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Licensing Fair provides NSU branding instruction Philip Curry TNE Contributing Writer The NSU licensing department

will present a fair where both local and national vendors will bring examples of their printed swag for attendees to see and possibly purchase. The licensing department invites all student organization leaders to attend the event. “The licensing fair is a way to put campus departments and student organizations in touch with vendors that are licensed to print NSU apparel, SWAG and more,” said Dana Boren Boer, licensing director.” Melissa Parton, administrative assistant for university relations, said the event will help NSU continue to strengthen their licensing program and help build relationships between members of the NSU community and its licensed vendors. The licensing department’s task is to ensure the protection of the university’s brand. Parton said the department also honors one student with a $2000 scholarship each year. “The licensing department helps uphold the university branding by ensuring proper use of the marks and logos through licensed vendors,” said Boren Boer. The fair is to help students involved in various organizations understand the branding and logos they use for the purpose of their organization. “The fair will help students have a better understanding of why it's important to use licensed vendors and direct them to the appropriate vendors to purchase their goods,” said Parton. Many organizations have registered members to attend. Ben Nein, RHA president, said he wants all of his executive members to join him at the event. “A difficult part about running an organization is knowing where to purchase the right apparel and goods,” said Nein. “You don’t want to order it off of a bad website and have them mess up your order. That’s why this event will help my organization and others around campus.” Boren Boer said she the event is import to her because it keeps the licensing scholarship funded and supports the university’s branding objectives. The fair is from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., March 27, in the UC Ballroom lounge and Ballroom C. For more information, email Boren Boer at Published 3/24/14