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London College of Business and Finance

Assignment Brief
Programme Edexcel BTEC level 7 Diploma / Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leaders ip !nit "# Strategic C ange Management Tutor $ulian $o% Date &ssued '(st Fe)ruar% '*(' Date Due '*t Marc '*('

Student Guidelines
(+ ,ou s ould -rite t is assignment in report st%le+ Essential parts are . Title page . Ta)le of contents . &ntroduction . Main )od% of t e report clearl% identif%ing t e separate tas/s . Conclusion and recommendation . 0eference and )i)liograp % . 1ppendices onl% if relevant and necessar% '+ &ntroduction s ould include terms of reference2 researc compan% overvie-+ "+ Complete %our report in "3** -ords -it a (*4 level of tolerance+ S o- %our -ord count at t e end of t e report+ 5ord count excludes title page2 ta)le of contents2 reference page2 appendices and c arts or grap s included in t e )od%+ 6+ 0eport s ould )e -ord processed and grammaticall% correct+ Pages s ould )e num)ered+ !se Times 7e- 0oman2 font (' and (+3 line spacing+ S o- titles and use )ullet points for a )etter structure and presentation+ 3+ List of references citing sources in 8arvard referencing st%le is a must+ 0eference ma% include )i)liograp % s o-ing %our -ider stud% relevant to t is module+ 9+ To pass t e assignment %ou must ac ieve a minimum of pass for eac assessment criteria 7+ T e assignment must )e su)mitted )% (7#** on t e '7t of Fe)ruar% '*(' met ods and a s ort

t at c ange is unavoida)le+ But t at still implies t at c ange is li/e deat and taxes it s ould )e postponed as long as possi)le and no c ange -ould )e vastl% prefera)le+ But in a period of up eaval2 suc as t e one -e are living in2 c ange is t e norm+< ==Peter F+ Druc/er C oose an M7C of %our c oice .ational strategic c ange !nderstand issues relating to strategic c ange in an organisation Be a)le to lead sta/e olders in developing a strateg% for c ange Be a)le to plan to implement models for ensuring ongoing c ange Task <Ever%)od% as accepted )% no.ic is undergoing a c ange at present and complete t e follo-ing tas/s+ Section 1 (+ Discuss models of strategic c ange -it in %our c osen organisation >1C (+(? '+ Evaluate t e relevance of models of strategic c ange to %our organisation in t e current econom% >1C (+'? "+ 1ssess t e value of using strategic intervention tec ni@ues in organisations >1C (+"? t e same organisation Section 2 6+ Examine t e need for strategic c ange in %our c osen organisation >1C '+(? 3+ 1ssess t e factors t at are driving t e need for strategic c ange in %our organisation >1C '+'? 9+ 1ssess t e resource implications of %our organisation not responding to strategic c ange >1C '+"? Section 3 7+ Develop s%stems to involve sta/e olders in t e planning of c ange >1C "+(? A+ Develop a c ange management strateg% -it sta/e olders >1C "+' ? B+ Evaluate t e s%stems used to involve sta/e olders in t e planning of c ange >1C "+"? (*+ Create a strateg% for managing resistance to c ange >1C "+6? .London College of Business and Finance Learning Outcomes • • • • L: ( L: ' L: " L: 6 !nderstand t e )ac/ground to organi.

London College of Business and Finance Section 4 ((+ Develop appropriate models for c ange >1C 6+(? ('+ Plan to implement a model for c ange >1C 6+'? ("+ develop appropriate measures to monitor progress >1C 6+"? Please note &n order to avoid t-o students c oosing t e same compan%2 %ou MUST inform %our tutor of %our c osen compan% )efore t e commencement of %our -or/+ =========================================== End of 1ssignment======================================== .