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AMEENA ROJEE +44 (0) 7710283520

I am a dedicated and hard workin! indi"idual# I lo"e to take challen!e$ whether that i$ learnin! a new $kill% or !oin! a&road to a com'letel( new countr( )or a 'roject. I work well &oth in a team and under m( own mana!ement% with $kill$ in time mana!in!% cu$tomer $er"ice and ada'tin! to di))erent $ituation$. I alwa($ aim to 'ro"e m( relia&ilit( and tru$tworthine$$% a$ well a$ &e the &e$t I can &e.

*i!ital + ,nalo!ue -hoto!ra'h( ,do&e -hoto$ho' 6indow$31ac37&untu 1icro$o)t 8))ice 6ord're$$39ariou$ &lo!!in! 'lat)orm$ .a$ic /0123455 Intermediate 5'ani$h i853,ndroid In)ormati"e writin!

2013 (Ongoing)
Eyes Forward Magazine ( - Editor 5ince the launch o) thi$ ma!a:ine% I &een learnin! a&out advertising and marketing $o a$ to $ecure reader$ and contri&utor$% a$ well a$ $tren!thenin! other $kill$ like coding and design a&ilitie$. ,dditionall(% I am learnin! how to 're$ent m($el) to 'otential client$% and m( research skills ha"e matured in m( $earche$ )or new talent$ to $hare. 0he e;'erience i$ teachin! me to manage my time &etween uni"er$it( work and 'er$onal work% and mo$t im'ortantl( I am !ainin! the knowledge and skills essential to running a business% $uch a$ the a&o"e.

2012 (Ongoing)
Ameena Rojee hotography - hotographer I am 'a$$ionate a&out )a$hion 'hoto!ra'h( and o)ten $hoot model portfolios and )or small businesses% )or e;am'le )or the clothin! $tore 71 <ueen$% and the jeweller( de$i!ner =o$ie 1a( 0rea$ure 1aker. I ha"e al$o undertaken $el) directed 'roject$% and thi$ ha$ all added to m( $kill$ in time management and selfdiscipline% a$ well a$ de"elo'in! m( customer service a$ m( work re>uire$ me to colla&orate with a ran!e o) other 'ro)e$$ional$ $uch a$ model$% $t(li$t$ and make u' arti$t$. 1ore o)ten than not I ha"e had to make the o"erall deci$ion$% $o workin! in $uch team$ ha$ allowed me to take on the directorial role. I ha"e al$o de"elo'ed a &a$ic under$tandin! o) !"# and $%% )rom con$tantl( workin! on m( own online 'ort)olio.

2012 & 2013

!ni"ersity #fficer $raining %orps - #fficer %adet 0hi$ e;'erience con$i$ted o) a mi;ture o) dutie$ and life skills% )or e;am'le learnin! a&out &attle )ir$t aid. %elf-discipline' team-work and problem-solving $kill$ were critical element$ in the "ariou$ acti"itie$ I 'artici'ated in ?a!!re$$i"e@ cam'in! (cam'in! under &a$ha$ on a rotational look out routine)% how to attack the enem( and ri)le $hootin! were all uni>ue e;'erience$ I had. In addition% &ein! a&le to )ollow and !i"e order$% rai$e morale in le$$ than 'er)ect condition$ and e"aluatin! (our own "alue$ were al$o crucial.

2012 & 2013

&' ()eens - *tore hotographer/*hop Assistant Aor thi$ inde'endent clothin! $tore% I worked to deadlines creatin! 'romotional and 'roduct 'hoto!ra'h( )or commercial 'ur'o$e$. I had to (uickly adapt to new e;'erience$ $uch a$ $'ontaneou$ $hoot$% and de"elo' wa($ o) working (uickly whilst maintaining a high (uality o) re$ult$. I al$o worked a$ a ca$ual $ho' a$$i$tant 'ro"idin! >ualit( customer service a$ well a$ manual work.

200) & 2013

F)e+ ,o)r hotography - Editoria+ Assistant and -riter Aor thi$ online 'hoto!ra'h( ma!a:ine% I worked mainl( a$ a writer% u$in! the *ord+ress software to u'load weekl( and monthl( article$% and I al$o conducted interviews with in)luential 'hoto!ra'her$ like .rooke 5haden and ,aron /o&$on. I wa$ al$o !i"en the 'o$ition o) editorial a$$i$tant in the la$t (ear which con$i$ted o) managing and editing other writer$B work to a $ati$)actor( >ualit(% a$ well a$ mana!in! m( own work. 5ocial media wa$ al$o a 'art o) thi$ role% and I wa$ 'ro"idin! u' to date content )or our reader$ on a re!ular &a$i$.

200, & 2010

*chroder of -a++ington - *hop Assistant I worked a$ 'art o) a team at thi$ jeweller( $ho'% alon!$ide m( time at $i;th )orm. I wa$ a&le to learn how to create an e(ual balance &etween work% $chool and $ocial e"ent$. igh-(uality customer service wa$ a ke( 'ro"i$ion% alon! with learnin! a&out and ha"in! an e;ten$i"e knowled!e o) the 'roduct$. 2earnin! to deal with "ariou$ difficult situations wa$ e$$ential too% and I wa$ a&le to de"elo' a 'ro'er and e))icient shop manner.

2011 C 2014 7ni"er$it( o) 0he 6e$t o) Dn!land% .ri$tol .a(/on$) -hoto!ra'h( 2010 C 2011 2ou!h&orou!h 7ni"er$it( C *i'loma in Aoundation 5tudie$% ,rt + *e$i!n 2003 C 2010 6allin!ton /i!h 5chool Aor Eirl$ C , 2e"el$ Dn!li$h 2iterature + 2an!ua!e 5'ani$h ,rt

I ha"e alwa($ &een $omeone who lo"e$ to tr( new things and &e active. I am currently 'art o) the 5now$'ort$ clu& and the 6omenB$ Aoot&all team% and wa$ recentl( 'art o) the 7ni"er$it( 8))icer 0rainin! 4or'$% which allowed me to tr( new thin!$ like hor$e ridin! and $kiin!. I wa$ al$o 'art o) the Fiu Fit$u clu& and am lookin! )orward to joinin! a Gun! Au clu& thi$ (ear. I ha"e am&ition$ to travel )or lei$ure 'ur'o$e$ a$ well a$ )or work 'ur'o$e$ a$ I am intere$ted in the enormou$ "ariet( o) cultures and people around the world% and )or m( )inal (ear 'roject thi$ term I am !oin! on a personally-funded trip to 4hina to train in Gun! Au )or a month and document the e;'erience. ,lon!$ide the$e intere$t$% I al$o o)ten enjo( kickin! &ack with a !ood &ook% and ha"e alwa($ &een a lo"er o) $cience )iction and )anta$( &ook$ &ecau$e o) that wonder)ul element o) ma!ic.

=e)erence$ are a"aila&le on re>ue$t.

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