #B-152, San Diego 92102, 619-233-7334.
Omar Figueroa, 506 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133, 415-986-5591 (p), Steven E. Feldman, Law Offices, 934 23rd St., San Diego, CA 92102, 619-232-
415-421-1331 (f) Yo hablo español - 8649 (p), 619-232-8271 (f), William R. Fletcher, Portola Centre, 74-040 Highway 111 Ste. l-214, Palm
Jack T. Frohlich, Esq., 350 Arballo Dr., Apt. 12L, San Francisco, CA 94132, Desert, CA 92260, 760-773-9922 (p),
415-841-9896 Employment Law. (p), James J. Warner, 3233 Third Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103, 619-243-7333 (p),
George J. Gigarjian, 108 Locust Street, Ste. 13, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, 831- 619-243-7343 (f),
429-1440 (p), 831-427-8005 (f), David Zugman, 600 Trout St., Apt. 238, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-231-6292
Mel Grimes, Jr., 706 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove, CA 93950, 831-373-4338 (p), (p),
831-373-4311 (f),
Bill Hornaday, 802 Hillcrest Dr, Felton CA 95018 - (831) 835-0633
Matt Kumin, 870 Market St. #1128 San Francisco CA 94102 (415) 434-8454 California Patient Service Listing
business law (medical caregivers), civil rights
David Michael, DiMartini Historical Landmark Bldg., 294 Page St., San Francisco,
California PATIENT Service List
North Coast
• Humboldt Patients Co-Op, 601 I St. #B, Arcata, (707) 822-9330
CA 94102, 415-621-4500 (p), 415-621-4173 (f), • MendoHealing (Ft Bragg) (707) 964-3677
Randy Moore, 332 - 2nd St, San Jose CA 95112, 408-298-2000 • Herban Legend, 18300 Old Coast Hway#3, Fort Bragg (707) 961-0113; M-Sa
J. David Nick, 506 Broadway., San Francisco, CA 94102, 415-986-5591 11am-6pm.
Thomas Nolan, 600 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301, 650-326-2980 • Mendo Remedies, 42400 Highway 101, Laytonville (707) 984-7101.
William L. Osterhoust, 135 Belvedere St., San Francisco, CA 94117, 415-664- • Caregiver Compassion Center – Santa Rosa - 4349 Mongtomery #D (707) 537-
4600 (p), 415-664-4691 (f) 7303 (waiting list - limited membership).
William G. Panzer, 370 Grand Ave., Ste. 3, Oakland, CA 94610, 510-834-1892 • North Bay Wellness Coop- 3386 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa
(p), 510-834-0418 (f), Open 10-6:45 M-F; 10-4:45 Sat
Robert Raich, 1970 Broadway #1200, Oakland CA 94612, 510-338-0700 • Sonoma Alliance for Med MJ (707) 522-0292 - Advocacy & education (Does not
Medical cannabis business law & regulations. distribute).
Benjamin Rice, 331 Soquel Ave., Suite 203, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, 408-425- • Sonoma (Guerneville): Marvin’s Gardens 707-869-1291
0555 (p), 831-459-9615 (f), • Sonoma Co. Compassionate Services Delivery 707-972-7818
Dennis Roberts, 370 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610, 510-465-6363 (p), 510- • Cheops Herbal Apothecary Delivery (Sonoma & Napa Co.) 707-974-9465
465-7375 (f),
Richard Rosen, 123 Capitol Street #B, Salinas, CA 93901, 831-757-8200 (p), • Lake Co. Holistic Solutions, 14240 Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake (707) 995-9000 Open
831-757-3182 (f), 11-7 M-Sa
Tony Serra, Randy Daar, Laurence J. Lichter, 506 Broadway, San Francisco, • Lake Co D & M Compassion Center, 15196 Lakeshore Blvd, Clearlake (707)
CA 94133, 415-986-5591 (p), 415-421-1331 (f) 994-1320
Michael Stepanian, Stadtmuller House, 819 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA 94109, • Lake Co Alternative Caregiver Clinic, Clearlake Oaks (707) 998-0358
415-771-6174 (p), 415-474-3748 (f),
Stephen D. Tulanian, P.O. Box 158, Lower Lake, CA 95457; 707 994-7676 • Ukiah Compassionate Caregivers: (707) 462-0691 (INFO ONLY); • Ukiah Hemp Plus Ministeries, 892 N. State St. (707) 468-1478.
Ean Vizzi - PIER 5 LAW OFFFICES. 506 Broadway, San Francisco CA 94133 (415)
986-5591 Central Valley & Foothills to Redding
• Jim'z Deliveries Delivery Service; (916) 519-5328. Open 7 days: 10a to 6p
Greater Los Angeles • Charity Caregivers Of Tulare, 219 N "M" St. #202, Tulare, (559) 688-2001; (see ad p.6)
Michael L. Becker, Law Offices of Michael L. Becker, 965 N. Vignes St. #10, Los • Sierra Foothills CC Delivery Service. Phone (209) 274-6727
Angeles, CA 90012, 213-437-0555 (p), 213-437-0880 (f), • Shasta Herbal Delivery; (530) 725-8281; M-Thur 10-6pm • Amador Co., Sierra Foothills CC (delivery service), 209-274-6727.
Jeffrey H. Friedman, 4 Hutton Centre Dr., Suite 720, Santa Ana, CA 92707, • NorCal Medical Cannabis Collective, Chico (530) 354-1114
714-972-9100 (p), 714-505-0770 (f), (specialty: writs, • Calaveras CC (delivery service) 866-401-2228. Open 7 days, 8am-8 pm; low-
appeals). income patients welcome.
Christopher Glew, 1851 E. 1st St. #840, Santa Ana (714) 231-4435. • 28/16 Collective Corporation, 4459 Spyres Way #E, Modesto, (209) 622-9404;
William Kroger, 8888 Olympic Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211, 323-655-2450 (p), open 10-7pm daily.
323-655-7446 (f),, • Los Padres Caregivers, Frazier Park. 24-hr delivery. Call for appt. (661) 242-
(cannabis clubs & caregivers, criminal law) 2200
Bruce M. Margolin (LA NORML), 8749 Holloway Dr., West Hollywood, CA • Merced Patients’ Group (209) 726-5216 (patient
90069, 310-652-0991 (p), 310-652-1501 (f), support)
Eric Shevin, 9000 W. Sunset Blvd. #720, West Hollywood 90069, 310-273- • Merced County Patient Coalition (patient support)
1300 • Total Healthy Choice, 4213 McHenry Ave. #E, Modesto, (209) 521-2557
Davis & Mattern, 2901 W. Coast Hwy #200, Newport Beach 92263 (949) 258- Open 9-8pm everyday.
4364. • California Healthcare Collective, 1009 McHenry Ave. #D, Modesto, (209) 577-
Michael Mehas, 840 County Sq. Dr #247, Ventura, CA 93003, 805-644-2883 4556
Michael Nasatir, 2115 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405, 310-399-3259
32 greenkind Fal l, 2006

• MMJ Caregivers Association of El Dorado Co. (Placerville) (530) 642-8258

• Golden State Patient Care Collective, 233 Hwy 174, Colfax (530) -346-2514. M-
Sat 9-5pm
• Dale’s Delivery Service (Nevada City - Roseville) (530) 277-1810. M-F 10-6pm, Sa
• Paradise Alliance Med MJ Delivery Service (530) 966-0981
• Plumas Co. - Feather River Coop: 530-283-4517 (info)
• Roseville area deliveries - Jim’z Deliveries (916) 519-5328 Hours 10 - 6.
• San Joaquin Medi-Caregivers delivery (209) 456-0680
• Shasta Patient Alliance (information only)
• Siskiyou County Medical Cannabis Co-op Research & Registration Center: Weed
CA (530) 938-1768
• Stanislaus/Central Valley Co-op: Primary Caregivers & Consultants (209) 818 -
• High Flight Deliveries - Stockton/Tri-Valley area , (209) 346-4489 - 10%
discount for cancer patients 21708 Devonshire St., Chatsworth, CA 91311
• Sutter Co. Patient Care Collective (hospice caregivers info & support) (530) 671-
818 998 9700
• Yuba County CBC (530) 749-7497
Sacramento • We Are Hemp (San Lorenzo) 913 East Lewelling Blvd (510) 276-2628 M-Sa 11-8.
• Capitol Wellness Collective, 2400 14th Street, Sacramento, (916) 325-9000 • Tri Valley Area: The Greene: Easy 580/680 access. call for appointment (925)
• River City Patients' Center, 1512 El Camino Ave., Sacramento, (916) 649-0114; 989-0724. Open M-F 2-8pm, Sa 12-4pm.
M-Fri 10-6pm; Sa 10-5pm; Su 10-3pm Oakland
• Growth Unlimited, Sacramento/Solano/Central Valley/San Jose/Santa Cruz • Purple Heart Center, 415 Fourth. St., Oakland
Deliveries; Phone: 1-888-MED-CANN • Official city ID cards & patient info available at the Coop Store: 1733 Broadway
• L's Clone Service. Deliveries to Sacramento area. email for details: (510)832-5346; hours: on demand. • SR-71, 377 - 17th St; (510) 251-0690. Open M-F 9-8pm; Sa 10-8, Su 10-6pm
• The Botanical Collective. Formerly "420 DELIVERIES" Please call for pre-
verification and directions. Open every day 10-10pm; Holidays 10-4 pm; (916) San Francisco
366-0420 or (916) 519-7670. • Nor Cal Herbal Relief Center, 1545 Ocean Ave., San Francisco, (415) 469-7700;
• Capitol Alternatives 1611 - 20th St., Sacramento, 916-497-0277; Open M-F 9- Tu-Sa 10-7pm
7pm; Sat 9-5pm • The Patient Place, 4811 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, (415) 221-HEMP
• Doctor’s Orders 4011 Winters St., Sacramento, (916) 564-2112; M-Th 10-6pm, • Re-Leaf Herbal Center, 2980 21st St., San Francisco, 415) 235-3307; M-Sat
Fri 10-8pm, Sa 10-6pm, Su 10-3pm. 12-8pm
• Canna Care, 320 Harris Ave #G, Sacramento, (916) 925-1199; M-F 9-6pm; Sa- • Grass Roots Clinic, 1077 Post St., San Francisco, (415) 346-4338; M-Sat 10-
Su 10-3pm. 7pm; Sun 10-5pm
• Sacramento – The Greenhouse (916) 366-0420 or (916) 868-9566 call for • Happy Days Herbal Relief, 607 Divisadero St., San Francisco, (415) 359-9927;
verification and directions; Hours 10-6pm everyday. M-Thur 12-10pm; Fri-Sat 12pm-12am;Sun 11-7pm
• Sacramento – MedSac916: (916) 806-2314 • Patient ID Cards available from SF Dept of Health; 101 Grove St. #105, San
• Sacramento – End of the Rainbow deliveries: Francisco, (415) 554-2890
916-369-6000 or 916-698-6249. • SF Medical Cannabis Clinic #1, 122 Tenth St (at Mission) 415-626-4781; Open
• Sacramento area deliveries – Today’s Holistic Caregivers (661) 946-6600; M-Wed 11-7pm; Th-Sat 10-7pm; Su 11-6pm. • CannaMed Care Center, 1211 Sutter St (lower) (415 )885-8007
• Sacramento area Sam’s deliveries; (916) 717-4848. Hrs 10-6pm.; Open 1-9 M-Sa, 1-6 Su
• Alternative Herbal Health, 442 Haight St. (415) 864-1300. Open M-Sat 11-8pm
East Bay — Berkeley • The Vapor Room, 609A Haight St. (MD consultations available). Open M-Sa 11-
• Berkeley Cannabis Coop (Shattuck Av btwn Prince & Woolsey): (510) 486-1025 9pm; Su 12-8pm
• Berkeley Patients’ Group, 2747 San Pablo Ave, (510) 540-6013 • The Hemp Center (4811 Geary Blvd) 415-221-HEMP • Love Shack (502 14th St. at Guerrero) (415) 552-5121
Contra Costa Co. • SF Medical Cannabis Clinic #2, 194 Church St. (open 11- 7 M-F, 11-5 Sa-Su)
• ME Delivery (510) 758-3269 (415) 626-4781
• Maricare - 127 Aspen Dr., Pacheco (also deliveries) (925) 459-2929 11am - 7 pm • Ketama, 14 Valencia St., (415) 706-2679, open 11-8 M-Sa, 12-6 Su.
• Natural Remedies Health Center Collective, 3817 Macdonald Ave, Richmond (510) • Holistic Solutions, 722 Columbus St., (415) 296-7614, open 11-6 everyday
965-1735 • New Remedies Cooperative, (1760 Mission at Duboce), (415) 864-0114; open
• Holistic Solutions, 2924 Hilltop Mall Rd, Richmond (510) 243-7575 everyday 8am–8pm)
• Tender Holistic Care, 5230 Pacheco Blvd, Pacheco (925) 798-MEDS (6337) • Green Door, 843 Howard St., (415) 541-9590, Open
Alameda County — Hayward/Tri-Valley 11-8 everyday
• Hayward Patients Resource Center 22550 Foothill Blvd. 510-581-8640. Open • Alternative Patient Caregivers, 953 Mission St. #40 (between 5th & 6th); (415)
11- 9 daily, also deliveries & MD clinics (888) 389-6360. 618-0680, (11-7 M-F, 11-5 Sat).
• Local Patients’ Cooperative (22630 Foothill Blvd 2nd Floor, Hayward) 510-537- • Alternative Relief Co-Op, 1944 Ocean Ave., (415) 239-4766; Natural Herbs & Tea
2405. Open 10am-10pm everyday; (wheelchair access to 9:30 pm - call in (Noon–7pm M-Sat). Deliveries to in-patients in SF hospitals.
advance). (see ad p. 12)
• Compassionate Collective of Alameda County, 21222 Mission Blvd, Hayward. • San Francisco ACT-UP (1884 Market St): (415) 864-6686
Open M-F 9-7, Sa-Su 11-7. • Valencia Street Caregivers, 208 Valencia St. (415) 621-0131 Open 8am -10pm.
• Sweetleaf Collective, (415) 273-4663. For low-income AIDS, cancer patients
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 33
• San Francisco Patients’ Cooperative (350 Divisadero St); (415) 552-8653; Central Valley — Bakersfield South • Los Padres Caregivers, Frazier Park, 24-hr delivery; call for appt. So. Cal, Tri-
• Golden Triangle, 1334 Haight St., (415) 431-67644. Open M-Sat 11-9 PM ; Sun. County Area
11-8. • Free @ Easy Compassionate Care, 1905-1/2 N. Chester, Bakersfield, (661) 387-
• The Hopenet Coop, 223 Ninth St., (415) 863-4399. Open M-F 12-7, Sa 12-5. 0509
• Bernal Heights Co-op Dispensary, 33 - 29th St., (415) 642-4702. Open 10-9 M- • Cannabis Patients' Co-op, 221 Roberts Lane, Bakersfield, (661) 392-9359
Sa, 12-7 Su • Epicurian Delights, 201 W. Ridgecrest Blvd, Ridgecrest, (760) 384-1920 / 1-888-
• The Divinity Tree, 958 Geary St., (415) 292-6052. Open 11-7 except Tues. BUDS4U1 for appt
• Mason St. Dispensary, (124 Mason St. downstairs), (415) 433-4420, • Medicinal Marijuana Awareness and Defense, 209 W. Main St #1, Visalia; by; 7am-9pm daily appointment only, (559) 627-6623
• Mr. Nice Guy, 174 Valencia St., (415) 865-0990. Open 11-9 Su -Th; 11-11 F-Sa • Nature’s Medicinal, 323 Roberts Ln., Bakersfield, (661) 392-9353. Open 11-9
(see ad p.3) everyday. (see ad pg 30)
• Emmalyn’s 1597 Howard St. #A, 800-588-4218/415-345-8248’ Daily 10-9 • Canna-meds, 1450 Crestmont Dr., Bakersfield, (661) 871-0420. Open 11-7 M-Sa.
• Patients Helping Patients Home Bike Delivery, (415) 240-7190 • Sweet Relief Compassionate Center, 1340 Roberts Ln. #1, Bakersfield, (661)
• Good Fellows Smoke Shop, 473 Haight St. at Fillmore, (415) 255-1323; Open 399-4200. Open 9 am-10 pm M-F, 9-5 Sa.
daily 10-10 (see ad p.2) • American Caregivers Collective, 5640 District Blvd #111, Bakersfield (661) 396-
• Sanctuary, 669 O’Farrell, (415) 885-4420 (see ad p. 23) 7800. Open 10-7 daily.
Marin — North Bay Southern CA Deliveries
• Marin Alliance for Medical MJ, (415) 256-9328 • Los Angeles Cannabis Club, Free membership; Doctor Referrrals; Fast, Friendly
• Here2Help-707; Solano Co. deliveries homebound patients only; M - Th 9am - Delivery;
7pm; • Dr. Green’s medical grade
South Bay • Pharmakeia (LA/Orange/Riverside/Santa Barbara), (323) 462-1516; M-Sa
• Patient’s Choice Resource Coop (PCRC), 70 N El Camino Real #B, San Mateo; 10am - 5 pm;;
M-Sa 11-7pm, Sun 12-7pm • California Compassionate Caregivers C3; LA (818) 565-9476; Orange (714)
• Cal Medical MJ Patients Association (Belmont); (650) 520-9971; 24 hours; 618-5221; Riverside (951) 520-6909; San Bernardino (951) 520-6909; San Diego (951) 520-6909; Ventura (909) 708-7104
• Mobile Herbal Therapy (San Mateo - San Jose deliveries) 866-240-9121
• Kind Care Resource Center, 5423 Central Ave. #13, Newark, (510) 796-KIND; Open
10-8 daily
Los Angeles Area
• San Jose & Santa Cruz area deliveries: Growth Unlimited 1-888-MED-CANN West Los Angeles — Hollywood
• My Green Heaven Ministry, Millbrae • The Calm at the Beach Compassionate Caregivers of Malibu, 21355 Pacific Coast
• Mobile Herbal Therapy, San Mateo & San Jose; Deliveries; (866) 240-9121 Highway Ste #100, Malibu, (310) 317-6298
Santa Clara • PCH Collective, 22333 Pacific Coast Hwy, #102A, Malibu, (310) 456-0666; M-
• Santa Clara Valley Cannabis Society, Inc. (408) 509-4905 Sa 12-8pm, Sun 12-6pm; (see ad pg.12)
• Mobile Meds RX, East Santa Clara Co. Deliveries; (408) 661-2366 • Westside Compassionate Caregivers, 2355 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, (310)
474-8459; fax: (310) 474-8259
Santa Cruz • Live For Care, 1151 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, (310) 435-0028; 10-8pm
• Compassion Flower Inn Bed & Breakfast for Prop. 215 Patients, 831-INN-0420; • Ironworks Collective, 4100 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, (310) 305-8425 • Fairfax Caregivers Inc., Venice, 1700 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, (310) 396-7093
• Evolution, 6116 Hwy 9 #B, Felton, 650-537-6256; M-Sa 8-12pm. • California Caregivers' Association of West Los Angeles, 12107 Santa Monica
• Santa Cruz Patients Collective, 115 Limeklin St, Santa Cruz, (831) 425-SCPC; Blvd., Los Angeles, (310) 826-3536; fax: (310) 826-3531; open 7 days 10-8pm
M-Sa 10-6pm • Venice Beach Canna-Med, 756 Washignton Blvd, #D, Marina Del Rey, 310-560-
• Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical MJ; (831) 425-0580 (NOT a dispensary, but a 5961; Tues-Sat 10-7pm. Note: VBCM is upstairs. Call ahead for curb-side service
collective for seriously ill Santa Cruz patients in hospice care) if you are unable to climb stairs.
• Greenway Compassionate Relief, 140 Dubois St #D, Santa Cruz, (831) 420- • Western Caregivers Group (WCG) 467 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 464-
1640; M-F 11-6pm, Sa 10-6pm (see ad p.15) 5571; open 7 days 10-8pm
• MedEx Delivery Service: (831) 425-3444 • Los Angeles Compassionate Act Care, 2227 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, (213)
• Hemporium – LLC Delivery Service (831) 295-9381 or (831) 295-3511 484-1001
Central Coast — Santa Barbara • California Medical Caregivers Association Los Angeles, 3430 Whittier Blvd., Los
• Pacific Greens Inc., 816 N. Milpas St. Santa Barbara, (805) 963-0616; open 7 Angeles, (323) 261-2009; fax: (323) 261-2027
days 10-8pm • Angel City Caregivers, 441-1/2 E. 16th St, Los Angeles, (213) 746-5420; fax
• HortiPharm Caregiving & Consulting, 4 W Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara, (805) (213) 291-7449. Open 7 Days 11-8pm
563-2802 • Downtown Collective, 1600 S. Hill St., #D, Los Angeles, (213) 984-9600; Tu-
• Nature's Path Care, 414 E Haley St, Santa Barbara, (805) 331-4567; open 7 Fri 10-7pm, Sat 11-8pm, Sun 11-5pm (see ad p.14)
days 10-8pm • Shiva's Gardens, 2002 Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, 310-841-0550; 7-days a
• Hezekiah Inc, 92 - 2nd St. #H, Buellton (805) 693-5790; M-F 9-6pm, Sa 10-4. week 11am-8pm (also delivers)
• Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers, 780 Monterey Ave #B, Morro Bay (805) • Natural Caregivers, 609 S. Westmoreland Ave., Los Angeles (213) 427-9731;
772-4879 Open everyday 11-7pm
• Compassion Center of Santa Barbara County - SBC Collective, 119 N. Milpas St • Los Angeles Medical Caregivers, 5589 W. Manchester Ave. Los Angeles
#C, Santa Barbara, 805-963-9797 Hours 12-5 M-F, 11-3 Sa. (310) 410-9954. Open M-Sa 10 - 7pm. (see ad pg 7)
• Santa Barbara Patients’ Group, 3114 State St. (805) 687-8988; for patient • Arts District Healing Center, 620 E. 1st St. Los Angeles (213) 687-9981 Open
preverification FAX MD documentation to: 805-456-0710 - open M- SA 11am - 5pm. Tu-Sa 11-7.
• Helping Hands Wellness Center, 4141 State St. #F-4 Santa Barbara (805) 692- • @ Downtown Wellness Center, 312 W. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles (213) 746-
1419. Open 10:30-8:30 daily. 3355.
• Santa Barbara Patient Doctor Coalition (805) 687-2380 • Tahoe Medical Collective, LA Area (323) 595-3841


Making EQUALITY a Reality
34 greenkind Fal l, 2006

• PureLife Alternative Wellness Center, 1649 S. La Cienega Bl., Los Angeles • West Hollywood Caregivers, 7901 Santa Monica Blvd. #206, (323) 656-2033
(313) 246-9345. (see ad p. 2) open 11-8 everyday.
• United Medical Caregivers Clinic, 1248 S. Fairfax, Los Angeles (310) 358- • California Cannabis Pharmaceuticals, 8464 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood
0212. Open Mon-Sat 10-8pm (323) 656-6666
• West LA Collective Caregivers delivery service, (310) 953-2475 • West Hollywood Center for Compassionate Healing, 8921 Sunset Blvd. @ San Serving the west side 9:30am-10pm Daily. Vicente (park across street at Hustler); (310) 626-3333 open to midnight.
• KUSH Collective, 1111 S. La Brea Blvd, Los Angeles, (323) 938-KUSH Open 11- • The Health Center, 8961 W. Sunset Blvd, W. Hollywood (310) 275-0446.
11 M-Sa San Fernando Valley
• Palos Verdes Collective, 716 Yarmouth Rd., Ste. 215, Palos Verdes Estates, • Valley Healing Caregivers Center, 7232 Van Nuys Blvd, #204, Van Nuys, (818)
CA 90274; (877) 420-2150; (310) 541-0608. 908-0198; M-Sat 11-7pm
• Quality of Life Activities (QOLA) Silverlake - Los Angeles. Call for info: (323)- • Majestic Natural Remedy, 6722 White Oak Ave. Van Nuys, (818) 343-1831; fax
644-1209 Hours: 10-7pm M-Sa. (818) 343-1831; Sun-Thurs 10-9pm; Fri-Sat 10-10pm
• LA Compasionate Care Silverlake 13th - 2227 Sunset Blvd, (213) 484-1001; en • The Karma Collective; 16115 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, (818) 373 7733; fax:
español (213) 272-9489 (818) 373 7799; M-F 12-10pm; Sat-Sun 10-10pm
• Quality of Life, 4323 Melrose Ave #A, Los Angeles, (323) 644-1209; M-Sat 10- • San Fernando Valley Patients Group 8805 Reseda Boulevard, Northridge, (818)
8pm, Sun 12-7pm 734-2778; Open 7 Days 11-9pm
• Southern California Patient Assistance, 5072 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, • Northridge Healing Center, 8349 Reseda Blvd. #D, Northridge, (818) 701-6666;
10am-6pm daily; ph/fax (323) 930-9668 (preverification avail by fax); (see ad p.7) Mon-Sat 10-7pm
• Silverlake Caregivers Group, 240 N. Virgil Ave. Suite #10, Los Angeles, (213) 487- • Mid Valley Compassionate Caregivers, 5658 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, (818)
5442; Mon. to Sat.10-8pm; closed Sun. 785-7440; fax (818) 785-7448; M-Th 11-7pm; Fri-Sat 11-8pm
• California Caregivers Alliance 2815 W. Sunset Blvd. #201, Silverlake, (213) 353- • Herbal Independence Pharmacy Sherman Oaks, 13509 Ventura Blvd #A,
0100; fax (213) 353-0060; M-Sat. 11-8pm; Sun. 12-7pm Sherman Oaks, (818) 907-1601; Mon-Fri 10-9pm, Sat-Sun. 11-7pm
• Superior Herbal Health, 1011 W. 84th Pl., Los Angeles, (323) 971-6333; open 11- • Fairfax Caregiver's Inc.—Sherman Oaks, 14303 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks,
7pm everday; (see ad p.16) (818) 990-0401
• Herbal Remedies Caregivers, 4743 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 913-093; M-F • The Little Cottage Caregivers, 8133 Foothill Blvd., Sunland, (818) 353-7204; fax
8-8pm, Sat. 10-6pm, Closed Sun. (818) 353-7815; M-Sat 10-8pm; Sun 11-8pm
• 420 Compassion Center, 6116 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, (877) 573-3990; fax • Kind Meds, 14649 Victory Blvd #24., Van Nuys, (818) 908-9580; M-Sa 11-7pm,
(877) 573-3990; Tues-Sat 12-8pm; closed Sun-Mon. Sun 12-5pm;
• Sunset Collective, 7065-1/2 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood; (323) 464-0111; M-Sa • Trichome Healing Caregivers, 7100 Van Nuys Blvd #204, Van Nuys, (818) 373-
12-8pm, Sun 12-6pm; (see ad pg.12) 5000. Open 10-8 daily; disabled access
• California Patients’ Group, 6208 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, (between Vine & • Southern California Caregivers, 15333 Sherman Way #Q, Van Nuys, (818) 988-
101) (323) 464-7052 Free valet service M-F 0699 Open 10-7 daily. Deliveries, disabled access.
after 4 pm. • Mother Nature’s Remedy Caregivers, 17302 Saticoy St, Van Nuys, (818)
• Hollywood Patients’ Group, 6115 Selma Ave #103, Hollywood, (323) 464-6465. 345-MEDS Hours 2:15-10pm Tu-Su (see ad p.6)
Open 10-10 daily • California Collective Center, 14532 Friar St. #A, Van Nuys, (818) 781-8865; open
• City of Angels Wellness Center, 1600 N. La Brea Ave. #118, Hollywood; M-Sat 11-7 daily.
10-8pm; closed Sun. • The Green House, 5156 Sepulveda Blvd. (upstairs), Sherman Oaks, (818) 386-1343
• Earth Collective, 5115 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, (323) 668-7633. • Therapeutic Herbal Caregivers (THC), 22209 Sherman Way, Canoga Park;
• Hezekiah Inc., 6051 Hollywood Blvd #202, Hollywood, (323) 683-8017l (818) 999-4842 (see ad p.23)
• Hollywood Compassionate Collective (HCC), 1110 N. Western Ave. #204, • Therapeutic Medicinal Health Resources, 14836 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks,
Hollywood (323) 467-7292. M-F 11-7; Sa 12 -8 pm www.hollywoodcollective. (818) 988-9615 Hours M-F 11-7; Sa-Su 12-6.
com. (see ad p.12) • Valley Collective Co-op, 12500 Riverside Dr #201B, Studio City, (818) 508-8787
• Alternative Caregivers Discount Dispensary, 122 S. Lincoln Ave. #204, Venice, Open M-SA 11-7, Su 11-5
(877) 219-3809. Open M-Sa 12-8. • My Alternative Collective Care, 13173 Van Nuys Blvd., Pacoima, (818) 896-
• Ironworks Collective, 4100 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, (310) 305-8425 2616; (818) 896-2738; M-Sat 11-7pm; closed Sun.
• Marina Caregivers, 3007 Washington Blvd. #225, Marina Del Rey, (310) 574- • West Valley Caregivers, 23067 Ventura Blvd. #102, Calabassas, (818) 222-9212
4000. Open 4pm - 11pm. (see ad p.7) • West Valley Co-op, 19709 Ventura Blvd. #B, Woodland Hills, (818) 713-0258;
• The Lomita Vapor Lounge, 14829 Hawthorne Blvd #203, Lawndale, (310) 432- M-Sat 9-10pm; Sun 10-9pm
3262. Open 11-7 daily. • The Buddha Lounge – Caregivers of Tarzana, 19459 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana,
• Westside Compassionate Caregivers, 2355 Westwood Blvd, West LA, (310) 474- (818) 345-5477
8459 Open M-Sa 10-8, Su 10-6. • Natural Relief Center, 7223 Owensmouth Ave. Canoga Park, (818) 703-8599
• Comfort Care Group, 1720 Westwood Blvd, Westwood, (310) 441-8315 Open • Natural Care Collective, 18341 Sherman Way #213 (Located inside Majestic
7am-8 pm. Plaza), Reseda, (818) 344-7420; M-Sat11-8pm
• Crescent Alliance for Sickle-Cell / Nigritian Kief Society (Sister Somayah) Los • Conejo Valley Wellness Center, 29399 Agoura Rd. #112, Agoura Hills, (818)
Angeles (323) 232-0935 706-1143; M-F 11-7pm
North Hollywood • Collective Caregivers Pharmacy, 8239 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park, (818) 264-
• NoHo Caregivers, 4296 Vineland, North Hollywood (818) 754-0834 Open 11-8 0790; 11am-2am
daily. • HC Remedies, 19327 Ventura Blvd. #A, Tarzana; call for hours; (818) 758-9613
• North Hollywood Collective, 10929 Vanowen #110, North Hollywood, (818) • Canoga Park Caregivers, 21054 Sherman Way #220, Canoga Park, (818) 888-
763-4008 3720; M-Sat 11-7pm
• Holistic Caregivers, A Wellness Center, 10652 Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood, • 215 Club Inc., 22148 Ventura Blvd. #A, Woodland Hills, (818) 887-2106; fax:
818 760-0717; fax 818 760-4635. M-Sa 10-8pm; Sun 12-7pm (818) 887-2106; Tu-Sat 12-8pm; closed Mon-Sun
• The Collectively Organized Organic Products, 6748 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North • Valley Independent Pharmacy, 19459 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, (818) 345-5477; open
Hollywood, (818) 255-5303. M-Sa 10-8pm; Sun 11-7pm 10-7 daily.
• Patients Against Pain, 6240 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #B, North Hollywood, (818) • CannaMed of Northridge, 9349 Melvin Ave. #9, (818) 882-4849
752-7274; • Valley Co-Op, 8363 Reseda Bl. #203, Northridge, (818) 727-1419. M-Sa 11-7pm,
West Hollywood Sun 11-5pm
• LA Patients and Caregivers Group, 7213 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood • Compassionate Care of Studio City (no relation to “Compassionate Caregivers”),
(at Formosa); (323) 882-6033; 11314 Ventura Blvd, (818) 506-7207; (med menu on website)
• AHHS (Alternative Herbal Health Services); 7828 Santa Monica (@ Fairfax) West Open M-Th 11-7pm, Fr 11-8pm, Sa 12-8pm.
Hollywood; (323) 654-8792; call for hours. • West Valley Caregivers, 23067 Ventura Blvd #102, Woodland Hills, (818) 222-
• Medical Marijuana Farmacy, 7825 Santa Monica Blvd, (323) 848-7981; (LA 9212; open 12-10pm daily
area deliveries); M-Sa 10am-8pm; Su 12 pm-7pm. (see ad p.39)
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 35
• H.I.P., 22831 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills (818) 225-2426. Open M-F 10- • Med/A/Cab delivery service, Long Beach and mid-cities, (562) 256-5066; 11-7
10pm; Sa 11-10pm; Sun 12-8pm everyday.
• H.I.P., 13509 Ventura Blvd #A, Sherman Oaks (818) 907-1601. Open M-F 10-9, • Low Cost Deliveries, downtown Long Beach & surrounding area, (562) 753-3165
Sa & Sun 11-7pm Hours 10-10 daily.
• RNS Caregivers United, 10545 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, (818) 763-7479; • South Bay Delivery, Beach cities El Segundo/Palos Verdes, (310) 920-2329;
M-Sat 11-7pm 10-8 everyday
• Canoga Park Caregivers, 21054 Sherman Way #220, Canoga Park, (818) 888- • Diamond Delivery, Long Beach to North Orange Co., (562) 331-5415
3720; daily 11-7pm Orange — San Bernardino — Riverside
• Natural Relief Center, 7223 Owensmouth, Canoga Park, (818) 703-8599; open • Greenlight Discount Pharmacy, 15507 Cobalt St., Sylmar; Toll Free 1-877-367-
daily 11-7pm 9190; Open 7 days 10-10pm
• Chatsworth Caregivers Group, 21708 Devonshire St., Chatsworth, (818) • 215 Patient Bakery (edibles only) and 420 Primary Caregivers delivery service
998-9700; (see ad p.32) 421 N. Brookhurst #130, Anaheim, (714) 758-3500 Bakery open M-Sa 11-7.
• North Hollywood Collective, 10929 Vanowen St. #110; (818) 763-4008
Studio City • Legal Ease 1077 E. Main St., Tustin, (714) 508-3633, M-Fri 10-8pm, Sa-Sun 11-
• Toluca Lake Collective, 10628 Riverside Dr. Unit 1, Toluca Lake, (818) 752- 7pm
8420; open daily 10-9pm • OC Collective, Newport Beach, (949) 307-6504. Some free medicine given to
• The Health Center, 11324 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, (818) 509-0574 every patient who asks. Open M-F 11-7, Sa-Su 11-5.
• Herbal Love Caregivers on the Blvd, 3715 Cahuenga Blvd, Studio City, (818) • C-3 Deliveries, Orange Co/S. LA/N. SD, (714) 396-6770;
980-4420; open 7 days 11-7pm • Med-Drop deliveries Norco/Riverside/Corona, (951) 833-3668
• Compassionate Caregivers of Studio City, 1314 Ventura Blvd. Ventura Blvd.,
Studio City, (818) 506-7207 • Inland Empire Herbal Caregivers delivery service; San Bernardino Co., (951) 537-
East Los Angeles Area 0235.
• Whittier Medicinal Patients Collective & Lounge, 11618 Washington Blvd. #D (In • Green Ease Collective & Delivery serving San Bd’no/Big Bear/Hemet/Riverside,
El Pollo Loco Driveway), Whittier, (562) 692-3576; fax (562) 692-3583; open 7 (951) 258-6712;
days 11-7pm • C.A.P.S. (Palm Springs); (760) 325-1112
• United Caregivers Group, 643 S. Second Ave #G (2nd floor), Covina, (626) 967- • CannaHelp, 73350 El Paseo #204, Palm Desert, 877-760-4367. Open 10-8.
2080; open 7 days: 12-8pm • Collective Apothecary of Palm Springs, 333 North Palm Canyon Drive #118, Palm
• So-Cal Consultants Dispensary (SCCD) 486 W. Arrow Hwy., Covina, (626) 967- Springs, (760) 325-1112; fax (760) 325-1113. Open 7 Days: 11 to 7pm
1300; M-F 12-8pm; Sat-Sun 10-8pm • Palm Canyon – Palm Springs Caregivers, 2100 N. Palm Canyon Dr. #104-5B,
• Golden State Caregivers Association 5711 E. Beverly Blvd., East Los Angeles, Palm Springs, (760) 327-8810
(323) 888-0865; fax: (323) 888-0424; Open 7 days 11-8pm • Therapeutic Health Care Deliveries. Phone (949) 916-7176
• Cal Medical Caregivers Assoc., 15838 Halliburton Rd., Hacienda Heights, (626) • Peaceful Primary Caregivers Deliveries. Phone (949) 395-9588
336-2652; open 11-7 daily. • Healing Nations Collective, 80 W Grand Blvd, Corona, (951) 737-5100
• CMCA - LA, 3430 Whittier Blvd, East LA, (323) 261-2009 • OCMC Cooperative, Orange County, (949) 855-0310.; open 11-7 everyday. • Humble House deliveries to Orange County (949) 395-9588.
• W.M.P.C. 11618 Washington Blvd #D, Whittier (562) 692-3576; open 11-7 pm. • South Orange County Primary Caregiver deliveries, (949) 246-9395
• Whittier Collective 12450 #A East Washington Blvd. Some free medicine given
to every patient who asks. (562) 696-9696; M-F 11-7pm; Sa 11-6pm; Su 10-3pm • A.R.C. Collective - Orange Co. deliveries, (714) 999-9696.
• KGB Meds (San Bernardino - High Desert delivery service), (760) 246-7047
Long Beach and South Bay Hours: 8am-7pm
• Spiritual Awakening Deliveries; San Pedro and surrounding area delivery services • Dank Meds (San Bernardino deliveries); (760) 246-7396, Mon-Sat.
(310) 793-6556; 12pm-10pm Daily 9am-6pm.
• Peace of Green, 22828 Western Ave., Torrance, (310) 530-4135; Fax: (310) • Freeway Farmacy delivery; Beach cities El Segundo to Huntington Beach; (310)
530-2416. Mon-Fri 12-8pm, Sat-Sun12-6pm 349-9135
• California Caregivers Association of Redondo Beach, 201 Herondo St. #100, • Northern Lights Church (statewide support group), Laguna Beach; (949) 222-
Redondo Beach, (310) 374-1738; fax (310) 374-1354 4209 or
• Herbal Collective Caregivers, 3381 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, (562)-424- • CCCOC, delivery to So. Orange Co./No. San Diego Co., (714) 658-3502
• Compassionate Caregivers of Long Beach & Lounge, 4242 E. 4th Street, Long Ha w a ii
Beach, (562) 621-9777; fax (562) 621-9770; M-F 11-8pm & Sa-Su 11-7pm • State registration program, Dept. of Public Safety; 808-837-8470
• Long Beach Vapor Lounge Collective 1088 Redondo Ave., Long Beach, (562) • The Hawaiian Cannabis Ministry;
434-6761; M-F 11-8pm; Sa-Su 11-7pm • Maui Patients Without Time;
• ECHO Collective – Earth Choice Healing Organization, 716 North La Brea
Ingelwood, (310) 672-3246; open 9-8pm 7 days
• A-1 Compassionate Collective, 301 N Prairie Ave #512, Inglewood (310) 673-
2122 (“A1CC”); M-Sa 11-7pm
• The Holistic Caregivers, 1321 E. Compton Blvd, Compton (310) 889-4799; for Coffee Shops & Restaurants
deliveries phone (310) 764-4740. Open M-Sa 9am-7pm. Coffee Cup Café. Coffee, Smoothies, Pastries, & more; 4799 Heyer Ave., Castro
• Inglewood Wellness Center 318 S. Market St. Inglewood (310) 674-4444 Valley (corner of Heyer & Center), (510) 537-8382 (see ad p.6)
Bulldog Coffee Shop. Coffee, hemp-baked goods, & more; 1739 Broadway, Oakland
• California Caregivers Assn of Gardena, 17901 S. Vermont Ave #D, Gardena (310)
(Oaksterdam), (510) 459- 9346;
352-1188; open 11:30-8pm
• Green Cross of Torrance, 22926 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance (310) 378-4900. Open
10-8 daily.
Clothing and Apparel
• Cancer Help Center Herbal Collective, 3381 Long Beach Blvd @ Wardlow. Some free Ball Player Athletics. 15548 Hesperian Blvd., #195, San Lorenzo, (510) 317-
medicine given to every patient who asks. Long Beach 562-424-HERB Open M-F 6830;
11-8, Sa-Su 11-7 Girls Gone Weed. Apparel, Recipes, Media;
• CCLB (not affiliated with other “Compassionate Caregivers”) Long Beach (562) Hemp Connection. Hemp apparel, bath & body, stationary & more; 412 Maple
621-9777 call for details. Lane, Garberville, (707) 923-4851
• Nature’s Way Compassion Group, 1111 S. Pacific Ave. San Pedro (310) 514- Andromeda Enterprises. Jewelry and Gifts, (360) 352-4942_
9665 Open M-Sa 12-7.
• The Lawndale Collective, 14829 Hawthorne Boulevard, Suite 204, Lawndale Oaksterdam Gift Shop. Clothing, home décor, games & more; 405 15th St.
(310) 644-9420. Open 11-7 daily. Oakland
36 greenkind Fal l, 2006

Home & Garden Patient Information & Self Education

Hempress Arise. Consciously created off-the-grid hemp textiles; (541) 941-0473, NORML. National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Americans for Safe Access. Promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for
H2O Gardening. Hydroponics & Organic Supplies; 355 W. 7th St. San Pedro; (310) therapeutic use.
514-1416 Norm Stamper, Ph.D. Author and former chief of the Seattle Police force; (360)
Radio Shows & Podcasts Students for Sensible Drug Policy. (202) 293- 4414;
Drug Truth Network, KPFT Radio. 419 Lovett Blvd. Houston, TX; (281) 752- The Vancouver Island Compassion Society. (250) 381-8427;
9198, ZigZag-it. Medical cannabis directory; (818) 421- 7484;
Ed Rosenthal’s 420 Report. KPFA Radio; 94.1 FM; noon to 1pm – the last Friday WeedTracker. California cannabis co-op news, reviews, and photo menus;
of the month
NORML’s Daily Audio Stash. A variety podcast for responsible marijuana
smokers. Published @ 4:20pm ET; Entertainment
NORML News Podcast. NORML’s weekly news release in audio; Xil Records. Promotion, lights, sound, party; (253) 606-4541;
NORML’s Event Podcast. Devoted to special events, such as conferences,
speeches, and interviews;

Health & Well-Being

We Won!
Living Harvest Conscious Nutrition, Inc. P.O. Box 4407, Portland, OR 97208; In a victory for justice and compassion, Sensible Colorado
(888) 690-3958; is happy to announce that the Denver City Attorney’s Office
Jason Chase. Massage Therapy & Reflexology; (310) 210-3033. By appt only; has dropped all charges in the I-100 “Test Case” of Denver resident, Damien LaGoy.
Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company. Real Liquid Assets. Bus: (509) 485-
3912/Mobile (425) 785-9559; Sensible Colorado’s legal team aggressively defended Mr.
LaGoy through several court hearings to achieve this
Vacation & Travel Services outcome. Given LaGoy’s ailing health, Sensible Colorado
Best Lodging. One click away from a great place to stay; (530) 518- 7729; paid all legal expenses for Mr. LaGoy and in the process of reaching this landmark outcome incurred substantial legal
Apothecary Enterprises. Travel packages; (707) 459-2576; debt. Please donate today to allow us to keep representing patients such as Damien.

Patient Accessories Mr. LaGoy was the second “Test Case” of Denver’s I-100
law which amended city law to remove criminal penalties
4-Star Smoke Shop. 22554 Foothill Blvd. Hayward; (510) 888-9471; 516 East
for adults posessing small amounts of marijuana. To watch
3rd Ave., San Mateo (650) 685-7951; 7B Purity Plaza Woodland (530) 661-9935;
531 Sea Pright Ave. Santa Cruz (831) 420-0999 a powerful exposé by CBS 4 on Damien’s case see http://
Galaxy Gallery. Exotic Pipes, Art Gallery, Chronic Café, Funky Lounge. 7224
Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 936-2074 If you are aware of other patients who have suffered from
Mary Jane’s House of Glass. 212 NE 164th #19 Vancouver, WA; (360) 514- 8494 law enforcement harrassment, please contact us at (720)
Seven Leaf Brotherhood. Patient medicating kits, common sense, knowledge, 890-4247 or
Vapolution Vaporizers. The original glass on glass vaporizer; (530) 894-8148;
The Journal of
Vapor Store. An extensive collection of world-class vaporizers; (510) 595-8273. O’Shaughnessy’ Cannabis in
Stinky Clean. Completely re-useable multi-cleaner; (916) 439-7282; Clinical Practice email:
The Twilight Zone. Gift and smoke shop; 24058 Mission Blvd. Hayward, (510) p.o. box 9143, Berkeley, CA 94709
538-7945; 1630 El Camino Real, San Bruno, (650) 952-1670

Tattoo & Piercing

ON THE COVER: Redwood Bear, 18” high; August, 2006. Photo by
Lyle Tuttle Tattooing. 841 Columbus Ave. San Francisco; (415) 775-4991;
Marcella Sanchez.

Printing/ Illustration/ Graphic Design

Over, Down, Direction BIG FATTY (12,1,SW)
Pacific Printing. Commercial & Instant Printing, Graphic Design, Copies; 8239 e.g., 3 over, 1 down, east
West Third St. Los Angeles; (323) 651-4964; BLACKBERRY (14,10,N)
Designs by Sonia. Illustration & Graphic Design; (415) 613-2513; CRICKET (13,12,NW) DURGA MATA (3,1,SE)
KAHUNA (13,6,N)
Political Information MAGIC KUSH (15,6,S)
Lynette Shaw. Lt. Governor Candidate, Medical Cannabis Activist; CANNABIS ORANGE CRUSH (11,11,NW)
Pamela Elizondo. Green Candidate;
Republicans for Compassionate Access. (513) 207-3964; HINTS PURPLE KUSH (1,11,E)
PAGE 23 THE PURPS (9,10,W)
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 37

by Marcella Sanchez

Photos by Marcella Sanchez

Elders sharing knowledge with the 6,000 festival goers.

n Saturday, September 16th 2006 at 4pm PST over 200,000 people, in 250
locations in 50 countries were simultaneously praying for Peace & Unity.
Earthdance is more than a music festival; it’s a world-wide event uniting
club-kids in New York City, with Shamans from Mongolia, Brazilian teenagers,
and Gandhi’s grandson, all coming together for the purpose of World Peace and
Education. This year’s festival also highlighted a panel of elders that shared their
cherished knowledge with eager festival attendees.
A must see in Nor
Starting out in 1997, and growing every year since, earthdance brings to-
Cal. The winner of gether a melting-pot of jam bands, all-night cinema, electronica, dome dancing,
Urb Magazine’s tent city, folk music, hip-hop, international headliners. Also, Mr. Bubbles all night
2005 poll for “Best black light show room, the Healing Village, bathing suit optional river swimming,
Hip HoRap” artist, eco-friendly and communal living, plenty of food, water and enough entertain-
Wisdom & his ment to provide memories until next year’s festival.
Wisdom Creations For more information check out
Band got the crowd
jumping at Regaae,
the Hempfest , and

Blayne Lyon:
Jennifer Johns:
Luna & Moese Angel:
Toshi Reagon:
Tea Leaf Green:
Ani Di Franco:
India.Arie: Everything you need to know about reggae can be summed up with Bob Marley.
38 greenkind Fal l, 2006

on the River ’06 by Marcella Sanchez

The ladies love Sean Paul. ince its humble beginnings 23-years-
ago, Reggae on the River has become a
global phenomenon. Reggae and World
musicians from all over the globe dream of
performing at Northern California’s legendary
Reggae festival, the first of its kind and the
largest in the country. The 3-day festival is like
summer camp with headlining musicians, DJ’s,
swimming in the river, camping out, and no
counselors to take away your medication.

For More Information about Reggae on the

River 2007 check out:

A few of the estimated 20,000 attendees enjoy the main

stage on Saturday afternoon.

Dancehall artist, Baby Cham, signs an

autograph for one of the many female
reporters in the press tent.

Photos: Marcella Sanchez

Baby Cham:
Sean Paul:
Heavyweight Dub Champion:
Luna & Moese Angel:
Michael Franti & Spearhead:
Stephen Marley:
Ziggy Marley:
Fal l, 2006
all, greenkind 39