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NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014)


COMPULSORY 1 2 3 4 01 02 03 04 Financial Decisions Organisational Behaviour Strategic Management Research Methodology in Commerce 100 100 100 100 40 40 40 40

ELECTIVE (A-FINANCE & ACCOUNTS) 7 8 9 10 05 06 07 08 Finance & Accounts - V Finance & Accounts - VI Finance & Accounts - VII Finance & Accounts - VIII 100 100 100 100 40 40 40 40

ELECTIVE (B-MARKETING) 7 8 9 10 05 06 07 08 Marketing - V Marketing - VI Marketing - VII Marketing - VIII 100 100 100 100 40 40 40 40

ELECTIVE (C- BANKING & INSURANCE) 7 8 9 10 05 06 07 08 Banking & Insurance - V Banking & Insurance - VI Banking & Insurance - VII Banking & Insurance - VIII 100 100 100 100 40 40 40 40

\\\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M.Com. - II.doc


profitability index. Walter's model. Pinches. financing and dividend decisions. Cost of equity and CAPM. New Delhi. Van Home. Prasanna: Financial Management. Financing of working capital and norms of bank finance. 5. significance and types of working capital. accounting rate of return. Brealey. 4. Chandra. Calculation of cost of debt.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. hypotheses .without taxes and with taxes.. Homewood. Finance functions . Myers: Corporate Finance. Determining capital structure in practice. Capital Structure Theories: Traditional and M. receivables and inventory. New York. Forms of dividends. J. Various committee reports on bank finance. Block. 2.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. Capital rationing. Jain PK: Financial Management.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. Dividend policy in practice.4. 7. and J. (External) PART. dividend and uncertainty. 6. John: Financial Decision Making. 9. Int. nature and scope of finance. Richard A and Steward C. Delhi. Tata McGraw Hill. Cost of Capital: Meaning and significance of cost of capital. Management of Working Capital: Meaning. DETAILED Financial Management: Meaning. 10. New York. Racette.II COMPULSORY PAPERS: Paper No-01: Financial Decisions Total Marks: 100 Objective: The objectives of this course is to facilitate understand of the conceptual framework of financial management and its applications under various environmental constraints. Van Home. Stanley B. New Delhi. McGraw Hill. Prentice present value. Financial Management.M Wachowicz Jr. UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. Dividend Policies: Issues in dividend decisions. Vikas Publishing House. Choate G Marc. Prentice Hall. George E: Essentials of Financial Management. preference capital. 8. Prentice Hall. internal rate of return. George. .II. Harper and Row. Management of cash.investment. Delhi. Tala Me Graw Hill. Geoffrey A Hilt: Foundations of Financial Management. M-M hypothesis. Archer. Delhi. James C: Financial Management and Policy..Com. Combined cost of capital (weighted). Pandey. Combined financial and operating leverage. Richard D. Bhattacharya.. Prentice-Hall. equity capital and retained earnings. Sources of working capital. Investment evaluation criteria . H.M: Financial Management. Khan MY. New York. NPV and IRR comparison. Stephen.doc -2- . Dimensions of working capital management. Factoring services. Operating and Financial Leverage: Measurement of leverages. Calculating operating cycle period and estimation of working capital requirements.168. Illinois. I. 3.Com. Hrishikas: Working Capital Management: Strategies and Techniques. John Wiley.profit vs. Delhi. Capital Budgeting: Nature of investment decisions. Gordon's model. \\192.: Fundamentals of Financial Management. payback period. Corporate dividend behaviour. Ed. Risk analysis in capital budgeting. 11. Stability in dividend policy. Financial goal .M. Effects of operating and financial leverage on profit. relevance of dividend. Hampton. Analysing alternate financial plans.C. Irwin. wealth maximisation. Delhi.

process and techniques. Resolution of conflict. theories of motivation need hierarchy theory.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. Need for change.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. staffing. Traditional and modern approaches to conflict. Improving communication.4.. Texas. New Delhi. and Keith Davis: Organizational Behavior: Human Behavior at Work. group composition. Tata McGrawHill. Cyril O'Donnell. Leadership styles. Fred: Organizational Behaviour. Stacy Adams equity theory. New Delhi. Group Dynamic and Term Development: Group dynamic-definition and importance. . human behavior and social system school. Houghton Mifflin Co. Stephen P. transactional analysis. types of groups. Contingency theory of management. John W. Types of organisational communication. (External) PART. South Western College Publishing. Now Delhi. levels and types of conflict. Functional and dysfunctional organisational conflict. Hersey. learning. theories. New Delhi. New Delhi. Transactional analysis in communication. 5. Stewart Black: Organizational Behavior. Ivancevich. and Heinz Weihrich: Essentials of Management. and Richard W. Prentice Hall. Interpersonal and Organisational Communication: Concept of two-way communication. Jr.. Prentice Hall. patterns. 11. Steers. Prentice Hall.Com. Richard M. Organisational Development: Concept. 6. Harper Collins College Publishers. Organisational Behavior : Organisational behavior concept and significance. Tata McGraw-Hill. and J. Newstrom.II. 8. Barriers to effective communication. decentralization. personality. Motivation: Process of motivation. OD intervention.. Communication process. Koontz. types. Stephen P: Organizational Behavior. delegation.II COMPULSORY PAPERS: Paper No-02: Organisational Behaviour Objective: UNIT Total Marks: 100 The objective of this course is to help students understand the conceptual framework of management and organisational behavior. Slocum. John W.doc -3- . and Mary Coulter: Management. John and Micheeol T. principles. Managerial grid. behavioral theory. NewYork. control nature.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M.Com. attitude. Woodman: Organizational Behavior. Boston. directing. Haroid. Organisational Conflict: Dynamic and management.168. Organisational diagnosis. Robbins. group formation.concept. McCleland’s learned need theory Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory. Leadership: Concept. types of organizations. Prentice Hall. Decision theory school. Fielder’s contigency theory. responsibility. Sukla. Ricky W: Organisational Behavior. Quantitative and system school. Managerial Functions : Planning. Madhukar: Understanding Organisations: Organisation Theory and Practice in India. process. resistance to change. New Delhi. Griffin. Johnson: Management of Organisational Behaviour: Utilising Human Resources. Theories trait theory. theory X and theory Y. Functions of a manager. Ohio. DETAILED Schools of Management Thought: Scientific. Alderfer’s ERG theory. power. McGraw-Hill. group development. principle-centered approach to team development. Harsey and Blanchard’s situational theory. Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. 2. emergence and ethical perspective. 9. organizing concept. 10. group performance factors. Don. coordinating. Likert’s four systems of leadership. Sources. NewYork. He'lreigel. Business Publication Inc. significance. Robbins. two factor theory. Blanchard and Dewey E. Paul. \\192.Matheson: Organisational Behaviour and Management. 4. perception. authority. 3. Luthans. Kenneth H. relationship between management and organisational behavior. 7. Theories of planned change.

focus. Techniques of strategic evaluation and control. Functional Strategies: Marketing. bench marking. Merger. Global Issues in Strategic Management UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. Process of strategic choice.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. Strategic business unit (SBU).168. differentiation.4.Athreya: Cases in Strategic Management. levels at which strategy operates.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. 2. take-over and joint strategies.doc -4- .Books/ Additional Reading: 1. Mission and purpose. Approaches to strategic decision making.II. Vikas Publishing House. competitor and SWOT analysis. Environmental Analysis and Diagnosis: Concept of environment and its components. Environment scanning and appraisal. objectives and goals. Strategy and Structure: Structural considerations. integration. Budhiraja. (External) PART. Organisational appraisal. value chain analysis. Strategy Implementation: Inter-relationship between formulation and implementation. DETAILED Concept of Strategy: Defining strategy. Strategy Formulation and Choice of Alternatives: Strategies . modernisation. \\192. Factors affecting strategic choice. Organisational design and change. Tata McGraw Hill. Strategic control. New Delhi. . Generic competitive strategies. Functional level strategies. Structures and Systems. Issues in strategy implementation. diversification. and M.K. Strategy Evaluation: Overview of strategic evaluation. Strategic advantage analysis and diagnosis. Functional Strategies: Personnel and financial plans and policies.industry. and N. S. structures for strategies. Resource allocation.B. service blue printing. S.II COMPULSORY PAPERS: Paper No-03: Strategic Management Total Marks: 100 Objective: The objective of this course is to enhance the decision making abilities of students in situations of uncertainty in a dynamic business environment. Venkataramin: Managing Business Enterprises: Strategies. Bhattachary. divestment and liquidation strategies.B. New Delhi.cost leadership.Com. production/ operations and R&D plans and policies. SWOT analysis. Turnaround.Com.

scaling. (External) PART. 15.Com. Features. New Delhi.Com.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. Precaution for Writing Research Report. Why interpretation? Precaution Interpretation.II. meaning of scaling. Importance. Types of Report. test of Sound measurement. New Delhi. C. Needs. Types. Research process.: Research Methodology. Himalaya Publishing Hours. what as research problem? Selecting the problem. Methodology and Research in Social Sciences. 14. 13. DETAILED Research Methodology: Introduction.. Necessity of Defining the Research Design.Books/ Additional Reading: 12. Wiley Eastern Limited. Interpretation and Report Writing: Meaning of Interpretation.N.168. Krishna swami.: Research Methodology. Kothari. Technique involved in detaining a problem. 16. Oral Presentation. V. \\192.: Research Methodology. Important Scaling Techniques. Himalaya Publishing Hours. Measurement and Scaling Techniques: Measurement in research Measurement Scale. Different research design exploratory. scale classification. Research Problem: Defining the research problems.II COMPULSORY PAPERS: Paper No-04: Research Methodology in Commerce Total Marks: 100 Objective: UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 The purpose of this course is to enable students learn the process and techniques of research. Bases. Sadhu A. O. Sources of error in measurement. Himalaya Publishing Hours. Different Steps in Writing reports. & Singh Amarjit Research Methodology in Social Sciences.4.P. New Delhi. New Delhi. Michael.doc -5- .R. New Delhi. descriptive and experimental design. Research Design: Meaning.R. Thanulingom N. Report Writing. Himalaya Publishing Hours. . Meaning. Methods and Techniques.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Unit-5 Reference / Text. Research methods and methodology.

Control of capital Expenditure5. V (Financial and Cost Accounting-I) Total Marks: 100 Objective: UNIT The objective of this course is to enable students understand accounting concepts. Significance and use of return on capital employed techniques. Decision on capital expenditures. Uniform costing a. Budgeted balance sheet methods. Return on capital employed and long-term price. Profit and return. (External) PART. Cash Budgeting 1.Examples. . Strategic investment.II. b. Inter-firm Comparisons. Problems – purpose c. 3. Methods of cash budgets a. Point of indifference – Example 4. 5. Return on Capital Employed 1. Meaning and Capital employed. Receipt and payment method.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. Profit cash forecasting c. 2. and techniques used for taking managerial decisions.4.Com. Benefit . Concept.Limitations d. a. Tactical V/s. Optimum Capital Structure 3. Computation of return on capital employed-Examples.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (A) FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS: Paper No-05: Finance & Accounts Paper No. form and preparation of cash budgeting 2. Component for standardization c.Capital Rationing – Examples. Meaning and Concept-process 2. Dupont control chart 4. Variables affecting on return on capital employed. 6. Meaning procedure b. Meaning b. Meaning and Concept. Importance of cash budgeting Uniform costing – Inter-firm comparison 1.3. DETAILED Capital Budgeting 1.Methods of appraising Expenditure 4. Types of comparisons e. Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 \\192. Objective. Capital Structure theories with Examples. Significance of ratios in inter-firm comparisons. 3.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Meaning. Advantages .doc -6- .Com. tools.Disadvantage 2. Capital Structure 1. 2.168.

Weygandt. Irwin. H. Warren. Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall. Charles.doc -7- . Advanced financial accounting. caldwell.. Bernstein. Houghton mifflin Co. Fees. Ohio 13. L. India.. R. Leer. New Delhi 12. Chicago 4. Tata MacGraw Hill.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) Reference / Text. Boston 11. New Delhi 3.Com.J. Neigs. Principles of financial and managerail accounting. Accounting for management. Horngren.E. and J. Vikas Publishing House. Advanced accountancy. Kesio D. and T. Narayanswamy. Advanced financial accounting. C. Anderson and J. South-western. Advanced accounting. Gupta. Lambert. P. M. R. Bhattacharya. South-Western. J. financial accounting. New Delhi \\192. Fischer. Dearden.Books/ Additional Reading: 1.C. John Wiley and Sons. and P. . Advanced accounting. and K.. NY 8.J. R. New Jersey 2. Needles Jr. A managerial emphasis. C.M. Financial accounting.. T. Datar.R. Taylor and J. Grewal..A. Delhi 7. Delhi 10.A. Beams. B. Nodia 9.R.K. New Delhi 6.C.168.S. Mayoor paperbacks. and S.E. F. S. Chand & Co. Cost accounting. Ohio 5.R. A managerial perspective. Monga. George foster and Srikant M. Engler. w. Financial and managerial accounting. J..F.4.II.E.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Advanced accounting.S.A. Chand & co. Intermediate accounting.. prentice hall.L. S. Shukla.

Cost based method b. Basic premises of H. Dividend yield method c. Models a. H.doc . models and Human resources developing Cost Control and Cost Reduction 1. Pricing policy 3.R. Earning yield method d.R. 5. Aims and Objectives of pricing 4. Role of management account Valuation of shares 1. Cost control process 5. Cost reduction 4. DETAILED Human Resources accounting 1. Cost control V/s. Role of costs in pricing 5.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. 3.R. 4. Cost reduction process 6. Objectives of H. Price / Earning ratio method e. Cost Models b.A.A. Theories of pricing 2. tools. VI (Financials and Cost Accounting-II) Total Marks: 100 Objective: The objective of this course is to enable students understand in details about the accounting concepts. and techniques used for taking managerial decisions. Importance 3.II. Factor affecting valuation 3.4.A. Methods of valuation a. Walter’s model h.A. Need of valuation 2. H. Gordon growth model g. .Com. Pricing methods a. Meaning-definitions 2.Com. Meaning – concepts 2. (External) PART. Precautions in Implementation of cost reduction programme 7. Standard cost pricing -8- UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 \\192. Fair value of shares Product pricing 1. Present Value Models 6.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (A) FINANCE & ACCOUNTS: Paper No-06: Finance & Accounts Paper No.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M.R.R. Net assets method (Intrinsic Value) b.168.A. Significance of H. Accounting rate of return valuation method f.

Boston 11. Chand & co. Added value of pricing f. Administered pricing i. J. India. South-Western. Benefit / cost comparisons 7.. Definition 2. J. Leer. Charles. A managerial emphasis. Advanced accountancy. Chicago 4.II.E.western.Com. Bhattacharya. Horngren. and T. Techniques of C B A 5. Discounted cash flow techniques 6.. R.C. Needles Jr.. Fischer. C. Irwin.A. T. Mayoor paperbacks.J. and S. Limiting factors in product pricing 10. Delhi 7. Opportunity cost pricing g. C B A and investment decisions 3.R.Books/ Additional Reading: 1.. New Delhi 6. Financial and managerial accounting. New Delhi 3.168.M.J. Strategies in product pricing 7. Lambert. S. and K.C. B. Ohio 13. Warren. Fees. Ohio 5. and P. Principles of financial and managerail accounting. Shukla. John Wiley and Sons. Tata MacGraw Hill. NY 8. Nodia 9. Cost accounting. caldwell. Role of management accountant in product pricing Social cost benefit analysis 1. Advanced financial accounting.R. Reference / Text. . Engler. financial accounting. Vikas Publishing House. Houghton mifflin Co. Anderson and J.S. New Delhi \\192. Delhi 10. Target rate of return d. C B A procedure 4.E. F. Advanced financial accounting. S. Narayanswamy. Marginal cost pricing e. Advanced accounting. Prentice Hall. Advanced accounting. R. Kesio D.. and J.R. prentice hall. New Delhi 12. Advanced accounting.doc -9- . Neigs.E. A managerial perspective.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) Unit-5 c. M.. Grewal. Accounting for management. Financial accounting. New Jersey 2. Prentice Hall. Datar. Beams. C. Monga. P. Taylor and J.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Gupta.4. Price discrimination 9. South.L. Benefit / cost ratio 8. Benefits of C B A 9. Intermediate accounting. R. C B A limitations. Pricing for established product 8. L. H. Weygandt. Bernstein. Going rate pricing h. Customary pricing 6.A. w.F. Chand & Co. Dearden. George foster and Srikant M..S.A.K.

Profit and Loss Account 4.doc . Synergy as a part of Management. Other statements Cost Accounting System: Elements of cost.. Characteristics of Synergy. Type of Synergy & Start up and operating Synergy. 3. DETAILED Financial Accounting System: Financial transactions. Books of original entry –ledger.168. New Delhi. Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. Sultan Chand & Sons. Balance Sheet 3.: Cost Accounting. Practical knowledge on Wings Accounting and Wings Trade (Software). Journals 6.L and Radhaswamy. VII (Accounting Information System) Total Marks: 100 Objective: UNIT Unit-1 To acquaint students with the use of computers in the area of financial and cost accounting. Allocation of overheads 4.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Miracle. Subsidiary Ledger 8.Com. etc.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. Nagative Synergy (2+2=5 effect). \\192. Tata EXE. Analysis of cost -cost centers wise 2. S. Sultan Chand & Sons. Cost accounting methods and techniques. 2. 4.4. New Delhi. trial balance. Preparation of cost sheet 6. . Standard cost and variance analysis 8.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M.II.: Cost Accounting -Principles and Practice. Financial statements -profit and loss accounts and balance sheet.. Use of software packages of various types of obtain financial accounting output for the following: 1. Cost sheet. Trial Balance 2. lyenger. New Delhi. (External) PART. Use of Software Packages of various types to obtain cost accounting outputs like the following: 1. Day books 5.Com. M. Software manuals. General Ledger 7. Analysis of cost -cost elements wise 3. Classification. Kishore.P. Taxmann Publications Ltd. Variable and fixed costs -BEP.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (A) FINANCE & ACCOUNTS: Paper No-07: Finance & Accounts Paper No. Differential cost Synergy (2+2= 5 effect) Meaning.10 - . 5. Gupta R. Accounting Softwares: Tally.: Advanced Accountancy. P/V analysis 7. Apportionment of overheads 5. Ravi M.

Credit creation and credit control. Functions of non-banking financial institutions. Financial Markets: Money and capital markets.: Financial Markets and Institutions. management and functions. and regulation of mutual funds (with special reference to SEBI guidelines). 10. Foreign Investments: overview. Recent trends in Indian money market. .T. management and investment policies of commercial banks. Mutual Funds: Concept. Srivastava R. Verma JC: Guide to Mutual Funds and Investment Portfolio. Government securities market. Differential interest Recent changes in interest rate structure. Capital market. Sultan Chand & Sons. Reserve Bank of India: Organisation. Tata McGraw Hill. organization and working of financial markets and institutions in India. Delhi. Delhi.Com. Delhi. Mumbai. D: Banking Policy in overview. New Delhi. Role of SEBI . Future of merchant banking in India.l.. Indian financial system . Delhi.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. Banking and Financial Markets. L. MacMillan. I Latest mutual fund schemes in India . Mumbai.: Management of Indian Financial Institution. E-banking and e-trading. M. 6.Books/ Additional Reading: 1.N: Indian Financial System.meaning. Government policy on merchant banking services. Merchant Banking: Concept. UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. Varshney. Interest Rate Structure: Determinants of interest rate structure. 9. Himalaya Publishing House. Bhole. Sources of finance. functions of money market. trends and implications. trade bills etc. functions and growth. Khan. performance appraisal. Regulatory framework for foreign investments in India.M. Various Reports. Depository system. H: Global Financial money. Recent developments in commercial banking. certificates of deposits. DETAILED Introduction: Nature and role of financial system. A. SEBI guidelines. 5.doc .Y: Indian Financial System.I. Ghosh.B. Designing and marketing of mutual funds schemes. Delhi. Non-Banking Financial Institutions: Concept and role of non-banking financial institutions. Averbach. Present structure. Allied Publications. Tata McGraw Hill.S. Avdhani: Investment and Securities Markets in India. functions. role. Robert D: Money. Bharat Publishing House. New Delhi. Giddy. London.168. constituents. Himalaya Publications. RBI Publication. VIII (Financial Institutions & Markets) Total Marks: 100 Objective: This course aims at providing students with an understanding of the structure. \\192. investment practices of LIC and overview.role and functions. Reserve Bank of India. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.primary and secondary markets.Com. (External) PART. Financial system and economic development. Financial system and financial markets. Money market instruments . 3. Commercial Banks: Meaning.II.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Recent developments. Monetary policy. Money market . commercial bills. investment policies of non banking financial institutions in India.11 - . 7. treasury bills. Insurance Sector: Objectives.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (A) FINANCE & ACCOUNTS: Paper No-08: Finance & Accounts Paper No. 4. 2. 8.4.

sales management the Indian perspective.4. Krishanan. Field sales Management. Sales management MGrawhill. Kurt.II. Singapore. and Nair latha. Johnson. Sales Budget: Concept objective importance and approach. Schewing. nature.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. Himalaya Publishing House. 3. 2. (External) PART. sales tertiary.Com. UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. Sales and distribution Management Himalaya Publishing House.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. sales budget as a control device. 4.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. N. objectives and principles Features of a good sales compensation plan Factors influencing their design classification of sales compensation plans and types non. DETAILED Sales Management: Concept objectives functions. Sales force Motivation and compensation: Problems of motivating sales personnel process of motivating sales personnel Features of a good sales compensation. V (Sales Management) Total Marks: 100 Objective: The basic objective of this course is to acquaint with the fundamentals of personal selling and expose them to other issues reposing to management of sails farce. Nair. Gupta.G. sales quota. sales analysis the objectives and principles sales Analysis methods. Ravindranathya.Com. plan. Mumbai. . \\192. Vaswer Das. Mumbai.doc .financial incentive. Sales Planning: Impotence and types of sales planning sales planning process sales forecasting methods. prentice hall.168. AcharGovekar. Delhi.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (B) MARKETING: Paper No-05: MARKETING Paper No.12 - . Sales Audit and sales Analysis: Importance of control mechanism in sales management sales Audit The concept and characteristics. nature and scope theories of selling Buyer sellers Dyads sells) Organization.

S. Mishra. Advertising Management. and Arunkumar. Advertising management. 4. New Delhi. VI (Advertising Management) Total Marks: 100 Objective: UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 This course acquaints students with the theory and practice of advertising. B.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. advertising process. advertising appropriation.N. Atlantic Publishers and Distributors. advertising agency and client relationship. Rajveer. M. New Delhi. communication process.4. 6. (External) PART. Batra.II. Organization and control of advertising effect: Role of adverting agencies. C. Mumbai. John G. 3. Rathor. Mumbai. Concepts and cases. Reference / Text.Com. 2. New Delhi.168. Retail advertising budget. Tata McgrawHill publishing co.. pre and post tests.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (B) MARKETING: Paper No-06: MARKETING Paper No. Broadcasting Media. evaluating advertising effectiveness. Media testing.L.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. \\192. media Planning.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. Myers and David A. Aakar.Com. ‘Advertising management.. Sales promotion and advertising management. New Delhi. David et al.. Allocating advertising budget. DETAILED Introduction to advertising: Advertising its nature and important. types of Advertising Advertising and communication: Advertising and communication.13 - . ltd. Prentice Hall. Himalaya Publishing House. Media selection.doc . prentice hall. Himalaya Publishing House. Tyagi. Media Planning: Print media. Aakar. Mohan Manendra. Advertising budget: Nature of advertising budget. . 5. Advertising management. Advertising Management. advertising objectives.

Tourism Marketing.N. information search evaluation of alternatives purchase of services.168. Services marketing Himalaya Publishing Hours. Selecting target market. New Jersey. place. people. Hospital marketing. Christopher.. Zeithaml. Prentice hall. Consumers in Services Industry: Introduction Buyer characteristics: cultural factors. Services Marketing Management: Introduction marketing management process for services Organizing marketing planning. services marketing.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (B) MARKETING Paper No-07: Marketing Paper No. Venugopal Vasanti. Social factors. 2.14 - . Lovelock: Services marketing. process. VII (Marketing of Services) Total Marks: 100 Objective: UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 This Course acquaints students with the basic issues in Services marketing. Analyzing marketing opportunities. McGraw Hill. Service Marketing Mix: Introduction Elements of Service marketing mix.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. H. New York.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. . Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. Mumbai. V. \\192. post purchase decision comparison of individual consumer and organizational buyer behavior far services. 3.doc . promotion. Inc.. DETAILED Introduction to Service Marketing: Introduction Role of services in an economy. Service marketing Applications: Introduction Bank marketing. Buyer decision-making process: problem recognition. Developing the service marketing mix.4. managing and controlling marketing efforts. M. psychological factors.nature of services Types of Services Different between goods and services marketing. service product. personal factors.II.Com.A. and Bitner. Air line marketing. price.J. Raghu V. physical evidence.

Product Decisions: product planning for global markets. New product development. Sarathy.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M.. Distribution Channels and Logistics: Functions and types of channels. selection of foreign distributors / agents and managing relations with them international logistics decisions. 5. Dewan.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. sales promotion and public relations. International pricing policies and strategies.sultan chand & sons.. Dryden press. 4. management of international brands. New Delhi.168. Transition from domestic to transnational marketing International marketing Environment. and sudarsham.4. Mumbai. Dryden press. International advertising personal selling. Promoting decisions: Complexities and issue. (External) PART. New Delhi. Pricing Decisions: Environments in fluencies on pricing decisions.M. and Vhattacharyya B. 6. product adaptation. complexities in international marketing. and V.L. 2. International marketing management.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. VIII (International Marketing) Total Marks: 100 Objective: The objective of this course is to expose students to the conceptual framework of international marketing management. Varshney. R. .Com. An Indian perspective..N. Discovery Publishing Hours. International marketing. Standardization Vs. International marketing. Boston. CBS Publishing Hours.15 - .. International marketing management. R.Com. Jain.doc . \\192. S.C. UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (B) MARKETING Paper No-08: Marketing Paper No. 3. K. Czinkota M. channel selection decisions. International marketing marketing Himalaya Publishing Hours. International marketing.II. J. New Delhi. Saravanavel p. Boston.R. Terpstra. DETAILED Introduction to International Marketing: Nature and significance.

Medical examination.. Essential qualities of an ideal insurance salesman. and as a measure of investment. Life Insurance Policies: Applications in different situations. as a measure of financing business continuation. S. Life Insurance Salesmanship: Rules of agency. (External) PART. Lapse.Principles and Practice. Payment of bonus.I. Proposal and application form. as protection of property.: Life Insurance Corporation of India. Raj Books & Subscription.16 - . G. Measurement of risk and mortality tables. Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text.: Customer-Driven Services Management.Com.: Life Insurance. Suicide and payment of insured amount. Life Insurance Contract: Distinguishing characteristics.4. After-sale service to policy holders. and assignment.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Rules to canvas business from prospective customers.Com. N. 5. DETAILED Introduction: Need for security against economic difficulties. New Delhi. S. Insurable interest.V. Warranties. M. New Delhi. Life insurance fund. Paid-up policies. V (Principles of Life Insurance) Total Marks: 100 Objective: UNIT Unit-1 To provide an understanding of the principles of life insurance and their relevance. Loan to policy holders. Revival. Life Insurance Corporation Act. risk and uncertainty. Vinayakam. 1956.doc . Caveat emptor. . Methods of calculating economic risk in life insurance proposal.O.M. Response Books (A division of Sage Publications). Life insurance as a collateral. Life insurance annuities. Surrender value. 3. Life Insurance Risk: Factors governing sum assured. Jaipur. O. Mishra. New Delhi. Policy provision.168. Balachandran. Maturity. \\192. Chand & Co. 6.Books/ Additional Reading: 1.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (C) BANKING & INSURANCE: Paper No-05: Banking & Insurance Paper No. Individual life insurance -nature and uses of life insurance..: Insurance . Ltd.Chand & Co. Valuation and investment of surplus. S. III Vol. Important life insurance polices. Ltd. Calculation of premium.II. Mishra. Vasudevan: Insurance -Principles and Practice.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. 4. 2. Unilateral and allegory nature of contract.N.. I. Policy construction and delivery.S. Radhasamy and S. Utmost good faith. Treatment of sub-standard risks. New Delhi. Important legal provisions and judicial pronouncements in India. Gupta.N. II. nomination. Frank Brothers. M.

Limits on amount of insurance. The General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act. Ltd. and destruction insurance.Principles & Practice.doc . Finance of liability insurance. Business interruption and related losses. Professional liability insurance. Auto insurance. Radhasamy and S. Survey of losses. New Delhi. Responsibilities of adjusters. Valuation of risk. Boiler machinery insurance.Procedure for obtaining liability insurance. S. M. M. Apportionment and loss valuation. (External) PART.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. New Delhi. Records of liability insurance.Com. 1972. Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. Statutory control over liability insurance in India... Budgetary covers. Medical benefit insurance. and associations. Excess and short insurance careers. Accounts liability insurance.Chand & Co.II OPTIONAL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (C) BANKING & INSURANCE: Paper No-06: Banking & Insurance Paper No. clubs.Com. Commercial enterprises and industrial property insurance. Policy conditions.N.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. Average and contribution. \\192. Procedure of adjustment. Requirements of the insured in the event of loss. Indemnity contracts and specific value contracts. Adjustment of Losses and Claims Compensation: Nature of losses and their adjustment. . 2. b) Liability insurance . Functions of adjuster. Professional package contracts. Reinsurance.168. Mishra. Nature of property and liability insurance. Construction and issue of policy.17 - . Legal position of insurance agent. Personal and residential insurance.. Liability policies issued by the insurers. N. S. Documents in use in claim settlement.II. Procedure for preparing claims statements.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. Types of Liability Insurance Policy: Dwelling property losses.4. Vasudevan: Insurance -Principles and Practice. Insurance Problems of Institutions: Insurance problems of educational and religious institutions hospitals. Crop and cattle insurance. Marketing and underwriting of liability insurance. Vinayakam.: Insurance . Dishonesty. Theft insurance contracts. Basic Concepts of Liability Insurance: a) Basic concepts -Specific and all risk insurance.V. Chand & Co. disappearance. Types of liability insurance. Errors and omissions insurance. Ltd. VI (Property and Liability Insurance) Total Marks: 100 Objective: To provide an understanding of the principles of life UNIT Unit-1 DETAILED Introduction: Risk and insurance. Insurable and non-insurable risks.

Non-forfeiture value. Administration: Present administrative set up of General Insurance Corporation of India.4. Investment policy of LIC and GIC in India as specific cases. Agra. S. 1976. Construction of mortality tables. . Vasudevan: Insurance-Principles and Practice..: Investment Pattern of the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Vinayakam N. Forecast of future events.: Insurance . Reduced paid up values.II. Investment of surplus and reserves -basic principles. Distribution of surpluses -extra dividend. Ltd. annual and periodical valuation of surplus bonus to anticipating policies. Premium Determination: Basic factors. Statutory regulation of reserves. Temporary insurance. Investment regulations. Agency rules. Concept and calculation of surrender value.V. Mishra. Machinery for decision making used by insurance organizations. M. origin. Radhasamy & S. Standard non-forfeiture law.Chand & Co. Sahitya Bhavan. Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. A brief study' of Indian Insurance Act. Ltd. other insurance funds.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Level and natural premium plan. compound interest functions. Establishment and control of branches. Mode of claim payment. Special form of surplus. Mortality tables for annuities. and other organizations doing insurance business. S. residuary dividend. Automatic premium loan.P. insurer's expenses. Export Credit' and Guarantee Corporation Act -with particular reference to Life fund. 1938. Life Insurance Corporation of India.. New Delhi 4. DETAILED Introduction: Law of probability. Singh. S. New Delhi. M.N. Study of LIC Act and other relevant Acts & IRDA 3. \\192. Nature and source of insurance surplus. Use of mortality tables in premium determination.doc . 2.Com. Chand & Co. Premium calculation for annuities. Endowment insurance. Nature of surrender value.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. Mode of loading for expenses.II OPTIANL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (C) BANKING & INSURANCE: Paper No-07: Banking & Insurance Paper No. VII (Insurance Finance and Administration) Total Marks: 100 Objective: UNIT Unit-1 To provide an understanding of the process of administering insurance finance. Gross premium -general considerations. and importance of reserves and funds in life and property insurance. Margin adjusting. Interest. life and other policies. General Insurance Corporation of India Act. (External) PART. Benefit to be provided.168.Principles & Practice.18 - . Settlement options. Performance evaluation. Reserves and Surplus: Nature. Role of Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IRDA) of India. Elementary study of actuarial valuation. Legislation: Detailed study of Life Insurance Corporation of India Act.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. 1956.Com. Statutory administrative provisions. Mode of periodical premium payment. Premium for term insurance. Net and gross premium. Provident Fund Societies. Retrospective and prospective reserve computation.

Com. Full disclosure of material facts. Marine policies and conditions. implied warranties. Marine Insurance Contract: Origin and growth.V.4.Principles & Practice.195\e\2013\External Syllabus(2013-14)\M. Fire Insurance Policies: Issue and renewal of policies. Types of fire protection policies. Hazards not covered. VIII (Fire and Marine Insurance) Total Marks: 100 Objective: To give exposure to the provisions of fire and marine insurance and their increasing importance. partial loss.N. Legal basis.Com. Risks covered.II OPTIANL GROUP PAPERS: ELECTIVE GROUP: (C) BANKING & INSURANCE: Paper No-08: Banking & Insurance Paper No. Ltd. Contribution and average. and general average loss.168.. Re-insurance. Inspection and termination of coverage. Preparation of loss statement. Its nature.doc . Valuation of loss salvage. utmost good faith. cargo and vessel. risks. UNIT Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Reference / Text. Different kinds. Policy document. Payment of marine losses -requirement of the insured.O. procedure for presentation of claim. . Chand & Co. Policy conditions. particular average loss. Limits of liability. G. 1063. Nature of coastal marine Marine Losses: Total loss. New Delhi. DETAILED Fire Insurance Contract: Origin of fire insurance. Ex-gratia payment and subrogation. Types of marine insurance contract -freight. S. \\192. General Insurance Corporation and Other Insurance Institutions: Working of QIC in India. Attachment and termination of risk. stipulation.Chand & Co.II. Ltd. and conditions.. New Delhi. Contracts. Radhasamy and S. Insurer's option. and excess insurance. Procedure for obtaining marine protection policy.: Insurance . Evaluation of marine insurance business in India.19 - . and indemnity. M. Vasudevan: Insurance -Principles and Practice.M. (External) PART. History of Lloyds. documents needed.Books/ Additional Reading: 1. N. hazards. S.I. Basic elements -insurable interest. Mishra.MAHARAJA KRISHNAKUMARSINHJI BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY NAAC Accreditation Grade “B” (External Examination Syllabus With effect from Academic Year 2013-2014) M. 3. Recovery of claims. double insurance. Vinayakam. The Marine Insurance Act. Types of risks assumed and specific policies issued by ECGC and private sector insurers. 2.