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Why Giving Your Love Is More Powerful Than Fixing What You Dont Like

Source: By Drew Doggett

.r if it! not a fart( u!t in!ert anything your partner doe! that annoy! you. -nd thin+ about it% i! he or !he ever going to really !top that? But now let me a!+ you thi!% what are you thin+ing? Do you believe that one day youll be perfect? /hat youll !top growing? /hat once you attain the highe!t level of !+ill!( you wont need any more? Do you believe that youll ever really completely learn a language? 0u!t loo+ around you. *hen " ta+e a loo+ around( " !ee motion. " !ee dynami!m. Everything! blooming( growing !triving( thriving. *eve all heard that our bodie! cell! are completely replaced 1 gradually 1 every !even year!. *e +now that a !eed e&pand!( !plit!( brea+! and that new life e&pand! and grow! out of it. *e !ee new fruit! on tree! every year. *e !ee many of tho!e !ame tree! taller and bigger than they u!ed to be. *e !ee the 2edwood! in 'alifornia( hundred! of year! old( still growing. *atching any nature program 1 " u!t watched 3adaga!car the other day 1 we !ee life u!t +eep! going% birth( death( rebirth( re-death( rebirth( redeath% http!://

Ever wonder if youre finally going to get there? Ever wanted your partner to u!t stop doing that thing that annoy! you? "t! not gonna happen. #oure never going to arrive and your partner i! never going to change. $ere! why you and all you do will never be complete% and what you can do about right now. "t! becau!e the earth wa! not created and !i& day! and then all wa! done. 'reation ha!nt !topped and never will. 'reation i! NOW. "t! not over( it! not done. "t! happening% and it! the happeninge!t thing ever.

)*hat are you thin+ing?, your partner a!+!. -nd u!t a! youre about to an!wer( your !ignificant other let! out a fart. "t! not !ilent. "t! audible. $e/!he did it on purpo!e. -nd now whatever you were thin+ing i! lo!t in ga!.

-nd your and my human body i! u!t the !ame. *e felt growing pain! throughout the fir!t twenty year! of our live!. /he pain of teeth coming in. /he pain of !hin! growing. ;ain who!e origin you dont +now. -nd after our bodie! are all adult loo+ing( we have the added challenge of dealing with the mental pain and heart pain of p!ychological and !piritual growth. - lot of u!( after adulthood( +eep growing. - lot of u! dont. Some of u! !top for a while and then pic+ it bac+ up( maybe out of nece!!ity( maybe out of !ome divine timing we +now little or nothing about. /hat! what " did. " !topped growing when " wa! about eighteen. " wa! lo!t. 'onfu!ed. " wandered. /hen " !an+ deep into de!pair and depre!!ion when " wa! twentyone. -nd thi! la!ted for two< year!. 6elt li+e the oppo!ite of growing. 6elt li+e dying =which i! al!o re!pon!ible for growth>. /urn! out that that de!pair( that depre!!ion( that ten!ion in my head and numbne!! of heart( wa! the deep( dan+ !oil of my rebirth a! a !eedling. " came out of it. " +ept ?uitting !ub!tance abu!e =alcohol and tobacco> again and again until " finally really did. " read nonfiction boo+!. " gleaned +nowledge and wi!dom from every !ource " could. " too+ time to be thoughtful and reflective. " began pur!uing thing! " wa! intere!ted in. " planned for the future. -nd mo!t importantly( " +ept the mind!et that it happen! a bit at a time% li+e the pace of @ature. "t doe!nt have to happen overnight( and it wont. /hat mind!et allowed me to ta+e plea!ure in the ourney and to ma+e daily activitie! manageable( rather than daunting. ;lu!( when you pur!ue the thing! you en oy 1 even to !ee if youd really en oy them in the long run 1 youre doing your!elf a favor. #oure e&cavating your !oul. Aearning more about your!elf. #oure leaning into your

fear!( te!ting your!elf( e&panding your boundarie! day by increa!ingly beautiful day. -nd that! where clarity of purpo!e come! in to play. 'larity of purpo!e a! a nece!!ity and a! a tool to ma&imiBe your growth. So, how do we gain clarity of purpose if we lack it? By giving your gift. 2ight @ow. /oday. *hat you were born with( what you have to give( give itC *hat only you can !ay( and how only you can !ay it =even if it !ound! !imilar to other thing! youve read/heard>( give it. 7ive your gift to the world. 7ive it to your!elf. ;articipate in creation. Dont wait for money to be right( or circum!tance!( or !ecurity( or ea!e to be right. 7ive your gift now. Doing thi! increases your clarity of purpo!e. *ere all going to have unfore!een challenge! in our live!. Do your be!t at all time! to have humor amid!t the drama. 6or in!tance =and thi! i! relatively !mall compared to what !ome of u! have been through>( " wa! recently !eeing a woman who( when !he came over to my place to meet me !o that we could go together to her!( !howed up drun+. $mmm% " thought. " wa!nt terribly impre!!ed with thi! behavior. She wa! on loud mode. -nd repeat mode. Everything !he !aid had to be repeated =from her drun+ per!pective>. Everything. /hen !he !tarted a!+ing me if " wa! .D% )#ou .D?, )#ep., )#ou .D?, Silence. )#ou .D?, )$ow many time! would you li+e me to !ay ye!?, "t +ept going on%

" wa! initially thrown by the fact that !he !howed up drun+. /o me( that wa! +inda uncool. *hy would you do that? " thought. /he thing! we learn about people. She graciou!ly( though perhap! pouting a bit( offered me a way out. She !aid " didnt have to come over. " could u!t go home. *e didnt have to do thi!. But " had already told her earlier that day that ye!( let! hang out. Aet! watch a movie. So " !tuc+ with her and with my word. But " needed to ma+e the be!t of it !o " wouldnt be mi!erable at thi! une&pected 1 and annoying 1 turn of event!. *e got to her hou!e and " popped open a beer and played D0 with her mu!ic. She !tayed on repeat. -ll night. 'ried !ome a! !he reflected on her own per!onal fru!tration! in her life. But " !tayed po!itive and fun a! " played. " !tayed in the moment. " created my moment!. " made the be!t of thi! !ituation. " heard about ;in+ about E: time! that night. /he )-re you .D, ?ue!tion! !ub!ided for the mo!t part. " dran+ !ome beer =nothing compared to the !hot! !hed been ta+ing>( +ept my humor( did an activity that entertained u! both( and later we watched a comedy. " thin+ it wa! Shaun of the Dead. http!:// $I+

*ell all probably have an initial !hoc+ when !omething or !omeone dramatic happen! to u!. But +eep your humor and engage in the moment. 7ive your gift. 3agnify your love. Dont re!i!t the thing! you dont li+e. Breathe through them. Dont try to fi& !omebody( e!pecially your partner. Its the love that! tran!formative( not re!i!tance or fi&ing the !ituation. 7iving your gift( magnifying your love( !taying humorou!( all help center you in your clarity of purpo!e. "t! the circle of life. /he good !tuff i! not )one day., /he good !tuff i! @.*. Every moment i! a moment of creation. /he earth i! !till being created. /he univer!e e&pand!. /hing! are birthing and dying all over the planet( u!t a! @ature intend!. -! human!( we have a tendency to loc+ our!elve! off from the natural proce!! of continuing growth after our bodie! have grown. Becau!e growth hurt!. 7rowth i! pain. "t! not ea!y. E!pecially when it! con!ciou!( when it happen! by intention. "t! ea!ier to !it in front of the /J or the video game! becau!e we arent 1 a! our brain !ee! it 1 putting our!elve! in life-threatening !ituation! =pain>. .ur brain tell! u! to avoid !ituation! that cau!e growth and pain becau!e pain i! a !ignal that were in danger. ;ain 1 to our human brain! =$y8aK2> 1 e?uate! to danger. So doing !tuff li+e watching /J or reading a fanta!y boo+ i! your brain! way of !taying out of danger( of not growing( and !o of not being in pain. ;ain i! a part of life. $umor ea!e! it. -ccepting that pain i! part of thi! e&perience in your body 1 and alway! will be 1 ea!e! it. Aove ea!e! pain. -nd giving your gift ea!e! it. .r at lea!t the!e thing! help u! tolerate pain and growth

enough to bear through it. -nd in ea!ing the pain( it al!o help! you grow. *owC "t! !o circular " dont even +now where to !tartC /hat! the challenge of life% to play with the pre!ent moment. /o wre!tle with it( pillow fight with it( tu!!le with the pre!ent moment. -ll while giving your uni?uene!!( the gift=!> you were born with. 3a+e love to the pre!ent moment. With the pre!ent moment. So !tarting today( !tart doing the thing you were born to do for one hour each day. Dont waitC Creation is now. E&pand your love( e&pand your clarity of purpo!e( e&pand your humor and your ability to tu!!le with the pre!ent moment. The law of nature is, Do the thing and you shall have the power: but they who do not the thing have not the power. ~ alph Waldo !"erson 6orm the habit of con!i!tent growth. Be li+e nature( one !tep at a time( con!i!tently( never ending. 0u!t one hour a day of giving and living your gift( of doing the thing you love =or thin+ you love>. "tll change you. 7radually. " li+e to thin+ of it a! e&cavating my !oul. #oull only become more pre!ent and capable. 3ore bright and warm in love. Bigger. @eater. Se&ier. .ne with the univer!e. Aet me +now what you thin+ below% Aove ya( Drew Doggett P.S. *ant to learn how to go with #.F2 flow and ma+e a living through blogging? " wor+ with you( not u!t give you a bunch of information and e&pect you to

See how " do it here =!?ueeBe/?give-love-pdf>. /hi! i! the complete formula. -nd !ee what itL! li+e and how to partner with me here =>.

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