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Cooling is a popular food storage technique in developed countries and works by decreasing or even arresting the reproduction rate of bacteria.0 PROBLEM STATEMENT As well we know fridge is a one of electric device which is high power consumption. The fuzzy logic use 3 power settings to match the temperature in the refrigerator with the amount of food stored.2 to 77 °F).A similar device which maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water is called a fridge.1. electronic. 2 . Full power operation is selected when the door opened and closed frequently. or chemical) that transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room.0 INTRODUCTION Fridge is a common household appliance that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump (mechanical. The device is thus used to reduce the rate of spoilage of foodstuffs. The fuzzy fridge temperature control is designed to control the temperature of fridge to give the fridge low power consumption and more efficiency. A refrigerator maintains a temperature a few degrees above the freezing point of water. Optimum temperature range for perishable food storage is -10 to 25 °C (30. 2. while operating at minimum power selected when it is rarely open and closed to reduce electricity consumption dramatically.

Therefore. after few hours.3. This system monitoring temperature control mechanism as it has capability to constantly self adjusting power corresponding with the variation of temperature. due to the rise in temperature resulted from receiving a constant high humidity produced by fridge environment .0 PROJECT DISCRIPTION Fuzzy Fridge Control System In a this brief. Figure 3 : Some of fridge type 3 . humidity within the in fridge. fridge’s temperature and humidity will be maintained at adequate and permissible level to ensure that the fridge will have a coolest provided at all times. this system will be control temperature that needed that suitable for fridge.

heavy} {low.high} {light.4.0 THE LINGUISTIC VARIABLES Linguistic variable represents.medium. the input variables and output variables of the system to control.medium. three input linguistic variables and one output variable have been defined as listed in Table 4 Input Linguistic Variables 1 2 3 Temperature Humidity Weight Output Linguistic Variables 1 Power Table 4: Linguistic Variables 5. In this system.high} 4 .high} {low. in words.medium.1: Fuzzy Sets Fuzzy Sets {low.normal.0 FUZZY SETS AND MEMBERSHIP FUNCTIONS Input Linguistic Variables Min -10 30 0 Max 25 80 30 Range -10 to 25 30 to 80 0 to 30 Unit ◦C % kg 1 2 3 Temperature Humidity Weight Output Linguistic Variables 1 Power 140 250 140 to 250 kW Table 5: Linguistic Values Input Linguistic Variables 1 2 3 Temperature Humidity Weight Output Linguistic Variables 1 Power Table 5.

1: Humidity (%) 5 .The designated membership functions for each variable is as follows: Figure 5: Temperature (◦C) Figure 5.

Figure 5.2 : Weight Figure 5.3 : Power (kW) 6 .

as in Table 6.0 FUZZY RULES AND RESULTING FUNCTION GRAPH The total of 9 rules has been constructed for this system. Table 6 : Fuzzy Rules 7 .6.

1 3D FUNCTION GRAPH The 3D graph result Temperature Vs Weight on Labview application designed.6. 8 .

9 .The 3D graph result Temperature Vs Humidity Labview application designed.

0 Tuning The System We are using LabView to design a fuzzy system as a fuzzy engine that are shown in Figure 7 below. Figure 7 : Labview    Yellow Blue Red (Low Condition) (Medium Condition) (High Condition) 10 .7.

SAMPLES RESULTS OBTAINED FROM FIRST TESTING 1st Test Condition 1st Test Condition Input Variable    Temperature 12 °C Humidity 35 % Weight 3 kg Output Variable  Results  Successfully 11 Light Indicator Yellow .

2nd Test Condition 2nd Test Condition Input Variable    Temperature 5 °C Humidity 47 % Weight 14 kg Output Variable  Results  Successfully Light Indicator Blue 12 .

3rd Test Condition 3rd Test Condition Input Variable    Temperature 15 °C Humidity 70 % Weight 26 kg Output Variable  Results  Successfully Light Indicator Red 13 .

and medium weight the power will set to medium.  Thus it can be summarized that. temperature.  At highest humidity. the temperature will be increased and the weight is maximum condition. In this condition if when: Humidity highest. and light weight the power will be at its lower. the fridge cooler is directly proportional to the humidity . temperature and also weight 14 . and weight are related as follows:  At lowest humidity. at medium humidity.0 ANALYSIS Basically. at highest temperature. in this system humidity. the temperature will be increased and weight is medium. and heavy weight the power will switching to maximum power in assure that fridge will be in cooler condition .8. the temperature will be reduced and weight is light Power will set to the lowest . In this condition if when: Humidity increases from lowest to medium.  At medium temperature. at lowest temperature. In this condition if when: Humidity drops.

Future research should deal with the tuning and improvement of the fuzzy model to guarantee a real competition and possibly superiority over the human experts in terms of the achievement of the smallest possible temperature and the time needed for the achievement. By the use of fuzzy logic control. and gave time saving as compared to the classical approaches. we have been able to control the temperature of fridge in automatically with different of speed and temperature in the fridge.0 CONCLUSION From this project designed. Especially. Fuzzy logic and. They also provided a good representation of the human expertise in terms of the use of linguistic terms and fuzzy rules and also making available a some of decisions. such as the control of complex and imprecisely defined processes. automating the gas charging using automatic valves could be made by introducing new variables to the fuzzy controller to control the gas amount charged into the fridge 15 . about how to use the Labview 2011 to completing the project as requested. we have learned a lot of things.9. which have been applied in various interesting areas. The fuzzy models turned out to be a simple. In addition. have been used in this study to develop a fuzzy controller to test and evaluate the performance of fridge at the cooler stage. In directly the fridge is become more efficiency and low power consumption.

Ross. Wiley 16 . Third edition.0 REFERENCE 1. Addison Wesley 2. Second Edition. Michael Negnevitsky.10. Timoty J. Artificial Intelligence. fuzzy Logic With Engineering Application.