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The origin of the manufacturing kingdom


Course for Experiencing Nagoya Manufacturing
6 Shoes Design And Craft School ●
A school offering a wide range of courses in shoemaking, from hobby to craftsman level.
Trial Course: Reservations Required (from 1 person)   F Free   T Approx. 90 minutes T 052-581-2728   O 9:00-21:00   C  Year End and New Year’s Holidays

A large number of industrial facilities and family-run factories are concentrated in Nagoya’s Nishi Ward. Here, visitors can experience the rich culture and reliable technology that support industry in the Chubu region. Let’s visit the origin of the Manufacturing Kingdom Nagoya.
Nearest Bus Stop: Me-guru Bus Stop

TOPICS The unique chic elegance of Nagoya Yuzen is appealing.
 In comparison to detailed Kaga Yuzen and colorful Kyo Yuzen, Nagoya Yuzen is unique for the austerity of a single rich color.
Try it here! ◆Nagoya Yuzen: Horibe Studio/1-28 Mandai-cho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya T 052-531-9875   O 10:00-17:00   C Sundays, Holidays  

“Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology” Nearest Station: meitetsu “Sako” Station

1 Toyota Commemorative Museum ●

 of Industry and Technology

3 Bean’s Confectionary(Mamefuku Main Store) ●

Start 1 Toyota Commemorative Museum of   O 9:30-17:00 (no entrance after 16:30) ● C Mondays (the following day if Monday is a holiday),    Industory and Technology  Year End and New Year’s holidays
          (10-min. walk)  ➡3-min.

Established by the Toyota Group. Introduces changes in industry and technology through moving exhibitions and actual demonstrations of real machines.

A famous bean confectionary of Nagoya, this store offers 50 types of bean sweets.
Factory Tour ※ Reservations required (groups of 10 or more) F Free   T Approx. 30 minutes    (Day/Time) Please contact Mamefuku  ※ The factory may not operate on Saturdays  and Sundays. Please inquire in advance.   T 052-571-4057(9:00-18:00)   C Open 7 days  a week (closed on New Year’s day only)

4 Candy & Toy Wholesale ●

 Stores Street

5 Nagoya Japanese Fan (Suehirodou) ●

Me-guru Bus Stop “Toyota Commemorative   F Adults: 500 yen; High school & junior high  school students: 300 yen; Elementary Museum of Industry and Technology”

Nagoya is famous throughout Japan for its candy. Meido-cho is the center for selling candy. The neighborhood is filled with candy wholesalers where purchases can be made at discount prices, and it is common to purchase candy by the caseload.

This time-honored store deals in famous Nagoya folding fans, including ceremonial fans used at events such as weddings.
Workshop for making folding fans: Reservations required (groups of 1 to 15) F from 750 yen   T Approx. 2 hours   O Weekdays: 9:00-17:00; T 052-562-2267      (Saturdays & Sundays: 10:00-16:00) C Sundays & Holidays  

 students: 200 yen; free for ages 65 and over

8 Japanese Kite (Takomo Main Shop) 7 ●

Experience Arimatsu Shibori Tie-Dyeing!
 Arimatsu Shibori Tie-Dyeing is a traditional Nagoya craft which involves dyeing cotton fabric to a deep indigo blue.
Try it here! ◆Arimatsu Narumi Tie-Dyeing Museum:  /3008 Arimatsu, Midori-ku, Nagoya T 052-621-0111     O 9:30-17:00 (demonstrations until 16:30)   C Wednesdays (closed the following day  if Wednesday is a holiday) F Exhibiting Room: Adult 300 yen,    Elementary/Junior High/  High School Students 100yen
※ Arimatsu Narumi Tie-Dyeing Museum is also introduced in Chapter 9.

2 Noritake Garden ●

Me-guru Bus Stop “Noritake Garden”

      ➡8-min. walk

Since the late Edo Period, this venerable kit store has performed manufacturing and wholesales of handmade Japanese kits.
Workshop: Reservations Required       (groups of 1 to 5) F from 500 yen    (cost differs according to selected material and size) T Approx. 3 hours   T 052-522-5261   O 9:00-17:30   C Sundays,    Holidays

3 Bean’s Confectionary ●

 (Mamefuku Main Shop)
      ➡1-min. walk

4 Candy & ●

 Toy Wholesale Stores Street
      ➡7-min. walk


This facility related to porcelain was established by reusing the headquarters 5 Nagoya Japanese Fan(Suehirodo) factory location of Noritake, a manufacturer of Western-style tableware.       ➡10-min. walk O 10:00-17:00 (Gallery and Gift Shop open until  

2 Noritake Garden ●


Kamisara East1

Enoki Elementary School North Gas Station Meisei1

Enoki Hakusan Shrine

Japanese Kite
Enoki Elementary School Kikunoo

Hananoki2 Convenience Store GOAL Convenience Store

Aichi Saiseikai Hospital Tsushima Shrine

18:00) 6 Shoes Design And Craft School   ● C Mondays (the following weekday if Monday is a    holiday). Year End and New Year’s holidays       ➡12-min. walk

Sako Station
Convenience Store Sako Station-Mae

Oshikiri North Oshikiri

Nagoya Black Kimonos with Crests

 Tie-Dyeing Studio: Murai/1-193-2 Rokuden, Midori-ku, Nagoya T 052-621-0177   C Open year-round O 10:00-17:00    
◆Shibori Dyeing Kuno Dyeing Studio Ltd./1-609 Sakaimatsu, Midori-ku, Nagoya T 052-621-1041   C irregular O 9:00-18:00    

7 Japanese Kite ●

F Craft Center/Museum: Adults: 500 yen;  

 (Takomo Main Shop)   (Yamakatsu Senko)     
● ● ●

 High school students: 300 yen;  junior high students and younger

free for

Shoes Design And Craft School

Dental Clinic

Goal        ➡11-min. walk
8 Nagoya Black Kimonos with Crests ●


Soba Restaurant Chinese Restaurant Kikuno Kannon Temple

Nagoya Japanese Fan
Sengen-cho Station

Nagoya Egawa Post

8 Nagoya Black Kimonos with Crests ●

6-min. walk

1 Industry and Technology
Me-guru Bus Stop

Toyota Commemorative Museum of

 (Yamakatsu Senko)
Jyosai1 South

A noble beauty resembling the treasure of Buddhist scriptures
 Cloissone is an artistic craft in which patterns of silver thread are set on a base of silver or copper. The surface of the object is then decorated with a coat of glass or enamel.
Try it here! ◆Interior Cloisonné Art/1-44-1 Inou-cho,  Nishi-ku, Nagoya   T 052-522-7059   O 9:00-18:00   C Irregular ◆Ando Cloisonne Co., Ltd./3-27-17 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya T 052-251-1371   O 10:00-18:30 (until 18:00 on Saturdays,Sunday and Holidays )   C Open year round (temporarily closed during Year End and New Year’s holidays)  

Nearest Station: Subway Tsurumai Line “Sengen-cho” Station, Exit 1
● ● ●

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Keimei Gakkan High School Nishiyabushita Kikui 2

This shop produces traditional Nagoya black kimonos with crests. The shop also cares for kimonos by removing stains, etc.
Workshop: Reservations Required (groups of 3 to 10) T Approx. 2 hours F 500yen – 3000yen     T 052-523-1601   O 9:00-17:00   C Sundays,    Holidays



Nagoya Station Me-guru Bus Stop
Shinkansen Conventional railway Nagoya Station Me-guru

Noritake Shinmachi 4
ka ido



〈 Total travel time: approx. 52 min. (including Me-guru 3 min.) 〉 〈 Total travel distance: approx. 4.7 km (including Me-guru 1 km) 〉
※Total travel distance provided is just for reference.








Bus Stop 8
Sakura-dori entrance Sakuradori

Noritake Garden 2
Me-guru Bus Stop



Sh ink an n se

eit et su g Na

Central concourse Shinkansen Exit JR Central ticket gate

Noritake Garden

Bean’s Confectionary
Gifu Credit Bank Aichi Kagyou Hall Wanouchi-cho

Candy & Toy Wholesale Stores Street


oy a e ine oL Lin aid Tok JR

Noritake Shinmachi

Meitetsu Nagoya station



※ Please contact each facility regarding fees and information for workshops.



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