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Masterplan, 2013– “

Accelerating Seminal Ventures”

About confluence
Confluence is Asia’s largest business school summit, organised by IIM Ahmedabad in partnership with the industry. It hosts pre-eminent speakers and distinguished industrialists from around the country and the world. Confluence enjoys unrivalled participation from business schools across 4 continents. Within a decade, Confluence has emerged as Asia-Pacific's largest business school summit and attracts the highest order of participation from students, invaluable contributions from academia, sharp viewpoints and business analysis from industry pioneers and considerable media coverage. We at IIM Ahmedabad are gearing up for a bigger and better Confluence this year. Over the years, Confluence has witnessed eminent speakers from various fields - Chief Election Commissioner and Magsaysay awardee Mr James Michael Lyngdoh, CFO of Tata Steel Mr KaushikChatterjee, MD of Google in India Mr RajanAnandan, MukeshAmbani, Kishore Biyani, Praful Patel, Lord Meghnad Desai and Swaminathan S. Aiyar

About Masterplan
Masterplan is the business plan contest of IIM-Ahmedabad. It is conducted as a part of Confluence, IIM-A’s business summit. Entre Cell at IIMA is organizing Masterplan this year. Masterplan seeks to identify budding entrepreneurs from around the country to contribute to India’s buzzing economy. We believe new business ideas are the fuel for growth of any economy; especially a booming and developing economy like India. Our economy presents a diverse set of challenges, and hidden in them, opportunities for new business ventures. Masterplan endeavors to spur aspiring entrepreneurs to latch on to such opportunities and create success stories for the nation. Masterplan is conducted in three phases. In the first round, participants submit executive summaries of their business ideas. These are assessed on various parameters like ingenuity of the underlying approach, understanding of existing market landscape and growth trajectory for the business. Shortlisted teams move on to the second round where they work on complete business plans under the able mentorship of successful entrepreneurs, management faculty, and resource persons from incubation centers. Finally, a select set of teams are invited to the IIM-A campus during Confluence, where they get an opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of judges comprising industry stalwarts, entrepreneurs, and Venture Capital firms.

Submission will be in a prescribed format(refer to the guidelines section). operational issues.Structure of the competition Round-1: Executive Summary In this round. Entries not strictly adhering to the same shall not be considered for judging b. it is highly recommended to adhere. Entries will be evaluated based on the evaluation criteria mentioned in Appendix 1 Round-2: Business Plan Shortlisted teams from the first round will be invited to submit their complete business plans. Top two teams will be selected as winners and runners-up respectively from this round. and resource persons from start-up incubation organizations. Note: a. There will be a prescribed format (to be communicated to shortlisted teams only) for the Bplan covering various aspects like financials. teams may choose to diverge (add or subtract sections) from the prescribed format if deemed necessary.e. Entries reaching us after the deadline will not be entertained in any situation c. This may be followed by a round requiring the teams to work on an overnight surprise situation. teams will need to submit an executive summary of their business plans. marketing and HR strategy. b. For the complete B-plan submission. Round-3: Final presentation Winners from the second round will be invited to IIM-A campus during Confluence. Note: a. 2013 i. Final round will comprise of presentation and Q-n-A with judges and representatives from funding agencies and incubator organizations. However. . November 29.December 01. contingency plans etc. These mentors will guide the teams in their B-plan formulation. Mentorship Teams shortlisted from round-1 will be connected with veteran entrepreneurs.

A team can have a maximum of 5 members. Please register your team after careful thought and deliberation Registration 1. 2013 . Teams will have unique team names of their choosing. 100000 Runners-up: Rs. The event is open for teams comprising of Business school students.December 01. 2013(11:59:59 PM) September 16. and will be required to nominate a team leader 3. All the members may or may not be from the same organization. 3. corporate professionals. Registration window close on September 13. Members can be from any organization. One participant cannot be part of more than one team 4. undergraduate students. 2013 Team Composition 1. The registration for the event opens on August 23. 2013 October 25. 2013 (11:59:59 PM) October 01. 2013 (11:59:59 PM) November 15. as well as other independent individuals (employed or unemployed) 2. 2013 2. 50000 guidelines Timelines Team registration Submission of Executive Summary Round-1 results submission of Business Plan Round-2 results Round-3 (at IIM-A) September 13.Prize Money Winners: Rs. No change in the team structure is allowed after the team is registered. 2013 November 29.

php Please download the above form as a Microsoft Word document and edit. Information related to .docx” Submission All entries should be shared on the Google Drive and access should be provided to” or “ABC_Round1.php Our Facebook page: https://www.iimahd.confluence@iimahd. the file name should be “ABC_Round1. deadlines etc. Contact Us: HarshadShrikhande Manikaran Johar +91-96620-30867 +91 99102 02663 Our webpage: user for us to download your submissions. Executive Summary format (on Masterplan’s webpage) http://stdwww.facebook.ernet. will be communicated to the team leader Registration form: https://docs. doc/x: If the team name is Rename the document as <team name>_<Round1>.

financial strategy and operational strategy should be clearly identified Weight (%) 40 30 30 . The business idea should be fresh.Appendix 1 (Evaluation Criteria for executive summary) Criterion Concept Feasibility Novelty Depth of Analysis Description Definition of the opportunity in a clear and concise manner. financial feasibility and operational feasibility. unique and hitherto unexplored. including sustainability of differentiation The marketing strategy. Overall feasibility of the business model consisting of demand/market feasibility.