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I. GENERAL INFORMATION. A. B. C. II. This course consists of 17 video lessons. Each class is approximately 38 minutes long. Instructor: C. M. Horner.

DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE. A. This course is an in-depth study of Genesis with emphasis on practical application as well as giving a working knowledge of the book including background information. These lessons will help in understanding the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, as well as how God’s providence was at work in Old Testament times. They will also help you understand the “admonitions and learning” as presented in this book, and how to apply these lessons today.



INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS. A. B. C. D. Bible. 17 video lessons. Course notes. Two books: Creation Compromises and The Global Flood of Noah. These books are available on line from WVBS. They are free of charge to Formal and Informal students.


REQUIREMENTS. A. B. During the course you must read Genesis in its entirety at least once. View each video lesson.



Read the course notes. It is good to go through the notes at the same time you view the lessons adding your own notes as needed. Read Creation Compromises and The Global Flood of Noah prior to the final exam. Complete all memory work (explained below). Submit a term paper (explained below). Take four tests. Have a combined grade average of 70 or more in order to pass the course.


E. F. G. H.


MEMORY WORK. A. Memory verses must be written (or typed) from memory, then forwarded to WVBS School for grading. For purposes of textual accuracy and uniformity all memory work is to be done using one of the versions below. No Bible translation is perfect, but these versions have earned reputations for reliability. Although there are other good versions you can use in your studies only the four listed below are admissible for WVBS School memory work assignments. 1. 2. 3. 4. B. New King James Version (NKJV), King James Version (KJV), New American Standard Bible (NASV) or English Standard Version (ESV).

All verses must be written at one sitting. If you make a mistake you may study more and start over again, but you must start at the beginning and write all the verses at one time. The following verses must be memorized: 1:27 3:14,15 12:1-3 2:24 6:22 50:20




Memory work is due when you forward WVBS School your completed final test. A good method of memorizing is to write the verses on flash cards so they can be easily reviewed throughout the course.



TESTS. A. There are three sectional tests plus one comprehensive test at the end of the course. The tests cover the material as presented on the DVDs, the written notes, the books Creation Compromises and The Global Flood of Noah. The questions over these two books will be on the final exam. The tests cover the book of Genesis as follows: 1st test - Gen 1:1-11:32 2nd test - Gen 12:1-26:35 3rd test - Gen 27:1-37:1 Final test - Gen 37:2-50:26 plus the two books and all previous material. C. As you near the end of each section contact WVBS School to request the appropriate test. When you receive a test you have permission to look at it and to study it. However, when you take the test you must do so completely from memory with no help from your Bible, notes, etc. You do not need a proctor when submitting any material for grading, God is your witness.


D. E.



TERM PAPER. A. Choose a person in Genesis then write a paper detailing his/her life. Include at the end of your paper three or more lessons which can be learned from his/her life. The paper should be a minimum of seven pages (double spaced). The paper is to be submitted with your final test and memory work.


GRADING. A. Memory work, term paper and tests will be graded separately.


Your final grade is based on an average of all assigned work, with the final test counting twice. You may request that a grade be explained or reconsidered, but in any case WVBS School will have the final say.



CREDIT. A. Credit will be issued, including a certificate, only after all work has been successfully completed. We pray this study has been helpful in gaining knowledge from this book.