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How To Find Target Market Keywords and How To Write for Buyers

Source: By Drew Doggett

Finding Your Specific Target Audience and Writing For Them … So that every post you write is guaranteed to make you money. Below is a H !" list o# ideas to get you started.

But #irst $%ll e&plain in detail how to do this. $%ll also show you how to get low competition and no competition keywords that you can rank #or '"())* easily… within hours or days. +ith "mpower ,etwork- we%re selling high ticket items- so you%ll use these ideas to narrow down your target audience .don%t use them all/- and- no matter how small your audience is- it%s guaranteed to be lucrative. 0# course- this works #or any and every business and niche. Since you%re taking the time to target- we know that we%ll make really good money as long as we%re providing value and educating .not 1ust saying 23oin 4e because $%m great.5/ 'ather- 23oin 4e because you should be rolling with people who 6,0+ how to rank topside in !oogle and can teach you and support you.5

spend the most money9 • How likely are they to buy9 • How much are they going to spend9 • How 7uickly are they going to buy9 • How much competition is there #or that speci#ic group o# people9 • How much money do they have9 (lso consider: • How willing they are to take risk.huh9 8hese are real search 7ueries being typed by real we need to target buyers… people who are actively searching in !oogle #or what they need… which happens to be what we provide. $ show you how to do that in this short.+e want to make<. • :olume o# those people searching these words per month. Did you like the two alternatives $ gave you in there9 • ubersuggest. • .org or • 6eyword 'esearcher so#tware by . 8hen go to the !oogle search bar and toy around with each phrase.ompetition levels.sBk+=>uw?@ Aretty cool.easy to #ollow video: in at the highest level. +hen targeting buyers.lever!iBmos .com/keyword-researcher// .here are the 7uestions to consider: • How likely are they to pull out there credit card and buy 80D(*9 • How likely are they to buy ()) o# the products. +hat you want to do is read through this list o# keyword phrases and copy and paste into a notepad the ones that resonate best with you and what you want to write about.https://clevergiBmos.heck out the list below.typing each variation into the search bar. .

doesn%t it9 (nd there are so many variations #or each phrase… di##erent ways o# asking the same thing./ how to make more money earning more money highest paid income #or salary #ind yoursel# #inding yoursel# what do $ do with my li#e #rustrated unemployed sel# help personal development sel# improve sel# improvement invest in your education .nurse income. Huge List of Phrases to Help You Best Reach Your Target Audience: make more money doi entrepreneur make more money get more money at work make more money at work make more money a#ter work make more money doing what you love make more money doing nothing make more money doing less get paid to make money to do nothing make money do what makes you happy do what makes you come alive do what you love do what u want do what thou wilt entrepreneurial income income entrepreneur income entrepreneurship entrepreneur making a di##erence income .$%ll describe how to write and #ormat your blog posts. Below the #ollowing list.*0 can answer these 7uestions and get in #ront o# these people.e..etc.make more income as. But how do you use all the in#ormation you 1ust gleaned #rom !oogle to write a blog post that is readable and valuable9 $t seems like a lot o# in#ormation. $t%s super simple and you 1ust need to talk worker income.librarian income.

sel# education compassion conscious capitalism compassionate selling no-selling philanthropreneur social entrepreneur social impact entrepreneur leadership leader team building online entrepreneur internet entrepreneur success strategies program your brain success principle success philosophy train your brain to succeed brain training #or success success training ma&imiBe human potential change the world do what you love do what you want with you li#e use your mind use your brain make money smart smart way to make money smart people entrepreneurship #or beginners make money doing what you%re passionate about don%t know what to do #or money #ollow your passion smart intelligent intelligence ! " #$R %%% program your brain #or wealth use my mind to how to use my mind to get what i want how to use my mind to the #ullest how to use my mind power use your mind to change your brain attract wealth program using your mind to attract money how to use your mind to attract wealth use your brain to get rich use your mind to bring money .right/ .

use your brain to make money use your mind to make money invest in you investing in yoursel# invest in yoursel# invest in mysel# invest in sel# invest in home business invest in home business ideas invest in home businesses online do nothing make money do what makes you happy do what makes you come alive do what you love ma&imiBe your potential ma&imiBe my potential ma&imiBe your pro#it ma&imiBe your pro#it online ma&imiBe your pro#it power how to ma&imiBe your pro#it without #ear and risk #rom home blogging ma&imiBe income increase your income boost your income #rom home blogging with blog without working more ma&imiBe your money disposable income increase your income #rom home work less live more work less make more make more money work less earn more earn more money en1oy li#e work smarter not harder work smart not hard and hard work smart get rich work smart and get paid rather than hard big ticket play big big players big movers .

+hat do you know about9 8hat is where the real ease and money will come in… when you write about what you know.or college student..or a valet. (ll you really need is a couple #rom that list.i# you%re a transcriptionist or a secretary.etc.etc.or a construction worker. Cor easy way to come up with some great keywords that your target audience can relate to is to type into the !oogle search bar: make more money as a DDDDDDDD . .secretary. But also consider what *0 do #or a living or what you now about./.or a nurse.sel# mastery money brain brain money attract big wealth attract big money attract more money into your li#e blueprint now positive thinking money positive thinking money attraction get rich doing what you love amass wealth network marketing mlm multi level marketing smart money lead generation compassion based selling sell with love sell with empathy greatest salesman internal power #orce o# nature mani#est alternatives to college wealth building passive income residual income make a living educational opportunities ma&imiBe your income in retirement increase retirement income retirement income Prett& cra'& list( huh) $ hope you got some ideas.

$# suggestions are showing up in the search bar dropdown. 3ust write like you%re talking to a #riend over a beer. 8hat would be ridiculous and .8t* Aut one or two e&act match phrases in your title and in your ').com/watch9v<n07k$-7.!oogle $nstant%s dropdown will show it. *ou don%t have to type in 2make more money5 phrases.think o# health bene#its #or similar things. How to Write Blog Posts for Your Target Audience $t%s simple.7ueries about your $%ve taught you how to do in other places.s/.or you/ would try to #igure out how to make more money as a DDDDDDD.then more power to you. 4ake your blog post complete and nice and long. nless you can make it short. 8he point is to #ind phrases that #ew or no people are targeting but that your target audience is in7uiring about. $# you%re selling 1uice and the 1uice is supposed to make you more healthy.#re7uently asked 7uestions.8hink o# every variation you can. 8arget *0 ' industry. *ou can type in phrases that relate to 7ueries about your product. )et%s look at how to use these key money phrases to write #or your audience in a video: https://www.etwork and you want to identi#y your target market #or your business or company. 8hen put the phrase you want to rank #or #irst in the body o# your article and bold it. $# you%re not marketing "mpower .you don%t have to write every phrase throughout the about your industry. Be thorough and answer all 7uestions relating to those phrases. Be thorough. (s the video points out.#olks are going to click away #rom your site.that means there%s an audienceE 8hink o# as many ways as you can o# how someone . $# you%re not thorough. $# the peeps you want to serve are in7uiring about something.

Don%t #orget thatE :-/ 0ur goal is ()+(*S customer/visitor satis#action.personally9 +ant to increase the power o# your brain #or making money9 $# you answered 2Bomb Diggity5 .not search engine satis#action.are you ready to earn high ticket income9 +ant me to help you.or even 2*eahE5/ to any o# those.uee'e*)target/mar. . So instead o# writing *ou can rank #or multiple longtail phrases i# you pepper parts o# your keywords throughout the article.e&/pdf0 $denti#ying target audiences like a pro1rew 1oggett .yikes.our visitors. through here to learn how to get high on +logging and mone&% -http:**&our+rainon&ou%com*s.but that%s not what $ mean/.ow that you know the best way to #ind your target market on the internet. Be sure and leave any 7uestions or comments you have. $ hope this all made sense. Search engines are slowly becoming more human . +hen we write #or humans.we always want to write #or humans.we please search engines.not search +ould you talk to your #riend that way9 'epeating similar phrases over and over9 . 'emember.our target the Big Brain and let me help you: http:**&our+rainon&ou%com*partner* $r( clic.would look aw#ul.