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Melissa Y.


I am looking to change careers to a position that has a more consistent schedule than the one I currently have. I consider myself to be malleable, a quick learner, and I constantly strive to find more effective ways to complete tasks. Although I have been put into “boss” positions, I considered myself to be a leader instead of a boss. I„ve chosen to lead my staff based off this statement, if you do things in life to the best of your ability and set a good example, those around you will follow in your footsteps. If there is a more qualified candidate for this position, I ask that you keep my resume for future job openings as my background makes me flexible for various positions.

Professional Experience
Spa Director, 8/2010 to Present
REFLECTIONS SPA at GRAND CASCADES LODGE 4 Star Spa within 4 Star Resort Spa and Wellness Service This position incorporates overseeing all aspects of running a business. Areas include focusing on corporate/group coordination, billing/accounting of the overall spa financials, schedules of 50+ individuals of 3 departments, inventory and ordering sufficient supplies on a monthly basis, marketing to increase appointment sales, and customer relations and retention. There is a heavy emphasis on training, motivating, increasing sales, and furthering the development of the spa itself.

Selected Accomplishments ● Increased revenue by 5-10% annually. ● Introduced several new product lines to increase retail sales by 10-12% annually. ● Corporate coordination with various fortune 500 companies. ● Developed an effective standard operating procedure and manual for training new staff. ● Developed several forms to increase accuracy of billing and phone sales, as well as accurately tracking all customer comments and complaints. ● Reformatted revenue reporting documents to be more efficient in time management for Reflections and sister spa Elements, reducing time from 2.5 hours to 15 minutes. ● Established basis for reviewing and comparing weekly capacity, to determine available growth potential. ● Reformatted Payroll to be completed more quickly, reducing time from 2 hours to 45 minutes for Reflections and sister spa Elements .

Part Time Business Manager
ABC CHIMNEY SWEEP Professional Service Company

, 6/2002 to Present

This part time position entails the management of business operations focusing on the creation and execution of advertisements and marketing materials, answering phones, scheduling appointments, registering certification

uniform design and ordering. ● Collect and analyze service evaluation surveys on a by appointment basis and monthly review. 9/1998 to 2/2003 OLYMPUS GYM Leading fitness center in the local community Education RAMAPO COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY – Mahwah.Marketing Assistant. year-end financial balancing.This included the creation and production of coupons. ● Developed “Retirement Sale” marketing campaign (currently in progress) Marketing Consultant. monthly tax computation. Customer Service/Child Care. direct mailers. this campaign was designed to fight sales decrease from economic downturn. uniforms. and door hangers.54 l Graduated with Honors CENTENARY COLLEGE – Hackettstown. ● Performed many executive tasks at the owners request that he was not available to do himself. in-store print ads and promotions. ● Co-creation of website. ● Trained new staff and implement shift change task list.8 . delivery. website management. 5/2008 ● Major: Business Administration l Concentration: Marketing ● GPA: 3. data entry. AUTHENTIC PIZZA AND PASTA Restaurant 5/2003 to 10/2008 My position at this company was nonspecific. NJ ● ● Major: Psychology l Minor: Business Administration GPA: 3. organization and collection of accounts receivable. ● Participated in renovations prior to restaurant opening and throughout the time working there. and assisting the owner with managerial tasks. ● Designed Logos. and bank deposits.meetings. specials and customer promotion development. Selected Accomplishments: ● Created repeat customer promotions to increase retention and referrals. it was to do whatever was necessary of me including various tasks and positions that required me to focus on customer satisfaction and training staff. waitressing. Owners Assistant . 2/2010 to Present INDEPENDANT Volunteer Marketing Consultant Volunteer consultant for nonprofit organizations to identify goals and devise a marketing plan to reach those goals. ● Customer service calls for customer retention and repeat service scheduling. and menus. creating and designing marketing materials/restaurant displays. Selected Accomplishments: ● Developed and launched direct marketing campaign. hands on renovations. NJ Bachelor of Science. inventory ordering.

5 months QuickBooks . learned Maestro in 2 week. PowerPoint. Access. NJ Associates of Arts.ex.Basic Skills Awards/Inductions ● ● ● Phi Theta Kappa: International Honor Society .6 Technology MS Office (Word. Excel. Publisher) Software: Northwind Maestro Systems Quick Learner .SUSSEX COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE – Newton. 12/2004 ● ● Major: Liberal Arts l Graduated with Honors GPA: 3. which normally takes 1.12/2003 National Deans List – 12/2003 Completion of the Eric Weiss Excellent Service Certification Melissa Winkler ● (973)534-7061 ● Available for Relocation .