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Danielle Mun-

t- yan. Module Re- port.

OUGD 503

Live Briefs.
Eclettico Jade Clark Look Book Jade Clark Poster Series

Competition Briefs.
Secret 7 YCN - Cath Kidston Ones to Watch Markus Mueller Digital Art Contest Type Triathlon Penguin Design Awards Hummingbird Holdings Logo Design


Live Briefs.
Eclettico Jade Clark Look Book Jade Clark Poster Series

The Brief:

Branding & Identity - Unisex Hair Salon Client - James Pratt

Concept: Initially we discussed ideas together in regards to different routes which could be taken, as well as discussing the deliverables necessary for the business to run smoothly and well. The concept which was decided on was the idea of diversity with the salon being unisex and open to all types and styles of hair. This is relayed through the collaged images of hair creating a bed of eclectic colours, shades and tones. The deliverables were produced and manipulated digitally, after working with the original collaged imagery by hand. Process: Communication was maintained throughout the design process, asking the client questions and showing him the current designs, to inform development and to produce a well-designed and appropriate outcome. Throughout this brief, I learnt that working with a client can be much easier when communication is kept, and ideas are talked about and discussed beforehand. However, overall i was lucky with this brief, my client allowed me to have total creative control and trusted my initial ideas which then flourished.I learnt it is important to ensure target audience and tone or voice are thought about continuously due to the business being unisex. This affected design decisions such as typography choices needing to be neutral. I also learnt I can work to deadlines and pitch to clients confidently with independant concepts and proposed mock-ups of design work. Overall I am happy with the outcome of the work, and the client has taken the designs into production for the the salon Eclettico which is due to open in June. He has also expressed interest of a website which I am in talks about working on also. Client Feedback & Testimonial : I asked Danielle Muntyan to design my business cards, price lists and colour test cards for my new salon Eclettico. Keeping a strong hold towards my heritage was very important to me as well as it been very important that my level of high professionalism was portrayed which I feel that Danielle has captured within this very personal and unique design. Danielle has kept in contact throughout the whole design, and allowed me add my personal input and opinions into the finished design. Overall I am very impressed with Danielles professionalism and keen eye towards detail. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Danielle to others, nor would I hesitate to employ Danielle to handle any design work I would need for my salon in the future. - James Pratt, Senior Stylist & Salon Owner Doncaster, UK

Re-brand the Doncaster based unisex hair salon The Hair Boutique, with the name Eclettico giving a fresh, eclectic and new identity. Deliverables: Letterhead & Envelope Price List Business/Appointment Cards Hair Colour Cards Logo I was asked by my long-term hairdresser James Pratt to re-brand his current workplace for his take over of the business. In response to his new ownership he wanted to bring his own personality and heritage into the salon, targeting new and existing customers. Eclettico is the Italian translation of Eclectic, reflecting the clients style and varied customers, whilst hinting at his Italian heritage. I chose to work on this brief as I felt it was well suited to my own style and personality which are very similar to my clients, as well as having a keen interest in branding and identity. Aside from this, my client has an eye for design and unusual approaches to design which is reflected through both of our work. Having a good relationship with James prior to starting the brief, would only benefit the design and communication process throughout.

Jade Clark Fashion

The Brief: Design and produce a Look Book for Fashion Designer Jade Clark, showcasing her work to date. Background: Jade Clark is an established Fashion Designer, who graduated from DeMontford University with a 1st Class Honors Degree in Fashion Design in 2011. Since she has been running her own successful online business, and has been seen in Vice magazine. Her clothes have been spotted being worn by singer Rita Ora in 2013. Deliverables: 4 Look Books I was approached by Jade earlier on in the year in regards to designing some printed material for her. She requested 4 Look Books which reflected her work and her style, working around her existing brand image and identity. Jades brand Jade Clark is a unique, bespoke sportswear fashion line, mosty featuring holographic vinyl, oozing colours and textures. The manifesto for her brand is as follows: To supply you with the best sickly sweet garmz, covered in candied drips & eyes galore! Concept:

Editorial Design - Look Book Client - Jade Clark

The cover was the last element to be designed and applied, with holographic vinyl being used, and a laser-cut logo cut out of black vinyl on top, reflecting the brand, the clothing, the content and Jade herself. Each look book was coptic bound by hand to ensure high quality and a sleek, professional finish. I learnt more intricate and hands on design processes throughout, as well as learning the importance of communication, high quality design and professionalism. Overall I felt working to a deadline pushed me to work efficiently and professionally throughout, engaging with the client and being enthusiastic about the brief at hand. This was my favourite brief to work on throughout this module, and has left me with an understanding of how good design, and professional skills can lead to other design work. I learnt how to work around current brand guidelines as well, using Jades design aesthetic, photography, body copy, tone of voice and logo throughout. Jade was very happy with the resolved outcome, and felt the look books reflected her work in the manner of a creative portfolio, fulfilling the needs and desires of the client. When Jade recieved the final product, she asked me to design more printed material for her, this time being 4 A3 posters reflecting her new collection.

Keeping her existing brand and identity prominent throughout was very important as she has a large existing audience. This made the concept much easier in some aspects to finalise and work with, showcasing key elements of her work; logo, holographic glitter and vinyl. Process: Several processes were used throughout this brief, from the initial idea to the resolved outcome. It was important to ensure her personality and style of work come through the look book, therefore a mixture of digital and hands-on design approaches were used. The images used were all supplied by Jade Clark, ensuring the photography was suitable, and of high resolution. Jade only had one specification regarding the look book, being that line name and price were included. These were supplied also. With this information being given, and the photography taken care of, I was left in creative control in terms of the editiorial design. The editorial design and layout composition was worked with digitally, ensuring continuity and precision within the design work. Jade remained in contact and gave positive feedback throughout.

The Future of Fashion

At the beginning of April I received an email regarding the look book, from Send Points Publishing, based in China, asking to publish my work in an upcoming graphic design book which is currently in production. I accepted the offer, and the look book shown here, will be published into the upcoming book, ART IN BOOK VOL. 2. along with 99 other designers showcasing editorial designs and manufacturing processes. I was honored to of been asked to use my work, and will gain personal promotion through the book which will be of benefit to myself both now and in the future.

Jade Clark Fashion

Brief: Design 4 Promotional Posters for Jade Clarks 2014 Collection. Deliverables: 2 x A3 Menswear Posters 2 x A3 Womenswear Posters Similarily to the Jade Clark Look Book brief, the background, concept and requirements regarding contact information, body copy, logo and the use of her photography remain the same. Process: The 4 posters were produced digitally without any creative input from Jade, leaving the design process to me which I was pleased about. I felt through the look books I had shown her my skills and strengths as a designer, and feel she trusts my design decisions. The posters were sent to Jade at different stages, confirming colour choices and image selection. I was also able to showcase my typography skills, using a variation of type to reflect the clothes, the brand and the target audience. In terms of layout and grid, each poster was designed to the same grid structure, however each followed a different pattern of image and type placement. The target audience which Jade recieves orders from are those who follow the hipster, street, urban and eclectic trends, hence the type choices, use of gradients, colours and shape. I feel as though I have learnt how to be more free with my design work, and have been able to break grids rather than follow them, which has been a pleasant change, as well as working to a previosuly set, specific tone and audience. Editorial and collage based work I feel are my strongest strenghts as a designer, and feel both of these skills have been shown through this brief and I am very proud of the outcome. Jade is also very pleased with the design resolution as a whole. 20 A3 copies of each print have been sent to her for use.

Promotional Posters Client - Jade Clark

Competition Briefs.
Secret 7 YCN - Cath Kidston Ones to Watch Mark Mueller Digital Art Contest Type Triathlon Penguin Design Awards Hummingbird Holdings Logo Design YCN - Champneys

Secret 7
The Brief:

Artist - Lorde Song - Team

ability to organise and carry out a project in a short space of time, and produce a well designed, appropriate piece of work. I feel the design resolution reflects the artist as well as my own personal design style which is becoming more evident with time. This is supported by secondary research which has been carried out in order to resolve the problem with an appropriate outcome suitable for the singer, the target audience and the Secret7 Exhibition. After working on the same competition brief last year, it made it easier for me to design a record sleeve which I felt confident about submitting, as well as knowing the terms and conditions of entry as well as having a better understanding of the process from start to finish. The final design resolution took time to create, finding relevant imagery from her personal blog to use, ensuring that every component made up different elements of Lordes personality. I feel the intricacy and precision of the diamond created, really reflects her heritage, style and passions as both a singer and an individual. In regards to the background image, I had originally planned on using a cream or off-white solid colour, however felt this didnt work well and didnt make the diamond pop or stand out. I experimented with different textured backgrounds before settling on a grey, whitewashed wall, allowing the colours and shape to really stand out and grab attention, as well as being visually stimulating. Overall I am really happy with the design solution, and feel it fits the brief perfectly. Personally, I am proud of the record design which has been designed and executed in 2 days, as the concept and different elements are all very strong, and have different reasons for being applied.

Design a 7 sleeve for a chosen artist/song, without revealing specific details. The idea is that its a secret until the record is played. Deliverables: 7 Sleeve for your chosen artist Concept: I chose to design a record sleeve for Lorde, a singer/songwriter from New Zealand. I wanted to explore and capture her background, style, music and heritage through the cover, and came up with the concept of a diamond made-up of a team of different images reflecting Lordes personality. Process: To achieve the overall aesthetic and shape required, different images were collected and transformed into the shape of a diamond. Each image was manipulated individually. This allowed greater precision over the final design resolution. As I had submitted a Secret 7 in 2013 also, I felt I had a better understanding of the brief and how to design accordingly. I also found that this brief can be completed in 2 days or so, and therefore was treated as a mini-brief, around the bigger projects to break and mix-up the workload. I feel as a quick live brief I shown

The Standalone - Artwork

YCN - Cath Kidston

The Brief: Design a conversational print for Cath Kidston, to be used for homeware/ wallpaper, womens fashion and printed textiles. Deliverables: 1 x Conversational Print in 3 different colourways Restrictions: A maximum of 12 colours can be used in total. Target Audience: 29 year-old female, who has just settled into her first home with a good career behind her. She has no children, but has friends who do, and is currently enjoying her life. The Brand: The Cath Kidston brand boasts british humour and style, and the stores are nicknamed the home of modern vintage. There are over 200 stores internationally. Concept: A print reflecting the conversational topic of British weather, being reflected through the idea of festivals. I chose this particular brief as one of my main briefs for the module as I felt I could push myself to learn new skills, and develop my digital

Pattern Design - 3 Colourways Design for Print, Fabric & Wallpaper

illustration skills. Aside from this, I had already confirmed several other briefs to work on which required different skills and processes, and felt this would be a light hearted, fun and approachable brief to work on. Being able to do so shows my versatility and mixed strengths as a designer and illustrator. Furthermore iit proved good time management and organisation skills meeting strict deadlines and terms and conditions. Process: The idea was derived from brainstorming conversational British topics and themes, in order to create a theme which would be popular, eye-catching, conversational and most importantly in-keeping with the target audience and the brands existing identity and product line. Once a final concept was decided on, I began researching into the brands existing products and identity to ensure the outcome produced remains inkeeping with the brand image and the aesthetic Cath Kidston is famous for. Both primary and secondary research methods were used to gain all the information I needed before beginning the design process. I felt for my primary research it was necessary to go into a Cath Kidston store, explore their products and design aesthetic as well as speaking to staff about my concept and the project at hand. I found speaking directly to someone who knows the

brand inside out would be of benefit in regards to the design process especially helped with my confidence in regards to the brief. II was struggling to get my head around which design process would be the best to use. I was worried the aesthetic wouldnt reflect that of Cath Kidstons existing products without practice and existing skills in this area. After a conversation with a lady in the home department about this, she advised me to work by hand before digitising any designs, and to not worry about creating a design which feels hand drawn and rough around the edges. Through perciverance, experimentation and practice, I found the best way to achieve the Cath Kidston aesthetic was to create layers of opacities, allowing shadows and tonal areas to be applied, giving a hand painted aesthetic to the design elements. Another main point of concern throughout the initial design process was ensuring no more than 12 colours were used, and that these colours reflect the brand image. Prior to designing, a colour palette was selected making the design process easier to control when creating 2 alternate colour variations. It was important to keep true to a solid colour scheme ensuring continuity and professionalism. The dark pink colour which the logo uses throughout Cath Kidstons brand was also selected.

Alternate Colourways

Main Colourway

Proposals - Mock-Ups

After working on the brief for several weeks it was important to take feedback from the crits set up at college, allowing positive changes to be made. It was during the second crit I felt very confident about my work, as well as the design resolution. I was advised to change the tiling, which when once recified enhanced the overall aesthetic. The feedback recieved was positive and those who had viewed my work so far had stated it felt like a Cath Kidston print, and would fit in well with their existing product lines. Three colour ways were produced, the main being a white background, with two alternate colourways blue and yellow being available. Working to a strict deadline I have found to be motivating opposed to

stressful, which I think helped as I thoroughly enjoyed the brief from start to finish. The very tight target audience I found hard to work with at first but thorough research eased this greatly. I have learnt that I can adapt to different aesthetics and design styles when necessary, and can balance a heavy workload without effecting the quality or quantity of work produced. Furthermore I have learnt the power of proposals and mocking up designs to bring them to life, and sell the product at hand. I have thought beyond the main deliverables of the brief and shown the versatility of the print across a variation of applications, including pront digital and print based media.

As seen on the previous page and on this double page spread, mock-ups of the prints used have been executed in various areas of design. The print would work for homeware, printed textiles and womens fashion. The prints could be adapted to a range of different applications such as stationary, corporate branding, mugs & crockery, art work, gift bags, clothing, wallpaper, digital media and to push the boat out items such as fizzy drinks and passport covers if the brand ever wanted to expand further. Overall I am very proud of the design work produced and feel as though the brief has been successfully completed with a strong concept behind it. Transferable skills have also been developed with is also a bonus!

Ones to Watch Exhibition

The Brief: Submit 3 pieces of work to Ones to Watch for a chance to be apart of an annual exhibition showcasing students work. I chose this as a mini-brief to submit 3 pieces of work that I had completed during the Christmas break. I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase my personal work, and different style of collage/ illustration. Process: In my spare time I work on pieces of digital collage which I sell online. The 2 collaged prints submitted have been taken from a collection called Science 101. The collection consisted of 5 digital collages designed to inspire and provoke thought. Having a keen interest in space and anatomy, I decided to introduce this into my art work and produce a series of prints to sell over the Christmss break. The 3rd piece of work submitted is the branding of how I envisage my own studio to be branded. I set myself several fictional briefs over the break to keep me working and thinking creatively. I was really happy with the outcome and decided to place this work onto my online portfolio whereby over a quick period of time it picked up a lot of attention from other designers encouraging me to submit it for this exhibition.

The branding and identity has been inspired by digital collage and the concept of a splash of colour, shape and form in the work produced. The collages have all been hand made using old cut up magazines and stuck together with glue. These were then scanned in and worked with digitally. I learnt it is very important to be selective in regards to which work is submtted due to the vast amount of entries Ones to Watch recieve on an annual basis. I wasnt selected for the exhibition this year due to the large amount of entries, however I have learnt for next years submission to submit more visually striking and captivating pieces to look at, which are more accessible for any audience.

Splash Design Branding & Identity

Skull Botanica

Another Planet

Mark Mueller Digital Art Contest

The Brief: Submit 2 pieces of Digital Art to the annual Mark Mueller Digital Art Contest. Process:

I chose this as a mini-brief submitting 2 pieces of work that I had completed during the Christmas break. In my spare time I work on pieces of digital collage which I sell online, and these two prints have been taken from a collection called Science 101. The collection consisted of 5 digital collages designed to inspire and provoke thought. I felt as though this brief has allowed me to show my more illustrative design skills, opposed to strict Graphic Design, showing my versatility as a designer.

Type ---Triathlon
The Brief: Use hand lettered type to create a typographic quote. Deliverables: A photograph of the finished piece of type, uploaded to instagram and tagged appropriately. The stated requirement for this brief is that serif, sans serif and script type must be included, and the type must be applied through photography. I chose this brief for two easons; hand rendered type is outside of my comfort zone, and the majority of my other briefs for this module have been digital or idea based briefs. I felt I could challenge myself and develop y skills in this particular area. Concept: I orignally chose the quote Only God Forgives to work with, producing a piece of hand lettered type which can be seen to the right. I scanned in the type and developed the concept further by experimenting background, but it didnt have the desired impact. Process: To resolve the problem, I experimented with laser cutting, learning new skills and overcoming problems to produce a better piece of design with a stronger concept behind it. I came up with an extrovert solution - the type becomes the image through photography, with the shadows or backdrop chosen forming the background image. I thought for my own personal development also, this concept could be developed further by placing the lasercut type in front of contrasting or conroversial images. As a further proposal, the outcome could be used as a stencil also. I am happy with the outcome which I submitted for the competition. I havent worked with hand lettered type for a long time, so this allowed me to refresh my skills, whilst develoing them. I also learnt new skills and applied them successfully to a piece of work creating a unique and different piece of work, whilst resolving the problem at hand. Next time I would like to work with Calligraphy and traditional hand drawn type to show further variation of my design skills.

Penguin Design Awards 2014

The Brief: Design a book cover reflecting the richness of Jonathan Coes writing to appeal to a contemporary, discerning, literary readership. The book is entitiled What a Carve Up! What the judges are looking for: We are looking for a striking cover design that is well executed, has an imaginative concept and clearly places the book for its market. While all elements of the jacket need to work together as a cohesive whole, remember that the front cover must be effective on its own and be eyecatching within a crowded bookshop setting. Deliverables: The cover design needs to include all the cover copy as supplied and be designed to the specified design template (B format, 198mm high x 129mm wide, spine 31mm wide). Target Audience: Jonathan Coes existing readers, and new readers influenced by the new design aesthetics of the cover. Concept: The design solution was derived from the Post-Modern context of the book, and reflections of key elements of the satirical 80s Britain which this novel is set within. This particular decade reflected the Thatcher years, greed, class, wealth, sex, media and mystery, which have been reflected through the imagery on the cover, taking inspiration from the era, the context of the novel and my own interpretation of its meaning. Details: The poppy and plane, reflects Britain and War, which are running themes throughout the novel. The vintage TV reflects the era aswell movie depicted which the novel weaves around. Shown on TV are 2 mountains which reflect the location where the two main characters meet. The textures reflect people and society at the time, and on the back cover shows magazine style clippings which reflect the social dictation of the 80s which thrived and remains a strong voice throughout the novel. The newspaper clippings reflect Great Britain in terms of its political state at the time, whilst being reflected through a silhouette of the British flag. Individual elements will be recognsiable to those who are familiar with the novel, whilst those who arent will be intrgued and guided throughout, revealing all the mystery! Process: I have chosen to use a digital collage in a contemporary manner, in order to reflect several elements at once in an understandable, relatable and

Book Cover Design What a Carve Up! - Jonathan Coe

visually exciting manner which is new and fresh for Penguin books, and I believe will stand out on the book shelves, as well as appealing to their target audience. Typography is something which the brief dictates should be strong throughout the design, and using hand rendered type, opposed to digital type, gives the book cover the vintage, yet contemporary twist which I feel brings the design elements and concept together. Much thought was put into the design idea for the novel cover, and more so thought has been put into how my design idea will differ to others, to stand more of a chance for myself, and the college to win a Penguin Award. i am relally happy with the design solution for the brief. I feel the concept is strong and very contextual, relating to the era as well as the storyline. I have learnt to work to deadlines, strict deliverables and content, which I feel has been good for my personal and professional design skills. I feel as though the Penguin brief allowed me to be creative with my own personal style, whilst communicating a message, target audience and tone effectively and clearly.

Hummingbird Holdings Logo Design

The Brief: Design a logo for an angel funding company, Hummingbird Holdings, with the set specifications below: Restrictions: Name: Hummingbird Holdings Slogan: Crowdfunding Essence Industry: Business & Consulting Colour Preferences: Orange & Grey Applications: Online, Print & Signage Target Audience: Hummingbird Holdings is a UAE based fund that targets investing in start-ups, i.e. angel funds. Process: I chose to pick a small 99designs competition brief to complete in a day, to enhance the variety of work shown throughout the module, and the versatility and adaptability of my design skills to any brief, target audience and tone. The brief chosen was a corporate logo design based brief which is something I havent worked with previously, and most of my work is rather eclectic and contemporary. I wanted to experiment with a more formal, and strict tone of voice appealing to specific target audience, with specific and pre-determined specificationsto work with. I also wanted to work more with restrictions to show capability within little movement for error. Concept: With such specific specifications for the logo, including colour scheme, the only way to make my logo stand out from the other entries was to ensure good type choices and to use different type setting. I felt the obvious choice for the logo was playing on the idea of a hummingbird itself. I didnt want this to be the focal point so adapted the type to show a golden tree centrally, with the hummingbird hovering over it. Ideally the tree would be foiled to add extra high quality and luxury to the company. Overall I think the logo is suitable for company reflecting the target audience, tone, and specifications set. Further Proposals: As an addition to the logo design, I developed the identity further, mocking up stationary for the business showing the logo in use. This was the first ever brief I had carried out and submitted via the 99designs website. I felt the process was relatively easy and the briefs on offer allow a variety and range of skills to be shown. I feel as though this brief allowed me to step outside my comfort zone with logo design, and create a logo and indentity which is strong, in design and concept whilst keeping inline with the brief, the set restrictions and the needs of the company.

YCN - Champneys
The Brief: Create a campaign to launch Champneys The Health Spa to a younger target audience. I chose this brief due to the feminitiy and packaging design side of the brief. I wanted to show my crafting skills as the majority of briefs completed have been resolved digital based solutions, and wanted to add versatility to my portfolio. Target Audience: 16 - 35 year old females. Restrictons: The Champneys logo must be used throughout the final design solution. Concept: Using the three main at home product lines which Champneys specialise in - beauty, body and skincare - three pamper packs will be designed and produced to promote the campaign. Each pack includes relevant product lines, creating a home spa style session using the pamper packs. The target audience is 16-35, so students, university/college students, teenagers, and employed/ unemployed females buying for herself, or as a gift. Younger target audiences are often more willing to buy an impulse purchase or a product focusing on aesthetic and value, so by placing smaller versions of new products in exciting girly packaging really feels like an appropriate method to promote Champneys. As an addition to the contents in the pack, to introduce customers to the website and the spa itself, a 50% spa treatment voucher would be included in each pack enticing and encouraging customers to visit. Ideally, friends would pack the packs separately and all use the products during a pamper night or use the vouchers to visit the spa. A website, stationary, products, packaging, informative ingredients leaflet, a Champneys Heath Spa voucher and advertisements have been designed to showcase the campaign for the themed Pamper Packs. Visual Language: Ilustrative, monochrome and feminine products and packaging have been designed. They have been finished with a hint of magenta for extra visual impact, and a high end, luxury finish whilst still appealing at a younger target audience. A botanical theme has been chosen, relating to the floral illustrations. This is reflected through the scent of the products. Packaging: 3 different boxes have been made to hold the 3 individual sets of products. Each box features a different section of the illustrative print drawn for the packaging and is finished with a tag attached with a magenta bow. Online Presence: The first two pages of the Champneys website as if the Pamper Packs were live and being promoted through the site also. On the home page is an image of the illustration with product name and logo, as an enticement to find out more. On the Spa Products page as seen on the navigation panel, a smaller advertisement has been placed showing a link directly to the products and Pamper packs to buy. The website would be fully responsive in order to work functionally on tablets and smart phones. Overall, I completed the brief in little under 5 days, showing organisation, work epic and ambition. The brief allowed me to show my drawing and hands on crafting skills, digital design skills and photography skills. This was the first time I had used the college photography facilities to photograph work for a submission myself, which I felt really benefited the outcome whilst learning new skills myself. Out of all of the briefs completed I am happiest with this one and feel it is visually the strongest solution.


The Brief: The WPP brief required a campaign to be created in order to raise awareness and prompt change regarding global warming, climate change and carbon emissions. The brief is also supported by Al Gore.. Concept & Target Audience: The Small Seeds campaign is based around the idea of planting seeds in the minds of young children. If the right information is given to children at a young age, and worked with from then on, the future generations will be full of knowledge and assistance in regarding and supporting climate change and the surrounding issues. By starting to act and make changes from an early age through education, the pack created aims to encourage this through tuition at home and in schools. Tone of Voice: The tone of voice is educational, informative and youthful, with a soft, simple and basic use of language used throughout. Visual Language: The visual language is influenced by earth tones, infused through paper marbling which I experimented with thoroughly creating an organic, bright, eye catching, fun and youthfull aesthetic. Two typefaces were chosen to run throughout the campaign, Helvetica for body copy due to its readability and legibility for any age/reader, and Blackout for the headlines and logo, giving a youthful , consistent and colourful edge to the design aesthetuc. The Small Seeds Pack: As this brief was a colllaborative project, Sam and I decided together to create an edicational and informative pack for children to use with their teachers or parents. With a large contents list, we decided to split the roles and responsibilties for the project, and the design elements required. This was drawn up initially, and we stuck well to our set jobs. These are as stated below: Danielle: Project Manager Concept Developer Researcher Flash Cards, Die Cutting and Packaging Colouring Sheets Stickers Jigsaw Puzzle Introductory Leaflet Web & App Design Sam: Concept Developer Researcher Photography Typography Co-Ordinator Logo Design Main Box Packaging Seed Packets Exercise Books I felt Sam and I worked well as a team, and our ideas bounced off each other as we both have different strenghts and skill sets. Combined we had a collection of skills which allowed us to create an interesting, educational, informative and fully functional pack for children. Proposals for an online website presence and an educational and fun app for children have also been mocked up showing the correspondence with the contents, and its application across multi media. Contents Details: Colouring Sheets: I was responsible for the colouring sheets which would be included in the educational packs. 26 sheets were designed in total, folding up into a leaflet with the logo on the front. On each sheet is a different image relative to the topic at hand, as well as an educational fact. These are the same topics and illustrations as on the Flash Cards. Flash Cards: 26 Flash Cards were designed for educational purposes, allowing children to engage with facts and illustrations relative to global warming and the surrounding issues. The cards are A6 Portrait, and are held in a tight, closed slipcase box. On the back of each card is the Small Seeds logo. The main concept for the cards is The A-Z of Global Warming.

Jisgaw Puzzle: A jigsaw puzzle was created allowing a message to be revealed when put together. This mimicks the idea of figuring out and solving problems at a young age. The image created is that of a globe, and states Start saving the world, for your future today!. Stickers: 3 sets of stickers were produced. The first being SS stickers for the closures on the seed packets, standing short for Small Seeds. The remaining 2 stickers stated Turn me off! and Save the world! which are deisgned to be stuck on to light switches around schools and homes. Introduction to Global Warming Leaflet: A mini concertina style booklet was produced giving the children background information on global warming, what it is and the problems in a simple tone of voice, whilst adding contextual information to the Small Seeds pack. Online Presence: The website has been designer for their guardians/teachers to order the Small Seeds educational pack, and give more information on the topic at hand. App Design: Interactivity and educational engagement are the key themes running throughout the app. Tasks, games and activities allowing children to be educated in a more creative, independant and hands on approach.

App Content: Creating concepts I found the most challenging aspect initially. Trying to The app will feature a series of engage with the brief through primary interactive elements for the user; a research allowed better idea generation jigsaw puzzle revealing a hidden and as a duo we managed to succeed message, flash cards with a question in creating a strong concept based and answer section, as well as key around the emotional idea of your words, notes and terminology section. childrens future. Translating this into the Small Seeds pack was a challenging, Brief Overview: very time consuming, stressful, enjoyable, fun, educational and I feel as the first D&AD brief I have beneficial process which I feel has paid entered alone or as a collaboration has off. been a success due to our positive mind frame towards our concept. This The photography shown reflects the alone has driven the brief to reach many key elements of the educational pack, different applications and could be and reflect elements taken from the developed even more if there was no collaborative and individual design time limit. The pressure and workload of boards which have been previously the brief has been a challenge developed and submitted. especially as i work relatively quickly, and more so than my partner, so felt as though as project manager at times I had to set deadlines and be slightly pushy, which I didnt enjoy, but it was needed at times to kick start work. I feel my organisation and time management skills were a key factor for the smooth running of the brief throughout. I have learnt many skills throughout this brief which I didnt know I had such as the ability to work on 6 different things at once and the ability to design for children. I have used my impecibcle tiime management and organisation skills throughout the brief to ensure a smooth running process, especially leading up to the deadline. By engagiing with the brief and carrying out thorough research I have educated myself on the topic and issues at hand, allowing this to be reflected through the design elements. This adds assurity to the work and gives me extra confidence in the concept and design solution to the price.