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Create an eBook Table of Contents In Microsoft Word Step-By-Step Instructions


Dion D. Shaw


!"#$ Dion D. Shaw

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Why a table of contents for eBooks?

There are two pri*ary reasons - the biggest are errors that %*a,on -.indle/ or S*ashWords *ay produce. 01a*ple %*a,on 0rror2 Your book doesnt have a Table of Contents. A table of contents provides readers with both easy navigation and improved visibility into the contents of the book. Please see https: kdp.ama! self"publishing help#topic$d%A&'($)$*+,-)TC for help with creating and formatting a Table of Contents. 01a*ple SmashWords error: Needs modification Problems were found in review $f you take a look at your .P/'0 you will see that the links in the Table of Contents are inoperable. Common causes: 1idden bookmarks0 improperly formed bookmarks0 or bad or missing ToC hyperlinks. 2ection &3 of the 2tyle 4uide has step by step instructions. -hen you5re finished correcting your book0 go to 6ashboard 7 /pload new version. Thanks. %pple iBooks has errors and issues si*ilar to the abo'e. S*ashwords is a *a)or distributor to the iBookstore at %pple. Tables-of-Content are preferred for al*ost e'ery eBook reseller. % second reason for a table of contents2 it is a na'igational aide for the reader. If a reader wants to find a chapter or section+ a linked table of contents is the best choice. % lesson I3'e learned as a *ulti-eBook author. Take note of the chapter na*es and locations you are planning to use during the writing or editing process. 4ou don3t want to search through a large docu*ent trying to find the chapter links already created. Trust *e on this. To help you - the author - produce a better eBook+ this guide is a si*ple step-by-step tutorial for creating a table of contents. 5lease note that different 'ersions of Microsoft Word will not be e1actly the sa*e. This guide assu*es Word !""6. 4ou *ay disco'er that eBook distributers - %*a,on+ 7ulu+ and S*ashWords -to na*e three/ differ in how a T8C is created. %*a,on is the easiest and its con'ersion process is si*ple and straightforward. S*ashWords is tougher because of its relationship with %pple. S*ashWords uses a so-called Meatgrinder progra* to con'ert a source

docu*ent to an e5ub. This is not a criticis* of any distributer+ )ust be aware that differences e1ist. %uthors will need to *odify eBooks accordingly. The end result of a table of contents will resemble the below:

Table of Contents Chapter # Chapter ! Chapter 9

Below is a fictional chapter #+ a snippet of :a*let3s fa*ous solilo;uy2 <To be+ or not to be+ that is the ;uestion= Whether >tis ?obler in the *ind to suffer The Slings and %rrows of outrageous @ortune+ 8r to take %r*s against a Sea of troubles+ %nd by opposing end the*AB This is chapter !+ another fa*ous Shakespeare snippet - the three witches in Macbeth2 <Double+ double+ toil and troubleC @ire burn+ and cauldron bubble. Second Witch @illet of a fenny snake+ In the cauldron boil and bakeC 0ye of newt and toe of frog+ Wool of bat and tongue of dog+ %dder>s fork and blind-wor*>s sting+ 7i,ard>s leg and howlet>s wing+ @or a char* of powerful trouble+ 7ike a hell-broth boil and bubble.B @or the third sa*ple chapter + these are fa*ous lines by Duliet in &o*eo and Duliet2 <8 &o*eo+ &o*eoE wherefore art thou &o*eoA Deny thy father and refuse thy na*eC 8r+ if thou wilt not+ be but sworn *y lo'e+ %nd I>ll no longer be a Capulet.B

Consider the abo'e three chapters as sa*ple chapters of your eBook. 4ou *ay ha'e 9 chapters or 9" or 9"" chapters+ but creating a table of contents concept is the sa*e. Creating the

table of contents.

In Microsoft Word+ the pri*ary icons used are the :yperlink and Book*ark icons -see below/2

Begin by creating a table of contents. Use the centering icon, not tabs. The centering )ustification icon is part of the for*atting toolbar. Type out your chapter na*es as noted abo'e2 Chapter #+ !+ 9 or any chapter na*es you wish.

?e1t+ decide where you want chapter breaks. In so*e cases+ such as *y e1a*ple+ the breaks are ob'ious2 Ch #+ Ch !+ and Ch 9. In other works+ these breaks *ay not be as clear or definiti'e. Many erotic authors write in a free-for* style without definiti'e chapter headings. If you write erotica+ I encourage you to create a table of contents+ regardless. eBook retailers will be *uch happier. 8f course+ because you thoroughly read this docu*ent+ you noted and recorded the locations of chapter breaks during the writing or editing process. C-/

8nce chapter breaks are defined or chosen+ select and highlight a word or two in the first line2

%fter highlighting the words+ select <Book*arkB fro* the *enu bar -see below/2

Type in a chapter na*e+ this e1a*ple uses Chapter#+ but one *ight use :a*let or @irst or #. Whichever is chosen, do not use spaces if multiple words are chosen for the bookmark name. Click <addB. If other na*es or nu*bers e1ist+ you *ay select and delete the*. Book*ark na*es are not case-sensiti'e. &epeat the pre'ious 9 steps for each succeeding chapter. Word will default to the pre'ious chapter na*e and you will need to change it. The end result should rese*ble the screen shot below2

8f course+ your chapter na*es will appear+ not necessarily Chapter #+ Chapter ! and Chapter 9. Chapter na*es are the writer3s choiceC no defaults fro* Word.

Fo to the table of contents you created in the first step. Select and highlight the chapter na*e+ e.g. Chapter #. Click on the :yperlink icon in the insert *enu -shown in the first screen shot/. It will look like this2

Click on <place in the docu*entB - left side - and select the chapter na*e desired.

&epeat the last 9 steps for all the chapters of your eBook.

The end result will create a table of contents that should rese*ble this2

0ach chapter na*e is now linked to the corresponding chapter in the eBook.

Test the links by holding down the <ctrlB key and clicking with a *ouse or touchpad.

Test each chapter link to 'erify the table of contents works as designed.

Linking back to the table of contents

So*e eBook readers do not ha'e a page back feature+ especially older *odels. 4ou will want to help the reader by pro'iding a link back to the original table contents. The longer the eBook+ the *ore readers *ay want to return to the *enu. %lso+ technical *anuals where only specific sections are read should link back to the table.

The link back process is the re'erse fro* linking to chapters.

Create points where you want readers to go back to the table of contents. I a* using the words - table of contents - to illustrate this idea.

In the actual table of contents+ highlight the words - Table of Contents - and click on book*ark. This is the re'erse process of linking the table of contents to chapters.

:ighlight the words -table of contents -abo'e/ and click on :yperlink. Choose the appropriate na*e+ in *y e1a*ple+ T8C.

Test the result by holding the GCtrl3 key and clicking with the *ouse or keypad. 4ou will link back to the T8C.

&epeat these last three steps for e'ery section or area that you want to link back to the table of contents.

Congratulations. 4ou now ha'e a working table of contents.

About the Author2

Mr. Shaw is an Infor*ation Technology and 5ro)ect Manage*ent professional and has worked in 'arious technical positions in the co*puter industry for o'er #H years. Mr. Shaw has also started and operated s*all consulting businesses fro* his ho*e office. :e has a B.S. fro* De5aul Ini'ersity and is pursuing an M.S. in 5ro)ect Manage*ent fro* the Ini'ersity of Wisconsin+ 5latte'ille. Mr. Shaw founded :o*epreneurs and related social *edia outlets following a year-long layoff and is the owner+ pro)ect *anager+ pri*ary writer and editor.

Mr. Shaw has books a'ailable on 'arious eBook sellers+ including %*a,on and S*ashWords. #" :o*e Business Ideas @or Inder J#"" ISB?2 K6L#9"#!9KMLK

Configure % Secure :o*e Co*puter ?etwork ISB?2 K6L#9"#K##KL#

0*ployee Teleco**uting - %n I*pact %nalysis 8n 0*ployee and 0*ployer ISB?2 K6L#9"#L"!HHH