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Submitted to Professor Delia Cruz Medina Interamerican University, Arecibo Campus

By Noel Feliciano Febus December 11, 2013

Every day, more born and bred American men are becoming terrorists. They show hatred for their government and are motivated enough to seek its downfall. More and more we see Americans arming themselves without any real government control. There has always been dissent in the U.S. against the government in one way or another, but in the last 20 years or so it has become militant Also individuals arm themselves by buying at gun shows without any background checks. How can we protect ourselves if the threat is internal and unseen? Who wants to be killed at a marathon or shopping at a mall? We should find out why we are breading this hatred for our country. We must implement again the pledge of allegiance in our schools. The U.S. is responsible for permitting this violent behavior to escalate into full blown armed civil conflict.


Terrorism is a problem that affects our daily lives. Every day more youths are becoming filled with hate. The internet with its terrorist, jihadist, militant America hating web pages have brainwashed a spoiled youth. “The Unabomber, Oklahoma City bomber, Fort Hood and Oslo assailants are examples of this new form of terrorist.” (Bates 2012) More recent examples are the 2013 Boston Marathon bombers and the shootings. Americans becoming terrorists against their own country. The morals of a spoiled, lazy, pampered youth have lead them to ruin. We have to reexamine our society to find out why this is happening.

Domestic Terrorism effects our daily lives. Olympic and other sports events in America have to be carefully secured against terrorists. Since the Oklahoma City bombing ,in which people were killed at a Federal Building, to the Boston marathon bombing ,in which a pressure cooker full of shrapnel to kill and maim was used , Americans have been implicated in the terror tactics and death of other Americans. “Homegrown terrorism has long threatened the United States, with varying degrees of severity. Today radical Islamic homegrown terrorism is a major part of the terrorist landscape, and the threat appears to be growing.” (Barnes 2013).

So called American freedom fighters are nothing but terrorist. The second amendment of the US constitution does not give us a right to bear arms. The intention of the founding fathers was to arm a militia at a moment’s notice if the country is invaded not for paranoid nutcases to stockpile weapons and commit acts of violence .Many Americans want to overthrow the US government or kill the president in the belief that his weapons will be taken away .They do not recognize the us governments authority over them.

The 2013 LAX Shootings demonstrate how one Lone Wolf gunman can go on a shooting rampage at an airport without anyone stopping him. We aren’t safe even at the airport. Weapons should be limited to the police forces and the army. Armed citizens lead to Lone wolf terrorist with an itchy trigger finger.

Lone wolf terrorism in America is directly linked to the easy access of weapons in gun shows and shops and an ever increasing belief that problems are solved by gunshots. The second amendment of the U.S. constitution has to be repealed. Our founding fathers never dreamed that the right to bear arms would be used as an excuse to shoot and innocent people Only the Military and law enforcement should be armed. All armed citizens should be disarmed. That way if a person has some grievance with government policies or other personal problems these issues will be resolved thorough civilized means like protest or other forms of problem resolution. This will eliminate the problem of a single sick individual arming himself with combat weapons and killing everyone in his path. Our right to peace of mind supersedes there right to bear arms.

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