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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for RSTCT 5552-A



Feb. 25, 2008

BIBLIOGRAPHY OF REFERENCE WORKS ON PASTORAL MINISTRY Abstract Service. Chicago: Institute on the Church in Urban-Industrial Society, 1970- . Monthly. Kepple and Muether, DA19. Now prepared by the ICUIS and published by he Urban-Rural Mission Office, Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, World Council of Churches. Indexes and abstracts material on the urban church, church, church ministries to minorities, etc. Also provides information on where copies of the abstracted items may be obtained. An annual author, title, and subject index is available. Forming a Theology of Urban-Industrial Mission. Chicago: Institute on the Church in Urban-Industrial Society, 1975. Kepple and Muether, DA20. A classified annotated bibliography of materials treating the theology of the church’s mission in modern urban society. Author index. Also lists addresses of sources of the materials listed. Mission Beyond Survival: The Task for the Urban Church in the Eighties. Chicago: Institute on the Church in Urban-Industrial Society, 1980. Kepple and Muether, DA22. A classified annotated bibliography of materials about the church’s mission in the city. Fairly long descriptive annotations. Atkinson, David J., and David H. Fields, eds. New Dictionary of Christian Ethics and Pastoral Theology. Downers Grove, IL.: InterVarsity Press, 1995. Steward 246. An impressive, two-part work. First, a selection of 18 primary themes in this field are treated in essays; second, shorter topics are covered in the remaining 700+ pages. In both sections, articles have good bibliographies. Byers, David M. and Bernard Quinn. Readings for Town and County Church Workers: An Annotated Bibliography. Washington, DC: Glenmary Research Center, 1974. Kepple and Muether, DA24. “An attempt to bring together recent material of significant value on the peoples, places, problems, and prospects of rural America.” A highly selective list of 425 primarily non-religious items which will provide a background for church work in rural areas. Has descriptive and critical annotations. Indexed by author and by particular states discussed in the various materials. Campbell, Alastair V., ed. A Dictionary of Pastoral Care. London: SPCK, 1987. Stewart, 457. In the space of the only about 300 pages this work’s 300 entries provide careful coverage of the key themes and concepts in the field. (Example: the entry on “Pastoral Theology” is two pages long, is accompanied by eight bibliographic sources, and is cross-referenced to three 2

3 other entries.) Carr, Wesley, ed. The New Dictionary of Pastoral Studies. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002. Stewart, 458. Incorporating more than 700 entries by 200 contributors, this volume is a welcome update to the reference literature in the field, going a long way toward brining treatment of the subject up to date. There is a thorough general bibliography at the end. Placing bibliographies with the articles themselves would have made this work even better. Dayton, Edward R. Resources for Christian Leader: a Guide for Churches, Denominations, Missions, Service Agencies, 8th ed. Monrovia, CA: Missions Advanced Research & Communication Center, 1985. Kepple and Muether, DA1. Like the previous editions, about half of this book is a selective, classified, annotated bibliography of books to help the Christian leader. Includes both works from a Christian perspective (marked with a *) and helpful “secular” works. The rest of the book lists other resources (computers, newsletters, magazines, calendars, workbooks, cassettes, films, management and technical associations, training seminars, resource centers, directories). Has author, title, and publisher indexes. Dowling, Elizabeth M., and W. George Scarlett, eds. Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2006. This work’s aim is “better understanding the similarities and differences between world religions and spiritualities, between world religions and spiritualities, between expressions of the divine and between experiences of the transcendent (xxiii).” Provides a variety of topics with bibliographies and cross references. It includes list of entries and subject word index. Fecher, Vincent John. Religion & Aging: An Annotated Bibliography. San Antonio: Trinity University Press, 1982. Kepple and Muether, DA26. Lists with good descriptive annotations 473 books, dissertations, and articles (primarily English-language) on the religious aspects of life after age 60. Arranged under four major headings with useful subject and author indexes. A supplement at the back lists (without annotations) 11 “unlocated titles” and 20 “new titles.” A primary bibliographical tool for study of this topic. Frenchak, David J. and Clinton E. Stockwell. A General Bibligraphy for Urban Ministry. Chicago: Urban Church Resource Center and the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education, 1982. Kepple and Muether, DA21. A bibliography of about 400 items, arranged in two sections (books and periodical articles) by author. No annotations or subject classification. Useful as a raw list of “significant” material, but provides no help in evaluation that material. Goreham, Gary A. Rural Church in America, a Century of Writings: A Bibliography.

4 New York: Garland, 1990. Kepple and Muether, DA23. An extensive collection of 2,188 books, articles, theses, government publications, reports, and newspaper articles on the topic. Arranged by type of publication, subarranged by author. Author and subject indexes. Gorman, G. E., and Lyn Gorman. Theological and Religious Reference Materials. Vol. 3: Practical Theology. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1986. Stewart, 456. Through annotations make this a rich source of bibliographic information. Separate sections are included on Practical Theology generally, Liturgy and Worship, Homiletics, Education, Counseling, and Sociology. There are indexes by author, title, and subject. Hunter, Rodney J., ed. Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling. Nashville: Abingdon, 1990. Stewart, 459. The breadth and depth of this work (1,300+ pages) qualifies it as an encyclopedia, rather than a dictionary. This work’s objectives are to provide practical information, to integrate practice with theological and social theory, to provide focus and identity for pastoral care, and to promote ecumenical consciousness and understanding (pp. xi-xii). Bibliographies and cross references are extensive. Suseelan, M. A, ed. Resource Book on Aging. New York: United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, 1981. Kepple and Muether, DA25. Produced by the United Church of Christ, this work both describes the aging and lists numerous resources for working with the aging. Major sections are: Theological Perspectives on Aging, Description of the Aging, Services to the Aging, and Additional Resources on Aging (organizations, bibliographies, etc.). Turnbull, Ralph G, ed. Baker’s Dictionary of Practical Theology, Grand Rapids: Baker, 1967. Kepple and Muether, DA5. Intended to be “a source book for pastors and students.” Ten major topical sections: preaching, homiletics, hermeneutics, evangelism and missions, counseling, administration, pastoral, stewardship, worship, and education. Under each heading are a number of essays on aspects of the topic, complete with bibliographies. Indexed by subject and by persons. Conservative and American orientation. Wakeman, Gordon S. The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Spirituality. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1983. Kepple and Muether, DA4. Intended to provide “direct access to the whole development and present state” of Christian spirituality. About 150 international scholars have contributed over 350 articles representing international and ecumenical perspectives. Many biographical entries among the signed articles. Bibliographies are appended to most articles.

5 Water, Mark, ed. The Encyclopedia of Prayer and Praise. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2004. This work is made of two parts: Part One is about Individual Prayers by Topic, indexed by authors and sources, and subjects. Part Two is consists of Historical Works on Prayer and Collected Prayers. Includes collections of prayers of pious Christians of previous and contemporary generations, prayers for young children and young people, and teachings on prayer.

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