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Yearly Lesson Plan Information & Communication Technology Literacy Form 2

Week 1

Learning Area

COMPUTER L ! M " #EME"T Learning Outcomes Class Management COMPUTER $ R%& RE '() !asic Maintenance Set up t e input and output devices correctl$.

Suggested Learning Activities



Handling Input and Output #evices



Setup t e input and output devices" o Monitor o %e$&oard o Mouse o Speaker

3.1.2 3.2 Computer Settings 3.2.1


Inculcate values o' responsi&ilit$ in andling ard(are. Customi)e settings 'or" ! #ispla$ ! Mouse ! Sound Customi)e settings 'or" ! #ate and time ! ,egional and language options


#emonstrating o( to customi)e settings 'or displa$* mouse and sound Carr$ out ands+on activities #emonstrating o( to customi)e settings 'or date and time* language and regional options Carr$ out ands+on activities according to

! ! !

instructions *() Technology %e+elo,ment .at er in'ormation on t e current or ! latest development o' ard(are tec nolog$. ! ! ! !



Current #evelopment o' Hard(are 0ec nolog$


.at ering in'ormation/carr$ing out researc on t e current or latest development o' ard(are tec nolog$ Write report o' t e document 1resent t e report 1resent t e in'ormation 1roduce a ard(are port'olio 2A compilation o' pupils3 (ork t roug out t e learning area on ard(are4

State t e 'unctions o' icons in ! S o(ing e6amples o' data&ase so't(are >6plaining t e usage o' data&ase so't(are >6amples o' data&ase application" o >MIS o Sistem Maklumat Murid 2SMM4 #emonstrating o( to start a data&ase so't(are and e6ploring t e user inter'ace @ =.3 8sing mail merge to create certi'icates* letters or 'orms 1rinting out t e mail merge document and putting it in t eir port'olio .3 Start a data&ase so't(are. State t e steps o' starting data&ase so't(are. Word 1rocessing <undamentals 7 =.2 7.e'er to" o 11% 9Sel' Access Learning Module: In'ormation and Communication 0ec nolog$ Literac$ 'or Secondar$ Sc ool .7.() &or/ Processing -oft0are Create a mail merge document.2.1.1 Introduction to #ata&ase So't(are =.2.7. ! 5isit a computer e6 i&ition/'air 5isit a computer s op - 7.2.7 =.- ! ! #iscussing t e tool&ars in MS 1o(er1oint La&elling eac icon in t e andouts given =.? ! >6plaining t e usage o' icons in data&ase &ar* data&ase (indo( &ar and o&Aect &ar .2 Starting #ata&ase So't(are =.2 =. State and identi'$ 'eatures in data&ase so't(are and demonstrate understanding o' user inter'ace.1 =.! ! COMPUTER -OFT& RE .1 1() %ata2ase -oft0are State t e usage o' data&ase so't(are. ! ! ! ? =. State t e main tool&ars in data&ase so't(are" ! #ata&ase &ar ! #ata&ase Windo( &ar ! O&Aect &ar List icons in t e data&ase &ar* data&ase (indo( &ar and o&Aect &ar.2. ! 1rint t e document. Word 1rocessing Module or o Microso't 8nlimited 1otential A Communit$ Learning Curriculum .2.2.

1.= =.=. Save ta&le. Save data&ase 'ile.1 4() "et0or5s #e'ine net(orks. Create report &$ using (i)ard.3.1 =.3.2 1- =.3.1 "% T$E I"TER"ET 17 1.7.1 =.@ data&ase &ar* data&ase (indo( &ar and o&Aect &ar. Insert data in t e ta&le.3.3 Identi'$ t e devices needed in a computer Bet(orks.3.3.- >diting #ata&ase =.etting >6ternal #ata =.3. ! 1.1.2 List &ene'its o' computer net(orks. >6amination Week Cuti 1ertenga an 1enggal Create 'orm &$ using (i)ard" ! Add records ! >dit records Create Fuer$ &$ using (i)ard.3. #e'ine primar$ ke$.-.1D . ! <inding t e de'inition o' Bet(ork 'rom &ooks* maga)ines* ne(spapers and ot er appropriate sources #iscussing t e &ene'its o' computer net(orks" o s aring devices o s aring data and in'ormation o s aring Internet access S o(ing actual e6amples o' Bet(ork in t e computer la& .7 . Create ta&le &$ using (i)ard.3.= 12 =.3 =.7 =.3 Creating #ata&ase =. Modi'$ ta&le" ! Add 'ield Modi'$ 'orm. "ET&OR3- ! C Carr$ing out ands+on activities o Baming data&ase o Saving data&ase o Closing data&ase o Opening e6isting data&ase o Inserting data o Adding and editing records o <inding records o 1rinting reports 1D 11 =. <ind record 'rom ta&le.? =.-.3. #ata&ase <undamentals 13 =. ! 1. Microso't Access Module or o Microso't 8nlimited 1otential A Communit$ Learning Curriculum .e'er toE o 11% 9Sel' Access Learning Module: In'ormation and Communication 0ec nolog$ Literac$ 'or Secondar$ Sc ool . #i''erentiate 'ield* record and ta&le. Import data 'rom ot er 'ile t$pe.2 =.1 Introduction to Bet(orks 1.1.C =.

2.1 1.1.7. ! ! ! ! ! ! Creating s ared 'olders . List reFuirements needed to access t e Internet.1 2.1.2 Internet .2 0$pes o' Bet(orks 1.7 1.2.outer o Wireless access point . #iscuss advantages and disadvantages o' t e Internet.3 Bet(orks 0opolog$ 1.-.-.2 ! ! ! 2.2.?.1? 1. S are printer in LAB. ! Listing various t$pes o' net(orks" o LAB o WAB o MAB Identi'$ing t e di''erences &et(een t$pes o' computer Bet(orks" o coverage area o net(orking implementation in Organisations S o(ing and e6plaining t$pes o' net(ork topolog$ Sketc ing t e t$pes o' net(ork topolog$ ! 1@ Bet(ork ! Gus Bet(ork S are documents (it ot er users t roug Local Area Bet(orks 2LAB4.1 Introduction to t e Internet 2.? S are Hard(are Current 0ec nolog$ in Computer Bet(orks 1.3.1 1.1 1= 1.eceiving and trans'erring documents 1rinting documents using s ared printer #iscussing current/ latest tec nolog$ in computer net(orks" o Wi<i o Gluetoot Collecting and gat ering all related in'ormation on current tec nolog$ in net(orking to &e kept in t e port'olio ! 2D >6amination Week 1st Mid 0erm Sc ool Holida$ 2() The Internet #e'ine t e Internet. .- S are #ocuments 1.2 List t$pes o' computer net(orks" ! Local Area Bet(ork 2LAB4 ! Wide Area Bet(orks 2WAB4 ! Metropolitan Area Bet(orks 2MAB4 #i''erentiate t$pes o' computer Bet(orks. >6plain current tec nolog$ in computer net(orks.1 Locating t e meaning o' Internet 'rom &ooks* maga)ines and ot er appropriate sources #iscussing advantages and disadvantages o' t e Internet S o(ing and e6plaining &asic reFuirements to access t e Internet" o Modem 2internal and e6ternal4 o Access account o Bet(ork Inter'ace Card 2BIC4 o Wireless net(ork inter'ace card o Hu&/ S(itc o .1 1.2 1C 1.eFuirements 2.1 State t$pes o' net(ork topolog$" ! Star Bet(ork ! . 21 2.eceive and trans'er documents t roug LAB.

7 State t e 'unction o' a searc engine.od)illa Listing e6amples o' searc engines" o Ha oo o . use in'ormation and communication skill 8sing .oogle to searc 'or relevant in'ormation #emonstrating to do(nload 'iles 'rom t e Internet #o(nloading 'iles 'rom t e Internet" o Images o 5ideos o Audio #emonstrating securit$ ( ile sur'ing t e Internet #emonstrating securit$ tools setting 'ound in (e& &ro(ser %no(ledge all sources 'ound true t e internet.? #o(nload 'iles 'rom t e Internet. #emonstrating securit$ setting in sur'ing t e internet 2.3. ! ! ! ! >6plaining t e meaning o' World Wide We& 2WWW4 Introducing (e& &ro(sers" o Internet >6plorer o Betscape Bavigator o Opera o Sa'ari o .@ >6ercising responsi&ilit$ ( en do(nloading in'ormation 'rom t e Internet.3.= . State availa&le (e& &ro(sers.3. ! ! 2.2.1 2. ! ! ! 2. ! 2.3 List commonl$ used searc engines. >6ercising accounta&ilit$ 'or in'ormation searc ed.3.oogle o Alta5ista o Hot Got #iscussing t e 'unction o' a searc engine #emonstrating o( to searc 'or in'ormation 'rom t e Internet .3 Internet Applications 2. Searc 'or in'ormation using a searc engine.3.3.2 #e'ine t e World Wide We& 2WWW4.3.22 2.3. ! ! 2.

7.7.3 2.-.2 List perip erals used 'or communications.23 2.2 2. O&serve sa'et$ precautions ( en retrieving mail. ! ! 2.- BetiFuette 2. Ad ere to netiFuette in various 'orms o' online communications.-. ! ! 2.egister an e+mail account o send messages o attac 'iles to messages o receive/retrieve messages o do(nload attac ed 'iles o delete/save messages .7. ! 2.7 Internet Communications 2. ! ! ! 2- 2.7 Locating t e meaning o' netiFuette 'rom &ooks* maga)ines and ot er appropriate sources BetiFuette relates to online communication* not sur'ing List #os and #on3ts ( ile communicating (it ot ers online 2sur'ing t e Internet4 Listing netiFuette items" o 8se a pleasant tone in (riting o >nsure t at messages are clear and concise o Avoid spamming o Avoid 9<aming: o 8se emoticons (isel$ o >6ercise Audgement &e'ore sending messages <acilitating discussion on reasons 'or t e need o' c$&er la( Writing a s ort essa$ on t e need 'or c$&er la( Introducing pupils to several 'orms o' Internet communications" o >+mailing o C atting o Con'erencing 2audio and video4 o Bet Meeting o Be(sgroup o <orum Listing perip erals used 'or communications" o We& camera o Microp one o >arp one #emonstrating o( to" o .1 #escri&e t e need 'or c$&er la(. 2.-. ! 2.7.3 List out t e #os and #on3ts ( ile communicating online.1 >6plain t e meaning o' BetiFuette. 1ractise onest$ in online communications.7.- Communicate using e+mail.1 State various 'orms o' communication on t e Internet.? C$&er La( 2.?.

ela$ C at 2I.ela$ C at" o MI. ! Introducing pupils to Internet .1 Introduction to We&site 3.C o MS+C at o ICI o Messenger tool C atting using Messenger" o communicating &et(een t(o or more users o o&serving sa'et$ precautions o o&serving BetiFuette 2? 3.27 2.7. ! 2.1 3. ! 2@ 2= 2C 3.7. List (e& design so't(are. ! ! Introducing several (e& design so't(are" o Microso't <ront1age o Macromedia #ream(eaver o Claris o Microso't Word Creating a (e&site using (e&site design tools" o Inserting te6t o Inserting images o Inserting $perlinks Working in groups to create a (e&site 'or" o Sc ool o Clu& o Societ$ 3D >6amination Week 2nd Mid Hear Sc ool Holida$ .2.2 #eveloping a We&site 3.2 '() The &e2site #e'ine (e&site.1 Create a (e&site.C4.@ O&serve sa'et$ precautions ( en communicating online.? Communicate using Internet .1.1.

1 #e'ine programme and programming language.3 .2.1 State t e main steps in programme development" ! 1ro&lem anal$sis ! 1rogramme design ! Coding ! 0esting and de&ugging ! #ocumentation ! .net .1 Introduction to 1rogramming C.2.31 32 33 3. ! ! C oosing a (e& server to place t e (e&site 8ploading (e& pages to t e 'ree (e& osting" o Ha oo o 0ime.2.e'er to" o 11% 9Sel' Access Learning Module: In'ormation and Communication 0ec nolog$ Literac$ 'or Secondar$ Sc ool .2 Steps in 1rogramming development C.1.egister (it a (e& server.2 3. 8pload (e& pages. ! #iscussing &rie'l$ t e de'inition o' programme and programming language" o GASIC o COGOL o 1ASCAL oC 0 e development o' GASIC programming language" o Gasic o 5isual Gasic o 5isual Gasic. Creating We&site Module 6() Programming 3C.Bet S o(ing t e di''erent programming tools 2inter'ace4 o' GASIC >6plain t e steps in programming development using programme development Li'e C$cle ! ! 37 C.

Identi'$ t e visual development environment o' programming tool" ! 0ool&ar ! 0ool&o6 Create o&Aect using tool&o6" ! La&el ! Gutton ! 0e6t&o6 ! 1icture &o6 #eclare 5aria&les" ! String ! Integer ! #ou&le Write code 'or simple nload/ <amiliari)ing (it 5isual Gasic >6press Inter'ace Creating o&Aects in a 'orm using tool&o6 C anging t e o&Aects properties in properties (indo( >6plaining varia&les in programming t at coverers" o #ata t$pe o #eclaration o' varia&le o Assign value o' varia&le #eveloping &iodata programme consist o'" o Login <orm o Giodata 'orm C. ! 3@ C.microso't.-.3? C.2. ! >6plaining t e 'eature o' 1rogramme So't(are 25isual Gasic >6press or Just Gasic4 ttp"//msdn.1. #eveloping a simple 1rogramme C. .e'er to" o 11% 9Sel' Access Learning Module: In'ormation and Communication 0ec nolog$ Literac$ 'or Secondar$ Sc ool .3.3. 1roAect" #eveloping a simple programme 'or student dail$ needs &ased on t e &asic elements learnt.3.3.3. 1rogramming Module -1 -2 <inal >6amination Week Hear >nd Sc ool Holida$ . State t e 'eatures o' t e programming tools. ! ! ! ! C.3. ! #eveloping personal account programme 3= 3C -D C.7.