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An Article Review: Women and Higher Education Briana McNeil EDLD 7432 Georgia Southern University Dr.

Russell Mays



Women, The Language of Political Economy and Higher Education in the US Summary This article‟s main point is that the struggles of women to have a voice in higher education have been met with much adversity. The article suggests that if we examine the representation of women in higher education we can gain a better understanding of the struggles of women to have a real influence in higher education. The year 2002 marled the first time in history that more American women than American men received doctorates from US universities (May, 2006). This of course was a huge milestone in history as women make great efforts to gain a voice in higher education. Women were expected to be at home when their husbands came home and not to be occupied with “silly” things such as attending school to gain an education. The article makes it plan, While „„sweeping‟‟ the floor was expected as part of the household duties of a woman, „„sweeping the heavens‟‟ for a celestial object is clearly not conducive to household harmony in this student‟s view (May, 2006). The thought of many is that an educated female presented a threat to home and work life. According to Tocqueville, women and men should maintain their separate spheres of activity because these spheres make society more efficient (May, 2006).

Critical Reaction

I agree with the position that the author has taken in this article. I agree with the author because having an understanding of the past and the role of women at that time does have a impact and influence on women today in higher education. I believe that the presentation of material was fair and unbiased. The author used and cited many resources that explained in some



detail the nature of women in higher education. I do not believe anything was missing from this article as it relates to the current topic.


What I have learned in this article will help to direct my research regarding women in higher education. I am currently not working in an educational setting but this information obtained through reading will help me to break any glass ceilings that remain in higher education. It motivated me to achieve the unattainable and make a difference in higher education and in the lives of students.



Bibliography May, A. M. (2006). "Sweeping the Heavens for a Comet": Women, The Language of Polictical Economy, and Higher Education in the US. Feminist Economics , 12 (4), 625-640.