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How To Increase Your Capacity to Love Through Holy Sex Practices

Source: By Drew Doggett

Want to be connected with your Higher Sel and be able to live !S love with more intensity and re"uency# Hi. We have a holy reservation for two. Name? Homo sapiens. $et%s tal& about increasing our capacity to love' about habitually sustaining pleasurable spiritual states brought on by the proper use o sexual energy.

Hey Brilliant (inds and Bright Hearts... )%ve been thin&ing a lot about my masculinity* my spirituality* my sexuality and how ) am becoming better in each o those areas.

Here%s what it%s all about' +he +ao o $ove and Sex is about the man matching the woman%s in inite depths. Deepening himsel * his capacity to eel* love* endure pleasure* widen and broaden himsel to embrace the whole o his woman* which he should be able to do i he didn%t deplete his energy through uncontrolled e,aculation. !nd that%s a common problem this day and age' we%re more enlightened than ever be ore* which serves to illuminate the crac&s and ractures in our relationships- things that we can repair. .ne o those crac&s seems to be this: (an in general is not /big enough0 to truly satis y woman. Because he doesn%t &now how to manage his sexual energy and 1223 )+* 42565$2 )+* 427S2 )+ and (!89):6 )+. ! man has to learn and develop this capacity or unending pleasure* love* and energy. ! woman already has in inite depth* naturally- she ,ust 5!9 experience in inite pleasure. (an has to develop the capacity to hold and tolerate great amounts o pleasure. .nly then can he match his woman. ) he doesn%t* he is wea&er than she is. ) he doesn%t have the ability to withstand and sustain great amounts o pleasure* how can he possibly penetrate the world with his purpose* his wholeness* or in any meaning ul* sustained way# )nstead o giving his all to li e* to the world* to his woman* he%ll be giving a middle amount* a mediocre amount. She will see this limited capacity eventually and become dissatis ied. 6es# How satis ied will you be* woman o in inite* natural* pleasure capacity* i your man is always alling short* or alling too "uic&ly* or ma&ing promises with his mouth that he doesn%t ul ill with his actions# ) she can tolerate a great amount o pleasure and he can only give her a little* she will be unsatis ied. He%s not ul illing her* nor is he ul illing himsel * his role* his mission. +hey will be out o balance. !nd this isn%t just about physical pleasure. )t%s about open hearts* open communication* becoming one in love* but also yes* opening up wide to unbounded loving and caring* becoming one love* through sex. ! man H!S +. be able to tolerate large amounts o energy and pleasure. )t%s not ,ust about the ew seconds o s"uirt and release. )t%s about sustaining pleasurable spiritual states brought on by loads o sexual energy. +en thousand years ago* surely it was ,ust about e,aculation- getting the woman pregnant be ore predators crept in or lunch. )mpregnation was the &ey then. But it%s not so much now. We can consciously override and elevate ourselves to new* bliss ul levels o spirituality through learning to control our genital muscles and channeling and managing the lows o energy through our bodies by intention and breath work. So* here%s my theory today: )t%s man%s duty to match woman%s depth. (en and women both have the capacity. :or women* it%s ,ust natural. +hey don%t have to try. (en have to wor& at it. Both men and women have to get out of their own way* relax* and allow the ullness o being to penetrate and exude rom every cell o the the body. +his can be hard in our culture' we grow up developing complexes o sel -esteem* con idence* sel -image' we learn to bloc& our naturalness so we can it in to the tribe more or get a sa e career. But where women only have to get out o their own way* men have to do that !9D &eep ocused* directed* vigilant over the energy in their bodies. Women* let it low. (en* aim and harness diligently.

+hat%s the push-pull o existence. 2verything has its balance. ;+his is all pretty general. +his is ,ust a beginning article to get it out o my mind* expose these thoughts to new air and get new ideas.< ) can%t tell you how happy ) am to be able to do this at last= +o be sensitive to internal energy and to have thoughtcontrol* heart control and genital control. 2verything changes when you can do this. ;!nd you eel gradual* incremental change as you approach competence/mastery<. $i e gets deeper. +here%s a new &ind o spirituality. )t eels li&e rising ' )t%s li&e' you%re vibrating higher* iner. $i e tic&les more. )t%s a s&ill )%ve been wor&ing on or a long time. !nd it%s very pleasing or me to be able to do this. >246 pleasing. $i&e: ) didn%t &now li e could be this pro ound. ) :22$ deeper into things. ) have more awareness than ,ust what%s in my thoughts. )%ve expanded. 6ou can too.

(y desires extend beyond ,ust a meeting o lesh and a ew seconds o orgasmic release. ) want lengthy orgasms that penetrate my whole body and heart and mind' that don%t stop' that are spiritual expressions themselves* magni ications o tangible love and expanded understanding.

) want meetings o the lesh* the heart* the soul. )%m more into the unity* the spirituality* the testing o our limits* the strengthening o our love* the tingling bright appreciation o one another. )%ll s&ip the "uic& /get o 0 in avor o sustained bliss and bright love that ) can give better bac& to you* to the world* to /strangers0 on the streets' ' in the orm o &indness* money* inspiration* connection* empathy- however. +his isn%t W.41 to have this capacity or pleasure. )t%s not a pain or a ,ob. )t is effort. But it%s very pleasing. )t%s conscious growth. 3leasure spi&ed with pain. ;Beauty is my aeroplane.< )%ll ta&e e ort any day i it means )%m growing and learning. 3lus* ) eel it%s a duty o mine. ! divine duty* probably. !nd so ) in er it%s the duty o every man to constantly develop his innate loving capacity* which his emale counterpart already reely* wildly* ully* by nature possesses. (y nature is to grow my capacity. +hat%s a part o the balance. )t turns out it%s not woman serving man. )t%s not a patriarchy. )t%s man serving woman because the eminine energy is /stronger0 as it lies* and or me* a man* to cultivate and strengthen my masculine energy* to have it at a level where ) can serve you and meet you and match you in wide open love and pleasure continuously* again and again* consistently present' well that%s a healthy relationship balance. )%m inspired by you to become more mysel . 6our eminine inspires my masculine to grow. !s continuous and steadily as any tree grows. ) ind satis action in satis ying you. By meeting the challenge o your eminine strength and energy. !nd more* )%m satis ied by keeping my energy instead o expelling it' and by putting it to good use* growing in love* and having yours strengthen and cooperate with mine. ?ust as )%m satis ied in my li e by constantly growing toward my reedom* my calling* my li e%s purpose. Humans* li&e trees* grow in multiple directions. +he ancient +aoists believed that it was important or the woman to be as satis ied as she desired. ) that meant multiple times per day* that%s what it too&. +his* as though it were man%s duty. +he ancient 5hinese held women in very high regard. What a paradigm shi t* eh## How woman-centric. How divinely eminine= But in modern love-ma&ing* is that the norm# 9o. :or a couple o reasons. .ne* the social order o our times. 3atriarchy* by and large. But two* by and large* men don%t &now how to do that= !nd many don%t &now that they should* or that they can. (en don%t &now how to ;or that they can< re-channel the energy that wants to escape out o their penis 73 through their spine* into their brain and down through their heart* to their belly and bac& to their genitals* ,ust to repeat the cycle. 1eep this energy lowing through you* daily* constantly.

! while ago* ) certainly couldn%t do this' withhold my e,aculation every time we ma&e love## 9o way= (ost men are exhausted a ter a while o continuously e,aculating. +hey%re drained* and not ,ust o semen* but o energy. !nd that%s because when you e,aculate you let out a $.+ ;that%s a scienti ic term< o energy. 6ou let out your li e orce. (en have to hold the energy and recirculate it* re-use it* let it ampli y them. +hat%s our nature' our enlightened nature* )%m theori@ing. ) say /have to*0 and ) mean that that%s how we%ll tap into our authentic and ull masculinity* how we%ll live longer and healthier* how we%ll be more ully present* more ull o li e energy and more able to give our love and our light that is the realest* purest us. 9ow* ) am so designing my li e* my thoughts* my habits* my belie s* by the intentions and practices in these ancient teachings that my sexual energy* which is preserved and strengthened* expresses as love through each o the trillions o cells o my body. (y body shines love* ,ust as yours does naturally when you get out o your own way and $2+ your light and your love shine.

Does he lose his manhood, his masculinity, his strength and centeredness, by serving his woman?
)s the man who serves his woman now suddenly someone she can ,ust wal& all over' is he a pushover# Do you think that by expanding his masculinity, any man would be a pushover? Its just not possible. Will you get bored with him because he drops everything at your whim and lives only or you# He won%t. +hat%s not what this is about. Serving his woman does not mean pandering to her.

! man%s service to his woman and embracing o his own tenderness and vulnerability means strength. 3ure honesty is power ul. !bility to ace ears and burn them away with light and love' certainty* calmness* presence* delight in her body* mind* heart and soul' the plans he ma&es or them together' these are strengths* are they not# !s he expands his masculinity through preserving and recycling his sexual energy* the adventures o his own li e multiply* he becomes enlivened* with stronger boundaries than ever be ore. His 6es%s are irm* ,ust as his 9o%s are. He is a man o integrity and he welcomes an integrity-driven woman in his li e to share these adventures with. 6et* he won%t be a slave to sex. He may be a slave to his desire or his woman* though. :rom what ) can tell A through in erence* study* and application A an /enlightened0 man has such compassion or women* and delights in them so much* that he really is a slave to his love or women* which can be concentrated into ,ust his woman. He is a servant o love. !nd he wants to be even more. He wants to do $ove%s bidding* orever and ever* also orever. +hat is* $ove absent o neediness or pain or sorrow. 4eal love* ) mean. +hat which is one with our natural state o being. Source love. )magine sex soa&ed in spiritual development and heart-sharing' in humor* in opening' in harmony* and love* so much so that it melts boundaries and dissolves you and your lover into one. )t%s a balance. )s man%s ull* always-on presence and love degrading or empowering# De initely empowering. )s a man%s ability to meet his woman%s challenges and the world%s challenges A to be strong and irm A degrading or upli ting# De initely upli ting. +hat which bene its the two bene its the one. +hese abilities grow when man and woman practice this mutually bene icial relationship o conscious* enlightened loving. 6es* by nature man%s a leader. 3hysically stronger. Directed. (ore ambitious. !nd woman is the ocean. +he earth. She%s li e* unbounded nature. 2x"uisite beauty in her appearance* her movements* her physical and emotional pea&s and valleys* her wisdom o heart* and her harboring o li e. Woman needs the s&y* the heavens* to balance her. (an needs the earth to balance and expand him. !nd it ta&es discipline to expand and ully embrace and indulge in everything earth does. Because a man practices this service to you* ma&ing certain you%re satis ied physically* spiritually* he strengthens his masculinity' his capacity or love* empathy* tenderness grows and he matures* ills out. !s a man* it serves me to serve you* woman. )t serves the world or a man to truly serve his woman. So* as with everything* there%s a balance there. )t heals me. )t helps you. )t &eeps us both strong. )t &eeps us learning rom one another ;<. )t helps us* our relationship* balance.

!s a man in a devoted relationship with my woman* ) want to empower her* to live the ullest most pleasing li e that she can. +hat pleases me. )t%s something that ) thin& only a man can eel. ) can try to put it into words here* but actions spea& louder than words- my woman ,ust feels it rom me consistently. )t%s pleasing to me because it means )%ve grown and ) continue to grow. !nd you have directly helped me grow. )n act* this is a type o growth that is not possible without your eminine help. ) have more capacity to experience more o li e* to eel deeper* to love more* than&s to you. !nd vice versa. +his is what we%re all a ter* right# +o eel more and more alive by the day. +o love more deeply* more power ully* more pro oundly' to live more ully= So* sel ishly* sel lessly* ) am at your service. +ell me* men* that you wouldn%t love to have the capability to increase your depth of feeling* your capacity for pleasure' to ully satis y and ully please your woman instead o settling in mediocrity or never penetrating the thin barriers that you eel to be bloc&ing true* deep* communion* love and oneness with your woman. +ell me* women* is a man%s proclaiming his dependence on you' that he can only experience deep* boundless* spiritual love with you' the opposite o /macho0# How can he retain his manhood when he says that he is at your service# )%m all or social and political e"uality. But )%m not or e"uality o sexuality. We each have our roles. (y aim is to move beyond sex. )t%s to actually experience and harness those power ul binary orces o nature that were made of and that we%re graciously conscious o as humans. ) ta&e great pleasure in ta&ing care o you' not ,ust as a man and wi e* as a riend* providing security* being present emotionally* being communicative* but yes* as a lover* being able* day in and day out* to satiate you* repeatedly* ever-renewing' to so deeply intertwine with you that we transcend lesh and harmoni@e hearts* deeply bonding* heart-light melting* merging* becoming one* again and again and again* with a re"uency* power and devotion that marvels the gods and elevates us to touch their realm- reminds us who we really are- puts us in a state o pure light and unbearable pleasure. .ur existence gradually becomes a lucid brightness* a highness* as we habitually lose ourselves in the .ne that is all. $ove is all that matters. )%m not trying to say )%m 8od%s gi t to women' simply that ) need 6.7 to learn rom* to develop with. ) can%t ully elevate without you. 6ou%re an integral part o this whole holiness o li e.

)s it even accurate to say that the only way to such pro ound* open and unbounded love is through sex* speci ically the man preserving his sexual energy to meet the natural bounti ulness o woman# Would the heavens all down i earth weren%t there to hold them up# !bsolutely they would. Balance re"uires both man and woman. )%m a man. ) have manners borne o respect and honor. !nd ) cultivate these "ualities. )%ll wal& on the outside o the sidewal&. )%ll let you place your order irst. !nd )%ll get the door or you' the car door* the restaurant door* the doors o perception* our hearts% chamber doors. !s a man* )%m holding the doors o love wide open or us to wal& through. We%re met inside by the hostess. /Hi*0 ) say. /We have a holy reservation or two.0 /9ame#0

/Homo sapiens.0 $et%s dine* everyday* until we%re satiated. ?ust as we eat daily* numerous times* we must love each other daily. ) pre er the inest* healthiest nourishment. 3lease leave your ideas* comments* inspirations* constructive criticisms* and "uestions below. Want to write what you &now and/or love* re ine your voice* be o service to other people* and start earn money while doing it# +urning sel -expression and your passion and &nowledge into real income' How would you li&e to have sex anytime you want* all day* every day* with your signi icant other* both you see&ing the heights o pleasure and your Higher Selves# How would you li&e to devote all your spare time to increasing your capacity to love' to developing as a person* spiritually* physically* mentally* emotionally# So that you can better give to your loved ones and the world# Want the reedom and li estyle to do ,ust that# Watch this ree video that explains how it%s done ;"uee@e/#capacity-love-pd <* then read this to see how to have me personally teach you ;<* or realsies. ;6es* ) had to /pitch0 you the opportunity to live a :reedom $i estyle... ) had to o er my services to you here... ) you thin& you might be a good entrepreneur* a ta&e-charge-o -sel &ind o person ;or i you want to be< to earn B)8 money* itBs worth loo&ing into. 6ou can always wal& away.< $ovin% you* Drew Doggett :or additional reading: How to 92>24 Be $a@y or Stagnant with 6our $over and !$W!6S 5hallenge 2ach .ther ;< +he +ao o $ove and Sex ;< 2nlightened Sex (anual ;< +he Way o the Superior (an ;,"F7< +aoist Secrets o $ove: 5ultivating (ale Sexual 2nergy ;<

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