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Early investors in the undiscovered oil company named inside could turn $5,OOO into $251000 over the next t2 rnonths, despite this volatile market! In fact, this company is so undenralue4 you could still double your money even if oil prices stabilize! Thafs because ifs priced like a fly-by-night exploration company-yet ifs sitting on 1'3,7 million barrels of oil valued at $t.4billion and is alreadv producing oil. But you need to get in now-before Wall Street recognizes its true value...
Israel's secret plan for attacking Iran. Highly placed intelligence sources say an attack may be imminent-and it could send oil prices skyrocketing...see page 5

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Windfall profits from the surprising Kansas oil boom.It's already
spinning off massive profits for oil companies, land owners and investors-here's how to get in on the action...see page 7


When sabers rattle, oil prices soar. That could mean triple-digit profits for
investors in undervalued energy cornpanies-even in a down market...see page

a 49% decline in just 14 months.. Horizon Pharmaceuticals (HZNP). up152"/o in 2 months. one week from the bottom. He has accurately predicted the direction of the market on many occasions. Valero Energy (VLO). And he told them to get back in and "BUY" on March 16. lnvestors who would have followed that advice could have saved millions.2009.300-point fieefall. I Repros Therapeutics (RPRX). malket on January 7. Cotton's most recent discovery is an under-theradar oil and gas exploration and production company that is poised to deliver explosive potential profits to early investors. Cotton was one of the few analysts to steer investors to safety before the market crash of 2008-by advising them to get out before it happened. up 625'/" in 4 months... editor of f I I I Col*on'sTechnically Speaking..... I Osiris Therapeutics (OSIR). the company has enough going for it that early investors could still double their money as the company cashes in on the Kansas Oil Boom... 2008-one week before the Dow began its 6. double-and triple-digit winners in2012 joe Cotton is also a consistent source of profitpacked stock recommendations.. But even if things settle down in the Middle East.. up 47'/" in 5 months. up 122"h in 4 months. up 35% in 3 months. You'll get all the details about this exciting junior oil company in a FREE report called Make STimesYour Money utithThis Oil anil Gas Superstar (a $20 value). Joe Cotton told investors to get out of the Rapid-fire. up 150% in 2 months..enabling investors to make huge gains while other investors were selling their stocks at rock-bottom. With geopolitical instability increasing steadily in the Middle East. Here are just a few examples from the ftrst7 months of 2012: I CVR Energy (CVI). is one of the most experienced-and successful-technical analysts in the nation. TTtffi ftilr ilIoncf Please turn nfi& Ihls to page 15 for 1flilllift& the details.. all r{ours A s20 value FREE! .. That alone could send this company's stock quintupling within the next 12 months. up 27"/" in 2 months. bargain prices.. Marathon Petroleum (MPC). 2 Proprietary indicators help Cotton predict the market with precision How does he do it? Cotton has developed his own proprietary system of indicators that enables him to predict the direction of the market with a high degree of accuracy and to pick winning stocks.. He has appeared as a guest on CNNFN and has had his stock picks featured in the Dick Daois lnaestment Digest and other publications.Meet loe Cotton: The man who has consistently "nailed" each significant market top-and market bottom-for the past L0 years Joe Cotton. Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA). a $30-perbarrel spike in oil prices is likely.

30 Debt: NVII|R has virtually no debt While paying twice as much at the pump will be a huge blow to your monthly budget.S. but he knows that speculative investments are risky in nature.58 (as of L2/06/2012) Low Projection: $ could still DOUBLE your money.-based junior oil and gas company that's already producing oil-and is perfectly positioned to cash in on the surprising oil boom taking place could QUINTUPLE your money over the next 12 months-and turn $5.. and that he could lose the total amount of his investment.. (NWTR)-could be poised to profit from soaring oil haven't seen anything yet. NVlfl-R If oil prices soar.. And it's all thanks to an undervalued oil companywith wells already in production-that could hand you 100% to 400"/o profits over the next 12 months! Dear Concerned Investor.. I i You could double your money even if oil prices fall This unique company-New Western Energy Corp. Brace yourself. you could potentially QUINTUPLE your money over the next 12 months with a little-known. Stock Name: New Western Energy Corp. Stock Symbol: OTCBB: Gurrent Price: $0.... Thanks to increased volatility in the Middle East-including the growing potential for war between Iran and Israel-that $3.000- If you think gas prices have been high-well above $3.000 into $25. You see.75 per gallon at times-over the past few years."Windfall profits possible whether oil prices stabilize or soat!" even in this volatile market But even if oil prices stabilize. he recommends utilizing a wel l-d iversif ied a nd ca refu ly resea rched portfol o. To minimize your risk.75-a-gallon gas could soon jr-p to more than $9 a gallon. that means he would buy it himself and believes it will g0 a lot higher. so could the value of the oil the company is (Continued on page 4) . When Joe Cotton designates a speculative stock as a Strong Buy. But here's the thing.Kansas. one simple-yet wise-investment could more than make up for it... U. That's because every time oil prices rise.

5 months 2 months 150%o in For more on how you can get results like these. He also has posted double. However. even if things somehow cool off in the Middle East-or if.the market "gutu" with a proven history of delivering double. (AMRN) Repros Therapeutics (RPRX) Past performance is no guarantee of future results.. including.5 now for all the details.and triple-digit winners Joe Cotton correctly called the Top of the BULL Market in january of 2008 and the Bottom of J the BEAR Market in March of 2009.4bi11ion and is already producing oil in Oklahoma and Texas.. Expedia.(Continued from page 3) already producing and the 13. I'll tell you And with each new threat. it Get in on this still-unknown company now and you could turn a modest $5. Turn to page 1. In this Special Investment Alert... lnc (EXPE) 102%o in'14 months 2 months Threshold Pharmaceuticals (THLD) Oncothyreon (ONTY) Osiris Therapeutics (OSIR) Horizon Pharmaceuticals (HZNP) CytRx Corp.. Ioe Cotton.even a threat from Iran to block the Strait of Hormuz." we've seen governments toppled.. oil prices begin to stabilize-this company's stock could still double simply because the reported amount of oil it owns hasn't yet been factored into the share price.000 or more if and when Middle East tensions boil over into full-fledged conflict..7 million barrels owns in the ground. I'll also spell out for you why I believe it's a virtual certainty-thanks to our volatile "friends" in the Middle East-that oil prices will climb much higher over the next 2 years....oil prices have climbed higher and higher... it's sitting on137 million barrels of oil valued atfil....and triple-digit winners time and time again.000 investment into $25. This could dramatically increase the value of every drop of oil New Western Energy (NWTR) discovers and produces.. The next spike in oil prices could help you quintuple your money in just a few months' time Beginning with the " Arab Spring. claim your FREE copy of foe Cotton's 5 Rules for Superior StockThailing (a $39 value). miraculously. In fact. Yours FREE! A S39 lbls . threats of nuclear weapons. Yet. why I think New Western Energy is a perfect candidate for short-term profits-even in the midst of a down market.Israel attacked. (GHL) 445% in 13 months 71%o in 152%o in 2 months 122% in 4 months 117%o in 5 months Netflix (NFLX) Ryland Group (RYL) Human Genome Sciences (HGSI) Renren lnc. (RENN) Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA) 89% in 2 months 68%o in 73%o in 6 months 4 months 4 months 118%o in 625%% in 4 months 74%o in Amarin Corp. as you'll see. the company is priced like it's a debtridden. fly-by-night exploration company.

Lebanon (Hezbollah) and the Palestinians. Chief Executive of Intelligence Research. have publicly expressed their desire to wipe Israel from the map. its own "Shot Heard Round the World. oil prices have ranged from $80 to $107 over the pastyear. Iran may be tempted to declare all-out war on Israel. diplomats and intelligence operatives. According to de Courcy. it's possible for you to "cash (Continued on page 5) . If things play out the way de Courcy foresees." Nobody really knows if or when this will happen-but even just an escalation of tensions or the rumor of war could be enough to send oil prices soaring. including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Israel might even be tempted to use nuclear weapons to turn back the Arab attack. including high-level politicians..How the coming war on Israel could send oil prices soaring espected intelligence I\analyst Joe de Courcychief executive of Londonbased Intelligence Research and editor of Courcy's Int ellig enc e Br ief-has been l) be involved in a five-front warning for months that Iran is planning to attack Israel. Iranian leaders. it could also invite an all-out Arab attack on Israet A five-front war is inevitable Within days. And respected intelligence analyst Joe de Courcy. and how early investors could reap windfall profits-turn to page 15 now to claim your FREE copy of Make 5 Times trle Your Money utith 8tttr$ This Oil aid Gas You tlonel Superstar (a $20 value). And when that happens. Israeli leaders are well aware of what's coming and are planning a preemptive strike to take out Iran's nuclear capabilities.. And while it's possible a preemptive strike will be successful. it's almost certain that oil prices will soar as a result.. Simply put. Jordan. (NWTR). For rnore about joe de Courcy. the potential for conflict in the Middle East has never been higher. And Iran continues to beat the war drums against This network includes clandestine contacts in the corridors of power in governments all over the world. Syria. Middle East experts fear that as soon as its nuclear arsenal is ready. When sabers rattle. oil prices soar Right now. But that's only part of the equation-you see/ Israel is well aware of lran's intentions. Syria is wracked with guerrilla warfare and regular terrorist attacks. has revealed that his high-level sources in the Middle East are reporting that Israel is planning a preemptive strike on Iran.. but that doesn't change the irrefutable longer-term trend: Soaring demand-and the potential for a Middle East "expl6si6n//-peans that oil prices north of $100 per barrel are likely to return and be the reality we live with for the next several years. Israel could war with Egypt. thanks to New Western Energy Corp. And to learn more about how Middle East turmoil could impact New Western Energy's stock price. Howeveq. . sinnis I gtfiail& Yours FREE! A $2OVahe: Now. The extremist Muslim Brotherhood-led by anti-Israel President Mohamed Morsi-has taken over in Egypt.the next $30-ormore spike in oil prices could come at any time. handing potential windfall profits to investors in select junior oil companies. check out his website at www. De Courcy's conclusions are based on his secret intelligence gathered by his extensive worldwide private intelligence network.

And that's without any significant move in the price of oil. A modest investment of $5. (NWTR) is significantly undervalued The company is currently trading for around cents a share. ) Texas-where it's already producing oil in the heart of some of the richest oil fields ever discovered.. If oil prices were to spike higher-and a ouertffi*""*.. (Continued from page 5) in" each time oil prices move higher.....New Western Energy Corp. Plus.000 in this up-andcoming superstar could turn into $25. Nearly 300 acres of property- L3.. share prices for this company could very r. (NWTR) has active projects in. this company is so impressive. And if things blow up in the Middle East.30 a share.4 billion at today's oil prices-could help push the stock as high as $1..7 million barrels of oil reserves in 3 states New Western Energy could also help you quintuple your money. And the company is adding new properties all the time. because of the reserves New Western Energy Corp. oil boom.000 in a relatively short period. With 13.. East geds And an investment in New Western Energy Corp. But this company's recoverable 58 reserves-valued at nearly $1. (NWTR) could not only help you soften the blow of a spike in oil prices.(Ji-3:'"'?""'1i'9 As you can see. But these oil spikes could seem like the good old days if lran and lsrael go to war.. ) ) Oklahoma-where the company's wells are Kansas-a state in the midst of a surprising already producing could potentially double your money even if oil prices remain flat.7 million barrels of recoverable oil reserves-New Western Energy Corp..:. is one of the most impressive exploration and production companies I've ever seen.r'ell double even without a rise in oil prices.. Middle East tension has sent oil pdces spiking three times over the past year and a half. Ciw'( Governtnent Pisorder Ye^ei s Tensi*^ inMiddte $30-per-barrel spike is a real possibility-the value of the company's reserves will also ju*p considerably. .?:::*""*". you could make 5 times your money over the next L2 months. is sitting on right now. In fact.

. New Western Energy (NWTR) made a blockbuster acquisition when Kansas oil boom: New Western is sitting on estimated reserves ol12 million banels worth $1. The B&W Ranch Lease-a'1. meaning there's a proven history of production. And New Western's Phillips Lease and Glass Lease should be no exception! A proven history of production New Western's interest wells in the Glass leaseholds covers more than 80 acres. It's a formation geologists call one of the most "immensely productive" sands in the United States. is sitting on more than $118 million worth of "Sooner Oil Riches. For more about the New Western Energy opportunity.. production! Millionaires." However.14 billion at today's prices..700acre property-is New Western's largest leasehold to date.the Bartlesville Sand Formation has a proven history of long-lasting profitable 20 wells: the Phillips Lease and the Class Lease.. get your hands on a FREE copy of joe Cotton's new Special Report..New Western Energy Corp. .you're looking at$94... And two of the wells on the Glass Lease were put into production back in June 2009.915 barrels of oil in Oklahoma alone.New Western's Oklahoma Properties: A proven history of production -lawo hundred and fifty feet I b"lo* Earth's surface in northwest Oklahoma lies the Bartlesville Sand Formation.and at $125 per barrel.. And the Glass Lease is already in '_Oil Boom Turning Kansas Farmers Int"o it acquired a90"h working interest in the B&W Ranch Oil and Gas Lease in Chautauqua County.000 worth of oil per acre at today's prices.500 barrels of oil per acre... That's nearly $300. Kansas. Oklahoma is just one part of the equation. In other words. News The company is sitting -ABC on recoverable reserves of 944. the expansive acreage-nearly 300 acres in all-means that a number of additional outstanding drilling opportunities are there on the property. wells-meaning it's a great for an exploration and production company to own place property rights. Positioned to cash in on the Kansas oil booml In March 2012. thanks to an average recovery of roughly 3. Make 5 And get this: Many of the wells that were drilled as far back as 20 years ago are still producing oil. Better yet...2 million worth of oil. And New Western's net working interest in the Phillips Lease covers seven wells plus one saltwater in L4 injection recompletion project. that's nearly $89.and two of the wells on this lease were put into production back in ]une 2009. But if oil prices spike back up to $100 per barrel. and it has the potential for numerous oil and gas (Continued on pnge B) At $gS per barrel..4 million worth of oil.

solidify an already :.rr^ -.. Now.823 barrels of oil worth $868. Carroll founded T.Inc.. assets to over $14 million. the company moved from the "Over The Counter" exchange to a listing on NASDAQ and grew from approximately $4 million in Make STimes Your Money with This Oil and Gas Superstar (a $20 value).ls Kansas . have helped i:r IIleDc duqut New Western i... Kansas after a two_clvBc decade absence. During his tenure as president.il1l]].4 million. The company also provided daily management and operations for more than 70 oil and gas wells and 11 natural gas gathering systems owned by other companies. Carroll Enterprises.::'i.:|.:'] .3 million. maior oil companies like Chesapeake Energy and SandRidge '' Energy are buying up .. Inc. His company operated three drilling rigs and various pipeline construction and oil field equipment. L.. LLC. Yours FREE! A S20 Value .5 for all the details....1. Clearly. Located in the Chautauqua Arch.'-:. And that's not all..4L. Ln2007. such as fracking ..\LUrLLLrLueulrurn PuSe / / discoveries. get your hands on a FREE copy of Joe Cotton's new Special Report. development and oil field service company providing geological evaluation. Meet Terry Carroll. L. According to a2011.]. the potential for discovery of 3 to 4 oil formations exists-as well as 3 to 4 gas formations-throughout the lease. drilled more than 750 oil and gas wells and constructed 7 natural gas gathering systems. Inc.. Mr.. iltte Youl illoncry i t. They're returning because new technologies.]:.. an exploration. Inc.y management team member has a history of deliveritg success Th" experience of a key I member of New Western Energy's management team makes it more likely the company could achieve great success and deliver stellar profits to investors. EarIy in his career.. a privately owned oil and gas company primarily involved with the exploration and Terry Carroll."nia Bakken_Like Shell oil is UuJi" OiI Boom?. Carroll Enterprises. Terry Carroll has the experience and the expertise to help New Western Energy (NWTR) become a growing and successful oil company. For more about the New Western Energy opportunity. Prior to that he served as President. and pipeline construction services to oil field producers in Kansas and Oklahoma.. a public company engaged in oil and gas exploration and development.. "Oil Boom Brews in Rural Kansas" -CNN . T. outstanding portfolio of the midst of a surprising oil boom. CEO and CFO of United States Exploration.: This k. The company was purchased by a private entity in February 2004 for approximately $53. the Next leases in the ur"u. report on the property. ilfrffi ri[t llrls Turn to page 1. an oil field development and operating company that participated in the drilling of more than 100 oil and gas wells and the construction and operation of eight natural gas gathering systems. the B&W Ranch Lease is in the middle of a region known for its historical productionand its recoverable reserves are estimated at 9. In May 20\2. the company acquired the Smith Lease-a 550-acre property with potential reserves worth more than $2.'. Terry Valuable experience in virtually every aspect of the oil business His experience also includes founding and running Argas.]:. encompassing over 80 miles of natural gas pipeline. turnkey drilling Carroll founded Carroll Energy.9 million. development of Board Member Coalbed Methane Cas in Kansas and Oklahoma.

3 million at today's oil prices.841barrels of oil Total resource value 944.472barrels of oil $1. New Western is sitting on oil reserves worth $1..3 BILLION! ) ) Phillips Lease-647.915 barrels Kansas J. Not bad for an "unheard-of" exploration and production company currently trading for around 58 cents.4 million at today's prices.'t ct Nt (OiCgg! ruWTil 'rf. Trice and Moran-potentially up to 500.4 million at today's oil prices.700 acres.7 million worth of oil. And that's not all.L64 barrels.3 million at today's prices! New Western Energy Corp.and horizontal drilling..with potential reserves of 9.907 barrels of oil-worth nearly 928.'s Kansas Oil Potential > ) B&W Ranch Lease-more than 1.4 million at today's oil prices.3 billion STATE Oklahoma RESOURCE VALUE of oil fi897M l2.or"A f Bettenadt. deep in the heart of Texas! New Western Energy's (NWTR) Swenson Lease is a 160-acre property in Jones County.823 barrels-worth more than $868.9 million at today's oil prices. Add it all up and New Western is sitting on oil and gas worth $1. Potential reserves of 2.5 million at today's oil prices. New Western has drilled an initial test well on this property.and the results were spectacular! Projected recoverable reserves stand at 88.099.649 barrels of oil-which is worth more than $ to Iexas properties: New Western's properties in Texas hold projected recoverable oil reserves that could be worth $68. Texas.'s Oklahoma Oil Potential New Western Energy Corp. $68.9 million worth of oil in Jones County alone.841barrels of oil-fiZt. That gives New Western total recoverable reserves in jones County of 223. Glass Lease-approximately 297.Z million at today's prices..677 barrels of oil-worth $8.. Kansas-acquired in May 2012.000 barrels of oil-worth$ 7.164barrels of oil-worth $1. Ned Wegtern Ener continu.008 barrels of oilworth nearly fi67.'s Texas Oil Potential Swenson Lease-88. Adjacent to the Swenson property are additional leases-at Mclellan and Reves-with a recoverable reserve of 735.141.957. surrounded by wells with a proven history of oil production.1B Texas 723.7 million. . make it possible to pull oil from oil fields once thought depleted. Smith Lease-550 acres of property in Chautauqua County.. or strategid ^tquisrtions tA^t co^[d a-dd t5 rts reserves t^ tAe f "rture. But with a spike in oil prices-with a surge to $125 possible-the company could easily be sitting on more thanfi27.677 barrels of worth $8. You can see how easily a company like this (Continued on page 70) ) ) ) New Western Energy Corp. oil- Mclellan and Reves-l3S.4 million at today's oil prlces.

New Western Energy (NWTR) is-quite possibly-sitting on $68. (NWTR) potentially sitting Another 500.. It already has wells producing oil on its Glass Lease in Oklahoma and its Swenson and Trice leases in Texas.841barrels of oil in Texas alone. I The company's experienced management team has an impressive combined history of more than L00 years in petroleum geology and engineering. ) You could QUINTUPLE Your money within the next 12 months New Western Energy is poised to provide outstanding returns to investors who act quickly while the company's share price is still low. so I'11 keep this simple.OOO barrels in Shackelfotd CountY On top of that.7 million worth of oil at today's prices. Texas host 36 oil wells and six water injection wells.915 barrels of oil. And the Trice property is already producing oil. That's why I'm strongly recommending New Western Energy Corp.could double its share price even before oil prices begin to spike! nuw tllu(.. That's $1. If oil spikes to $125. The potential value of the company's recoverable reserves is strong enough to justify a price that could reach more than $1. However. New Western's Oklahoma properties have recoverable reserves of 944. as I expect.30 per share-and that's before a potential spike in oil prices is factored in.4 million.ll ull dllu 5o9 ID llEY' Energy Gorp.. hoping to make a discovery that will make the company viable. and the "other" small oil companies you've seen over the past few years is striking: New Western already has wells in production ost junior energy companies are only exploring for oil.. on at this minute? I'm not one for complex math problems. that brings the total up to $1.5 for all the details. New Western's Trice and Moran properties in Shackelford County. the company is potentially sitting on anothe r 723. but let's estimate conservatively at 12 million barrels. ) ) Early projections put the recoverable reserves at 500. I New Western is acquiring great properties-at low entry costs-and then exploiting the upside potential. New Western Energy (NWTR) is different. And in Texas.7 billion. New Western Energy (NWTR) is an absolute steal right now.. With potentially 723. And a spike in oil prices to $125-which is just a Middle Eastern conflict away-could send the value of the oil in Texas alone to more than $90.. You'll find more details in your FREE copy of Make t[elo 5 TimesYour Money with This Oil and Gas Superstar (a $20 value). The difference between New Western Energy Corp. I don't know any other way to put it: At 58 cents a share.3 billion worth of oil-at today's prices-that New Western is sitting on right now.. Youts FREE! A S20 Value New Western Energy isn't just searching for oil-it's already producing in Oklahoma and Texas. The company's balance sheet is strongand their joint venture approach maximizes the upside potential with reduced downside risk with each new well.. I I . it's hard to say. In Kansas.000 barrels of oil from these two properties. See page 1.841 barrels.

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.Y eoD.000 or more within the next L2 months. 21 FREEPORT..t ll..pump prices soar to $5 a gallon. llll l1ll l"' 11 " 'l t"l ll l ll tl ' lnside: "Geopolitical profit pl ay" You could double.. OH 43973 FRIOBLf..l' C ott on's Te chnic ally Sp e aking P... Pump prices stay around $3.I{ O 'DfiITER s61 ' F9 1?? 03 now use your smartphone to scan this bar code. Read tk f ^(( starT inside tAis gVecia( lnvestnent Abrt ^oar ..E': 11C.O.... Pete Beach.000 into $25. Scenario L: Iran and Israel go to war.#fr To order Hffi *****AUT0**SCH 3-DIGTr 2L2 AGOB}I FT$BfiCI&L UR COI... Scenario 3: Oil prices fall slightly and pump prices drop closer to $3 a gallon. Scenario 2: Oil prices remain stable as Iran and Israel avoid r^/ar. despite this volatile market.TIMORE MD 2121T _ 42L2 t..or even quintuple your money/ no matter what happens with oil prices.l 1l. Box 66902 St...l ll il.l.?335 - E!ffi-TEI +rtrilttt*rq ffif. FL33736 PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO. You could turn $5. g I-518 FEBI( AVE EPT ll..1 1O2S ll..50-$4 a gallon.. Regardless of how events unfold. the undiscovered and undervalued oil company named inside-with wells already in production-could bring triple-digit profits to early investors who get in now. BAI.oil prices spike by $30 a barrel..l t.