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Advertising is an art of influencing the customers through paid non-personal presentation to purchase and posses a product. It can also be defined as “any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas goods or services by an identified sponsor. The two main objectives of advertising are to expose a product to a large market and to encourage the buyer to accept the product.

Nature and importance of advertising
Nature Objectives of advertising:stablish advertising objectives to optimi!e performance of the product or service" and #eet advertiser needs. $% &ommunication effects are analy!ed and assessed for their ability to achieve 'pecified responses. (% )rand awareness objectives that enhance buyer empathy with the product or service are developed" evaluated" and determined. *% )rand attitude objectives that enhance positive buyer brand evaluation and distinguish rational

+% )rand purchase intention objectives that encourage buyer purchase action are developed" evaluated" and determined. 2irst" of all" advertising introduces new products to general public.% -bjectives that achieve the re. It is important for both seller and buyer.and emotional responses to brand attitude are developed" evaluated" and determined. Im ortance of advertising:Advertising is of great importance in our world of competition. 2or example" the public come to know about useful new medicines for some diseases. ven the government cannot do without it.uired effects for the product or service are developed and integrated to meet overall brand strategy and advertising objectives. . /% 0roposed advertising objectives are assessed for their compatibility with advertiser needs for the development and execution of effective messages and advertisements that achieve advertising and marketing objectives. 1% 0rovisions are made for monitoring" evaluating" and adjusting advertising responses to ensure that these continue to meet brand strategy and advertising objectives. 3e often .

Advertising can also be harmful.ualities of their products" they .ualities of each brand and we can easily select. 5ualified people apply for them and get adjusted in life. #ourt%!":It is through advertisements that we come to know of new service jobs. 'chools" colleges and universities advertise their classes" courses" and fees and attract students for admission. Second!":Advertising introduces different brands of same product. Advertisement tells about .learn about new machines for agriculture and industry for ads. It can tell general public what it might do for good of nation. T%ird!":4overnment can very profitably advertise its schemes and policies. 3hen advertisement misstates . #ift%!":Advertisement is a dependable and effective means of expanding education and of bringing students to educational institutions. #or e$am !e:There are three different brands of bicycle produced by same company.

3hen manufacturers advertise harmful products like cigarettes" they da a disservice. Advertising is useful a6within proper limits. These limits &leary lay down by religion" law and our traditions. .misguide public.