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APRIL 8, 2014



BRAND REVIEW………………………………………………………………. BUDGET ALLOCATION……………………………………………………... INDUSTRY AND ITS KEY FACTORS………………………………………. IMC OBJECTIVES……………………………………………………………. MEDIA PLAN FOR DIET COKE……………………………………………. CAMPAIGN SCHEDULING AND BLOCKING CHART………………….. GRAPHIC TREATMENT……………………………………………………. CONCLUSION………………………………………………………………… BIBLIOGRAPHY…………………………………………………………….

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Brand Review

Diet Coke was first launched in 1982 and it is currently the No.3 soft drink worldwide according to the Coca-Cola Company. Diet coke was originally the 1st brand other than the Coca-Cola itself to carry its huge name.

(Brand New, 2011) Diet coke is a sugar and calorie free soft drink with a delicious taste which helps to boost up in your busy day. If you drink normal coke it gives you side effects like Kidney cancer, Fatigue and increases stroke risk but diet coke doesn’t gives you such harmful effects. Diet Coke enhances the performance of Athletes and gives benefits for appetite reduction. (Coca-Cola)


Brand image of the product is to support awareness of women’s heart health program which reduces the heart stroke risk. The brand hopes that this new remarkable modern design will inspire people to lead healthy lives and care about the product. (Rudenko, 2010) Brand Positioning: For aspirational adults, diet coke is the smart solution that helps keep them at the top of their game. (Coca-Cola) Unique Selling Point: “Diet Cola- The Little Black Dress” Place in the industry: From the holistic point of view, the Diet is showing a negative growth from the past years. Diet coke sales declined 7.3% from mid-February to mid-march. The Product is facing problems due to viscosity issues. Canadians are really concerned about the health issues because of the artificial sweeteners added in the drinks which cause cancer and heart diseases. The only solution to save the product is to change the consumer’s perception about the product through the developing of artificial sweetener that does not contain aspartame that actually tastes good. The product should contain mid-calorie options with the mixture of stevia and sucrose to increase the future sales of diet coke. (Cooper, 2014)

II. Budget Allocation
Television CTC ACTION AUX GLOBAL NEWS CBC NEWS HBO CANADA DISCOVERY CHANNEL April 3500 3500 3500 3500 3500 3500 3500 May 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 June 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 July 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 August 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 September 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 COST 13500 13500 13500 13500 13500 13500 13500 3


3500 3500 3500 3500 3500 3500 3500

2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

13500 13500 13500 13500 13500 13500 13000 188500 5600 5250 5250 5250 5150 4500 4150 4150 39300 12100 11550 10100 5600 11300 11500 11500 73650 10550 10000 10000 10000 10000 50550 10500 10500 10500 10500 10500 4

1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1000 1000 1000

900 900 850 850 850 800 750 750

800 750 800 800 800 800 700 700

800 700 750 750 700 650 650 650

800 700 700 700 700 650 550 550

800 700 650 650 600 600 500 500

4000 4000 4000 1500 4000 4000 4000

3000 2500 1400 1100 2000 1500 1500

1500 1500 1400 1000 1500 1500 1500

1300 1300 1300 800 1500 1500 1500

1200 1150 1000 700 1200 1500 1500

1100 1100 1000 500 1100 1500 1500

2550 2000 2000 2000 2000

1800 1800 1800 1800 1800

1700 1700 1700 1700 1700

1600 1600 1600 1600 1600

1500 1500 1500 1500 1500

1400 1400 1400 1400 1400

2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

1700 1700 1700 1700 1700

1700 1700 1700 1700 1700

1700 1700 1700 1700 1700

1700 1700 1700 1700 1700

1700 1700 1700 1700 1700


52500 5000 10000 4000 8000 3500 8000 3000 8000 2500 8000 2500 8000 20500 50000 70500 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 25000 $500000

1000 1000 1000 1000 1000

800 800 800 800 800

800 800 800 800 800

800 800 800 800 800

800 800 800 800 800

800 800 800 800 800

We have distributed about 1/3rd of the budget on the television shows because of the millions of people watching it. By showing our advertisement at different timings at their favourite shows increases the awareness of Diet coke. In the first month we are spending $3000 in each television channel and after that once our product advertisement shows some result then we decrease the amount of spending in the following months. Around $80000 will be used for social media like you tube, Instagram to advertise the product. Now-a-days consumers are very much aware about the social media in which advertisement really affects the sales and awareness. Rest of the money has been distributed in magazines, print media, direct marketing and radio advertisements. III.

Industry and its Key factors:

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been the companies that have led the non-alcoholic beverage industry for years. Coke has been the leading brand name surpassing other giants every time. Currently it produces over 500 brands in more than 200 countries and territories. There are numerous factors that have made this possible for Coca-Cola. Some of these factors are:


1. Organization Size: The effectiveness of a company, its competitiveness and effective distribution channels depend upon how big or small a company is. Large corporations such as Coca-Cola prove themselves to be worthy in these areas. The organization size and structure have helped Coca-Cola to diversify themselves as a company and capitalize on maximum market share. 2. Global Expansion: Globalization for a company is another important factor that helps him survive market competition and emerge as a big successful company. As mentioned Coca-Cola currently produces over 500 brands in more than 200 countries and territories. They have also had various mergers and acquisitions to make this possible, thus capitalizing on the major market share of other countries. 3. Price: Pricing has been an important strategy for the company since its beginning and further expansion. It is because of its low pricing that people prefer to have more of these beverages than any other drinks. People even prefer to have this over water. 4. Brand Loyalty: It has been a major issue in recent years for the company. Coca-Cola focusses on brand loyalty because they are aware of the fact that consumers are very keen on choosing a brand especially when it comes to soft drinks. They have been the chosen brand by consumers for years. They have been the number 1 brand surpassing many other giants. 5. High capital investment: This is one important factor that eliminates a number of competition from the market. Thus, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been the market leaders because of their huge investments in various sectors such as marketing, advertising, Human resources and logistics. 6. Product Innovation: This is one area where Coca-Cola has proven its metal. They have variety of brands under them which includes products such as Diet Coke, Caffeine free Diet Coke, Coke Cherry, Fanta etc.

(Shabby Blogs, 2012) (Coca-Cola India, 2010)


Challenges faced by the Brand:
In recent years Coca-Cola as a brand have faced numerous challenges and some of them really affected them. Now Coca-Cola is trying to be relevant and save its image. Some of the challenges faced by the company are as follows:  Tooth Decay and Acid: Acidity and decaying of tooth has been one of the major causes of concern as too much of exposure to acidic drinks leads to tooth damage. Coca-Cola also has been a part of several court cases since 1940s declaring that the acid present in the drink is harmful. Similarly Pepsi-Cola also contain acid in them that can cause damage.

High fructose corn syrup: High fructose corn syrup was introduced in many of the processed foods and soda drinks in the US between the years 1975-85. Since 1985, high fructose syrup was being used as an ingredient in Coca-Cola instead of sucrose which could reduce costs. This was seen as a criticism. High fructose syrup increased the levels of obesity and diabetes. As per FDA’s newly suggested food labels Coca-Cola has to display its use of sugar and high fructose syrup.

Michelle Obama’s Campaign against obesity: There has been a recent campaign held by Michelle Obama against obesity amongst people which is causing problems for this American multinational company. She has been asking Americans to drink more water instead of these soft drinks because of the problems it is causing to health of the people.

(Coca-Cola) (The New York Times, 2014)

Consumer Profile:


Coca-Cola has been highly favored by teenagers. The popularity of the product lies very much with the age group of 18-24 year old but the consumption is high amongst 25-40 year olds. In terms of income people with the bracket of $35,000 - $40,000 per annum are the heaviest users of Coca-Cola. In terms of households people with 3-4 members in a family and people with children in their family are the major users of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola also targets young men and professionals with the age group of 25-40 year old. Consumers have always been loyal towards Coca-Cola mainly because of its taste. It is less sweet and is preferred by everyone. Previously Diet Coke was towards the young professionals (25-35 year old). This time the core target market would be people ageing from 18 to 40 year old. But our aim would be to reach out to all the people who want to stay, eat and DRINK healthy. IV.

IMC Objectives:

Coca-Cola as a brand has been facing several issues majorly concerning to people’s health. Consumers have been avoiding soft drinks in recent times as it is said to be a major reason for obesity. The brand value for Coca-Cola as a whole is dropping. This was the reason the decision to re-introduce Diet Coke took place. Through this re-introduction, Diet Coke will emerge as the drink which will lead your life the healthy way. Some of the core IMC objectives are as follows:  Sales Objective: Diet Coke has not proved to be a successful product amongst consumers. Initially people were not very health conscious because of which the consumption of diet coke was not much and the sales generated out of the product was not something which the company expected. Now by re-branding the product the company targets to increase its sales volume and capitalize on the lost market share. The company aims at increasing its sales volume by 20% in the first 6 months.  Brand Loyalty: With the recent challenges faced by the company, the brand image of the company has been hampered. But when it comes to loyalty the consumers are still very loyal the Coca-Cola. So the company with this re-introduction targets its loyal consumers and to stabilize its image in the market. Ultimately the long term objective of the company is to increase its loyal customer base.


Brand awareness: The Company aims at creating awareness amongst its consumers about Diet Coke. They want the consumers to know that consuming Diet Coke will not be unhealthy for them. It is mainly targeted for people who want to drink coke but hesitate because of the health issues been taken up.

Advertising: It is one of the important IMC plans to reach the target audience. Coca-Cola has been one of the brightest example of TV advertising. They have always had strong advertising strategies to attract its consumers. Coca-Cola advertising has always attempted to show changing lifestyles. They always have a social content in their advertisements. Celebrity endorsements is also a key factor to their advertising strategy. For Diet Coke the strategies will remain same as the most important factor related to this product is health and it is also the most discussed topic in the society.

Media selection: Coca-Cola as a company has always selected the best advertising medium for its products. These medium include TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and websites. They have always showcased their product really well through these mediums. Now with social media being an integral part of people’s lives, this gives Coca-Cola another great platform for their advertisements and promotions. Coca-Cola can create a Diet Coke fan page for its consumers on Facebook where people can post their likes and dislikes about the product and through which the company can work upon its product. They can have consumers write on twitter and can create a #tag account on twitter. They can also use Instagram as a source to post all the photographs of the major events of Diet Coke conducted or sponsored by the company. In order to have brand management through social media services such as Facebook, twitter, Google+ the company can use Hoot Suite as a social media management system. They can also share the photographs of the launch event of Diet Coke. Creating ads for TV, radios, newspapers and magazines is very essential as it will cover a large portion of the target audience. Live events at the shopping malls showcasing the product and also creating awareness will be beneficial. Promoting Diet Coke at schools and colleges and giving away free samplers can be another method for the company to create awareness. (ehow) (Hoot Suite)


Media Plan For Diet Coke Creative Strategy & Media Recommendations

Appeal Technique – Appeal is one of the most important aspects of conveying a right message to audience. The most correct and “right is your appeal the most promising and right reactions” you will get. Appeal is all about the way of delivering the message in advertisements to directly influence the consumers to buy the product. Also, it is very powerful and helpful way to create a positive image of the product in the eyes of the consumers. So, for our diet coke we will be using “logical appeal” in order to change the beliefs of consumers about the Coca-Cola regarding health issues like obesity, tooth decay that diet coke is a solution for all because it is zero calories, zero gram sugar as it is sweetened by aspartame an artificial sweetener and not by sugar. Also, diet coke is available in different flavors like caffeine free, cherry, citrus zest which are good for health as well. However, with the logical appeal we will try to convince the consumers to consume Diet Coke by telling them benefits of Diet Coke. Tone – Tone is the necessary component of brand building and creating brand awareness through ads. Tone is like a body language which tells about the mood, situation and defines the different attributes of the brand or product. Tone is the overall personality and most importantly, it constructs the face of the brand on which people get attracted to purchase the product and through which consumer connects itself with the brand and finds some similarities between itself and the brand. So, as we are rebranding the Diet Coke and our target market is (18-40) years of age group which is young students and young professionals so in order to do convince this market which is a symbol of energy, joy, passion and excitement we will be using following tones: Intense, Assertive and Exciting tones through our advertisements. Intense tone will comply towards the passion of consumers to have a Diet Coke because of its healthy and nutritious content which we will describe in assertive tone and with full excitement shown in advertisement to enjoy the Diet Coke at every moment which will be reflected with exciting tone.

Big Idea – “Diet Coke – Enjoy till the last drop” This is the brand positioning statement of a company and we will create the name of our ad campaign with this name itself “Enjoy till the last drop”. Under the Big idea we urge the Coca-Cola to reintroduce the Diet Coke as a brand. The main reason for this is to deliver the message to the people that now they should not hesitate to drink the Coke’s products due to health issues like obesity and enjoy drinking a Coca-Cola product. The company can provide a bigger platform this time to reintroduce the product. It will be a huge event where the product will be reintroduced or re- launched as a healthy, refreshing soft drink. The event will be organized by the company with complete media coverage and will telecast on all major TV channels. They will also conduct a live streaming for internet users for free. The event will have most of the fitness icons or Hollywood stars, sportspersons. The entire event will be hosted by these icons and all the information regarding the product will be provided by them. The main reason why we are bringing in these celebrities is because of the connection they will create with the audience. This will have a definite impact on the sales objective of Diet Coke. After this event, all the advertisements regarding the product will be started to showcase and aired on popular TV channels with some of the advertisements featuring the celebrities that were present in the event. Also, from here the company would further follow the agenda of execution of an ad campaigning throughout the Canada via mentioned media vehicles “Diet Coke – Enjoy till the last drop”.

Creative approach for TV & reasons to choose it
Television is the most effective media tool in Canada to reach massive consumers for any brand or product. TV creates very fast and quick impact on viewers through advertisements shown between mostly viewed programs like News, Sports, General Knowledge & Entertainment. TV is the most successful medium to reach audience during perfect timing within the whole 24 hours

i.e. “Prime Time” when consumers are very receptive to advertisements. So, for our brand Diet Coke it is one of the appropriate platforms to reach our target audience as the average Canadian Adult aged 18+ spends 29.4 hours per week watching television which states that TV is very effective medium for us to advertise and to reach our consumers on vast basis. Below is a graph which represents the stats about the response of Adults 18+ consumers towards advertisements through different mediums:
(htmlpublish) (TVB)

Adults 18+ Most Receptive to Ads While


13.7 5.6




Internet a Newspaper Reading a Magazine On the Out

of Home


the Listening



Source: BBM Analytics, June 2013

Therefore, we are willing to advertise on basically every national TV channels who caters to mass audience on a national basis and for that here is a list of most viewed channels by our target market:
CTV is Canada's #1 private broadcaster. It features news, sports, information, and entertainment programming on vast basis with completely perfect quality. From past 12 years in a row CTV is Canada's most-watched television network. Being a division of Bell Media CTV has most tremendous records of showcasing many popular daily basis shows.


“Action knows Action” is the slogan for the channel. It features hit movies and high stakes series which are very much admired and watched by youngsters.

AUX offers music-related programs and videos profiling newly emerging artists in various dance and music styles as alternative, hip hop, indie rock, indie pop and other genres. It is a news platform serving the audience on global basis and even it serves particular regions as well to broadcast daily regional news and caters to mass audience which is very useful station for creating brand awareness of Diet Coke in nationally.

Canadian Broadcasting Centre caters to whole Canada with the daily news on national and regional both the levels which will help us in reaching high volume of consumers

HBO features world class HD movies and is most likely and popular English movie channel among youngsters which will help us to reach most specifically to our target market.

Discovery Canada is very popular and wide network in Canada which serves every part of the country, features science and technology, nature and adventure programming which almost every youngster watches, especially males. TSN is channel featuring sports, game tournaments, sports news, sports events and do live streaming of the sports on national basis which a very good platform to touch the hearts of millions of young students and professionals. Omni Channel is multilingual channel and caters to large number of audience and it showcases different events done in Canada by Bollywood & Hollywood stars which young people likes the most, various popular TV series Food channel because our product is Diet Coke and is a soft drink which people consumes with the food. So, we can tie-up with the TV shows on this channel which tells people recipes of different dishes can show & advertise consumption of Diet Coke with most of the dishes. It is Canada’s alone 24-hour network which offers music-based programmes throughout the whole country and is admired most by youngsters. Travelling is very much associated with food and beverages & everybody considers to have a drink when they travel & travel channel is viewed by people who plan to travel or have interest in watching different places and exploring them at home itself.

CMT is Ca

It forecasts weather throughout the 24 hours of a day & also gives information on various sectors affected or influenced by the weather which is very productive platform to advertise as it completely engages & serves our target audience & caters to high massive people.


Fashion TV is highly watched by youth & especially young girls and boys who are students to get updated with the new fashion clothes, accessories, foot wears, etc. so it will be very beneficial to advertise on FTV & also Diet Coke can collaborate with fashion models to advertise the drink on this channel which will be very essential tool to attract young people.

Most popular TV Events & Shows during which we show the ad 3-4 times:

Canada’s Top 5 TV Events of 2013: Program

Canada’s Top 5 TV Shows of 2013 Program 1. 2. 3. 4.



Audienc e


3.5 million




6.6 million


3.0 million
2.43 million

2. THE
OSCARS® CTV 2/24/2013 6.3 million

3 . 4

101st GREY CUP TSN THE 70th ANNUA L GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS The 55th Annual Grammy Awards 11/24/2013 4.5 million



2.2 million 1.7 million




3.5 million


(CNW, 2013)
GLOBAL 2/10/2013 3.4 million


Creative Approach for RADIO & reasons for media choice
Radio after TV is another most commonly used medium to reach mass audience as according to BBM Canada it reaches 90% of the 12+ Canadians for more than 19 hours each week. So, with the help of making our advertisement air on the Radio up to 12-15 times a day will perfectly convey our message to our target audience. Below is the list of some Radio stations which we have chosen for Diet Coke’s advertisement & also Company can do promotions on Radio by giving free Diet Coke coupons to the winner of popular contests which really help to get attractions of people. Audience Composition by Day Part (%) Time Block Breakfast 6-10a Mid-day 10a-4p Drive 4-7p Evening 7p-12a Women 18+ 48 50 46 44 Men 18+ 49 49 49 49

Source: BBM Fall 2011, National, AQH Audience

Creative Approach for Internet & Reasons for media choice
Canadians are the heaviest users of the internet in the world, according to a report from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). (CIRA) It illustrates that Canadians have been spending an average of 45.6 hours online per month, compared to 40.3 hours in the U.S. and a world average of 24.4 hours which is relatively very high when compared to other countries. (Business Canada, 2014) So, that’s why we have chosen this medium for our advertising & we have chosen certain websites in order to execute this idea such as: Yahoo, MSN, Amazon, Internet Movie Database (IMDB), and Yelper & It’s my market because these are highly visited websites by consumers in order to looking for interesting movies & for shopping online.

(Smartcanucks, 2007) In terms of Social Media Websites we have chosen a very specific platform of some very particular and popular Social Networking sites which fulfills our motive to reach our target audience very successfully. There are many social networking sites in the world today but we chose few and most responsive out of that, the chart below clearly states the percentage of active users which are higher than any others on sites mentioned in Chart.

(Jeff Bullas) Also, in terms of our target market which is (18-40) years of students and young professionals these social media sites are part of their routine & everybody has smart phones today which are called the “third screen” due to which one can easily access to these networking sites. So, to promote our “DIET COKE- ENJOY TILL THE LAST DROP” campaign we will be using following:

We will create a page for our ad campaign & ask people for hitting likes, sharing page, uploading their pictures with the Diet Coke & we will also upload pictures of our events, promotional campaigns for more and more response.


We will create a twitter page for our ad campaign & also create a #hashtag so that more & more people will be able to follow it & tweet about it and share their views.

This is the wonderful platform to exactly show everything through videos & visual is always more powerful than words. So, we will post our ads on it, upload videos from our promotional campaigns, road shows, any other events which will help in creating high media buzz & great awareness.

LinkedIn is completely professional site but still people gives ads on LinkedIn & is really good platform for targeting one segment of our core audience which is young professionals aged between (18-40) years. We will post our ads on this site.
On Google+ we will make Diet Coke community & post pictures, videos of our ad campaigns in colleges, universities, and food courts of offices which will help us in attracting millions of people by connecting directly with them.

A very popular social media for uploading pictures, videos & we will use it in the same way for uploading most of the pictures associated with our campaign at different places, restaurants, bars, pubs where we do promotions so that people can feel the connection with the brand.

We will make group board on Pinterest to promote our ad campaigns and share it with people & they could be able to pin it, share it & follow our group boards. Also, we can advertise every good aspect of Diet Coke with the help of pictures which will definitely connect various people with the brand.

Creative Approach for Print & reasons for media choice
We will be choosing newspapers & magazines for promoting Diet Coke because the statistics about daily newspapers is “sizzling”. There are 121 daily newspapers in Canada. 74% people are daily newspaper readers in Canada means 9/10 people read newspapers daily in Canada. So, this is the fastest and very effective medium to reach our target audience. There are 5 national newspapers we have chosen to give our ads in:


1. Toronto Star- The largest daily circulated nespaper in Canada.

2. Globe and Mail - This newspaper is distributed on very wider and vast basis throughout the country. 3. La Prasse – It is the leading French news paper in Canada which help to target french language speakers. 4. Gazette- Owned by the Canadian media company “Post media network” and it the largest Canadian national newspaper in English-language. 5. Vancouver Sun – It is again the part of Postmedia News newspaper holdings and is based in Vancouver, BC & Canada which will help with some regional marketing as well.

So, we will be giving ads in these newspapers in different types such as Rop Colour, Inserts, Flex Form & Gauranteed Positioning so that we can attract our customers in every possible way and convey them our message precisely.
(W3newspapers) (Humber)

In Canada people admire magazines most and get engaged through magazines very easiliy and effectively. Magazines help advertisers to get most of the attention of the consumers out of their daily busy schedule, in various ways:  Draws consumers attention towards ads and to get the deatiled knowledge about the brand in return they search on websites.  People who love to read get attracted to various products.  Effective ads led the consumers to get the intent of purchasing  Increase brand awareness & repitive ads even leads to growth in brand favourability

 Most popular magazines are most trusted & ads in them have a great impact on consumers in making their mind to buy it or start using it. Therfore, we have chosen most popular magazines to advertise in different categories like food & beverages, fashion, clothing 1. Flavours – It is Canada’s largest F&B magazine & is distributed through out the Canada. Also, company is advertising a Diet Coke which is a drink and through this magazine we can give a message of consuming it with most of the foods. 2. Food & Drink – Another largest consumers targeting magazine through F&B’s which help to convey the right message and attract most of the consumers. 3. Flare – Canada’s one of the most largest fashion magazine which basicallyy targets the women who wants to look beautiful and get updates about the fashion on daily basis so, it will help us to reach “women power”. 4. Fashion – Another most popular magazine for fahion trends basically read by both males & females for getting upgraded to latest fashion and Diet Coke is also all abou better lifestyle with perfect body shape.

5. Canadian Business - The most trusted magazine for nearly 1.1 million of people of Canada & directly targeting to young professionals. (W3Nespapers)

Apart from print & electronic media the another marketing tools we have chosen are 1. “Direct marketing” 2. “D-O-O-H – Digital-Out- Of-Home Marketing” The reasons behind these media choices are these are “word-of-mouth” marketing also &:

1. Direct Marketing – It is the most influential way of marketing as the brand is directly connecting to customers, by which customers also feel different & effective connection with the brand. We will execute it in different ways such as:  By giving free coupons on fast food stores.  By doing promotional campaigns in schools, colleges & universities and will distribute free samples over there to target students.  By sponsoring the “Annual year” events of highly recognized MNC’s which will help us in core targeting the young professionals.  By sponsoring events like road shows of celebrities, live music & drama concerts to get the most attraction of the youth & will distibute cans of Diet Coke to everybody with the message of healthy lifestyle and enjoying every moment of life. 2. D-O-O-H – Digital- Out-Of – Home Marketing – This 21st cebtury is the complete age of technology which is leading everything to digitization. Now the ads are also shown in digitized way on the most busy places of our society to get the attention of high volume of consumers, even when they are walking around in the malls, doing shopping, having fun, travelling, roaming around on streets. So, all these times when consumers are free from work or even if in a rush to go to office but advertisers never fail to grab consumers attention. Therefore, we have chosen


Digital Mall Network- Includes mall banners, mall posters, mall specialties, digital office networks on which our ads & poster with the key message of our ad campaign will be displayed & showed. Street level – In this we will advertise on bus benches,bus stops & poles of street corners. Superboards – The digital superboards, even in the ight get the attention of the people and attract them.




Digital Airport Advertising – It is done by showing the ads on LCD TV at the airports which also grab the attention of most of the people. There is airport exterior marketing as well by placing digital billboards outside the exteriors.


Digital Posters- on the streets with special attractive designs. (Humber)

5 types of Media startegies regarding coverage
1. Brand Impressions – It is an estimate of the number of people a particular advertisement is reaching to, and may be counted in different ways depending upon the way the ad is positioned on the page, as well as numerous times the web page where the ad appears is shown. We will be earning the brand impressions with the help of Ad reports. (SEO solutions) 2. Google Think insights - is also a good & new tool to get the idea that how effective is our media vehicles which we can use to get the idea how much effective is our marketing as it gives different consents of the brand like brand awareness by particular ad, etc. it has a “marketing objective” option to do this. 3. Adwords – It is also featured by Google and Google calculates the reach and frequency for the ads. So, we will be registering our campaign on it from very beginning and check this platfrom frequently to get the data of whole response from consumers. (Google) 4. Facebook – There is a whole criteria to measure reach, frequency, social impressions on Facebook for marketeers through which they could easily get the whole data and we will use this tool to get the insights of our ad campaign. (Loomer, 2013)


5. Active GRP – This is again very effective tool to meausure GRP of the whole campaign. It was hard before to measure GRP in an effective way to measure the reach and frequency of media campaign. With Active GRP, marketers can now apply and compare that same metric to their display advertising campaigns. It builds into an ad serving tools & follows a robust methodology and in return gives the data about the reach & frequency of whole campaign ads.
(Humber) (Humber)


Campaign Scheduling and Blocking Chart

Diet Coke or Coca-Cola light is one of the favorite carbonated drinks preferred by the people from all around the world. The target audiences for Diet Coke are young men and women who are social media savvy. The main aim of the campaign is to rebrand the Diet Coke, by creating awareness among the customers regarding the presence of a healthy beverage. The main forms of media platforms used for the campaign are Television, Newspaper, Radio & Internet advertisements.

 Net Advertising Volume (Canadian $ Millions)
Media Sharing 2001 % 36.4 35.7 14.5 1.2 7.7 4.0 2002 % 36.1 34.9 15.0 2.4 7.8 3.8 2003 % 36.9 33.0 15.0 3.1 8.0 3.7 2004 % 36.6 32.2 15.3 4.5 8.0 3.7 2005 % 35.2 31.1 14.9 6.6 7.8 4.0 2006 % 35.2 28.6 15.4 9.8 7.4 4.0 2007 % 33.9 26.5 15.1 12.8 7.4 4.3 2008 % 33.3 24.4 15.3 15.7 6.8 4.5 2009 % 33.2 21.7 15.7 18.7 6.3 4.5

TV Newspaper Radio Internet Magazines Out-of-home


 Total % Population by Age

20% 15% 11% 10% 5% 0% 0-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 14% 12% 15% 13% 10% Age 15%

(Wright Result, 2011)

 Social media trends in Event Industry

(Koumelis, 2013) 24

Blocking Chart

Campaign: “Enjoy till the last Drop!!!”
Internet Facebook YouTube Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest Television CTV CBC Television TSN Radio Jazz FM 91 Kiss 92.5 Boom 97.3 Magazine Chatelaine Elle Canadian Living Direct Marketing Concerts/Stage Shows Festivals Billboards Sports Transit (e.g.: TTC) DOOH screens Street Level April May June July August September Total

To be booked Booked Booked by client


Total : $5 Million

Chart - 1


After a series of research works it was found that the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are widely used by most of the youth and promotion via this medium will be a huge success. The blocking chart below covers all the popular mediums that are widely used by the target market. We have used Internet, Television, Radio, Magazines and Direct Marketing Medias. Nowadays DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) Marketing and street level marketing are becoming quite popular. The Mall marketing and the Airport marketing will come under the DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) Marketing.

The different events and festivals considered in the campaigning (blocking chart) are: Vancouver Symphony of Fire, Vancouver……………………..… (July 27th - August 3rd, 2014) The Calgary Stampede, Calgary…………………………………….... (July 4th – July 13th, 2014) Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton………………………………… (August 7th -August 10th, 2014) Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto…………………… (September 4th -September 14th, 2014) Tour De Beauce, Quebec……………………………………………….. (June 11th - June 15th, 2014) Special Olympics Canada, Vancouver……………………….…….. (July 8th-July 12th, 2014) Black Sabbath Concert, Hamilton…………….……………………… (April 11th, 2014) Backstreet Boys Concert, Moncton…………………………………. (May 3rd, 2014) Drake Concert, Toronto…………………………………………………… (August 3rd, 2014) Katy Perry Concert, Vancouver………………………………………… (September 10th, 2014)



Diet Coke Media Plan
April May August Septem ber Total GRP No: of weeks Total Net Amount $

National Conventional Networks CTV 5GRP 1 week 10GRP 2weeks 5GRP 1 week 5GR P 1 wee k 10GRP 2 week

10GRP 2 weeks 10GRP 2 weeks 15GRP 3 week




5GRP CBC 1 week








Specialty Channels Discovery channel, Business News Network, CP24, Food Network, History, MTV

10GRP 2 weeks

10GRP 2 weeks 80 4 $28,000

Total: $1.62 Million




Graphic Treatment

 Television Advertisement


 Social Media Advertisements


 Direct Advertisement
 Billboard Advertisement

 Street Level Advertisement




The report consists of everything that we are going to follow to reintroduce Diet Coke as a brand. We have mentioned all the possible media channels and marketing forms we are going to use for making this campaign a success. The company with this strategy aims at increasing its sales volume, capitalize on its lost market share and emerge as the number 1 brand. Our aim is to make Diet Coke a successful product like it has been in the past for other Coca-Cola products. Once this 6 month campaign is implemented and the company achieves its desired results, it can then work upon retaining its brand image through diet coke.




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