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Regel. with Acknowledgement


West Central


Office of the. Sr. Divisional Electrical Engineer, (Generalj.Jabalpur. rInd Floor, DRM Building. Opp. High Court. .IBP-I.

No: .!IW/I

Letter of acceptance



Mis Mharatna




Cuptcshwar, - 4820ni .. I<lt' Tender No . .JIWII JTlNo.O<)I2() 1:-> for the work or 'Carrying out 2 miscellaneous works 1. Provision of solar light system at DRM office canteen, JBP. 2. Solar water heater at Running room KTE&STA.
I .cttcr of' acceptance


NIT No: JBP/UTINo.09/2012

opened on 24.08.2012.

This administration accepts your offer for above said work at the total cost ~ 7J5,475.97(Rupees Seven lakhs fifteen thousand four hundred seventy live and paise ninety seven only) i.e. 7 % below on the total schedule value 7,69.329.53 inclusive of all taxes & duties to carry out the work strictly in accordance with Railways speci fications, schedule, terms and conditions.

of ~


This contract shall be strictly poverned by the terms/ conditions embodied in Rlys. tender document. In addition, general conditions as followed by this Rlys. Works contract is also applicable. EARNEST MONI~Y AND SEClJHITY DEPOS1T : money dcposi led by you wi th th i s tcn'c!cr in tile form ()r 1)1-( ;\/c' N,) 912040043852213 for ~ 15,400/- dated 24.08.2012 issued by Axis Bank Jabalpur issued i !1Ut) Sr. DFM/WCRJJBP has been retained with Railways-as part of security for the due and faithful fulfillment of the contract The balance ~ ip,4H!FOO) to make up the securit , deposit. the rates [or which arc will be n?cuvcrccJ by percentage dcdu.clion

(2) (A)

The l.arncst


. Ituul ( II) :. IIIIc c ill t lie I. c C -. Oil I I)L' uc III I hi J del :. >l I) Ii 11" " tl.h.r!l ill.. (B) PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: (<1)1 he successful bidder shall have to submit a performance Guarantee (PCi) within ]0 thirt~ ) days from the date of issue of letter of Acceptance (LOA). or 'I he security deposit however shall be released only after the expiry of the maintenance period ofone year and after passing the final hill based on 'No claim certificate".f' . (c) Security Deposits will bc recovered only from the running bills of the contract . the time for completion of work gets extended.\ l11<1yhl' given hy the Authority who is competent to sigh the contract agreement. "hill I he accepted towards Security Deposit.: if any payable . but before signing of the agre~ment. .e.ucd duly Illl'rciting FMD .lIlt! other duc. In case the contractor fails to submit the requisite PG even after 60 days from the date: of issue 01' LOA.rn1111 the Contractor'« "on account" bills. performance guarantee shall be submitted by the successful bidder alter the letter or acceptance has ~been issued. III case.llUuld normally be signed within 15 (fifteen) days after the issue of' LOA and pcrtormnncc guarantee should also be submitted within this time limit. (h) lhc rate o lrccovcry shall be at the rate IO<Yc) ofthe bill amount till till' lul] sl'clllit~ deposit is recovered.11ld 11(1 other mode of collecting SO such as SO in the form of instruments like BC). The failed contractor shall be debarred from participating in rc-tcnder lor that I v..: J g I VC d pl'l f. i..0 (thirty) days and up to 60 days boom the date o l iSSUl' pi I ().lgainsl that contract.11 i II . This guarantee shall be initially valid up to stipulated date or completion plus 60 days beyond that. a pcnal interest of 15% per annum shall be charged lor the delay heyolldl() (rhirtv) duys. III i rrcv ocablc (c) The bank guarantee amounting to 5°. ifany. from 31 st day after the date of issue of LOA. ()O dayx. Provided also that in case 1)1 dcf~!llllillb contractor thc Railway may retain any amount due lor payment to the l\:!ltractur (111 the pending "on account bills" so that the amounts so retained may not exceed I (Y10 the t(1tal value or thc contract. The agreement .c. However. the contractor shall get the validity 01' Performance guarantee extended to cover such extended time for completion of work pill. (d) Performance guarantee shall be released after physical completion of the work based on the 'Completion Certificate' issued by the competent authority stating tha: the \'()I>lt~)('t()r has completed the work in allresp\:cts satisfactorily. The security deposit . ID etc. the Security Deposit/rate or recovery/mode of recovcry shall be as under :(a) Security Deposit for each work shall be 5% of the contract value. the contract .800/-. Extension of time for xubmission or PG beyond :.() of the contract value i. ~ 35. >I I ) I .tcrm iu. or (ii ) Unless otherwise specified in the special conditions.

Until a formal agreement is drawn and executed. You are requested to peruse these and initial the same in token of the correctness of the~statement made therein and also make use of the site order book for representing your grievances. / "t·\. or (f) The Engineer shall not make a claim under the Performance Guarantee except lor amounts to which the President of India is entitled under the contract (not withstanding and/or without prejudice to any other provisions in the contract agreement) in the event o f: i) Failure by the contractor to extend the validity of the Performance Guarantee as described herein above. either as agreed h:[he contractor or determined under any of the clauses/conditions of the agreement. i ii) The contractor being determined or rescinded under provrsion Performance Guarantee shall be forfeited in full and shall be absolutely the President of India. (3) AGREI':Ml':NT:You have to execute an agreement in Railways standard form within 15 (fifteen) days. this acceptance letter shall constitute legal enforceable contract for the above-mentioned work. ./ .I f¥t .. j /\ '~ /1 . I f the fai led contractor is . (4) ITCC/PAN: 'Please arrange to furnish zerox copy of valid ITCC/PANr~IN particular etc. period UIlU after (e) Wherever the contract is rescinded.IV or a partnership firm. ii) Failure by the contractor to pay President of India anv amount due. in which event the Engineer may claim the full amount of the Performance guarantee. however shall be released only after the expiry or the maintenance passing the final bill based on 'No claim certificate'.. the security deposit shall be forfeited and the performance guarantee shall be en-cashed and the balance work shall be got done independently without risk & cost the: failed contractor. The failed contractor shall he debarred from participating in the tender for executing the halance work.'/~ I. within 30 days of the service of notice to this effect by Engineer. « ') of the Gee the at the disposal 01 SITE OnDEn BOOK AND REGISTEH:· It is mentioned for your information that a site order book and register will be maintained at the site of work by the engineer in charge and the instructions communicated to you regarding the execution of wok will be reflected in the register maintained. if any during the execution of work. then every member/partner or such a firm xhal l Ill' debarred from participating in the tender for the balance work either in his/her individual capacity or as a partner of any other JV/partnership firm. The agreement shall be prepared and kept ready by this department within the period specified above.

ti i \Hl) . Sr.Itlorlll':.. K. furnishing valid & current IT(. will he made as pCI' clause 12 page No.11 dcp. (Annex-A) «: \\ V . Jabalpur For and on behalf of resident of India ( '. Tilt: urigitial shall be returned alter Railvv<I) .Scction Engineer/ Electrical (C. i.'I'liee within seven days.Section Engine!. SDCiM/WCRIJBPSr. .20 1:1 (7) I'A YMENTS : 1'. for information please.xccution or the agreement shal] he feasible oilly alter the Pll\\L'1 oj attorne) and deeds are found in order and acceptable h: our legal department 111 CISL' :-our organization is a proprietary firm.irrcrpondcncc r'~!a\L'd t(\ pL\llI1111~' pr(l~:ress and execution or work to them and matter relating to contr. I\ ( \ i)i\: Schedule in 2 pages. LEO (C) Civic Centre. in original with COLltI. l)FM Jabalpur . (() (OMPLETION PERIOD: lhc work shall he completed within four months Oil \)1' before 19.signing o lcontract ugrccmcnt u ltcr verification ol p()\\\'r 01' .c. ncu: II. West Cl"llr.:' :\. if any etc. MB cutrics.ict rnax be addrcxsc to this office .11.WCR.ll\ I'.:l address all your c. You sltJ. l.1'.erox copies shall he sent t() thi-.(5) POWER OF ATTORNEY:The power or attorney on behalf !l(l.).IS verified the same. West Central R' i way.utorucy hy f~lys legal department. & n. xccuri tx . II·qlllrl'd. I ill' above payment are subject to compliance 01"contract obligation» jollo\\ed hy I<I~" III contract which are in brief. .m\ 01' rcsolutionx or your Organization along \\ ith partnership deed. kg.:r (("). if till' P()WLT of' .l\'1llent \Vur"s from the date or issue or this letter. if there is no change in earlier accepted (lIle 11\1 fresh power of attorney is required please confirm. (8) CORRESPONDENCE: I ill' execution or the contract wil] he under the Sr.'- ('/ ('.llrcldy been v(. Marhatal Jabalpur.a. an affidavit duly signed in the presence or 11\)t.).kp(lsit.lrly. Assu Labour Commissioner. Silllil.03.rified and 1()III1(j acccptahle in the past awarded contracts.' - c- for kind information please.I .( '. JBP for infn. E t' r leB. Elect. Divl. nd Iy ack no wlcdgc and plan out 1<" execution 0 I 'he work. hill in Rlys standard lorm ctc. 19 or tender document.

Schedule of quantities Tr-uder No. Cable. Ii I..l/I ~~-" ._. 1.on.'. erection. '-Hiv) 1 I Supply.. •. testing : commissioning ofl nstallation kit. testing commissioning of Earthing kit t viii) Supply.QQOlO !7:. erection. erection.12 V 80 watt as per.~r~\tj. III:. -I (viij Supply. .i::."- . .--I I N()~...' . Jabalpur ii ) Solar water heater at Running room at KTE &STA Schl'dule 1\ 1'J"(I\'isioll of solar' light systcru at I>H.O So. erection. Cable. ! :2 1 1..5 Sq.1 KV A.48V DC. Jahalpur. testing & i commissioning Array Junction Box I (/\. I.mrn. . The scope of w. PVC Cu.. testing & 1 conu nisxioning Power Conditioning I Unit (PCU). II i.9I~ covers the follo~i~g: ti) Suppl).. testing & commissioning of 2core X 2..()()()i.JBP/UTI and rates for of Carrying out 2 miscellaneous \\ ork No 0912012 for the work i) Provision of solar light system at DRM office c:anteen.y..Jcstiug & conuuissioninu ~ 'of Zcorc X G. Nos Set . Ii s. I>: T(. erection. testing & commissioning of Crystalline Solar PV Module. i 200M 2.SN r--I ! Provision . I i I I.230 V i AC. &~~=1 .1 ~~-=:i~~~~~~~--~ 'G7111.. I -t-No-i I I I I 50 J " I ' Mtrs l Ii )iL MtGi . erection. PVC Cu.M office canteen.~:ll _ -- 1 ii -. ____ I .-I. .MNRL Rate 255000 Amount 2550()(J I I .1B) I Nos J or or I No . . erection. -----I (vi) Sllppl. : i --I Qty \1 ! I ' Unit Unit -- : ! of Solar lighting system at IJRiv1 office Canteen Jabalpur... 50 Hz (v) Supply.. I 3 tfrproved source (ii) Supply. 111m. testing & I commissioning of 4 Module mounting • I structure with theft proof frame -\(iii) Supply.

_---- Note: I. Min area of collector 18 Sq mtrs. J.'::ll?l~/_ ! rcctiof . The tenderer shall be presumed to have seen site and read all the p. Electrical h~ater backup ' PrO\ isio.I he tenderer shall submit all the documents in support or his claim.--:-- Illg or cahle Mtrs I0 \.\l~'d \ ' . 2..t'2.tI! I - 5500 - I 1237 I (1737')0 I. : '['hermal PYC insulation 1-5/8" 170 Mtrs 292 I 58 pipe insulation (nitrile) 13 mm! I thick i ' I I (~. :.() l'rovixion oj' three pole 3rhasc I I !'\os 'I (J2~' i ()2 "'i() \\ ith neutral link 63 Amp air break swich fuse unit laps. The above quantities are approximate and are meant to give renderers (s) .: fo-~ 4 -I 200 t I I I -tNC.ipe 25mm diaI3J'. The Railway reserve the right to increase/ decrease the above quantities added or delete from any of the items.y\\ "j1-.~Ml~S .---.97 -_. \'.d in [Ill' tender booklet. .-~ _---!17() ..:n: 'Hlll'duk B : Solar' water heater at Runnina I room 11 i I .S.. 350 ctc .'uppl:.111 - at K" V 4.'1 I 2()(J() ~-- ()( ) 4000 ___ ~~ __ ~l __ Total ---Total value Schedule A+ Schedule B = Rs 769329/.vcccptcd rate 7(Yc) below = Rs 715475.--.I .b. /' ~.Ill idea (II' illl' quantum of work involved.'} FPClInsuJation S:SS inter tank IOOOLtrs per UU) c. I he tcndcrcrt s) shall quote his/ their percentage above/below in words and in liglll\_'-li prescribed pl:1CConly otherwise tender will not be considered4.-T\7l-. vil\ C~. testing and commissioning of Solar water hcntcr with Pl. erection.! ..ipcrx .lcIK. .+0 ~( )1).~. (. \~A 'V().7 V srDlty ~l3I' o . A II the rates should be inel usi vc of "11 t"XCS & duties.1[[.ipacitv.a) I -------------r-----tJ-.'-ofS~1t~~ water tank storage of raw water 1000 Ltrs capacity with stand I 180407 I X(J-t() 7 () K v-.