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Stores:1. Malviya Nagar 2. Vaishali Nagar 3. Vidhan Sabha Road 4. Tonk Road Prod !ts:1. P re "hee 2. Milk

3. #assi 4. $airy %hiteners &. $ahi '. S(eets )Rasg lla* Peda* Shrikhand* +alakand et!.,

Planet M

Stores:1. "a rav To(er 2. Vi-ay Path* Mansarover 3. .-/er Road Prod !ts:1. M si! 0$1s

Movie Videos '. $o(nloading Pro6iles . %all3a3ers 5. . M lti/edia 4. 0assettes 3. 2iogra3hies 4. dio 2ooks &.2.

33lian!es 3.e(ellery 18. 9o/e a33lian!es 4. +it!hen . M"7 Metro3olitan Mall 2. Tools : 9ard(are &. . 11. . Tonk Road Prod !ts:1. 0a/eras Movies et!. +it!hen(are 2.Departmental Stores Big Bazaar Stores:1.

<le!troni!s =. to . 0o/3 ters Vishal Mega Mart Stores:1.'. Malviya nagar . Toys 4. 0rystal 0o rt 2.!!essories 5. .

"overn/ent 9ostel 0ir!le .3. Vidhyadhar Nagar &. S n n Moon 4.

!!essories 5.Prod !ts:1. 2. 3.e(el Mart . 7 rnit re =. 4... 7ood Mart)beverages* 0ooked >ndian* 0ooked 0hinese* $rinks* 7r its : Vegetables et!. 0ro!kery 18. "ar/ents )Men* #adies* 2oya* "irls. Travel . Stationery '. Toys : "a/es 4.7M0" 12. 9o/e 7 rnishing )2edroo/* $ra(ing Roo/* +it!hen* 2ath Roo/. S3orts : 7itness &.0ons /ers $ rables 11.

Convenient Stores Aarti Kirana & Provision Store #o!ation:V. Road* ?33osite to Ryan >nternational S!hool* Mansarovar Prod !ts:.T. . i!e* 2akery >te/s* >!e 0rea/ et!.0os/eti!s* .

Vi-ay Path* Mansarover 2. Vidyadhar Nagar Prod !ts:1. Malviya Nagar 3. "ro!ery . S bhash 0hok 4. 7M0" 2.Corporate Chain Reliance Fresh Stores:1.

0rystal Pal/ Prod !ts:1.Mc Donald’s Stores:1.. Ra. "a rav To(ers 2. . 0ore Men )0hi!ken Men ggets* M! Veggie et!. 9a33y Pri!e Men )M! . 2. <@tra Val e Meals )Paneer Salsa %ra3* 0hi!ken Me@kan %ar3* 0hi!ken M! arill et!. 3.Mandir 3.loo Tikki* Salad Sand(i!h et!..

Meera Marg* Mansarover 2. 7M0" . 9a33y Meals )0hi!ken M! aril* Veg PiAAa M! 3 66 et!.4.. +averi Path* Mansarover Prod !ts:1. S per Mar!et B3haar S 3er Mart Stores:1. 2everages )9ot 0ho!olate* 0oke* 0old 0o666ee et!. $esserts ) M! s(irl* So6t serve Reg lar* M! Shake et!. &.. '..

'.7M0" .T<N Stores : .Meera Marg*Mansarovar Ridhi-Sidhi* Mansarovar Prod !ts:.

7M0" 0ons /er d rables .Malviya Nagar Prod !ts:1. 2."#per Mar!et $a rav %o&er #o!ation:.

'nder Constr ction Cit# Center #o!ation:.Tonk Road .

Mansarovar Plaza #o!ation:.Madhya/ Marg .

Malviya Nagar .(orld %rade Par! #o!ation:.

Tonk Road 2. Vaishali Nagar .Food Chain Kanha Stores:1.

Mandir . Malviya Nagar 2. 0ontinental 2.S(eets 3.3. S bhash Nagar Prod !ts:1. Ra.>ndian 0 isine Domino’s Stores:1.

2everages 4.3. 0hoi!e o6 To33ings Pizza h t . Metro3olitan Mall Prod !ts:1. Side ?rders 3. Veg PiAAas 2. 0hoi!e o6 0r sts &.

M. Sindhi 0a/3 Prod !ts:1. $esserts Shopper’s Stop . Veg PiAAas 3.>. 0rystal 0o rt 2. To33ings 4.Stores:1. Road 3. Novelty PiAAas 2.

7oot(ear )Men* %o/en. "a rav To(er 2. Triton Mall Prod !ts:1. 3.Stores:1.!!essories )Men* %o/en. . 2. . .33arel )Men* %o/en.

A)A)D F*R% C+*S.Malviya Nagar .D Location: .