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Musically, The Wizard of Oz is not your average show. There are several reasons for this.

When the movie appeared in 1939, the music itself stayed true to the period of time. What this means for you, the Actor, is that there are no pop vocalization at all. You’ll have to really dig d eep to find that mature and controlled voice you all have. Second, the more prepared you are, the stronger your audition will be. Lastly, find your own way to interpret the character. Don’t imitate Judy Garland or even Wicked. They are pretty iconic and everyone will know what you’re doing 

On a completely different note, I really look forward to working with all of you! I’ve heard nothing but great things about this Drama department. The show itself is either really easy or very difficult at times. There is no medium. However, I have great plans for the music that I’m sure you’re all going to enjoy. I look forward to all your auditions and getting the chance to work with all of you. Best, Matt Durland


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Measures 5 – 48

-Try to get through mm. 5 – 8 in one breath. If you have to breathe, do it after the word “jumble” - Color the phrase “to a place behind the sun, just a step beyond the rain.” Meaning, add expression. -Don’t vocally belt on the word “rain” at m. 23. It’s not high enough to do so. Essentially, crescendo and then bring it back to a mp (medium soft) -Breathe after the word “rainbow” m. 34. -M. 41-42 should crescendo. M. 43 should come to a f (loud) and bring it back to a mp (medium soft)

Scarecrow/Tin Man Lion -Keep m. 21 – 35 light.

If I Only Had a Brain

Measures 21 – 51

-Focus on the actual words being said. There are a lot of rhymes, so don’t be afraid to give it a little bounce to add express ion. -Wherever there is a comma after a phrase is a good place to breathe. -Don’t slide up to the E in m. 37. Really focus on hitting it from the G to the E. That entire phrase should also be louder than the start of the piece. It’s a different idea , so make it clear that it is.

Wicked Witch

Ding Dong

Measures 112 – 142

- Find a unique voice to sing this piece. It shouldn’t be displeasing to hear but it should be evident of the potential. -The more expressive and your ability to show what you can do with your voice is all the better.


Ding Dong

Measures 112 – 142

-You’re looking to potray a typical Broadway ensemble sound. -Focus on having a clear and crisp tone. Keep words like “Ding” and “Dong” heard. Because they nd on a “ng” sound, it can be e asy to drop the sound. -Color the song. Meaning, try to show the excitement of the Munchkins rejoicing the death of the wicked witch.