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Forwarding Agents:
Jim and Nettie Brown 2038 Wahalaw Nene Tallahassee. PL 32301 (904) 877-4463
Field Address:

Jayne Linda Free
P.O. Box H-96

Hatfield, Harare Zimbabwe, Africa


^Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path,—Psalm 119:105
May, 1990,

Its deen' a while since we have sent a newsletter regarding Jayne s work in Zimbabwe. Speaking about her work, we occasionally receive letters asking that question....What does Jayne do in Zimbabwe? That's not easy to answer, because Jayne is involved in many facets of missionary work in

Greetings in the name of Jesus,

First, she works at the Zimbabwe Christian College, which is located in

Church in Harare. The college trains natives of Zimbabwe, during a three year
school period, to be pastors and leaders in spreading the gospel of Jesus...not in Harare, but in the bush country. These are areas where very few have had the
opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. Also she works with the Greencroft Christian

In April, 10 more men graduated and have returned to their homes throughout Zimbabwe. Enclosed with this newsletter is a copy of the front page of a recent school paper. This gives you some insight as to the happenings at the college. This month another class begins, with more students eager to learn. But lets get back to the college she teaches typing, she serves as
secretary to the Principal, she plans meals for the students, she operates the short wave radio to keep in contact with the other missionaries in the bush

country, she counsels with the students, she negoiates with the immigration
office on behalf of the missionaries, etc. We receive letters from the

graduating students, who relate and give much praise for the work that Jayne as done on their behalf,..letters that prove that Jayne is serving her Lord.. As Jayne s forwarding agents, we have come to learn how many hours our missionaries put In while overseas in their work. It addition they must learn to
cope with the everyday things which are not as easy to purchase as we do here in the states. Example: When was the last time you had to stand in line or wait until the store had it available, such things as soap, toothpaste, etc.

We have also learned, that whenever we fall to send these newsletters to her

friends , that some forget to send her monthly support. Her salary is a mere $550 per month (not week). In addition she has about $800 per month for the missionary work
in Zimbabwe. That's about $16,000 per year for everything. Most church workers in America earn that much or more, plus have their work expenses paid by the church. All of Jayne's funds come from her friends. There is no organization that guarantees her this amount or any amount. Only because she is doing the Lord's work, and the Lord is blesssing what she does, will the Lord touch lives here in America, to
see that she has the funds she needs to carry out the work the Lord has called her to do. There are many churches that could easily afford to send her $10. per month. Just think if 30 churches would agree to send her $10 per month she would have the funds
to do even more for our Lord.

Please....pray for Jayne....pray that the Lord will protect her, will keep her well,

will give her strength daily, and will continue to bless her in her ministry.. Also pray
that the Lord will lead others to provide the funds for Jayne so that she never has to
go without.

Pray for the college, the students, the teachers and the graduates that have
returned to their homes eager to tell others about Jesus. We thank you, Jayne thanks you and we'll let the Lord do the increase.
In His service.

"d/w^gs giving thanks to God the Father for j/verything, in the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ. " Ephesians 5:20

"We do not know what we ought to pray for, hut the Spirit himself intercedes for
us" Romans 8. 26

"Christ Jesus is at the right hand of God and is interceding for us." Romans 8:34 Paul asked his friends to pray for him. (Romans 15.30). Paul prayed night and day for his friends (ii Timothy 1. 3). AndPaul urged us to pray continually ( J Thessalonians 5:17).