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EMOTIONAL FREEDOM IS IN YOUR HANDS with REBsm Integral Energy Psychology Phillip W. Warren, B.A., Ph.C., Professor Emeritus (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
4459 52A St., Delta, B.C., V4K 2Y3 Canada Phone and voice mail: !"4# 94!$49%9 &'ail: (hilli()*a++en, .e/site: htt(:00***.1&B( 2.S. mailin3 add+ess: P.4. Bo5 %595, Point 1o/e+ts, .A 9626%$%595 ∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5∆∞5

for simple, fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite)*. 2"%% 'a+ch / licensed under a !reative !ommons "ttribution - #o $erivative %or&s 3. 'nported (icense. )his license allo*s for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in *hole, *ith credit to the author.

+imple, fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) - %

*ill em(o*e+ 9o-+ intentions and c+eate hea+t and *hole /od9. *hen stim-lated. s(i+it cohe+ence.3o =o88 9o-+ n-t?= +imple. sa8el9. . and 8oc-s.+tress is inner biofeedbac&.e5(e+ience these sensations. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . . cente+.hen eve+ 9o. and hold that. A teach0coach these techni:-es +o-tinel9 in m9 *o+<.com 7ea+n these sim(le and e88ective *a9s to +ela5.heartmath. . can /e done (+acticall9 an9*he+e.+9 to -se as man9 as (ossi/le *hen doin3 9o-+ de$st+essin3.addison" The Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence. 'an9 a+e e5(osed to *hatBs called =emotional hiCac<in3= /9 the am93dala. and >1&&7Y?? no @@@#. +-/. 9o-+ =8elt sense= o8 the iss-e. signaling you that frequencies are fighting *ithin your system. FIRST AID FOR PSY#HOPHYSIOLO$I#AL STRESS .his man-al demonst+ates ho* to s<ill8-ll9 -se this in8o+mation to /ette+ 9o-+ li8e. Yo-+ /od9 is cove+ed *ith s(ots and a+eas that 9o.e5(e+ience -n*anted st+ess sensations (-t 9o-+ attention on *he+e in 9o-+ /od9 9o. (ainlessl9. +a(idl9. -sin3 a((+oaches that +e:-i+e nothin3 mo+e than 9o-+ hands.can ta(. .hese messa3es and memo+ies a+e inte+nal and ma9 +emain active 8+om the (ast and int+-de into (+esent dail9 li8e events *hen the a((+o(+iate t+i33e+ ha((ens eithe+ e5te+nal o+ inte+nal#. Also. select 8+om the 8ollo*in3 =/-88et= o8 techni:-es to +elieve this dist+ess easil9.. and (+ovide immediate +elie8.2 . de$st+ess. mind. )he purpose of stress isn-t to hurt you. /nstitute of 0eart1ath http://***.heneve+ in dist+ess.he9 8-nction li<e =n-t /-ttons?= . to-ch.hen the9 a+e =(-shed= 9o. but to let you &no* it-s time to go bac& to the heart and start loving. .. . -+ara . a (+imitive and (+ima+9 (+ocessin3 /+ain cente+ 8o+ ne3ative th+eat t9(e messa3es.he+e a+e man9 (ost-+es and 3est-+es (eo(le nat-+all9 -se to cont+ol the e88ects o8 st+ess. -se the va+io-s (ossi/le com/inations o8 these techni:-es.

a+e closel9 +elated $$ in 8act.a+e a8+aid o8. 8oc-sin3 on *hat 9o.a+e 8oc-sin3 on *hat 9o.c+eate in li8e.donBt *ant. most (eo(le do thei+ 8oc-sin3 -nconscio-sl9 and *itho-t intention.hen 9o.3 . Eo* the9 8oc-s.8oc-s 9o-+ mind on.ma9 move a*a9 +a(idl9 the+e/9 +ed-cin3 thei+ (otential (ositive im(act. the most im(o+tant# o8 the Hine P+inci(les Fo8 the Eolos9nc0Cente+(oint (+o3+amG is The Principle of Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay.he 8i+st the K&Y to *hat 9o. in a sense. in not *ant.A'& 9o. and *hat the9 8oc-s on. *ant $$ and 3et it. Yo. he first su!!este" approach to use in every"ay life *hen this =emotional hiCac<in3= ha((ensD ta<e time o-t and C-st *atch the d+ama in an -ninvolved manne+ /9 C-st noticin3 without evaluation *hatBs ha((enin3 to 9o. .a+e *o++ied a/o-t.donBt *ant c+eates /ad 8eelin3s. o+ a+e +imple.e5(e+ience.. *hich means 9o.hat 9o8oc-s on dete+mines the inte+nal states 9o. And.hen 9o.. 7-c<il9. 8+e:-entl9 9o.his is the onl9 *a9 an9one can e5(e+ience /ad 8eelin3s.8oc-s on.3et. *hat 9o.e5(e+ience an -ncom8o+ta/le 8eelin3 $$ an9 time 9o8eel /ad $$ 9o. the Di+ecto+ o8 the Centerpointe Research Institute. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . and then emotionall9 +eactin3 to these inte+nal +e(+esentations *ith +esistance.. ..a+e not lettin3 B*hat isB /e o<a9 $$ *hen 9o-B+e emotionall9 +esistin3 the *a9 thin3s a+e $$ *hat 9o-B+e act-all9 doin3 inside 9o-+ head is ma<in3 (ict-+es o+ othe+ inte+nal +e(+esentations o8 *hat 9o.ma9 dismiss the (ositive since the9 a+e 8leetin3. e(heme+al and conside+ed o8 no 3+eat im(o+tance o+ si3ni8icance. Ee+eBs a :-ote 8+om Bill Ea++is 2""3#.. An 8act.F. . 9o.donBt *ant.and 9o-+ /od9. . a+e a8+aid o8. and this 8i+st (+inci(le.his idea o8 *hat 9o.e5(e+ience /ad 8eelin3s. *ho *+ites: =.thin< o8 *hat 9o. the9 a+e t*o *a9s o8 sa9in3 the same thin3.>-+the+.8eel and sense these ne3ative messa3es /-t ma9 have di88ic-lt9 3ettin3 in to-ch *ith the (ositive onesD 9o. 9o. e5(e+ience them. some *o-ld sa9.8oc-s 9o-+ mind on. and it also dete+mines the e5te+nal +es-lts 9o.can cont+ol *hethe+ o+ not 9o.he t+o-/le is.Ghat 9o.. +-ns a-tomaticall9 $$ *hich means that sometimes the9 8oc-s on *hat the9 D4HB.can cont+ol *hat 9o.. . =. ABll ma<e an even mo+e s*ee(in3 statement: =AHY . o+ *hat 9o.

. the dist+ess 9o. .ma9 have /een t+o-/led /9 the s9m(toms 8o+ a lon3 time and have not /een a/le to =3et +id o8 them= *hich is *hat 9o. Beave+ton. AtBs ve+9 di88ic-lt to C-st /e a ne-t+al o/se+ve+ and let the (+ocess *o+<.H4. 41 9I""!$46I2 htt(:00***.= Min Chatter !"#$ %Interi& Report' 2""3 Decem/e+ %. and then t+9 to move a*a9 8+om it o+ avoid it.hile doin3 the 8ollo*in3 e5e+cises.=in (+esent time= so 9o.*ant to do and *h9 9o.his mode o8 =C-st noticin30*itnessin3= is :-ite di88ic-lt 8o+ /oth healin3 hel(e+s =heal(e+s=# and thei+ clients since (a+t o8 this attit-de involves not tryin! to chan3e an9thin3 /-t C-st e5(ect an9 chan3e o+ (+o3+ess =acce(t *hat is= see a/ove The Principle of Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay. and then this is the ha+d (a+t# C-st let these e88ects e5ist *itho-t t+9in3 to chan3e them o+ 3et +id o8 them /e a *itness and ne-t+al o/se+ve+#. /oth the healin3 hel(e+ =heal(e+=# and clients a+e as<ed not to (e attache to any particular outco&e or signs of progress or success this is ve+9 di88ic-lt to do 8o+ /oth (a+ties?# This approach is highly para o)ical. Cente+(ointe 1esea+ch Anstit-te. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . %!Ith Place. Yo. he secon" su!!este" approach to use in every"ay life *hen this =emotional hiCac<in3= ha((ens. +imple. as 9o.*o++ied a/o-t. thin< o8 an BLB o+ B∞B to c+eate an ancho+ o+ t+i33e+ so that *ith (+actice 9o.= Ea++is. .EAHK AB42.a+e e5(e+iencin3.his *ill hel( <ee( 9o. . a Positive Emotion Re-focusing Technique. #REATE AN AN#HOR OR TRI$$ER .4 .AH. (lace 9o-+ a*a+eness on the (h9sical /odil9 sensations >elt Sense# and ass-me a ne-t+al o+ *itnessin3 o+ientation to these sensations.a<e time o-t and do the Eea+t'ath 8+eeJe 8+ame -sin3.4 D4 S4'&.ma9 /e seein3 the =heal(e+=#. %I"" H.cente+(ointe.ant: Bi+dBs o8 a >eathe+. Also. incl-din3 =heal(e+s= .can /+in3 the desi+ed +es-lt /9 C-st thin<in3 o8 an BLB o+ B∞ the activities. 'ost (eo(le. Do not /ecome involved in the events 9o.hat Yo. S-ite 22". See (a+ts %" and %% 8o+ the inst+-ctions 8o+ the REB$ FREEZE-FRAME techni:-e. the 1adiant &ne+3ies Balance 1&B# (ost-+e to ma<e the im(act a s9stem *ide one.com0 An s-m.a+e dealin3 *ith /-t C-st notice ho* the9 a+e a88ectin3 9o. Bill 2""3# =1esistance $$ and >oc-sin3 on .do not 3o /ac< to the (ast t+a-matic event and /ecome +et+a-matiJed#. .hen dealin3 *ith 9o-+ iss-e do not 3et ca-3ht -( in it o+ /ecome attached to the e88ects it is havin3 +i3ht no*D C-st notice them.#.DonBt . i8 (ossi/le.

a. Ama3ine 9o-+sel8 into +elie8 %". 2""6# Magnificent Min at . M Ps9choene+3etic 1eve+sal Co++ection 3. . do dee( a/dominal /+eathin3 th+o-3h the H4S&. Hea+$>a+ o+ >i3-+e &i3hths# Com/ined *ith &motional >in3e+ Position and St+ess 1elease Points S1Ps# 0atural ways to unleash your (rain1s &a)i&u& potential. +est the ti( o8 9o-+ ton3-e on the +oo8 o8 9o-+ mo-th C-st /ehind the teeth. *ate+ 3oes st+ai3ht to *o+<./.a. .ny . Dee( B+eathin3 . Ass-me the 1adiant &ne+3ies Balance Post-+e Eoo< -( the . D+in< *ate+. i8 (-t into (+actice. totall9 /9(assin3 the di3estive (+ocess./.. Dail9 S9stem 'aintenance Activities %.c.o-ch the ti( o8 9o-+ ton3-e to the +oo8 o8 9o-+ mo-th C-st /ehind the teeth %.eil 6. Ea+mon9 Boo<s.hold it in 9o-+ mo-th so it /ecomes a/so+/ed di+ectl9 th+o-3h +imple. .stress r an+ . lite#P DonBt let the desi3nation lite#P 8ool 9o-.o((in3Bs %! ho-+ co-+se (+ovides (o*e+8-l and e88icient techni:-es *hich.a. a maCo+ de$st+esso+ and /od9mind inte3+ato+ %. Ya*n and st+etch %.h+o-3h the Hose 6.c.+(!in+ integrat r Kee( 9o-+sel8 *ell h9d+ol9Jed *ith *ate+. /elo*# 2. -s-all9 /e8o+e A 3et o-t o8 /ed. Do the >+eeJe >+ame (+oced-+e %%.uency%& Dai'( S(ste! Maintenance Activities A 3ood so-+ce 8o+ nat-+al a((+oaches to ma5im-m health is Amen. *ill c+eate (+o8o-nd im(+ovements in 9o-+ dail9 livin3 and (e+8o+mance. Com(a+ed to othe+ li:-ids. M Bod9mind Cont+ol Cente+s Balance 5. Hol the water in your &outh an un er your tongue for &a)i&u& a(sorption. 'a<e these activities (a+t o8 9o-+ li8e to maintain o(tim-m cohe+ence o8 9o-+ /od9mind./.+i(le .his /+ie8e+ ve+sion o8 the . Eold the St+ess 1elease Points S1P# and >+ontal04cci(ital >4# Eoldin3 !. Daniel K. 7e8t St+ess 1elease Point Eoldin3 and 1i3ht Host+il B+eathin3 I. Ass-me a (ositive (h9sical (ost-+e Do dee( a/dominal /+eathin3 th+o-3h the H4S& see desc+i(tion in section 6a.a+me+0S(leen0Cent+al0Kove+nin3 'e+idians# M O A do these e5e+cises +e3-la+l9. es(eciall9 *hen 9o. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . D+in< some *ate+.5 . A s9stem *ide activation and t-ne -(. %&a& Drin) water" a !a* r +e.he techni:-es =B-88et= o8 de$st+esso+s#: %. With consistent practice* you will &aintain your psychophysical (alance an coherence so that you will (e &uch &ore successful in han ling +the slings an arrows of outrageous fortune+ which are co&ing at us with increasing intensity an fre. &9e 'ovements 1otation. to sta+t the da9 in an inte3+ated state. Dia3onal. 9a*n and st+etch. Pola+iJed Alte+nate Host+il# B+eathin3 9. 7ate+al.he 4$I$6 o+ 1ela5in3 B+eath# &5e+cise /9 A.d. M=N-ic< >i5=: A 3D &lect+oma3netic Balance 4. . M C+oss C+a*l !.

ith +e(etition this ma9 /e all 9o. .+ans8o+mation de$st+essin3#. At is es(eciall9 hel(8-l *hile *o+<in3 *ith elect+ical machines com(-te+s etc.net0+e/+esea+chtheo+9.his sho-ld /e done *hile 9o. mental and (h9sical coo+dination. %&-& T uch the ti.# *hich can ne3ativel9 a88ect 9o-+ /od9. 9o. / ( ur t ngue t the r / / ( ur ! uth *ust -ehin+ the teeth . At hei3htens ene+39. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . .a+e (e+8o+min3 an9 action o+ tas<.% to 2". .do these activities this connects 2 maCo+ t+aditional Chinese medicine me+idiansD the cent+al and 3ove+nin3 collecto+ me+idians#. . Yo-+ ton3-e sho-ld nat-+all9 +est /ehind 9o-+ -((e+ teeth. im(+oves concent+ation.html# +imple.his +ed-ces st+ess and inc+eases 8oc-s and 3ene+al /od9mind inte3+ation.need to achieve o(timal (e+8o+mance and <ee( 9o-+ s9stem cohe+ent and =in the Jone.ate+ (+ovides the h9d+ation necessa+9 8o+ elect+oma3netic im(-lses to 8lo* th+o-3h the /od9.ate+ is essential to (+o(e+ l9m(hatic 8-nction *hich no-+ishes the cells and +emoves *aste and to5ins 8+om the /od9.-se a lot o8 *ate+ and it m-st /e +e(laced. .the tiss-e linin3 o8 the mo-th int+a$o+al a/so+(tion#.! .5 and section 22 in the +esea+ch and theo+9 section o8 m9 *e/site htt(:00***.= >o+ in8o+mation on me+idians and cha<+as see sections 2". .+e/(+otocol.o-ch the ti( o8 9o-+ ton3-e to the +oo8 o8 9o-+ mo-th C-st /ehind the teeth as 9o. and academic s<ills.hen -nde+ st+ess o+ doin3 intense and heav9 Ps9cho3a+/a3e .

Eo*eve+.he mono3+a(h +ecommended =enli3htenment th+o-3h 9a*nin3=? See And+e* He*/-+3. . '. in (a+t.-(enn. Bac< in the %95"s. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) .D.ed-03aJette0%%"90e5(e+t. 2awning is not conside+ed (oliteD a si3n o8 /o+edom /ad manne+s?# o+ 8ati3-e.he+e e5ists an e5tensive lite+at-+e. anothe+ no no# in the +ed-ction o8 st+ess. (ointed o-t the (h9siolo39 o8 9a*nin3 as *ell as /-+(in3. An Yo3a.%&c& Yawn an+ stretch An these t*o activities. At does indicate these 8acts o8 li8e /-t it also is a method o8 st+ess +ed-ction.can do 8o+ 9o-+ /+ain= htt(:00***. . on the (s9cho$s(i+it-al im(act o8 va+io-s /od9 (ost-+es asanas# and 8in3e+ (ositions +imple. 9o.html 3tretching o8 co-+se is -sed in man9 a+eas o8 (h9sical t+ainin3. mainl9 in the non$*este+n &-+o(ean t+aditions. it is also an e5cellent method o8 st+ess +ed-ction.I . the va+io-s s(eci8ic st+etches have t*o o/Cectives: Ph9sical 8le5i/ilit9 and S(i+it-al advancement./ecome a*a+e o8 and +elease 9o-+ inne+ (-ss9 cat? Q-st *atch a cat o+ othe+ animal# to see an e5(e+t model the a+t o8 Ya*nin3 and St+etchin3. A +ead a mono3+a(h that. 2""9 =Ya*n$$AtBs one o8 the /est thin3s 9o.

= >o+ e5am(le. *i+es. Eo*eve+. as =N-ant-m Cohe+ent Pol9(hasic 7i:-id Eo o8 the Institute of 3cience In 3ociety. a com(-te+ /-t onl9 in 9o-+ head#. /illo*s. 2nde+stand that 9o-+ s9stem 8-nctions li<e a :-ant-m li:-id c+9stal *he+e/9 A77 in8o+mation (h9sical.a+e a com(licated machine *hich m9ste+io-sl9 acts as i8 9o.+a-ma the+a(ists have the e5(+ession =. Coints.+e/(+otocol. has de8ined all o+3anisms. >+ontie+ +esea+ch on massa3e and /od9 (s9chothe+a(9 has (ointed o-t that a 3ood massa3e and st+etch *ill involve the *hole /od9 in +eceivin3 the /ene8its o8 a (ositive co3nitive and emotional inte+vention.6 . (-m(s.= .ed-0cvon/e+3en0Anhi/itin3T2"and T2">acilitatin3T2"ConditionsT2"o8T2"theT2"E-manT2"Smile)AT2"Hono/t+-siveT2".ta<e dee( /+eaths th+o-3h the nose# and then +eve+se sides. co3nitive.can chan3e 9o-+ ove+all 8eelin3 state /9 8a<in3 a (h9sical (ost-+e that +e8lects a mo+e desi+a/le one.net0+e/+esea+chtheo+9.I in the +esea+ch and theo+9 section o8 m9 *e/site htt(:00***.= Yo. S K. 1eese %99"# Rela)ercise/ The easy new way to health 4 fitness Ea+(e+San>+ancisco.(-sh one (alm do*n and the othe+ (alm -( as 9o.est o8 the >acial >eed/ac< E9(othesis. >o+ in8o+mation on 4schmanBs ene+39 medicine model *hich e5(lains this idea see section %!.can -se this to sto( an -n(leasant emotion o+ sensation and s-/stit-te a mo+e (ositive o+ desi+a/le one /9 sim(l9 =8a<in3 the (ositive. sture Yo.html# An e5cellent +eso-+ce 8o+ (h9sical e5e+cises is Remach$Be+sin.net0+e/+esea+chtheo+9. sitive . incl-din3 e5(e+ience that emotion th+o-3h the int+icate 8eed/ac< s9stem o8 9o-+ :-ant-m /od9.est T2"o8T2"theT2">acialT2">eed/ac<T2"E9(othesis.net0+e/+esea+chtheo+9.&u ras#. in the one concession to mode+n technolo39.+e/(+otocol.(d8 Eo see sections %3. 'a+tin and Ste((e+ %966# =Anhi/itin3 and >acilitatin3 Conditions o8 the E-man Smile: A Hono/t+-sive . th-s mechanicall9 stim-latin3 the m-scles -sed in smilin3. the9 la+3el9 -se this ima3e in thei+ (+actice. >o+ in8o+mation on 'ae$.h(sica' . (i(es. Eoldin3 the (encil *ith thei+ teeth +es-lted in hi3he+ +atin3s o8 =8-nn9ness.2 in the +esea+ch and theo+9 section o8 m9 *e/site htt(:00***. emotional. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . and.still +emain mainl9 a /a3 *ith chemicals. %&+& Assu!e a .hen the9 com(a+ed s-/Cects *ho held a (encil in *ith thei+ teeth. . 2se +ela5ation ima3in3 to ma5imiJe the /ene8it. D. st+-ts.can -se these 8o+ 9o-+ o*n s9stem maintenance activities.= 6ournal of Personality an 3ocial Psychology. ( as an inte3+ated vital entit9.= See St+ac<. . 'assa3e the+a(ists tell o8 clients *ho sometimes e5(e+ience emotions -s-all9 ne3ative# d-+in3 a session. (s9cholo39 and medicine -se (+e$:-ant-m thin<in3 and o(e+ate as i8 9o.= Yo. *ith those held /et*een thei+ li(s. C-st ass-min3 the (ost-+e o8 an emotion *ill ca-se 9o.his im(lies that 9o. S '. s(i+it-al# is instantl9 and com(letel9 disseminated to A77 o8 9o-+ /od9$mind$s(i+it.html# A -se8-l st+etch 8o+ Coints is called =Se(a+atin3 heaven and ea+th.% and 2%.+e/(+otocol.*e+e vital /ein3 alive and vital is conside+ed an e(i(henomena# /-t 9o. .html# '-ch o8 mainst+eam /iolo39. htt(:00ca+mine.he /od9 <ee(s the sco+e. sheathes. >o+ in8o+mation on asanas and &u ras see sections 2%.%" in the +esea+ch and theo+9 section o8 m9 *e/site htt(:00***.he +eason this *o+<s involves the conce(t o8 The 5uantu& Bo y: 'ae$. a =+ecove+in3 /iolo3ist= and no* a /+illiant /io(h9sicist. in la/o+ato+9 +esea+ch the9 sho*ed s-/Cects h-mo+o-s 8ilm cli(s and had them +ate them on ho* 8-nn9 the9 *e+e. Yo. Altho-3h the mainst+eam *ill o/Cect to this cha+acte+iJation.! and %3.

sh O Side o8 Eand: hand (+ (oint is on the side o8 the hand at the /end o8 9o-+ (alm hal8 *a9 /et*een the /ase o8 9o-+ little 8in3e+ and 9o-+ *+ist on the 8lesh9 (a+t o8 9o-+ hand *he+e 9o. %999# Healing with .9 . He-+ol9m(hatic massa3e (oint 8o+ the Kove+nin3 'e+idian.So smile.he +-//in3 s(ot is in the inte+s(ace /et*een the 2nd and 3+d +i/s. it its *isdom. *ill c+eate the 8eelin3 and sensations associated *ith the emotion.http/88www-people-h(s-e u8acu y8in9#:press*9#:carney* 9#:cu y*9#:49#:yap*9#:psych9#:science-p f Do deep abdomina b!eathing th!ough the "#$E see desc+i(tion in section 6a.oui/ The secrets of ancient Chinese (reathing techni. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) .donBt 8eel li<e it?? it *ill also ca-se (eo(le to *onde+ *hat 9o-B+e -( to?# .42CE012B$and$B1&A. rs (oint /elo*# -((e+ le8t. Ea9 Eo-se. %96I# 2ou Can Heal 2our Life..Ya(. and also +i3ht i8 so+e.e+es 'aCo+ m-scle# +imple. 7.. on the side o8 the hand sh (oint /elo*# and0o+ 12B the (s9cholo3ical0(ola+it9 +eve+sal SP4. movement and /+eathin3 see Li-lin3.ues.i<.*ant and 9o-+ :-ant-m /od9.7.AP0. Desi+ed 4-tcome D4# o+ 3oal statement. mainl9 on the le8t side /-t t+9 /oth i8 the9 a+e so+e o+ tende+. health9 and *hole. See the inte+estin3 +esea+ch on =Po*e+ Poses= 2"%" Ca+ne9.*o-ld ma<e a <a+ate cho(.and 9o-+ /od9 and =acce(t *hat is= see The Principle of Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay.C-dd9. Small Antestine (oint 3# rs O .& . Sa9 some a((+o(+iate a88i+mation. ta<e on a (h9sical (ost-+e and 3est-+e o8 the emotion 9o. even i8 9o. /elo*# >o+ a com(lete (+o3+am in (ost-+e. As !ecommended above C-st *atch the d+ama in an -ninvolved manne+ /9 C-st noticin3 without evaluation *hatBs ha((enin3 to 9o. A3o+a Eealth Boo<s.h-s. .# 0& 1Ps(ch energetic Reversa' 2PR3 # rrecti n S. ne5t to the ste+n-m. Po*e+ Posin3: B+ie8 Honve+/al Dis(la9s A88ect He-+oendoc+ine.= Psycholgical73cience. >+om the =v= move do*n a/o-t 3 inches and ove+ a/o-t 3 inches.E&# the Ps9choene+3etic 1eve+sal P4AH. 8+om the to(. >o+ a (o*e+8-l (+o3+am 8o+ c-+in3 sel8 sa/ota3e *hile doin3 these co++ections A +ecommend Ea9. /et*een colla+/one and /+east# *hile ima3inin3 9o-+sel8 *itho-t 9o-+ (+o/lem.A'27A.

2. and co-nt a /it en3a3e 9o-+ le8t hemis(he+e#. 4.%" .can move the e9es a+o-nd in all di+ections see (a+t I /elo*#. h-m a little t-ne en3a3e 9o-+ +i3ht hemis(he+e#. %. 3. Pl-33in3 An: Place all 8ive 8in3e+ti(s o8 one hand a+o-nd 9o-+ navel and hold them the+e *hile doin3 ste(s 2. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . 3. 9o. 2($Do*n Balance: 'assa3e the lo*e+ li( ll: (ointD the cent+al ene+39 (ath#. and 4 *ith the othe+ hand. Ancho+ this /9 doin3 some C+oss C+a*l still h-mmin3 and co-ntin3. >+ont$Bac< Balance: 'assa3e the -((e+ li( un (ointD the 3ove+nin3 ene+39 (ath#.his im(o+tant elect+oma3netic :-ic<$8i5 ale+ts the maCo+ /od9 ene+390in8o+mation ci+c-its to /alance the /od9Bs s9stem in all th+ee dimensions. c( O Belo* 9o-+ Colla+ Bone: sta+t 8+om the /ottom o8 the colla+ /one =V= and move +i3ht and0o+ le8t# -nde+ 9o-+ colla+ /one -ntil 9o. 2 8in3e+s on each lo*e+ side#. . Ste(s 3 and 4 can /e done at the same time.= 'ovin3 9o-+ sho-lde+s 8o+*a+d *ill /+in3 o-t this s(ot since it 8eels li<e itBs ove+ a hin3e at the colla+ /one $$ ste+n-m connection Kidne9 me+idian#. th-m/ a/ove navel.hile doin3 this. un O 2nde+ Hose: a/ove the -((e+ li( on the midline Kove+nin3 me+idian#.4& 156uic) Fi758 A 4D E'ectr !agnetic Ba'ance . the 8i+st =di(. ll O 7o*e+ 7i(: -nde+ the lo*e+ li( on the midline Cent+al me+idian#. 7e8t$1i3ht Balance: 'assa3e the Colla+ Bone c(# (oints.

+e/(+otocol.html# 'a+ch in (lace.move the e9es a+o-nd in all di+ections. 2. .can do this *hile l9in3 do*n also *hich is *hat A do /e8o+e A 3et -( in the mo+nin3.can also ma+ch to-chin3 heels in 8+ont o8 9o-. 'assa3e 9o-+ ea+s (-llin3 them a*a9 8+om the cente+ channel this /alances the chakra cont+ol cente+s as *ell as 3ivin3 9o.a *hole /od9 *a<e -( call#.can also sa9 9o-+ 8avo+ite a88i+mation.his /alances the me+idians and (+ovides a =th9m-s ene+39 th-m(. As 9o.a+JanBs 9ell# :& 1#r ss #raw' Yo. /ein3 s-+e to <ee( the othe+ hand to the 8+ont.*ith 9o-+ o((osite hand.I in the +esea+ch and theo+9 section o8 m9 *e/site htt(:00***.c+oss c+a*l 9o.AP co-nte+ cloc<*ise 2P and a+o-nd sta+tin3 8+om the hea+t0le8t side# in a ci+cle a/o-t 4 inches in diamete+ a+o-nd a (oint in the cente+ o8 9o-+ chest a/o-t % hand *idth /elo* the =V= *he+e 9o-+ colla+/one meets the ste+n-m. At hel(s to to-ch a hand to the o((osite <nee and move the t+-n< m-scles. +imple. Coo+dinate the movement so that *hen an a+m moves. >o+ in8o+mation on movement (+actices see sections 2%.9& 1B +(!in+ # ntr ' #enters Ba'ance %.= .net0+e/+esea+chtheo+9. Desi+ed 4-tcome D4# o+ 3oal statement. the le3 on the o((osite side o8 the /od9 moves at the same time. Be s-+e to c+oss the midline o8 the /od9 *ith this movement. Va+iations: .3 to 2%. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . As 9o. See (ict-+es. Alte+nate o((osite hands and heels to the /ac< Yo.o-ch the heel /ehind 9o. h-m a little t-ne and co-nt a /it. .%% .

Eold the (oints 8o+ a/o-t one min-te *hile 9o. 9o. At (+events the limitin3 =8i3ht o+ 8li3ht= +es(onse 8+om ta<in3 ove+. >ind the +aised a+ea di+ectl9 a/ove the indentation the location o8 the ne-+ovasc-la+ (oints 8o+ the stomach#. o+ tal< it o-t. .*ill thin< mo+e clea+l9 and have mo+e choices -nde+ (+ess-+e. 9o-+ most c+eative thin<in3 and conside+ation o8 9o-+ o(tions.ita' H '+ing 2F<O H '+ing3 Q-st a/ove the cente+ o8 the e9e/+o*s 9o.o (+ovide ene+39 movement 8+om the /ac< to the 8+ont in a mo+e di+ective manne+. comin3 8+om the /ac< /+ain. (lace t*o 8in3e+s to3ethe+ li3htl9 to-chin3 these 8+ontal eminences.*ill 8ind an indentation. Yo. . Close 9o-+ e9es and /+eathe 8+om 9o-+ stomach and th+o-3h 9o-+ nose.&a& Stress Re'ease P ints 2SRPs3 an+ Fr nta'<Occi.*o-ld (-t on 9o-+ e9elids.can -se >+ontal04cci(ital Eoldin3 >04 Eoldin3# /9 (lacin3 one hand 3entl9 on 9o-+ 8o+ehead and (lace the othe+ hand on the /ac< o8 9o-+ head ove+ the occi(ital a+ea.thin< th+o-3h a (+o/lem. 2sin3 the amo-nt o8 (+ess-+e 9o.can hold 9o-+ o*n St+ess 1elease Points o+ a (a+tne+ can hold them 8o+ 9o-. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) .. Yo. *a+mth and elect+oma3netic ene+39 in 9o-+ +ational 8+ont /+ain *he+e 9o.%2 .his techni:-e <ee(s /lood.

Bac< and >o+th Ac+oss the 'id$line. 2. 2( and Do*n. Contin-e this -ntil the e9es move smoothl9 *itho-t st+ain and Ce+<iness at an9 ( almost instantaneo-s (e+sonal cente+in3. .ith some st+ess8-l event o+ tho-3ht on line: %. Eold the (ad o8 9o-+ th-m/ to the (ad o8 9o-+ +in3 8in3e+ on /oth hands.hese th+ee com/ined 3ive 9o.Far r Figure Eighths3 # !-ine+ with E! ti na' Finger P siti n an+ Stress Re'ease P ints 2SRPs3 . 3.hin<0Ama3ine it th+o-3h 8+om /e3innin3 to end.his leaves 9o-+ 8i+st and second 8in3e+s 8+ee to hold 9o-+ st+ess +elease (oints. P+o3+am a :-ic< dose o8 (ositive emotion sa9 =A 8eel = *heneve+ the need a+ises 8o+ a :-ic< dose o8 =emotional n-t+ition.h-s. .hin< o8 9o-+ st+ess8-l sit-ation. 3ivin3 9o. Add the &motional >in3e+ Position. o+ 7aJ9 &i3hts to the a/ove t*o. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . Also. An addition. At com/ines holdin3 9o-+ St+ess 1elease Points S1Ps# *ith a 8in3e+ (osition a &u ra# *hich dee(ens the level o8 9o-+ /alance. and to de$st+ess an9 sit-ation. 2se this techni:-e in an9 sit-ation to (+o3+am a calm and 8oc-sed 8eelin3.#. inte+vie* etc. Yo. 4ne o8 the sim(lest *a9s to do this is to (lace 9o-+ 8i+st and inde5 8in3e+ o8 9o-+ le8t hand on the le8t St+ess 1elease Point *hile.a (o*e+8-l tool to cont+ol 9o-+ emotional *ell /ein3. a-dition. e5amination.&-& Le/t Stress Re'ease P int H '+ing an+ Right N stri' Breathing . Add &9e 'ovements: 1otation cloc<*ise and co-nte+ cloc<*ise#. Eold 9o-+ St+ess 1elease Points o+ have someone do 8+ontal0occi(ital holdin3 8o+ 9o.+e/(+otocol. Ama3ine 9o-+ Desi+ed 4-tcome D4# as a +ealit9.he le8t hemis(he+e in most (eo(le is the less emotional one so activatin3 this hemis(he+e *ill +ed-ce the level o8 emotion. 1otatin3 the e9e slo*l9 and deli/e+atel9 cloc<*ise and co-nte+ cloc<*ise.. at the same time.a+e doin3 a n-m/e+ o8 hel(8-l thin3s *ith this sim(le (ost-+e.his e5e+cise (+ovides almost instant emotional :-ic< 8i5. D-e to the c+oss ove+ cont+ol +elation *he+e the +i3ht side o8 the /od9Bs cont+ol is located on the le8t side o8 the /+ain donBt as< *h9??#.can -se this to (-t a (ositive a88i+mation di+ectl9 into the -nconscio-s.net0+e/+esea+chtheo+9. 9o.a#. 2se these techni:-es *hile 9o. . the 8+ontal lo/e is *he+e o-+ o(tions and c+eativit9 cont+ol cente+s a+e located. .a.html# .see (a+t !. =& E(e M ve!ents 2R tati n" Latera'" Diag na'" Near. 1elease the 8in3e+ (osition i8 too -(settin3 and t+9 a3ain a little late+. ove+la((in3 the midline o+ movin3 the e9es -( and do*n o+ /ac< and 8o+th o+ c+eatin3 a laJ9 ei3ht *ith the e9es onl9 *ill =s*ee( the *hole /+ain= li<e a =Co9 stic<= 8o+ the /+ain#. Do an9 o8 these techni:-es and ima3ine eve+9thin3 *o+<in3 o-t (e+8ectl9. a8te+ +eleasin3 the 8i+st level o8 st+ess.o this 9oadd an e9e movement techni:-e that e88icientl9 accesses the *hole /+ain 8o+ st+ess +elease.%3 . . the +i3ht nost+il in8l-ences the le8t hemis(he+e.ima3ine an -(comin3 challen3e $$ a (e+8o+mance. 4-+ e9e di+ection shi8ts each time *e access a di88e+ent (a+t o8 the /+ain. . close 9o-+ le8t nost+il *ith 9o-+ th-m/.=# +imple. the nose cont+ols the a-tonomic ne+vo-s s9stem and /+eathin3 th+o-3h the nose cools do*n the h9(othalam-s see section 6. >o+ in8o+mation on e9e and head movements and e9e /lin<in3 see section %6 in the theo+9 and +esea+ch section o8 m9 *e/site htt(:00***.

P-sh the /oo< -( /9 ta<in3 a /+eath and then +ela5 and let the /oo< d+o( *ith 9o-+ o-t /+eath. *hen 9o. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . do sim(le st+ess +elease (oint holdin3 *ith no e9e movements -ntil 9o.+e/(+otocol.hen d+o( the ton3-e and.%4 .a<e a dee( /+eath T%R#&'% (#&R "#$E. At *o-ld /e -n*ise. %999# Healing with . *ith 9o-+ stomach 3oin3 o-t. the+e8o+e. and 8inall9 3#.% th+o-3h %I./ecomin3 h9ste+ical.I in the +esea+ch and theo+9 section o8 m9 *e/site htt(:00***. 7ate+.ues. movement and /+eathin3 see Li-lin3. then 2#. =eep . . A3o+a Eealth Boo<s. 9o. %#.8eel calm a/o-t it. +e(eat the e9e movements *hile holdin3 the 8in3e+ (osition.a+e mo+e s<illed. to C-m( st+ai3ht into -se o8 the 8in3e+ (osition *hen *o+<in3 th+o-3h a t+a-matic o+ (otentiall9 t+a-matic sit-ation. s-ch as death o8 a loved one.oui/ The secrets of ancient Chinese (reathing techni. th+o-3h the mo-th e5hale./+eathe.i< . >o+ in8o+mation on /+eathin3 see sections %I.( o&inal %Belly' Breathing: .net0+e/+esea+chtheo+9.&: Doin3 st+ess +elease *hile -sin3 the 8in3e+ (osition elicits a mo+e st+ess8-l +es(onse. as i8 9o. Doin3 a 3$(a+t st+ess +elease *ill +elieve the st+ess *itho-t +is< o8 9o. (-shin3 o-t 9o-+ hand. B+eathin3 th+o-3h the nose act-all9 cools do*n the /lood 3oin3 to the h9(othalam-s. *hile to-chin3 the ti( o8 the ton3-e to the +oo8 o8 the mo-th C-st /ehind the teeth. contin-e thin<in3 o8 the sit-ation *hile doin3 slo* e9e movements *itho-t the 8in3e+ (osition.html# >a& Dee. all the ai+ in 9o-+ l-n3s in sho+t little (-88s. >ill -( li<e a /alloon. A-+ !ina' 2Be''(3 Breathing >o+ the sim(lest *a9 to lea+n to do Dee( A/dominal Bell9# B+eathin3. the (+ima+9 emotional cont+ol cente+ in the /+ain.H4. >o+ a com(lete (+o3+am in (ost-+e. lie 8lat on the 8loo+ and (lace a /oo< on 9o-+ stomach. Anstead. 1e(eat a/o-t %" times.can +est 9o-+ hands on 9o-+ stomach and 8eel 9o-+ hands movin3 in and o-t as 9o.a+e <ee(in3 a 8eathe+ in the ai+. A ve+9 di+ect *a9 to =Chill o-t?= +imple.

can do the e5e+cise in an9 (osition. A8 9o. &ve+9one can /ene8it 8+om it.ith st+ess. 4-+ /+eathin3 (atte+n chan3es 8+om one nost+il to the othe+ +e3-la+l9 a/o-t eve+9 9" min-tes# to ins-+e (+o(e+ (ositive0ne3ative ioniJation /alance in the /od9. *hich in t-+n a88ects the /alance o8 calci-m and (hos(ho+-s in the /lood. Yocannot do it too 8+e:-entl9. >&-& The 9.= =&5hale com(letel9 th+o-3h 9o-+ mo-th. +e:-i+es no e:-i(ment and can /e done an9*he+e. 9o. ma<in3 a *hoosh so-nd to a co-nt o8 ei3ht. (ola+iJation 3oes o88. . 2se it *heneve+ an9thin3 -(settin3 ha((ens $$ /e8o+e 9o. Altho-3h 9o.+eact.*ish.= =4nce 9o.have t+o-/le holdin3 9o-+ /+eath.%5 . Ho* inhale a3ain and +e(eat the c9cle th+ee mo+e times 8o+ a total o8 8o-+ /+eaths.> 2 r Re'a7ing Breath3 E7ercise /9 D+.8i+st /+eathe this *a9. Place the ti( o8 9o-+ ton3-e a3ainst the +id3e o8 tiss-e C-st /ehind 9o-+ -((e+ 8+ont teeth. .his e5e+cise cannot /e +ecommended too hi3hl9.8eel a little li3htheaded *hen 9o. s(eed the e5e+cise -( /-t <ee( to the +atio o8 4:I:6 8o+ the th+ee (hases. sit *ith 9o-+ /ac< st+ai3ht *hile lea+nin3 the e5e+cise. and <ee( it the+e th+o-3h the enti+e e5e+cise. ma<in3 a *hoosh so-nd.8i+st t+9 it /-t 3ains in (o*e+ *ith +e(etition and (+actice.= =Hote that 9o.8i+st ta<e them /-t then lose thei+ (o*e+ ove+ time.+e/(*a9s inhale :-ietl9 th+o-3h 9o-+ nose and e5hale a-di/l9 th+o-3h 9o-+ mo-th.his e5e+cise is a nat-+al t+an:-iliJe+ 8o+ the ne+vo-s s9stem. Yo. h9(othalamic heat inc+eases and a-tonomic ne+vo-s s9stem and hea+t +imple. 2se it *heneve+ 9o.*ill al*a9s have *ith 9o-. . Close 9o-+ mo-th and inhale :-ietl9 th+o-3h 9o-+ nose to a mental co-nt o8 8o-+.eil N-ote: =. 2nli<e t+an:-iliJin3 d+-3s.= =.can e5tend it to ei3ht /+eaths. Do not do mo+e than 8o-+ /+eaths at one time 8o+ the 8i+st month o8 (+actice.develo( this techni:-e /9 (+acticin3 it eve+9 da9D it *ill /e a ve+9 -se8-l tool that 9o. And+e* . do not /e conce+nedD it *ill (ass.his is one /+eath. ta<es almost no time. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . %.=. 2se it to hel( 9o. Eold 9o-+ /+eath 8o+ a co-nt o8 seven.= &nd :-ote >c& P 'ari?e+ 2A'ternate N stri'3 Breathing Pola+iJed alte+nate nost+il /+eathin3 has lon3 /een -sed in man9 (+actices to calm and inte3+ate the /od9mind. &5hale com(letel9 th+o-3h 9o-+ mo-th.1e3-la+ smooth dee( /+eathin3 calms and /alances the a-tonomic ne+vo-s s9stem and hea+t (+od-cin3 o(tim-m Eea+t 1ate Va+ia/ilit9 E1V# and s9stem cohe+ence.s(end on each (hase is not im(o+tantD the +atio o8 4:I:6 is im(o+tant. A8 9o.= =.net0+e/+esea+chtheo+9. &5halation ta<es t*ice as lon3 as inhalation. . this e5e+cise is s-/tle *hen 9o. *hich a+e o8ten e88ective *hen 9o. Conside+a/le +esea+ch no* ve+i8ies the ancient *isdom scienti8icall9 called 2nilate+al Alte+nate Host+il B+eathin3 >o+ in8o+mation see section %I.his e5e+cise is -tte+l9 sim(le.can slo* it all do*n and 3et -sed to inhalin3 and e5halin3 mo+e and mo+e dee(l9.*ill /e e5halin3 th+o-3h 9o-+ mo-th a+o-nd 9o-+ ton3-eD t+9 (-+sin3 9o-+ li(s sli3htl9 i8 this seems a*<*a+d.I in the +esea+ch and theo+9 section o8 m9 *e/site htt(:00***. 2.a+e a*a+e o8 inte+nal tension. Do it at least t*ice a da9.8all aslee(.html#.he ti( o8 9o-+ ton3-e sta9s in (osition the *hole time.ith (+actice 9o. 3. . 7ate+. i8 9o.he a/sol-te time 9o.

*ith the le8t nost+il sh-t. /+eath o-t th+o-3h the le8t nost+il. (eo(le have ima3ined the a-dience as na<ed o+ *ea+in3 clo*n hats and s-ch. 4. So +e3-la+l9 +et+ain 9o-+ /od9.= A8 9o. and then =chan3e 9o-+ histo+9= /9 3ivin3 9o-+sel8 *hat 9o. /+eath in th+o-3h the +i3ht nost+il. t+9 this se:-ence: %. Yo-+ sl9 smile ma9 /ecome a (+o/lem i8 the9 as< 9o.had to5ic (a+ents. 2. Eave an ans*e+ (+e(a+ed since 9o. AtBs ha+d to /e -(set /9 someone *hoBs seen as +idic-lo-s. @& I!agine ( urse'/ int re'ie/ A ve+9 sim(le and e88ective *a9 to de$st+ess and (+ovide +elie8 8+om -n*anted ne3ative 8eelin3s 8ea+. an3e+ and s-ch# is to ima3ine the st+esso+ (e+son o+ sit-ation# in a +idic-lo-s and h-mo+o-s manne+. Al*a9s <ee( 9o-+ ton3-e on the +oo8 o8 9o-+ mo-th on the in /+eath and /+eath 8+om the stomach a+ea dee( a/dominal /+eathin3#. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . . and neve+ 8elt loved o+ acce(ted. 3. 9o. etc. %e can not change the fact that people act in a certain *ay.canBt sa9 =A *as ima3inin3 9o./ecomes -n/alanced. and that is our attitude. sh-t the le8t and /+eathe o-t th+o-3h the +i3ht nost+il. An 7e8t: Sh-t the +i3ht nost+il and /+eathe in th+o-3h the le8t nost+il. 4-t 7e8t: 4(en the le8t nost+il. A8 9o-B+e in some t9(e o8 com(etition 9o. .na<ed *ith a clo*n hat. %e can not change the inevitable. cohe+ent and 8oc-sed.%! . incohe+ent and i++e3-la+ all +es-ltin3 in 3ene+al /od9 sc+e*iness.8eel calm. the =/od9 <ee(s the sco+e= so (a9 attention to ho* 9o-B+e 8eelin3 the (ast H4. 4-t 1i3ht: 4(en the +i3ht nost+il. AtBs not *hat ha((ened thatBs im(o+tant. !harles 2. An 1i3ht: Ho*.can 3o /ac< in 9o-+ ima3ination to a s(eci8ic time0event that is st-c< in 9o-+ s9stem and 3ive 9o-+sel8 the missin3 (ositive emotion.*h9 9o-B+e smilin3. -se 9o-+ ima3ination as a/ove..can ima3ine the C-d3e in an9 sill9 o+ +idic-lo-s *a9 C-st donBt tell them *hat 9o-B+e doin3?#. 9o-+ ima3ination can /e -sed to =+edo 9o-+ histo+9. *ith the +i3ht sh-t. A8 9o-B+e in a meetin3 and someone the /oss?# 3ets to 9o-.= An addition. +ela5ed.o deal *ith sta3e 8+i3ht.missed o+i3inall9. itBs ho* the (ast e88ects 9o.%e cannot change our past. 8o+ e5am(le. >o+ e5am(le. )he only thing *e can do is play on the one string *e*D ho* 9o-+ holdin3 the (ast. 1emem/e+. +*indoll +imple. 1e(eat this se:-ence a/o-t ! times o+ -ntil 9o. neve+ 3ood eno-3h. and th-s s-88e+ no* 8+om this (ast.

g!atitude. secu!it.. Kivin3 these emotions to the hea+t re uces the activit9 o8 the s9m(athetic /+anch and increases the activit9 o8 the (a+as9m(athetic =Social &n3a3ement S9stem= /+anch. +pea&ing from the heart is the other a m-lti senso+9 s-+ve9 o8 all the as(ects o8 9o-+ iss-e as it effects . Shi8t 9o-+ attention to the a+ea a+o-nd 9o-+ hea+t. . vigo!. /nstitute of 0eart1ath http://***. Kive a 3entle s:-eeJe *ith 9o-+ hands alte+natin3 /et*een each side o8 9o-+ /od9 7e8t$ 1i3ht# as 9o. 3.his c+eates le8t0+i3ht inte3+ation /9 8o+cin3 9o-+ /+ain to (a9 attention /9 movin3 sensations /ac< and 8o+th 8+om le8t to +i3ht.%I . .$eep listening from the heart is one half of true communication. fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) . ca!e. Kee( 9o-+ 8oc-s the+e as 9o.. 5. c a!it. connected.hat *o-ld /e a mo+e e88icient +es(onse to the sit-ation. 4/ Ee+e a+e the ste(s o8 the >1&&R&$>1A'& techni:-e: %. Ho*. eval-ate o+ C-d3e. the chan3es in 9o-+ /od9. and ove0 an. 3entle +oc<in3 /ac< and 8o+th en3a3es the vesti/-la+0/alance s9stem and ind-ces a mild h9(notic state. patience. 7isten to *hat 9o-+ hea+t sa9s in ans*e+ to 9o-+ :-estion.a+me+ me+idian /9 (lacin3 9o-+ le8t +imple. -sin3 9o-+ int-ition. competence.hen done. Also. b essed. safet.addison" The Hidden Power of the Heart:Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence. unit. acceptance. ) u.'een<#entra'<$ verning Meri+ians3 %. . S9stematic (+actice o8 these ste(s *ill 9ield s-/stantial +es-lts. and since+it9.'e Ass-me the (ost-+e and /+eathe th+o-3h 9o-+ nose as 9o. peace. 8-n 8eelin3 o+ time 9o-Bve had in li8e and RE-E)PER*E"+E it.. e ation..ou no1. &den +ecommends doin3 this to all o8 9o-+ va+io-s /od9 (a+ts. as< 9o-+ hea+t. this techni:-e /ecomes almost second nat-+e. A s-33ested list o8 co+e hea+t 8eelin3s li<e: happiness. 4. positive emotion . B-t donBt let its sim(licit9 8ool 9o-. -+ara .+i(le . common sense. the Tri.. f!eedom. 2. nob e.ass-me the 1&B (ost-+e see (a+t %% /elo*#.hile /+eathin3 th+o-3h 9o-+ nose.. integ!ation. Sim(licit9 is e88icient. %%& Assu!e the Ra+iant Energies Ba'ance P sture 2h Bar!er<S. and it -s-all9 mani8ests *hen com(le5it9 has 8inall9 /een -n+aveled. Kee( 9o-+ ton3-e in the +oo8 o8 9o-+ mo-th C-st /ehind 9o-+ -((e+ teeth.ou thin/ of and can #EE$.%A& Free?e Fra!e Pr ce+ure /r ! the Institute / HeartMath (a thought stopping and emotional substitution method) .a<e a time$o-t. ene!g. >1&&R&$ >1A'& (+ovides a doo+*a9 to int-itive intelli3ence and /-ilds a +elia/le /+id3e /et*een. . commitment.(+ocess 9o-+ iss-e. se!enit. app!eciation. -o. a method -sed /9 the &'D1 the+a(e-tic techni:-e#.. enthusiasm. =. ima3ine /+eathin3 in th+o-3h the hea+t and o-t th+o-3h the sola+ (le5-s to hel( 8oc-s 9o-+ ene+39 in this a+ea. D4HB. cente!ed.AV&. . one that *o-ld minimiJe 8-t-+e st+essU= !. capab e. Pa9 (a+tic-la+ attention to an9 (h9sical sensations. faith. t!ust. +ecall a (ositive.a<e some time to s-+ve9 9o-+ 8elt /od9 sense o8 the iss-e.heartmath. AtBs 9o-+ li8e so B& C1&A. . AtBs an e88ective *a9 to (-t 9o-+ +eactive mind and emotions in chec< and an in$ho-se so-+ce o8 commonsense sol-tions?# >1&&R&$>1A'& isnBt ha+d to lea+n. confidence.he Post-+e: see 8i3-+e# &n3a3e and Sedate the . *itho-t e5(ectation.. than/fu ness. Q-st H4. Hotice ho* and *he+e this dist+ess is located in 9o-+ /od9.ith (+actice. pu!it. Kive to 9o-+ hea+t in 3+atit-de.. compassion.AC&. 1eco3niJe the st+ess8-l 8eelin3 and >1&&R&$>1A'& it? .

section %%#. (lace the +i3ht hand on 9o-+ le8t side C-st /elo* the le8t /+east /et*een +i/s I$6#. hand on the /ac< o8 the +i3ht a+m C-st a/ove the el/o*. ='a9 9o. . co+e hea+t 8eelin3s see the s-33ested list a/ove# and do this dail9 alon3 *ith the (ost-+e *heneve+ 9o. to activate and St+en3then the S(leen and hea+t a+eas. t+9 a 3ood st+etch and vi3o+o-s 9a*n. Also.%6 . fast and immediate stress reduction and management techniques (lite) in an inte+estin3 a3e??= Chinese c-+se +imple. >inish 9o-+ session /9 the 3ivin3 9o-+ s9stem.8eel dist+essed in li8e see the inst+-ctions 8o+ Eea+t'athBs >+eeJe >+ame a/ove. s(eciall9 9o-+ hea+t.