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Top 10 Secrets: What Attracts a Man & What Turns a Man Off!

By: Suzanne K. Oshima Founder of Single in Stilettos Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette

#1: Men like women with cur es

Too many women think that men like skinny women who are size 0 or ! "ell of course# there will always $e some men who like skinny women# $ut can % &ust tell you# the ma&ority of men like a woman who's got some serious cur(es) Think of the hourglass figure like Marilyn Monroe *who $y the way# was re+ortedly a size , -!yes# really./# So+hia 0ergara and 1im 1ardashian! 2o matter if you're a size or , # men like cur(es that are in +ro+ortion to your size! 2ow# you're +ro$a$ly saying# 3yeah# right.4! "ell# you don't ha(e to $elie(e me# $ut there is actual scientific research $ehind this attraction! 5ccording to researchers at the 6ni(ersity of Te7as at 5ustin# 3cur(y women hit men's $rains like a drug4!, So# sto+ trying to star(e yourself to lose weight! 8ust $e healthy and in sha+e# no matter what your size! 8ust remem$er# size is &ust a num$er.

#!: Men like women with lon" hair

9lain and sim+le# it's a fact that men +refer long hair! 5nd as it turns out# it's not &ust a matter of +ersonal +reference# according to the 8ournal of :7+erimental Social 9sychology# hair length can actually signal a woman's youth and o(erall health# which may signify to men your re+roducti(e +otential! 2ow# while you may not ha(e $een $lessed with long $eautiful tresses# no need to fret nowadays you can get e7tensions so you can ha(e long flowing locks like 8ennifer ;o+ez or <isele Bundchen!
, "alsh# "endy * 0, /# 3Cur(y "omen: The =eal =eason "hy >ou Can't =esist ?er Cur(es4# 5skMen ?insza# 0er$in B!@ Matz$# Da(id C!@ 9atiencec# =e$ecca 5! * 00,/# 3Does women's hair signal re+roducti(e +otential)4# 8ournal of :7+erimental Social 9sychology

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##: Men are less likel$ to no%ce $ou& i' $ou wear (lack
% know you think wearing $lack makes you look# oh so cool and elegant! 5nd the $onus is# it makes you look slimmer! "ell# did you know that is the worst color you could wear out when you're trying to meet men) "hy) Because men are (ery (isual. %f you can't catch his eye# you won't get his attention! The ne7t time you go out to a $ar# right when you walk in# scan the room! The reason why % want you to do this# is $ecause that is e7actly what men do when they enter a $ar to see if there is any woman he's attracted to and is interested in meeting! >ou will notice the ma&ority of women are wearing $lack or a dark color and they &ust $lend into the $ackground! The woman that will stand out in your eyes# is the woman wearing a $right color! 2ow# %'m going to tell you a little secret# the color you should $e wearing is-!=:D. >es# =:D. "hy) 5gain# there was an actual study done $y +sychologists at the 6ni(ersity of =ochester in 2ew >ork# that found that men are more attracted to women who wore red.A So# it's time to go sho++ing for some red clothes.

#): Wh$ men ne er approach $ou

:(eryone tells you that you're so attracti(e and yet you wonder why men don't a++roach you at all when you're out! >ou notice other women who aren't half as attracti(e as you are# get a++roached all the time and you're left wondering# what do they ha(e that % don't) Do you want to know what it is that they ha(e) They are more a++roacha$le! 2ow you're +ro$a$ly wondering how are they more a++roacha$le) These ladies will make eye contact# smile# say a nice# 3hello4# and e(en start a con(ersation with a guy they find attracti(e! They aren't $eing too aggressi(e# they are &ust 3o+ening the door and showing him that it's ok to a++roach her!

#*: Wh$ wearin" $our work clothes out on a +ate is a (i" mistake
>ou ha(e a first date +lanned with a new guy# right after work! >ou know you won't ha(e time to go home and change for your date# so you wear your +rofessional work clothes out on a date! ?uge mistake.

A 8ames# <eorgia * 0, /# 3"omen "ho "ear =ed More 5ttracti(e to Men# Finds Study4# ?uffington 9ost

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>ou only ha(e one chance to make first im+ression# and the fact of the matter is# while your work clothes are a++ro+riate for the office# no man will think you look se7y in a suit or +ants and a cardigan! % know sometimes# you &ust don't ha(e time to go home and change $efore a date# $ut there's a solution! 8ust $ring a date outfit to the office and change $efore your date! 9ick a +retty colorful outfit you feel $eautiful and feminine in! Trust me# you will feel confident and great out on the date# and he will a++reciate not seeing you in your $oring# conser(ati(e work clothes!

#,: -our power'ul& success'ul career isn.t that important to him

>ou'(e worked hard to get where you are today in your career and you're +roud of what you achie(ed! 5nd there is no dou$t# you should $e darn +roud. But-!now# don't kill the messenger# $ut most men don't really care if you ha(e a high +owered &o$! 2ow $efore you try to argue this +oint with me# hear me out! Most women will say they're looking for a man who has a successful career and can su++ort them financially# $ecause they don't want to su++ort a man! ?owe(er when it comes to men# they (ery rarely say they are looking for a woman who has a successful career and can su++ort them financially! Don't take what % &ust said in the wrong way! "hen you're in a relationshi+# they do care a$out what ha++ens in your career and if you'(e had a $ad day# $ut in the $igger +icture they don't care a$out what ty+e of &o$ you ha(e! 5s long as you're $eing true to yourself and you lo(e what you do! 5ll they want to see is that you're ha++y at whate(er you're doing! %t goes $ack to that old age idea of men are +ro(iders# so they want to +ro(ide for you financially and if you can hel+ contri$ute to the $ottom line that's great# $ut it's clearly not a deal $reaker for them!

#/: 0e1n" him (e the man!

>ou're a modern woman# you know what you want and you go after it! >ou're strong and inde+endent who can &ust do anything and e(erything! %f you're the ty+e of woman who will try to +lan the date when you first start dating# try to +ay your half for the date# o+en your own door# and hail your own ca$-all a man en(isions is# then what does she need me for) >es# % know what you're thinking# we're not our +arent's generation# this is a different era!

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But you're wrong# no matter what the time +eriod is# the one thing that ne(er changes is the fact that men like to take care of a woman when they're out on a date! ?e likes to do things for you# like a gentleman should! %f you don't let him do those things# you're not letting him $e the man in a relationshi+ that he knows how to $e! 2ow# of course there are those men that would $e more than ha++y if you to do all those things# so they don't ha(e to-!$ut think a$out it for a second# are those the men that you want to $e dating for the long term-!let alone marry)

#2: 3hallen"in" him an+ alwa$s ha in" to (e ri"ht

Before you get all u+ and arms a$out this# % am not saying you shouldn't ha(e an o+inion or state when he's wrong a$out something! But# what % am saying is# don't $e that woman who always has to $e right a$out e(erything and anything! The woman who has to 3one u+4 or challenge e(eryone on e(erything they ha(e to say-!as it's a $ig turn off to a man your dating! 8ust think a$out it for a second# most +eo+le ha(e &o$s where they ha(e to go u+ against a coB worker or $oss who naturally wants to challenge them all the time! %t's something they ha(e to +ut u+ with if they want to kee+ their &o$ and +aycheck! ?owe(er# when it comes to their +ersonal life they ha(e a choice who they s+end time with! 9eo+le want to naturally $e around someone who makes them feel good and ha++y! 2o one wants to $e around someone who constantly has to $e right all the time and challenge them all the time! So sa(e the de$ate tactics for your &o$.

#4: Show him $our apprecia%on

Showing him your a++reciation# is something that is so sim+le# yet it is often o(erlooked! %'m not &ust talking a$out showing a++reciation on the first date# $ut e(en when you get into a long term relationshi+! Don't &ust e7+ect him to do things for you $ecause he's the man! :7+ecting him to +ick a great restaurant@ e7+ecting him to +ay@ e7+ecting him to make sure you get home safely@ e7+ecting him to +lan the ne7t $ig date@ and so on! "hen a man does these things for you# you should truly show him your a++reciation for his thoughts and efforts! %f he treats you well# sur+rises you and goes out of his way to make you ha++y# then you should go out of your way and show him how much you a++reciate it! %f you show him your a++reciation# he's more likely to do more things for you! %f you take e(erything he does for granted# % guarantee he will disa++ear and find a woman who a++reciates him!

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#10: Sleepin" with him too soon!

The $iggest mistake women make with a man when they first start dating him# is slee+ing with him too soon! "omen tend to think that since e(erything seems to $e going great on all le(els that if they slee+ with him# they can seal the deal! They think that he will think the se7 is so great# that he won't want to $e with anyone else! "ell# you're wrong! %f you slee+ with a guy $efore he's emotionally and intellectually connected to you# it's &ust se7 to him! "omen# unfortunately ha(e a harder time emotionally disconnecting themsel(es from ha(ing se7 with a guy! "omen tend to feel that if they ha(e se7 with a guy# that it will $ring them closer together emotionally! >ou couldn't $e more wrong! Dnce you ha(e se7 with a guy that's it# you can ne(er take it $ack! So# &ust $e sure when you finally do ha(e se7 with him# that you're sure that you're $oth on the same +age when it comes to your relationshi+ status! ;adies# % guarantee knowing these ,0 secrets a$out men and what attracts him & what turns him off# will hel+ +ut you on the right +ath to finding & kee+ing the man of your dreams! Trust me!!!my clients tell me all the time# that making these small changes in their dating li(es# has made a huge difference in how men are attracted to them and how they react to them! %f you like these great dating ti+s & ad(ice a$out what attracts a man & what turns a man off# then you will lo(e the Single in Stilettos (ideo series a(aila$le online from all the To+ Dating & =elationshi+ :7+erts:

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; How &o you get a guy to try something new in the )e&room?

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