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University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun


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Dr. Sheetal Khanka Assistant Professor UPES, Dehradun

Prepared By:
Arunduty Chakraborty 1st Year MBA (PM) Roll No: 18

Student of MBA Power Management 1st Semester.DECLARATION This report on „Career Options after MBA in Power Management‟ has been under taken for assessment in Business Communication during the study of MBA at UPES. It has been supervised under M/s. Further. hereby declare that this report is my original work and the analysis and findings are for academic purpose only. Dehradun. I Arunduty Chakraborty. Sheetal Khanka during study of 1st semester. .

The main purpose of this report is to highlight various opportunities that can be availed after pursuing this course along with which strength and weakness has been analyzed through SWOT analysis and Johari window. Khanka. To further improve the report views of my family members and friends have been included. Sincerely your’s Arunduty Chakraborty 1st Year MBA (PM) . UPES. I am hereby enclosing the project report regarding my career options after MBA in POWER MANAGEMENT.Letter of Transmittal Dr. This report has been prepared by following all the guidelines given in the class. Dehradun Dear Ms. The above analysis will help us move in the right direction and assist in choosing the appropriate career. Sheetal Khanka Assistant Professor.

The exponential growth in the Power Industry also helped me in taking this decision. During the period of this course. I want to gain as much knowledge as possible and make myself apt for the Power Sector. West Bengal. After my B. Dehradun. During my employment period I learnt much about software languages and Wipro‟s working culture. Love and desire for gaining more knowledge also drove me to UPES.A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ABOUT ME I am Arunduty Chakraborty studying M.Tech in Electronic & Instrumentation from Netaji Subhash Engineering College. After the mentioned period. Garia. six months as a Graduate Engineer Trainee. I did my B.Tech. My background in Electronics & Instrumentation and the strong desire for contributing my skills in the core sector compelled me to enroll in MBA Power Management. . I worked with Wipro Infotech for approx.B.A Power Management (2012-2014) at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. I decided to study further and establish stronger career and growth opportunities.

. 17 . 15 APPENDIX I …………………………………………………………………….1 Conclusion References ……………………………………………………………………….1 1.. 15 3.2 1.4 1.INDEX Declaration Letter of Transmittal A Brief Introduction About Me. 16 APPENDIX II ……………………………………………………………………....3 1.1 Finding 2.5 Introduction Objective of Study Research Methodology Scope of Study Limitation Chapter : 2 ……………………………………………………………………… 9-14 2. Executive Summery Chapter : 1 ……………………………………………………………………… 7-8 1.2 SWOT Analysis Chapter : 3 ……………………………………………………………………….

The profiles are         Business Analyst Relationship Manager Power Trader Consultant Plant Manager Assistant Manager Product Manager Surveyor The best and most preferred way for a fresher to get a good job is through campus placements. Transmission and Distribution  Carbon Financing Market  Power Trading  Power Project Planning and Financing  Clean Energy Development Mechanism  Power Sector Laws and Regulations  Economics of Power Demand and Supply and Policy Aspects  Power Planning Next the various profiles within the Power Sector have been discussed. All the researches have been followed by a SWOT analysis based on the information provided by friends and family members. Off-campus placements are not preferable or are comparatively less preferable as there is a lot of competition. This report has been prepared as an assignment for our internal assessment. Finally conclusions on my career options after MBA have been discussed after completion of all the researches. moreover people with experience also apply for the same positions and competition tend to be tougher. The analysis has helped me understand myself better which helps me focus on my strengths and mending my weaknesses.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report has been prepared for Business communication and negotiation skills project. and these sectors would be  Power Resource Management  Power Generation. . The report here first researches on the sectors that are open to me as a Power Management student. It also makes me aware of the possible opportunities and threats that we are likely to come across.

commerce. Indian power sector has witnessed radical changes in terms of restructuring of the erstwhile State Electricity Boards (SEBs). finance. . Electricity consumption per capita is a reflection of the country‟s development. transmission and trading. All the developing country need ample amount of power and to maintain the demand and supply they need in the country. 1. talented. distribution.6 lakh megawatts to sustain present economic growth in next 25 years. This course MBA Power Management provides us with a sound understanding of the Power scenario thus enabling us to become accomplished Power sector manager with exposure to various power sector fields and markets along with the best practices involved. In post reform era. therefore power is vital for our as well as countries growth.2 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY     Determining the reason behind choosing the course of Power Management. capable and young graduates and post graduates with diversified backgrounds like engineering. Pricing or tariff calculation which are an integral part of our course. Today. The projected growth of Indian economy largely depends upon the performance and growth of the power sector. To know the threats and possible hardships in the sector.1 Introduction Power sector plays a very crucial role in the economy of many countries. We are fully exposed to Power sector which includes front and middle office working with proper knowledge of Power scenario to help us understand the various variables in the market. The rapidly expanding power sector tenders abundant opportunities for the qualified. accounts. law and logistics etc. Determining the skills and knowledge to be gained.Chapter : 1 1. With necessary skills imbibed in us to be successful in the business of Power generation. India needs to augment power production to 8 lakh megawatts from the current 1. along with government companies. As estimated. Almost all development activities require power. It is the one of the most vital inputs to the socio-economic development of the country. human resource. To find out the strengths and developing zone in Power industry. Both government & Private sector need skilled professionals in this sector especially in the county like India. large numbers of private players have taken over a significant portion of Indian power sector particularly in generation and distribution sides and the sector is all set to see large number of private players in the years to come.

5 LIMITATIONS OF THE RESEARCH  The research is confined to a single Power Management class and University.4 SCOPE OF STUDY People holding power management degree have ample employment opportunities in private as well as public sector.  Validity and reliability of questionnaire cannot be measured. The environmental changes are vital to be considered in order to assimilate the findings.2 TITLE JUSTIFICATON The study deals with the various career alternatives after completion of the course of Power management and work to be done to accomplish the goal.  In a rapidly changing industry.3. In these days of globalization and liberalization. 1.  Determining the best job as per the personality. 1. analysis on one day or in one segment can change very quickly. it is likely to get further momentum as more power managers would be required to deal with the growing complications of rapidly expanding Indian power sector.3. Determining the placements we might get. . 1. 1. This research deals with the scope of doing MBA in Power Management and hence helps to lay the path for the future managers to find the right job.3 RESEARCH DESIGN A Well prepared questionnaire and Personal interviews were done to collect the relevant matter which would help in determining the career one should take up after completing MBA.3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 1. 1.3.1 TITLE To determine the various career opportunity after completing MBA in Power Management.

Below are the graphs which describe the demand-supply situation of power in India: Figure: The Demand-Supply gap of power consumption There is a huge demand supply mismatch of electricity in our country. power auditing. power efficient systems/technologies. the revolutionary Electricity Act 2003 has widened up the scopes of Power sector in our country which is gradually overcoming the deficit of electricity in our country. power generation. power tariffs and power trading etc. designed to impart knowledge of general Management and Decision making with specialization in Power management. On successful completion of this unique domain specific management program. power economics. the power sector which withholds bright future. power policies. financially secure future. power security. i.1 Findings Research on Power Management states that it offers one of the most interesting and challenging work environment. .Chapter : 2 2.e. distribution. a technical background oriented job( for those who prefer the core sector) and an exponentially growing market. power pricing. power sector laws. transmission. one will be eligible to occupy positions in power resource management. environment impact assessment.

where we have future possibilities are:         Consultant Project financing Research and Development IT Consultant Power Trader Project planning and execution Business analyst Scheduling in Transmission and Distribution .Figure: Per Capita Electricity Consumption in four Countries. Some of the major profiles.

the leadership of the process remains within your organization. Gas 3. Wind 6. Geothermal 11. and the greater responsibility. staff. Larson and turbo R and D: Different technologies involved in producing power come under R&D.PFC. Coal 2. While the consultant may act as an educator. to lead the process of becoming more inclusive. as well as a 'syndicate' of banks or other lending institutions that provide loans to the operation. REC. board members. The Inclusiveness Committee. known as 'sponsors'. OTEC . Ansaldo Project Financing: It is the activity involved in the preparation of financial model for the total project cost. and executive director have the power.PWC.LnT. Accenture. ENY. REC to distribute the debt for bidding projects. A project financing structure involves a number of equity investors. Project costing is the post activity involved in the distributing the capital in the different sector of the power industries. a catalyst for deeper change. There are many sources through which electricity is produced such as: 1. Mott-Macdonalds. or a facilitator. Infosys . Solar 8. Tidal 9. Nuclear 7. Hydro 5. Companies.Consultant: The consultant's primary role is to assist your organization with certain areas of your inclusiveness work. This is a well-paid job. a resource. Oil 4. It helps banking sector like PFC. Biomass 10. There are generally four categories of work for which you may want to hire the services of a consultant or a consulting team: a) b) c) d) Overall Guidance Information Gathering Cultural Competency/Diversity Training Evaluation Companies.

including businesses. departments.In each sector R & D is required for quality and quantity of power. It has untapped potential to expand in the near future as it has a good scope for leveraging on seasonal and time-of-day fluctuations in different regions. Companies. Price water house Cooper. . Electronic Metering. Companies. Estimating future returns for projects in renewable fields. Companies-PXIL. Earnest and Young. It is one of the most prestigious and highly paid jobs in this sector. Preparing information memorandums. Researching and analysis on current trends. Wipro. Thyseen krupp 8 IT Consultant : IT consultants may be used to provide strategic guidance to organisations with regard to technology. TCS Power Trader : This sector is currently in the developing process.Siemens. smart grids all these applications are based on IT. IT plays a very important role in the improved version of Power Sector. IT infrastructures and the enablement of major business processes through enhancements to IT. scenarios of industry. Accenture. IEX Project planning and Execution: Formal. SCADA. and organizations. PFC Business Analyst:- A Business Analyst (BA) is someone who analyzes the existing or ideal organization and design of systems. project reports and present the same to top management. approved documents used to guide both project execution and control. Business analyst plays a very crucial role in the Power Sector. today so many schemes are dependent on IT.Infosys. APDRP. Thermax. technology and regulatory matters. This sector is highly paid in terms of money and other benefits. Meter Billing.Companies-. PLCC. The primary uses of project plan is to document planning assumptions and decision. facilitate communication among stake holders and document approved scopes cost and scheduled base lines project plan may be summarize or detailed. There is a tremendous scope of IT in this sector and very fruitful to this sector. Its role is to develop strategic business plans and undertake business needs assessments. apart from medium-term mismatches. Infosys. Prepare and .

Earnest and Young Scheduling in Transmission and Distribution: Here the role of a manager is to schedule the electricity in Transmission and Distribution. Torrent Power 2. III. Caring Friendly Calm Adaptable Bold Modest Responsing WEAKNESSES:I. III. II. proper scheduling is required to overcome such losses.analyze dossiers for industry and competitors in renewable Report preparation for bid/tendering process. Shy Nervous Self-conscious Complex Introverted Idealistic Sympathetic OPPORTUNITIES:I. II. Thus. The importance of business analyst was increased after the Electricity Act 2003 came in to the process in the introduction of Private players came into power market. Companies-KPMG. II. This is a very booming sector in Power industry and there is a lot of potential in this sector. IV. Scheduling and distribution is done in time slots.2 SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS:I. Kalptaru. Companies-Accenture. V. VI. III. IV. VI. V. In India there are huge losses Transmission & Development. Price water house Cooper. VII. Business Analyst IT Consultant R&D . VII.

As far as the threats are concerned nothing exactly can be done about them as they are not in anyone‟s control. I am supposed to work on my weaknesses. Scheduling in Transmission & Distribution THREATS:- I. II.IV. Thus. Lack of experience in this field Strong competition from colleagues and other experienced students in the same field. This will help me fit in Power sector as a IT Consultant or any other suitable job. . yet there is a saying “Where there is a will. there is a way”. whenever possible. Meanwhile. if worked upon. After the SWOT analysis I came to know that I have many weaknesses which can be a hindrance in my path to success. Strengths and weaknesses are the ultimate targets to be worked upon for success. success can be achieved. Apart from this I have Electronics and Instrumentation background with an exposure to Wipro‟s working environment. The opportunities are to be availed. both from UPES & NPTI and other such institutes.

com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.olf.pdf  http://www. REFERENCES  To achieve my goal it is imperative that I should keep myself updated with every news and change happening in Power sector and Various Power reforms around the world and keep a good and thorough knowledge of the domain specific  or can take up the job of Consultant and Business Analyst can be opted for by  http://newsroom.Chapter : 3 3. Distribution  Oil & Gas based Power   http://www2. It has showed me that various managerial positions in IT Companies.sapient.1 CONCLUSION The research work helped me discover various career options which can be taken up after completion of MBA degree in Power management. trading  www.goldmansachs. in  http://careers.cfm?article_id=3563  http://etrmcommunity.aspx?job  www.careerbuilder.html .

? Ans:. But if we talk about india. India is emerging in this sector. 4.Successfully complete your course and gain thorough knowledge in this field. Possibilities in this sector in India or in Abroad ? Ans:. You have a previous background of Electronics and Instrumentation with work experience in IT.This is very good sector in whole world.I INTERVIEW WITH SIPRA CHAKRABORTY (MY MOTHER) 1. hence you should be able to adapt to the field very easily. USA or other continent this sector is very promising and highest paying sector. So in near future we hope that India will be on same track. and have dreams and goals which is a good sign.What are my weaknesses. 5.What are the changes in me you would suggest. What according to you are my strengths? Ans:-You are a hard worker. 2. In Europe. As we know India imports 70% of its energy from other countries so trading is very important. 3.? Ans:-First of all you should work on eradicating your weaknesses and then go step by step to achieve your goal. This will help you in reaching your goal of being well-established and help you gain a satisfactory job. You need to be more tactful and be a bit more social. What are your expectations from me after I complete MBA.APPENDIX. .? Ans:-You are quite confused and nervous at times. which obviously increase the requirement of Energy Trader.

4.? Ans:-Yes of course you have got the perfect background with exposure to the IT sector. 3.Do you think I have selected the right course. discuss things with them.APPENDIX-II INTERVIEW WITH Mr.? Ans:-Well as far I have observed you quite introvert as you do not open easily in front of everybody.What are the things will you suggest me to overcome my weaknesses. decent and calm natured person. .What according to you are my strengths. give your opinions and participate in class activities as much as possible.? Ans:-As far as I have observed you are well-behaved.What are my weaknesses. This points adds advantage in maintaining professionalism. If worked upon you will certainly shine and have a bright future. You also need to improve your negotiation skills as this is quite important in managerial field. talk to people. 2. SOUMITRA BHATTACHERJEE 1.? Ans:-First of all you should try to become more socially involved.

winter 2012 Task Person(s) Responsible Arunduty Chakraborty Nov 12-15 Nov 16-19 Nov 20-23 Nov 24-27 Nov 28Dec 1 Dec 2-4 Dec 5-7 Collection Of Material on Introduction Research on scope and limitations of the study Research on different job profiles SWOT Analysis with person 1 Arunduty Chakraborty Arunduty Chakraborty Arunduty Chakraborty & Akansha Saxena Arunduty Chakraborty & Sagar Sinha Arunduty Chakraborty Arunduty Chakraborty & Sipra Chakrabory Arunduty Chakraborty & Soumitra Bhattacherje e Arunduty Chakraborty Arunduty Chakraborty Arunduty Chakraborty & Dr. Sheetal Khanka SWOT Analysis with person 2 SWOT Analysis by me Questionnaire With Sipra Chakraborty Questionnaire With Soumitra Bhattacherjee Preparation of the Rough Draft Finalizing the Draft Submission of Assignment .Gantt chart on Report Writing of Career Options after MBA in Power Management.