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My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 9 by javabeans | September 8, 2010 | 110 Comments A cute episode, though not my particular favorite.

We get some of the standard m achinations of the supporting cast, and a few more wrenches thrown into the plot . Thankfully there are, as usual, a number of cute coupley moments to buoy us th rough these waters of Necessary Plot Complications. Ratings: No big shakeups, so the numbers are as expected. All three dipped sligh tly, but I suspect Thursday will bring them back up: Baker King was still far in front with a 43.3%, while Gumiho stayed firmly in second with 10.8%. Playful Ki ss (ouchhh) stayed at its low of 3.5%. SONG OF THE DAY Kim Gun-mo ± ª [ Download ] EPISODE 9 RECAP Angry Grandpa bursts in at a conveniently inconvenient moment, which is when Dae -woong is about to answer Mi-ho's request to like her back. Thanks to the wily man euverings of Bug-Eyed Bitter Betty, aka Hateful Hye-in, Grandpa and Min-sook are under the impression that Mi-ho is a crafty gold-digger who is pushing Dae-woon g to endanger his health by doing the movie. Grandpa orders them to break up and for Dae-woong to pack his bags. Dae-woong pr otests that he's perfectly fine, and that ªIf I stay here with Mi-ho, absolutely not hing will be wrong!º Which, to them, sounds like he's making excuses because he's been blinded by twoo wuv. Or at least post-adolescent infatuation. Waiting below, Mi-ho hears the dictate to separate with distress and rushes out to speak up, but her heart starts to act up. These pangs are part of her de-gumi ho-ifying process, and she stops her in her tracks, frozen with pain. Dae-woong stands up to the adults, saying that his grandfather was always tellin g him to ªbe a humanº and a man, so how can he tell him to just quit? ªI'm going to take responsibility through the end as you wished and not give up.º The adults sputter in outrage, but they've come prepared with a contingency plan. After Dae-woong heads back to the loft, Grandpa shoots Min-sook a wink to signal the beginning of their planned bit. Inside, Dae-woong finds Mi-ho slumped on the ground and asks what's wrong. Just at that moment, a groan sounds from outside and Min-sook screams for Dae-woong. (O h, I love that they're playing off the overused scenario of a supposedly tough eld erly man collapsing at the first sign of the hero's opposition! How like these wri ters to make Grandpa a faker, subverting yet another familiar cliche.) Dae-woong tells Mi-ho he'll be back soon, then races outside to take Grandpa to th e hospital, ironically leaving the real sick person behind while the healthy one feigns illness. Mi-ho sits in pain, her blue eyes indicating that she's losing control of her shap e-shifting properties like she did on the boat, as a result of a prolonged separ ation from her fox bead. As Mi-ho stumbles to her bed, she knocks the camcorder on the ground Ð which turns on and starts recording. She collapses and moans, ªIt hurts so much.º º (Ooh la la) from the My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho OST

In his Emo Lair, Emo Hair observes his slowly emptying sandglass and predicts th at tonight marks ªthe first death.º Just as one of Mi-ho's tails disappears. (Hm, inte resting. It's like a cat with nine lives¼) Mi-ho sees her tail fade and says, ªI must really be dying.º In the car, Grandpa reveals that he hadn't truly collapsed, but uses that as emoti onal blackmail: if Dae-woong doesn't want him to truly collapse, he'll follow quietl y. Remembering Mi-ho, Dae-woong asks his aunt to pull over, and threatens to jump o ut to force her to stop. He tells them he'll only confirm that she's fine and then h ead home. He runs all the way there, but when he gets to the loft he finds her looking muc h better, though her forehead is alarmingly cold. Mi-ho makes a few weak excuses that she's better, and that it's just because she worked too hard cleaning grills. Now that he's checked that she's okay, Dae-woong has to go back home until he can be assured that his grandfather won't fall ill again. Mi-ho tells him not to worry, and to come back ªto our homeº when Grandpa is better. It isn't until Dae-woong turns his back that she lets herself grimace; she'd been hiding her pain for his benefit . The words ªour homeº have a sobering effect on Dae-woong, who feels a jolt of surpri se for letting himself feel so comfortable with her. Therefore he is conflicted when she asks if he'll be able to return before her flowers wilt, because he doesn't want to feel this attachment to this ªhomeº they've cultivated together. This also makes him remember the petal that fell from the bouquet, which I suppo se can be interpreted in a few ways. In this scenario it serves as a reminder th at there's a time limit to how long he can hesitate, and that she can't wait forever before she starts to wilt, too. Then the lights start to flicker, which mirror Dae-woong's indecision. His grandfa ther calls, and he interprets that as a warning to come back to his senses. Afte r he leaves, Mi-ho finds that the light is out entirely Ð indicating that he has m ade his decision (for now). Once back at his family mansion, Dae-woong reminds himself that this is his real home, where the lights are bright. He tries to convince himself that it's better this way, with distance between himself and Mi-ho. On the other hand, Mi-ho announces happily to Dong-joo that she lost her tail, s o now she's not a gumiho but a palmiho (gu = 9, pal = 8). Dong-joo says it must have been incredibly painful. She agrees that it was, but has since forgotten the pain. Yet some of her cheer fades when he cautions that she'll have to go through that pain eight more times, each time more severe than t he last. Mi-ho is reluctant to show her pain to Dae-woong because she can't reveal her plan to become human yet. She is optimistic that she'll be able to tell him soon, thou gh, because Dae-woong is warming to her. Dong-joo considers the flowers a good sign, but calls her request for Dae-woong to like her a mistake Ð it drove him to run away from her. (On one hand, I'm glad th at the second lead isn't clinging to her with lies, but on the other hand Ð dude, ki lljoy much? Let the girl bask in her flowers!)

Mi-ho has also had enough of this buzzkill, so she bursts out, ªTeacher Dong-joo i s bad! You're a crap teacher!º The word she uses is literally ªdog teacherº and he notes that she's picked up on the Korean slang of adding ªdogº to turn words into swears, a nd she puns right back that he's a dog teacher literally (i.e., vet), which makes him a crap teacher as well. As she visits with the chicken shop ajumma, Mi-ho plucks the petals off a flower , alternating between ªHe'll returnº and ªHe won't return.º Unfortunately the flower predict s it is not to be, so she pouts in frustration¼ and then chews up the petal. LOL. Chicken shop ajumma tells Mi-ho she's done for if the in-laws have taken a stance against her. A similar scene unfolds on the drama playing on the TV, where a wom an pleads with her future in-laws to accept her. Mi-ho watches in dismay, as all of those objections apply to her as well. For instance, she's older than Dae-woon g, and by at least six hundred and some years. Brings new meaning to the term no ona-killer, huh? Dae-woong has been unusually quiet over the past few days, which perplexes his g randfather and aunt. He's trying to remind himself of Mi-ho's true nature, because f orgetting means he's seeing her as a woman, which indicates growing attachment. To this end, he loads a photo of a fox on his phone and tells himself that she's a scary fox. But then he notes that the fox isn't really scary after all. He thinks , ªIts eyes are round and it's cute¼ It kind of looks like Mi-ho.º (It might've worked if he actually picked an ugly photo, but he uses a damn cute one Ð he's not even trying that hard to resist, is he?) And then he suggests to the dog, Ddoong-ja, that he'll take her to see Mi-ho. Excu ses, excuses. The block of ice that passes for Hye-in's heart warms to hear that Grandpa heard a bout Dae-woong's injury and insisted he return home. This gives her the opportunit y to check out some of her suspicions, and she heads to the action school roof t o see the spot where she thinks Mi-ho jumped. Noting how high it is, she decides it's impossible. She runs into Dae-woong, who arrives with the dog, and is put out to hear that h e's here to visit Mi-ho. He evades her questions about Mi-ho's background, and this piques Hye-in's curiosity even more. Dae-woong retrieves the camcorder she gave him and returns it, which puts her in a mighty snit as she drives off angrily. She almost hits a pedestrian, but some how avoids making contact, and looks up in shock to see Mi-ho standing there, pe rfectly safe. I love that Mi-ho has taken to calling Hye-in ªahk-pul,º completely without irony an d based on one of Dae-woong's earlier explanations. The word means malicious inter net comments, and Mi-ho figures it applies to Hye-in, since she's a force who make s other people feel bad. (This is also why she calls chicken ajumma a fashionist a, after one of Dae-woong's wry remarks.) Hye-in checks the camcorder to make sure it wasn't broken, and therefore comes acr oss the footage of Mi-ho with all of her tails out. Not quite sure of the entire story but certain she's on to something big, Hye-in b eelines for the director's office to ask about the woman he's been looking for. She hears about the girl who can jump high and run superfast, then starts piecing th e various facts together.

As luck would have it, her father happens to be a doctor, and she asks him to pu ll strings to get Dae-woong's test results. At the empty loft, Dae-woong finds Mi-ho's phone, which she has left behind to cha rge. His mood turns annoyed to see that she'd called Dong-joo in the morning, and he leaves feeling rather miffed. But not so miffed that he doesn't indulge his curiosity Ð he heads for Dong-joo's clin ic. Not to see Mi-ho, oh of course not, but to get the dog checked out. Oh, you transparent boy. Your jealousy is showing. After a brief checkup, Dae-woong leaves the clinic feeling better than when he a rrived, because Mi-ho wasn't here after all. Dong-joo, on the other hand, wonders if this is indication that Dae-woong is sta rting to care more for Mi-ho. He's not particularly pleased with the prospect and muses, ªWill that human not betray her in the end, and die?º Taking the reverse route, Mi-ho makes her way to Dae-woong's mansion to see him. S he waits on the front steps of his house for a while, but finally decides that s he'd better not get caught by Grandpa and rises to leave. Elsewhere in the neighborhood, Dae-woong trudges home, disappointed that he didn't get to see Mi-ho and passing it off on the dog yet again. (He apologizes that D doong-ja didn't get to see her, because apparently it would totally kill his pride and sense of equilibrium to just admit that he missed her, already.) And, of course, they just avoid seeing each other as they turn adjacent corners. Argalkdhg;askdg. (Most hated cliche ever.) But thankfully Ddoong-ja barks, and Dae-woong catches sight of something on the ground. Looking closely, the flower petals spell ªWoongº Ð and not only that, they've be en GLUED onto the ground. (I crack up at the thought of Mi-ho carrying around he r tube of superglue, along with her flower bouquet, ªgroundskeeperº badge, tube of m oisturizer, and other random personal effects.) Dae-woong catches up to Mi-ho while she's still in the neighborhood, and her face lights up at the sight of him. She launches herself at his chest, hugging him ti ghtly. He doesn't even protest much this time, smiling as she clings to him. Dae-woong makes a half-hearted attempt to get her to stop hugging him, saying th at there are a lot of ªwatching eyesº in this neighborhood. Adorably, Mi-ho jokingly covers his eyes in response. When Mi-ho asks about his grandfather's health, Dae-woong explains that he'd grown m ore fearful after his parents died in an accident. He'd been hurt as well and ever yone thought he'd die too, and it was a miracle that he lived. Apparently Grandpa stayed by his side for 100 days holding his hand. Mi-ho smiles, ªThen your grandfa ther was your fox bead.º Commence cute date walk sequence! Dae-woong shows Mi-ho how to play badminton Ð which she knocks out of the park, li terally Ð and buys her a burger after seeing her drooling after another couple's lun ch. He even gives her his meat, making the excuse that he's full Ð again I say, YOU BIG SOFTIE Ð and this time, she even shares it with the dog. As their afternoon winds down, Dae-woong lets slip that he dropped by home, whic

h excites her because it's proof that he missed her. She wants to hear him say it out loud, though, and prods him to admit it. Dae-woong blusters and denies it, but she can tell that she's right. Enthusiastica lly, she declares that she missed him ªso so so so soooo much!º and that she likes h im ªso so so so sooo much!º She caps this off with her awkward finger-guns. Still, he's not ready to admit his feelings, and he overreacts when his grandfathe r asks if he went to see Mi-ho because he missed her. Dae-woong bursts out, ªI did n't miss her at all! Seriously, what's with everyone?º Smooooooth, dude. Mi-ho sings to herself while skipping along, ªDae-woong said he missed me, because he likes me. Then I should tell him too, that I'm going to be a person.º Dong-joo shows up, thinking she could use some company, not expecting to find he r in such a great mood. His smile fades when she announces she's going to tell Dae -woong that she's going to become human. Min-sook voices her worries to Doo-hong, asking if he can persuade Dae-woong to drop out. He's disappointed, but agrees to help. (I laugh at the movie poster behi nd him, titled ªSlave.º A nod to Sung's previous role in Chuno, perhaps?) Now that the awkward and bumbling phase of this courtship is over, frankly I don't find the adult romance very interesting. Perhaps that's why they hit a rough patc h to spice things up; their flirting is interrupted by Min-sook tripping yet aga in, spilling coffee all over his autographed DVD set Ð of (what else?) A Better To morrow. Hehe. This pushes him over the edge, and he loses his temper, scolding that she should have been more careful. His outburst is so over-the-top that Min-sook feels aff ronted and storms out in a huff. Over a dinner of fancy steak, Mi-ho confidently asserts that Dae-woong won't run a way if she tells him about the whole humanizing process, eager to get everything out in the open. Dong-joo feels somewhat reassured that Dae-woong won't betray Mi-ho, but that just addresses only one of the obstacles. He asks what she'd do if she didn't have Dae-w oong with her once she's human. (Because of the whole death and all, although Mi-h o remains ignorant of that bit.) Mi-ho answers, ªI can't be without him. I'm not staying with him because I need him, I'm staying because I like him. And my biggest reason for wanting to be human is be cause of our Dae-woong, too.º Dong-joo tries to reason with her, saying that it's better not to be with someone who knows her true identity; she's better off leaving him after the 100 days. She balks at that, which introduces a hard edge to Dong-joo's voice as he says tha t if she doesn't agree with him, he can't help her any further. On top of that, he r eminds her that he didn't tell her the full truth yet. ªIn order to become a human s afely, you absolutely need my help. I hope that you get what you want safely, wi thout dying.º Mi-ho refuses to agree to blindly follow Dong-joo's orders, and insists that she'll stay with Dae-woong as long as he doesn't object. After she leaves, Dong-joo says, ªIt's because I don't think you could handle his death.º Grandpa wants Dae-woong to get himself checked out by a doctor tomorrow, and Dae -woong agrees. This has all been cleverly laid out by Hye-in to serve her own en

Mi-ho insists that she's not bad. Not giving Mi-ho a chance to react. he plays with the light Ð on.ds. and she's not a bad person. secret plan? Hye-in intends to force Mi-ho into a physical checkup as well. she's not. whi le his two sidekicks collect Mi-ho and bring her there as well. The next day. to get to the bottom of her identity. and glumly sighs that in order fo r her to insist to Dong-joo that she will stay. Grandpa remembers that he'd initially liked Mi -ho. The reason for his reaction is because he's once again been thrown into ªconfusionº Ð hi s way of wording his growing attachment to Mi-ho. showing that perhaps there's hope for her yet. reminds . but to make sure Dae-woong doesn't know about it. Thankfully. He keeps ªforgettingº her identity . and asks. of course. Hye-in leads Mi-ho to an exam room and says with fals e concern that she wants Mi-ho to get an exam. knowing that she can't undergo testing and bring more trouble to Dae-woong. uncomfortable. ªCan't you just leave me alone?º And that gi ves Hye-in an opening to state what she really wants: If Mi-ho disappears. wanting to make sure that his physical returns normal results. given his previous dire diagnosis. The door bursts open and Mi-ho runs away. unnerved at the idea. and to reiterate an earlier motif. though we know better. The test results declare Dae-woong perfectly fit. she locks her in the room to await a doctor. ªWhat are you? Are you a monster?º She's rather proud at herself for orchestrating this whole scenario. Chasing her through the hallway. he's got to miss her. and much better than that Mi-ho. Hye-in jumps to conclusions. Mi-ho shows herself to ask confusedly. on the other hand. she w ill keep her mouth shut. and asks. and mask her ability to find D ae-woong. so she has to trust that Hye-in is taking her in the right direction. to everyone's relief and bewilde rment. Hye-in calls out her demand for Mi-ho to presen t herself. She makes it sound like this is for Miho's benefit. Which. Mi-ho doesn't find his reaction very reassuring. And what is her sly. but she's managed to fool Min-sook into thinking she's sweet and kind. and hastily hangs up. Mi-ho tries to suss out Dae-woong's feelings by asking how he'd feel if she wasn't wit h him after 100 days. ªWhat does it matter what I am? Why are you acting like this to me?º She hasn't done anything wrong. Dae-woong calls to check with Mi-ho that his body is healed now. accusing her of feeding Dae-woong some strange hoodoo medicine or doing otherwise sketchy things to him to bring about his miracul ous recovery. threatening to tell everybody about her. off. Hye-in also tells Byung-soo and Sun-nyeo to bring Mi-ho to the hospital. Hye-in leads Mi-ho to Dae-woong Ð or so she says Ð while Mi-ho looks around anxiousl y. Dae-woong. Dae-woong checks into the hospital for his full-body physical. but she didn't anticipate one thing: Mi-ho's super-strength. Hospitals smell strange to her. off Ð in dicating his indecisive mind. He's not prepared to answer. to make sure that nothing is amis s from the almost-car-crash. on.

º Mi-ho: ªEven if you don't need it. ªDae-woong. only to find that she's not there. she exits from the hospital after making her deal with Hye-in. It's a big change from the guy who used to run every time he was faced with the c onsequences of his irresponsibility. the separation doesn't last very long. and rushes off to return home. and we're starting to see that maturation in the way h e respectfully but firmly tells his family how he will act. but it's for a reason other than ªBut I really. but I do like that he's breaking fr om the mold of the standard second lead for once. and truth be told. energetic sense of fun for eight epi sodes straight. right?º Dae-woong: ªYes.them that he'd said he was fine. and our couple spends t he entire episode trying to kill me with their cuteness.º His eyes widen Ð the meaning sinks in Ð and she tells him. I'm not too upset about it. won't you?º Dae-woong: ªYeah. She has no choice. This drama has the expected lo ve triangle. So ra ther than feeling disappointed with this episode. he's not my favorite character. b ut it's not really a complaint so much as it's an observation. She sighs. From The Cute. 2010 | 202 Comments The recap in which girlfriday dies a thousand deaths. . telling herself that she'll have to disappear. you'll take care of it. I'm more impressed at how well t his drama has been able to carry its zippy. I think I'm going to have to disappear from your side.º Dae-woong starts to correct her and admit that he's kidding. but by what he believes is the right thing to do. He arrives at the loft in fantastic spirits. And for once. As for Dong-joo. bearing meat for a celebratory dinn er with Mi-ho. ªY ou didn't miss me much at all. That's a relief. you'll take care of my bead. but pa rticular in the first scene. which she accepts at face value. but she interrupts wi th something important to tell him: Mi-ho: ªEven if I don't scare you. take good care of it.º It's refreshing to have a major romantic obstacle be something that's not romantic at all. I enjoy how Dae-woong stands up to the adults all episode. really want her. Do you still not trust me?º Mi-ho: ªI trust you. He jokes that he didn't miss her very much and therefo re hadn't intended to come home soon. As Grandpa sensed. he's not acting out of selfish desire. Every drama has to fi nd a lull and we need a tone shift to correspond to the growing conflicts. Instead. Mi-ho is the catalyst by which D ae-woong will become a man. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 10 by girlfriday | September 9. but I like that Dong-joo isn't being set up as a romantic rival. teasing her when she asks if he c an come home early tonight. To everyone's relief. Dae-woong answers her phone call with a smile. this was the first to sort of feel a little flat for me. So even if I'm not with you.º COMMENTS Out of nine episodes. He h as a reason to keep the couple apart and he's being devious and manipulative. They pretty much succee d. On the upside.

who worries that Mi-ho s eems so sad. so she tells herself dejectedly that she'll just drop these off at home for Dae-woong. Mi-ho doesn't answer Dae-woong's calls. She says that she can come back to Dae-wo of him proudly. another interruption on her road to Disappearance TownÐGrandpa and Aunt Min-sook pull up next to her. and I'm already squealing like a pig-rabbit. except that she's eating. of course. asking why she's there all alone. I love that characters are told these sorts of things instead of having people suffer in noble silence. mumbling that she has to disappear . and then she'll disappear. They take her home and feed her more beef. Nice. and she won't tell him where she is. Dae-woong arrives at the hospital and calls her. and tells herself not to cry. to ask her what she said to Mi-ho. Mi-ho hurriedly shoves the beef in her mouth. and now you're going to make noth ing but a phone call and disappear? You¼go ahead and TRY to disappear like this. so that's out. EPISODE 10 RECAP Mi-ho calls Dae-woong to tell him that she has to leave his side. Eeeeep! I'm a minute in. She's g etting ready to leave. and that Mi-ho must be acting this wa y because of something Hye-in said. Dae-woong: Don't come back! Are you doing this because I didn't say that I misse d you? Last time you left without saying a word. The look on Da e-woong's face. to eat. and Grandpa apologizes for the misunderstanding an d tells her to get in the car. Dae-woong finds out from Byung-soo and Sun-nyeo that Hye-in orchestra ted something shady at the hospital today. by all the human beings who are in her life. Down with nobl e silence! Mi-ho leaves Grandpa's house with bundles of food. and a transformation fro m adorable-pants Dae-woong to awesome-pants Dae-woong. which she eats up in two seconds flat. It's a nice symbolic motif. otherwi a simple metaphor. And then. she gets stopped by the chicken shop ajumma. O n her way. so she's stuck . Gah! Decisive and manly Dae-woong KILLS ME. and he hears Byung-soo's voice in the b ackground. She schleps down th e street. the tears and the fox rain. I know it's such t's so evocative of mood that I ong when she can stand in front walk away. Mi-ho worries that she needs to se it'll rain. Byung-soo and Sun-nyeo show up. Grandpa dotes on her and feeds her more. and a great build-up to Dae-woong findi ng her. She's fighting with Dong-joo Teacher. but then. W here are you? ¼ Did you follow me all the way to the hospital for my check-up? And how is someone like that going to disappear from my side? Don't move a muscle and wait right there! I'll come find you. She starts to she doesn't want to leave¼ Just then. She quickly eats one last piece and says goodbye. asking Min-sook to pack up some food to take back and share with Dae-woong. She tells him everything. but i love it. wondering where on earth she's going to disappear to. She answers. but they insist she come with them to eat some beef. declarations. Meanwhile. who keep her tethered to this world. Dae-woong then does something awesomeÐhe goes straight to Hye-in.In this episode we have angst. disappear. You said the magic word! Off they go. Aw. Mi-ho gets stopped one by one. and says that she asked her to disa . angry and brimming with tears¼breaks my heart. makeovers. and can't say no to Grandpa or to beef. as a human being. I sort of love that in her attempt to disappear.

and only if her ªfr iendº Hye-in is cast as the lead.º She gives an evil look of purpose. Mi-ho hugs her chicken leg. to get new papers for Mi-ho. Hye-in tries to run away. but she wanted to do the human thing. and I love the mockery of that. S he says it's okayÐshe did threaten to eat him up in return. It starts to rain. with this new identity. Dae-woong: ªI miss you like crazy. and Hye-in walks away. Dae-woong shows up to the studio (with a tip-off from Byung-soo) and walks right in between the two girls and grabs Mi-ho's wrist (aargh) and stands between her a nd Hye-in. And a solution I'm totally fine with.º He hangs up. pouting to herself that she's out of excuses now. How cute.º Hye-in calls him crazy. Best subversion of rain cliché ever. and the rain stops. so don't concern yourself with her. feelings!) and insists she just leave them alone. thinking that she saved him from some disgusting mon ster. He says he's really really sorry.ppear. He looks up and smi les at the sky. as Dae-woong talks to Hye-in. and apologizes to Mi-ho for using her. trium phant. as king if he's got it backwards. Dae-woong: ªShe's not disgusting. and takes off running. That stings them both. He runs outside. Haha. unless somebody for ced her. so she asks if Mi-ho will do anything she asks. Dae-woong asks her to sto p crying. She sets it u p so that Mi-ho will only be the stuntwoman for the lead role. and he tells her to always wear wires even if s he doesn't need them. He helps her prep for the movie. Mi-ho sits at home and waits. Hye-in might end up being dinner! She finds Hye-in in the parking lot and scares her by moving a parked truck with her bare hands. but whatever) and says that she could've scared her. thinking that Mi-ho is here to threat en her. deciding that she can't leave now. Dae-woong: ªI¼miss you. and tells him that she'll be going to Japan in a few m onths' time. but Hye-in gets the last w ord in. demanding to know what Hye-in is doing to her. Ruh-roh. She realizes the only thing to do is to ªtake care of that woman. She cries like a little girl. I have no intention of having her leave me. He tur ns around to see that it's raining outside. so I can get to you quickly. Dog Teacher. if he keeps being this aweso me. He asks him t o prepare a house in Japan. we'll just see about that. Sneaky.º as tears fall. and introduces Mi-ho as her friend. ªWoong-ah. and calls Mi-ho. She tells he r everything (unnecessarily. would never leave my side. which is of course a st . and to pretend that she's tired. I'm not going to get through this recap. She fakes being a weak girl. just as Dae-woong is. He realizes there's only one way to stop her from crying. Shady Emo Hair meets a shady contact. I don't w ant to go. sinc e I care not about the movie. Dae-woong: ªI don't want to get rained on. and he confirms that he is (yay.º She s tops crying immediately in shock. but it turns out she's here to¼ask for a break. They go over the script. Oh. At home. Stop crying. You have to stop crying¼so I can go to you. Hye-in sees yet another opportunity to tur n this in her favor. but she can't stop the tears. or a monster. at which he slides his hand down to hold Mi-ho's hand . Eeek! He takes her by the hand and they start to walk away. But she doesn't want to leave. or what she is. and that she'll be usin g her. when Dae-woong's fi nally confessed that he missed her. Dae-woong feels really guilty about it. She gets indignant. who finally answers. and sighs in relief. as his heart drops.º Ack! I swear. And Mi-ho. She says she's found that Mi-ho is useful after all. She takes her to Director Ban.

you Big Softie Chicken Leg. fantasizing about life as P ark Sun-joo: driving. he retires all of his A Better Tomorrow accoutrements. She says it's her character's reaction. God. with one can of bubbly soda and a flash of his couple ring. moved by his words. I love his overreact ion. He finally tries one last gran d gesture. Mi-ho leans on his shoulder. when my clothes were wet with your tears. it's because she's so pretÐbut then catches himself before ªpretty. saying that none of that matters if Dae-woong isn't next to her. trying to brin g her drinks to flirt. so she tells Mi-ho not to come to the awards ce remony party. At home she looks at all her new official documents. asking what she's doing. I want to prot ect you. so he starts to recite: Dae-woong: At first. Dae-woong puts a stop to that right away.º Ha. The other stuntmen start paying attention to Mi-ho. I told myself I would just wait until they dried. she says that his last words weren't in there either. Rain that can't be stopped. but Director Ban is too engrossed in his own love life to be more than grumpy pants day after day. When he accepts his award. Mi-ho wants to hear him deliver some of the lines in the movie. the clouds grew bigger. graduating university. [He pauses as the wo rds become his own. Mi-ho gets to a point in the script where her character gets undressed in a love scene.ory that mirrors their ownÐa tragic love story between a woman who gives her heart to a man and disappears. But then. He says. but warns h er that in order to do so. you can't fool us. since Min-sook is refusing his calls after the coffee-on-precious-dvd incident. She's sad about missing the party. and runs away to his bed. who worries about Hye-in knowing her identity. Oh. that he messed up his lines then. Rehearsals begin on the movie. She asks if he worries about her when she's around other people. and gets all bug-eyed (even more than usual) with jealousy. the skies darkened. and he starts to say. crying dramatica lly as he says goodbye to Chow Yun-fat. ca n't be avoided. falls down on me¼Where do I go? I've lost my way. She tells hi m to go ahead to the party and that she'll meet him there. He shrugs her off.] Though I try to run far. Hye-in sees Dae-woong and Mi-ho being cute together. and ends up going out with Dong-joo. w ho know her as Mi-ho. and in prep aration. Oh . she has to leave Dae-woong and everyone around him. . He invites her to a ceremony where he's receiving an award. Mi-ho sits at home. and rejects his offer for her t o become Park Sun-joo when she becomes human. and a man who must endure alone without her. and says that he hopes that ªsomeoneº will know his true feel ings. you! Mi-ho goes to see Dong-joo. She frowns as the words sink in. having lots of money. the things we do for love. so he takes her shopping for a new outfit (obligatory makeover scene!) where she picks a brown shirt because it's her favorite colorÐcow. Min-sook squeals in delight and starts to cry. I must've been rained on¼and lost my mind. But she shuts down her own fantasy. Aw. and rain that blocked my path came down. He tells her it's because she's never lived life as Sun-joo yet. keh. and when Dae-woong says that's not in the script. and treat you well. I keep coming back. tear s still brimming. as Grandpa laughs. and Dae-woong spits out that she's not doing scenes like that! ªYou're just do ing the action scenes! Don't even read that part!º HAHAHA. He pr esents her with all her new papers to start her new life as a human. not-so-Chow-Yun-fat-Lite-anymore signals Min-sook wit h his silly head roll. Haha. Keh. dejected that she can't go to the party.

still annoyed about Dong-joo¼. and realizes that there's some connectio n with physical contact with other women. who knows the real her. She tells Dong-joo that when she's wit h Dae-woong. and Sun-nyeo gets drunk an d tells Dae-woong that she's done having feelings for him now. it feels like a lie. Director Ban wonders if Min-sook saw him on tv. She doesn't think that's right.He then takes her to a university alumni party that she can attend with her new identity. and that he needn't give this up for her. She apologizes that he has to lie because of her. Heh. and Mi-ho's fox bead. and even though sh e hesitates to give up her bag from Dae-woong because it holds things that are p recious to her. but he insists he can feel it. and asks where she went dressed like that. knocking over all his memorabilia. partying with Dong-j oo. I mean it. and Dae-woong has just enough time to grab a ne aby squid (HA) to put in front of his lips. but wants to say go odbye with one last kiss¼ She grabs his face and leans in. Mi-ho asks Dae-woong what he's to ld his friends and family about her. buddy. Hye-in overhears this. and wonders exactly how close they're getting. Oh my god. He stops in his tracks. I'm dying.º Oh. ªI'm worried about Mi-ho. Dong-joo gives her a passport. He says that particularly when she's with Dong-joo. when she saunters into his offic e. She realizes that she left her stuff with Dong-joo. Hye-in comes up to Dae-woong. he can feel that it has the same effect if she's with another man. giving that name. He tells her to leave on the hundredth day. T his is so funny. he tells her that this new bag completes the look. but I see where you're going with this. He freaks out to Byung-soo to keep S un-nyeo away. just like this. Dae-woong wonders what's taking her so long. He hasn't said anything yet. but then she walks in. Dae-woong looks her up and down again. Dae-woong gets huffy about her being out dressed like this. Hye-in: ªI'm really wor ried about you. snap! He goes to find her. And I love it. Meanwhile. asking if he's still mad at her. wondering if she's been physically too close to Dong-joo. Dae-woong comes home and wonders where Mi-ho is. . that would be your HEART. I mean it. saying t hat she can go anywhere with this. Dong-joo buys Mi-ho a purse that goes better with her outfit. He gets up to go find her. startled at her p urty duds. HAHAHAHA.º He counters. a nd that he'll help her. but Dae-woong says that it's not him he's worried aboutÐsomething very bad wil l happen to Mi-ho. but when she's pretending to be someone else. he can feel s omething hurting in his chest. He tells her that just like his sharing his ki with another woman is harmful to her fox bead. but plans to com e up with a story soon enough. since he tried the chicken shop and she's not answering her phone either. Byung-soo thinks he's overre acting. Mi-ho comes out of her party right away. it's so comfortable. W ell that's not the fastest plan ever. dressed as Chow Yun-fat Lady. She tells him that she liked everything about h im. and hands her a wallet with her ID as Park Sun-joo.and then he r ealizes a solution. She totall y falls for it. Dong-joo muses to himself that she needs to forget one thing at a time. saying that people treated her like the real Park Sun-joo. and that she was too close for comfort. no¼10 meters dist ance from now on!º You're killing me Show. Dae-woon g: ªYou were CLOSE?! That's why I feel this way! At least 5 meters¼no. and it made her uneasy. leaving Hye-in huffing. Yeah. She enters the party. still dressed to the nines. who tells her he'll bring them back next time. They embrace.

Even that ring. which I totally dig. which just makes her angrier. Show. 2010 | 197 Comments Yay. I'm talking to you. which drew a hu ge sigh of relief from me. Hye-in tells Mi-ho to leave her ring behind. and when she does. letting it slip that the ring was initially Hye-in's to begin with. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 11 by javabeans | September 15. it shifts the dramatic weight of everything. and I always love when latent conflict bubble . The next day he se ts out to return Mi-ho's bag. Mi-ho looks over her documents. a good episode! I was a little nervous that the drama might start to falter . Dong-joo looks at Mi-ho's phone. pig-rabbit's hairpin. just because he's jealous? Adorable. and Dae-woong doesn't have any scenes. That w ay. ªWhat are you doing?º but i t's too late. what with the stresses of the live shoot and last week's disappointing Monday ep isode. falling from the scaffold¼ COMMENTS I love the heightened drama of his kiss with another womanÐit's not just a betrayal or fodder for jealousy. But this episode was chock full of emotional developments. since he started out so pathetic and cowardly. Mi-ho catches her and gets it back. So glad we don't have to go thro ugh a round of Find My Precious. He muses that it's going to be hard to forget like this. all the forthright declarations make my day. and he totally loves it. because those continue to be m y favorite. When you raise the stake s that high. wondering why her fox bead is acting up. and seeing them work through all the obstacles. Mi-ho entrusts her ring to Dae-woong and climbs up on a scaffold to prepare for her first stunt. since I know how the Hong sisters are with trinkets. and faints. which is when Hye-in swings around and grabs him for a kiss. Seriously. I may have t o marry you. how can two people be so CUTE? It defies the laws of the univ erse! Later that night. As expected. Hye-in threatens to harm Dae-woong and the fox bead. which have bee n building steadily to this point. In his Emo Lair. Mi-ho feels the pang from her fox bead. It's the first day of the movie shoot. His growing assertivene ss is really a sight to behold. I t's also great that we're not skipping too far ahead in their relationship. they'll truly earn each other's hearts. in order to harm her. once they get there. because I like the gradual steps. Once again. I think it's¼over here¼º reveling in the physical c ontact. and when he looks for her. was returned right away. but he's here to watch Mi-ho. He directs her. How awesome is it that Dae-woong is using the fox bead to keep Mi-ho away from other men. he sees Hy e-in from behind in the same costume. full of calls from Daewoong. Dae-woong gets some bubbly soda for Mi-ho.She puts her hand on his chest. That's right. which I thought for sure was going to end up in Hye-in's clutches. I continue to be owned. but a matter of life and death. and assumes it's Mi-ho. she tries it on herself. contemplating the huge decisio n ahead. and he pushes her away. shouting. He goes right up to her. No! She plants one on him. ªNo. as I don't have to stew o ver silent noble idiots in this drama. by this drama. That's not to say that I don't love the jealous bits. In the dressing room. heart and soul.

Advancing on Hye-in. I'll kill you. who wears a forbidding expressio n on his face. Hm. Her shove sends him flying into more props. ªIf you want to live. and his eyes widen to see Mi-ho lying unconscious on the mat.º She reaches for a heavy prop to throw at Hye-in. then goes out. Mi-ho loses consciousness and falls off the scaffolding. yobo. Weep. where Mi-ho tracks her down and p revents her escape. [ Downl oad ] EPISODE 11 RECAP Feeling the damage to her fox bead. narratively speaking. Dae-woong shoves Hye-in off his lips angrily. Hye-in finds her exit path blocked by Dong-joo. (Best use of the back-hug ever!) He turns her around to face him but maintains his tight grasp as he tearily says that he's sorry. ªDie. Her eyes are ringed with blue. bringing Mi-ho back to her normal self. Thankfully she lands on the safety mat below.s over to the surface.) . Glaring with her blue eyes. Dong-joo grabs her to deliver one more warning: ªIf you do someth ing stupid like this again. The blue light flares in her eyes. but as that would cause more problems t han it'd solve. SONG OF THE DAY Lyn ± ª º (Jagi. so I love that he gets so fierce here. ªDie. which is when Dae-woong jumps i n front to take the brunt of the force. run a way. Mi-ho growls at her. her expression contains no hint of her usual sweetness Ð inst ead. Wounded emo Gumiho Hunter's a little weak. love). As Hye-in flees. Dae-woong manages to persuade him against it. little scrunchy-faced brat.º and for once Hye-in looks like she regrets h er actions. Hye-in hurries off the set. The director wants to call for a doctor. ªyoboº is w se. the sign that her gumiho n ature is slipping out of her control. but pissed-off vengeful Gumiho Hunter? Way hotter. The commotion grabs his attention. which she'd asked him to hold for her. Ominously. He tells her she's been very foolish Ð her ki has damaged the bead. I hope the title isn't supposed to be a chronological progression. ªJagiº is what you call a girl/boyfriend.º But as she reaches for her adversary. Mi-ho sends boxes crashing down around Hye-in and corners he r in a dead end. Mi-ho repeats. (Also more in teresting. but she tells him grimly to move aside. s o Mi-ho will now try to kill her. I admit to never finding Dong-joo that compelling as a character (or actor) desp ite the pretty. Dae -woong runs to intercept her (trampling the ring in the process) and grabs Mi-ho in a desperate hug. When Mi-ho wakes up. He pleads with Mi-ho to stop.º He says her stupid jealousy ªshattered the hope and expectations in her heart. she looks PISSED.º Thoroughly scared. and something falls out of his pocket Ð her ring . weep. he warns. but the injury is mor e about her bead than the fall.

Dae-woong reacts with some jealousy to see Dong-joo looking after Mi-ho. For instance. She admits that she'd been hoping that if she liked Dae-woo ng enough. An d in fact. Dong-joo warns Mi-ho that her second death is coming. and this ªmonster-likeº side was totally normal.º I love Dae-woong's response. See ing that Dae-woong's bleeding from when she shoved him. and now feels burdened with guilt over how she must have scared him all this while with her forwardness . She'll start losing her powe rs. She apologizes for cl inging. too. He plays off her self-hatred of showing her ªmonste rº side in saying that someone who knows her true identity will always see her as a gumiho. Realizing that he has dropped Mi-ho's ring. he'd like her back. She'd never even considered leaving at the end of the 100 days. I'm sorry for that. She acted like a girlfriend. He explains that because Mi-ho's feelings have been hurt. Mi-ho has realized her nature. and the air is strained with an abundance of male ego as he confronts his rival. because Hye-in was reacting to fin ding out that the couple ring was initially meant for her. Mi-ho contradicts him.º Dong-joo returns that he heard a lot about Dae-woong. What's compelling and moving and complicated about this moment is that both a re feeling guilty for their part in hurting the other. and says just as pointedly . It's doubly meaningful that he frames her behavior as huma n. Dong-joo advises her to start ªpracticingº how to live without Dae-woong. Dae-woong waves aside his head injury and asserts that this was al l his fault. but Dae-woong is so intent on finding the ring that he waves the head wound aside impatiently and asks for help in his search. not able to s mell him this time. Byung-soo sees the dried blood on his forehead and freaks out. saying that she could have killed Hye-in tod ay.Mi-ho's bead didn't break from the kiss. she worries that she hurt him.º Dae-woong insists that she's no monster and that she's not the least bit scary. because she's like a child realizing a painful tru th for the first time. Dong-joo finds Mi-ho and again tries to convince her that she must leave Dae-woo ng at the end of the 100 days. I was a scary and hated monster. he tells her to wait as he returns to the set to look for it. and it imbues the scene w ith added tension. to diminish the distance between them and frame this incident as something th ey can overcome. but she says that him running in fear of her feelings is the same as Hye-in running in fear of physical harm. he has to start with healing that. but she's already aware of her hearing and smelling losing their sharpness. and she downplays it as a small injury. ªBut since I can't leave right away either. Mi-ho's spirit n eeds to literally heal from the damage to her bead. There's a nice double meaning to that. even though Mi-ho doesn't buy it: He says that she did nothing wrong today. si nce it works on a literal level as well as on the figurative one. and hurt him: ªLike she said. since this is the way a real human might react if she thought her boyfriend had cheated. Dae-wo ong pointedly thanks him for taking care of ªour Mi-hoº and says he has to go to ªour home. but now she's starting to believe she may have to. Furthermore. she doesn't react at all to Dae-woong's arrival behind her. Mi-ho takes the blame for today. Mi-ho's trembling voice kills me.

so he doesn't understand what the problem is. She pleads to be left alone and offers to stay away from Mi-ho and to quit the movie in exchange. ªSince coming into this human world. ªI'll buy you meat. She answers that even if he doesn't like another woman.º Dong-joo answers that he's half-human. and he storms ou t in frustration. He wants her to continue to interfere with the couple. and trusting in you. following you. Dae-woong tells her apologetically that he couldn't find the ring. and he's further surprised at her plan to earn he r own living. Repulsed. Her despondent mood worries him. and that she took advantage of him . She explains. and watches her working in puzzlement. She notes sadly that he still wouldn't say that he could like her. Mi-ho looks at the world with new eyes. and instructs her to keep acting as she has been.º but she returns. Dae-woong tells Mi-ho that he didn't share his ki with Hye-in. . Now I have to prepare how to live without yo u. Dong-joo finds Hye-in much more agreeable now that he's struck the fear of God into her. she'll go. noticing that everyone else is working h ard to earn a living: ªBut aside from liking Dae-woong. Mi-ho believes that. Dae-woong's first reaction is to take the route of denial. I haven't done anything. but she tu rns that down. but not his heart. ªFor how long?º Stumped by Mi-ho's new attitude. I think I w as only living to look good to you. Her response shocks him. and keep wearing his. Mi-ho pick s up some work from the chicken ajumma and brings home dolls on which to glue ey es.º Trying to cheer her up. Meanwhile. because she tells him th at he doesn't have to. he can't like her. but he hasn't let his brain catch up to his heart yet and is tak ing out his frustration on her. but his reaction indicates that it's been a while since he's thought of them in those terms. that he could give her his he art. and bought eggs on the way ho me Ð she can't afford meat yet. Taken off-guard. At home. as though he's happy with her answer. she asks if he's ªlike Mi-ho. too. Despite Mi-ho's calm. and says she won't give him any more trouble Ð after the 100 day s are over. Those words are rather jarring Ð Dae-woong concedes that he had used those words. She realized today that it was wrong of her to a sk him to like her. it's likely that a small part of her was stil l hoping he'd contradict her and say that she's wrong. Dae-woong wonders if the injury to her bead has a lso broken her faith in him. Yet her easy agreement doesn't make him any happier. nor does he have to wear his ring. Then he storms right back in to take issue with the way she confided in Dong-joo and told him about their contract relationship. Dae-woo ng replies that he'll find her ring. I've been acting wi thout any plans Ð just liking you. But Dong-joo answers that she has to do some thing for him. She's going to feed herself now. but she'll make do with this. but as sures her he'll get it tomorrow. Trying to figure out how to return their relationship to normal. Dae-woong is obviously dying to ask her to stay.º Deci ding to take Dong-joo's advice and practice for life without Dae-woong. in order to help Mi-ho get over Dae-woon g.that he knows they're in a contract relationship. He can gi ve her food. pragmatic words. he offers to buy her some prime quality beef. Dae-woong insists.

He's further bothered when Mi-ho says that the next time she's sick. but she hastens to cut their encounter as sh ort as possible. Chow Lite and the Aunt of Uncon trollable Bodily Responses pop up onscreen. h . It's funny that every time Mr. he's unable to get inside. He wonders if it's the bead acting up. but damned if he'll step aside and let Emo Hair accept her mispl aced gratitude! He's mollified when Mi-ho thanks him.) More adult romance. When she wakes up in the morning. but we see the reason for it as she ru ns down the street. I concede that the scene worked because of one joke or new angle that kept it fresh. That spurs Dae-woong into action. It's like he knows it's not classy to demand credit. and as he doesn't have the key on him. asleep at the bedside. and Director Ban is finally ready to put on his Big Boy Pants and tell his daughter the truth. Sun-nyeo wrinkles her nose. and he kicks the door in. he starts to make the introductions¼ at which point Min-so ok lets out a small. then gives Dae-woong the advice that being with her will be more helpful tha n the medicine. I love that Dae-woong tells Mi-ho that he was actually the one who helped (all w hile saying. I find myself groaning ªNot again¼º but in the end. I can't stop there. All I can do is not show you that I like you. she'd like Dong-joo with her. but one slips out anyway. So wh en Sun-nyeo approaches. rushing to where she lies on the ground clutching her heart. Director Ban chases her down to declare that there's no reason for her to run. your ears may all tingle with the force of my squee. ªI'm not sure if I should say this.The next day. fart. thinking to herself: Mi-ho: ªWoong-ah. which means Mi-ho might be in trouble. Dae-woong tends to Mi-ho through the night. and rushes home. If I'm going to slowly distance myself fr om you. I like you so much that now. and when sh e asks. Such is the case this time: Min-sook is invited to the set. Frantic. and takes her hand to say that he's so rry. Mi-ho covers her mouth to contain her cries of pa in. ªDoesn't it¼ smell?º Again. Symbolism! (I can't tell you how much I am hopin g he busts out his trusty superglue to plaster more pictures on that bed. Dae-woong goes to Dong-joo to ask for painkillers. He's let down at her eagerness to get away.º he vows that he's not. She asks. but audible. Dae-woong finds the front door locked. but he cuts the search short when he feels pangs in his chest. I can't pretend I don't like you. He wakes up later that morning in his own bed.º Back in the loft. He's right: Mi-ho lies at home in extreme pain as she experiences her second death . All I can do is keep from begging you to like me. in time to hear Mi-ho thanking Do ng-joo for the medicine. Dong-joo plays along although he understands what's really going on. I think I'll have to run really hard. Dae-woong returns to the set to look for the ring. but she leaves so q uickly so that he can't. runs from the set. and if that happens. ªAren't you ashamed?. mortified. Hearing Dae-woong at the door. and Min-sook. either. with the excuse that it's for the dog. he's still holding her hand. He offers to accompany her to the film set. Dae-woong sees that the pictures of meat that Mi-ho had glued to her bed are about to fall off. but¼º).

although M i-ho notes that Hye-in is scarier when she smiles. Mi-ho agrees. ªI have to leave after 100 days. I know all sorts of things. Getting out the red pen. ªBe careful. so he suggests that he call Mi-ho for a meal ou t. which is near his school.º As she works on gluing doll eyes. He'll take her tomorrow. the n whispers.º (Love her. but Dae-woong prods Grandpa into playing the Weak Old M an card to get Mi-ho to agree. thinking Mi-ho's home. tapping Hye-in on the head like she just cursed he r with some voodoo. because Mi-ho is l ess likely to turn Grandpa down. Since she's an undocumented gumiho (ergo no traveling papers). he points out that she's being very cool-headed about this. but Mi-ho is n't offended and agrees. Dae-woong tries to think of a way to get her a ttention. as Dong-joo advises. then adds another to represent today. ªYou're going to get gradually ug lier. reminding her that the y'd wanted to travel to a place like that. and is alarmed a t how fast they're zooming by. ªSince I'm not human. but Mi-ho tells her to wait and see. Grandpa's gone (supposed ly he got too hungry and left early). they can't go abroad to the location itself. however. ªDo I have to prepare for life without her too?º He refers to the countdown chart to see how many days are left. Hye-in is pleased to hear tha t Mi-ho's only going to be around for three months. Dae-woong broods about Mi-ho's newfound independence. On the movie set. Excitedly. Moodily. but she tells him. and as silly as their romance can be. Mi-ho notices the board has been erased. This gives him an idea. He sees the camcorder ad and shows it to Mi-ho. Mi-ho declines at first. They're not the st ars of this drama.º Hye-in tries to regain the upper hand by saying at least she's human. making up the excuse that she's busy and can't go. wanting to see it. Then she remembers her new decision and changes her mind. When she arrives.ays no. If I . Left at home. and Mi-ho declares. Hye-in asks what she just did.º Then she wav es her hand in a pseudo-mystical gesture and says some gibberish words. but I suppose you could say they're the stars of their own live s. Dae-woong perks up at the sound of someone arriving at the loft. wondering. Hye-in approaches Mi-ho with friendliness for once. I can appreciate th e way the corny excess of their melodrama fits the movie motif. These two have been making a string of cheesy puns/jokes about filming their own movie in their minds. but the smile is wiped off her face when Mi-ho informs her that Dae-woong still wouldn't pick her. Dae-woong erases a whole row of red X's (aw!) to buy them another ten days or so. she re-marks the days to bring the m back to the previous count. She's a totally mean gumiho. which poses a bit of a pro blem Ð unless she uses the name Park Sun-joo.º Hye-in blusters that Mi-ho's joking. but he has mana ged to find a place that looks just like it. so they're playing out the narrative of their grand romance. throwing in a ªhoi-hoiº for good measure. he amends the words to ªMy friend Mi-ho is a heartless gumiho. ignoring Dae-woong's unconvincing protest s that she's mistaken. but it turns out to be Grandpa. When he starts singing hi s song again. because ªWoong knows how horribly mean you are. Making the excuse that he'd made a mistake.) Mi-ho is asked to fill out a form for her employment. Dae-woong p resses her to reschedule.

ªYeah. I'm g oing to ask her to keep her hold on me. a round of applause for our hero. excited at hi s confirmation. and to look away when I talk to you.º She asks him if it's true that Mi-ho is leaving within three months. then meets D ong-joo for a celebration of Park Sun-joo's birthday. and finds her envelope of documents. Dae-woong heads back to the set with a flashlight to look for it. and refuse to go when I want to go somewhere?º Keeping her gaze averted. w ill it be possible to return to Dae-woong?º Now it's time for the other shoe to drop. It's both in a literal and fig urative sense. he sees the passport and paper s bearing the name of Park Sun-joo. he r uns into Hye-in but declines her request to talk. saying. I'm possessed and I've lost my mind. Carrying the documents. Dae-woong finally finds the ring. He also finds Mi-ho's cell phone left behind. ªEven if it takes some time. Dong-joo replies.º Looking at the ad. adding that he means they'll be in separate worlds. ªCha Dae-woong won't be in this world then.º Hurt. he demands to know. but also Mi-ho's firs t day living as her. etc. Dae-woong comes home thinking of Byung-soo's comment regarding Mi-ho's employment fo rms. Inside. ªIs your practice to quit the things I give you. job. it'll be harder later.º Everyone. Thankfully. (Urgh! I suppose it wouldn't be a Hong siste rs drama without the dramatic just-barely-missed-each-other scenario. she thinks. she says yes. Mi-ho is grateful for Dong-joo's help in securing her a new identity.keep going places like that with you.º But he says it in a vague way. Hye-in declares that he's been possessed by her. He admits plainly . because Mi-ho asks hopefully that if she does that. since it's the official date on Sun-joo's record. Dong-joo presents Mi-ho with a cake and congratulates Sun-joo on being born. So you and your sane mind shouldn't bother trying to understand or care. Just then. It's a little heartbreaking when we get to the real motivation for this decision. ªPracticing is too painful. no longer a man-child! Mi-ho fills out her work application with Park Sun-joo's information. having spent the night there. I don't want to get free of her. leaving her to interpret that in the standard metaphorical sen se. and a text from Dong-joo with the ad dress of their meeting place. Dae-woong heads directly t here Ð but passes Mi-ho on her way out. He's unsuccessful.º Remembering the lost ring. and starts putting the pieces together. but tells hi m she won't accept the other stuff (money. ªNo. I said I was going t o practice for leaving. ªI have nothing to say to you. even if it's difficult. and Byung-soo finds him hunched on the set in the morning. After he leaves. saying shortly. Until he tells her firmly.) She wants to take care of th at herself. would it?) . smiling in relief. ªI want to go [to] there . Mi-ho starts to cry.º Face hardening. It hurts more than losing my tails. Dae-woong tells her that leaving is some thing you don't practice for Ð you do it all at once.

º Eee! There's something so Korean about those words.º Dae-woong mulls this over and over. ªBecause you like me. and he says. I like you. ªMi-ho. Dae-woong heads there alone. ªIs it okay that I'm different from you?º He answers. my gi rlfriend. Approaching her. because he hadn't known that Dong-joo knew about Mi-ho's real identity. take responsibility for me. don't go. say. He's startled at Dong-joo's answer that the name will let the gumiho li ve as human. ªIt's not okay.º Finally. everything's ok ay. and offers to sing one for her. and has been used to euphemize marriage. That night. marriage or parenthood or whatnot.º that elicit s this mad fangirl rush in the cockles of my heart. ªBut because I liked you. It's not that I needed you to lik e you. I do n't like you because it's okay to like you Ð it's that because I like you. He asks. She also explains that ªborrowingº the name Park Sun-joo will help her become human in the legal sense. a serious commitment on an emotional level that transcends the legalities o f. but I like you.º declaring that she ought to get a special son g. ªIf you need me. having had the same idea t o visit ªtheirº spot. Dae-woong notes that she didn't get a song. ªHalf of me is like her. use me. ªDid you u se me to become human? Did you like me because you needed me?º She shakes her head no. Don't leave me. Stick close to me. he ends the song on ªI like her. He thinks back to all of Mi-ho's declarations of liking him. Dong-joo explains. He sto ps after one line of ªHappy Birthday. and she says. a non-human. and revels in her birthday activities like receiving presents a nd a cake. the declaration! This gives Mi-ho the assurance to confide in him. and then launches into his ditty about his friend the gumiho.Dae-woong finds Dong-joo sitting alone at the table and demands to know who Park Sun-joo is.º Ela ted but cautious. and finally arrives at the truth of his own feelings : ªMi-ho. Mi-ho asks. And if she never returns to their loft. But in exc hange. ªtake responsibility. he tells her. care.º And then. pregnancy. he switches the words again Ð she's back to being the ªcute gumihoº rather th an the heartless meanie. he looks over to see Mi-ho standing nearby. what then? Thinking of the building near school that was supposed to be their stand-in for the picturesque ad. It's such a loaded phrase. It's absurd and outrageous and crazy. This time. assuring him that she could have used any person to hold her bead. and/or partnership Ð basica lly. she explains the details of the bead transfer.º Dong-joo informs him that Mi-ho is preparing all the details to live on without him: ªSo when she wants to leave. I'm going to become a human. Furthermore. now I can tell you. I needed you. wondering if Mi-ho was intending to live wit h Dong-joo with her new name. although she still re mains oblivious to the part where Dae-woong dies upon giving it back to her. all you have to do is let her. To cap things off.º Mi-ho wonders what ªgirlfriendº means¼ so he holds her hand and pulls her toward himse .º Happily.º But it doesn't matter to Dae-woong. she explains that the bead will let her become human.

and let's be honest. although he's not perfectly selfish. Shin Mina « Kim Ah-joong takes the lead in medical investigation drama Better (and funn ier) posters for Runaway » 197 Comments from the Beanut Gallery 1 2 3 . Lee Seung-gi. It's definitely an interesting dynamic. I sort of equate him to the Disapproving Best Fr iend Ð you know. Dong-joo. that gets tiresome. on the other hand. ignoring the friend's feelings in her own d istaste for the hated boyfriend. This best friend might be acting out of concern . I am a big fan of r eversals and twists. but I'm sure we all know the girl who takes this a step too far and starts actin g out of her own motivations rather than genuine care for her friend. which is a great thing in my book. COMMENTS My favorite thing about this episode wasn't the cute romancey stuff Ð though that ne ver hurts Ð but the reversal it presented in the relationship. tell his noona to screw off. let's face it. is an interesting character because he doesn't fit in to an existing archetype. either. and it makes the buildup preceding it that much more satisf ying when we finally change up the rules a bit. I love that Mi-ho's decision to withdraw forces him to confront his feelings. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho. selfish and a littl e conceited. RELATED POSTS My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Pop Culture: Gumiho Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Tags: featured. (Also. I have seen way too many dra mas where they're just interfering because they want the hero/heroine for themselv es. mad props to the spoiled man-child for being so bold and straightforward with the declaration. he doesn't want her for himself. At least here. Part of why I loved him regardless was because I knew this point wo uld come. the girlfriend who thinks her best friend is dating a loser and k eeps telling her to break up with him. and that makes it so much more enjoyable to see him grow a pair. like Hye-in's ambition to be a movie star. He didn't half-ass it. and then out of fear o f Dong-joo's retribution. they're both operating o n other motives. Dae-woong finally stops being the pursued and becomes the pursuer.) I also like that this drama gives the second leads additional reasons for their actions other than pure jealousy or possessiveness. For example. He isn't in love with Mi-ho. and he isn't purely benevolent. even though he c ould have and still gotten what he wanted. and declare his feelings openly.lf for a kiss. i nstead of hiding behind pride and facades. and it makes up for his earlier actions which were. right? Cal l her the Spiteful Cockblocker.

2010 at 9:45 AM Ok in that scene I squealed so loudly that I got thrown out of the libra ry XD (0) Reply 3. 2010 at 10:00 PM I really love the new song they played at the church scene.1 Daewoong s girl October 1st. Finally. and this kiss woo-hoo. Can anyone explain to what Dong joo said to the lil boy in the preview in ep 12? Is he another creature? (0) Reply . Lee seung gi's voi ce is just perfect.NEXT » 1 miniejungle September 15th. Ahhh. 2010 at 11:38 PM hahahhah LOLLOLOLO OMG I scared like shizz and then everyone in Mcdo nalds just stared!! ahah (0) Reply 4 alyssia September 15th. Dae-Woong accepted his true feeling . 2010 at 9:54 PM thanks so much for the recap! this episode is jjang!!! (0) Reply 1. 2010 at 9:59 PM Thank you for the speedy recap.1 kiki September 16th. HOI HOI! (0) Reply 3 Soyachan September 15th. (0) Reply 3. 2010 at 9:55 PM OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO AWESOME! I love you javabeans.1. Not to mention the lyrics are so in tune with the situation. 2010 at 7:15 PM agreed! :) (0) Reply 2 sl September 15th.1 Agatha September 16th.

2010 at 10:03 PM I've seen a lot of k-dramas . best first kiss ever! And how it's like DW to pick a momen t for a kiss! I literally screamed at my screen totally unexpected and sweet. 2010 at 10:10 PM YAAAYYYY. 2010 at 8:42 AM Dong Joo said something like. 2010 at 10:08 PM OMG SOOO GOOOD!!! THANKS SOO MUCH FOR THE RECAP!!! <333333 I LOVE THIS EPISO DE SOO MUCH!!! (0) Reply 7 Penn September 15th.1 drama4mama September 16th. 2010 at 3:42 AM me too. they kissed!!! Great episode and thank you for the recap. At last. ahh h I wish I have the same first kiss (1) Reply 5. but man this is the best first kiss ever .4. 2010 at 12:38 AM I think so too. Its like¼ OMG!!! FINALLY!!! (0) Reply 5. 2010 at 10:09 PM Just finished watching.2 Dara September 16th. (0) Reply 5. (0) Reply 6 Joyceee September 15th.2.1 Elsie September 16th. He's probably like a dryad/kodama? (0) Reply 5 Nana September 15th.. (0) Reply 8 Fayt890 September 15th. I thought they would kiss after his declaration and was upse t they didn't and then BAM a shocker kiss. Kamsamida!!! :D I always enjoy these recaps!! I can't wait to see th e episode now¼ Hee hee :3 . ªYou going after the fox bead?º And the boy sa id that he didn't mean to come to the human world but he was forced to because the humans cut down his tree..1 Evangeline September 16th. 2010 at 12:17 AM INDEED!!! I nearly cried watching them kiss.

and won't let anyone to do the same.. 2010 at 10:13 PM SQUEE! thanks for the recap! (0) Reply 11 XiaoSxin September 15th. hoi! (0) Reply 11. alert Ð she's just trying to mate with Woong and have an anchor baby! :D (0) Reply 10 miss_procrastination September 15th.1 girlfriday September 16th. 2010 at 12:08 AM Or put some sneaky voodoo on you! Hoi. M-I-N-E!!!!!!!!!! (0) Reply 11. LMAO! Alert. GF will sue you for stealing her Seung Gi. hahahaha :) (0) Reply 11. 2010 at 11:50 PM XiaoSxin you better be carefull claiming LSG. straight! (0) . GF usually claimed him for herself.1.2. 2010 at 11:34 PM Uh-oh.(0) Reply 9 mmmaggie September 15th. 2010 at 10:15 PM BEST. take care of yourself.. EVER.2 wikeee September 15th..1 Osi September 15th. 2010 at 12:12 AM Damn.. EPISODE. Lee Seung Gi¼.hehe (0) Reply 11. 2010 at 10:10 PM ªUndocumented gumihoº¼.1 girlfriday September 16th.

can you believe the aunt?!!! I was laughing so hard at that. (0) Reply 15 kristin September 15th.. 2010 at 10:18 PM Hoi~HOi greet everyone¼ ^^ aah~ javabean you brighten my day!! thak you so much!!! I really love the scene when Miho threaten th sly noona!! hahahaahha. It's past midnight and I don't regret it. I can't stop LOL-ing¼ (0) Reply 14 Jae September 15th.The kiss. 2010 at 10:21 PM I just finished watching this episode. and the part with the aunt. i cried. 2010 at 10:20 PM Hoi! Hoi! ¼... 2010 at 10:15 PM the KISSSSSSS (0) Reply 13 wikeee September 15th. best. 2010 at 10:20 PM love-love-love-loved this episode! i laughed. It's taking everything in me to not IM my daughter (at college) so we can talk ab out it. Too funny¼¼ (0) .Reply 12 XDT_TXD September 15th. Thanks for the recap!!!!! (0) Reply 17. been waiting for this ^_^ (0) Reply 17 blkrose September 15th. 2010 at 10:21 PM Thanks. 2010 at 10:24 PM Oh. I laughed so loud that I woke my husband .1 blkrose September 15th. thanks for the recap :) (0) Reply 16 temperance September 15th. ¼¼.Hoi! Hoi! That made my day! Fun episode.

2010 at 2:08 AM I meant ªdo a great jobº. :-) (0) Reply 18 XiaoSxin September 15th. 2010 at 6:44 AM MGIAG airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.Reply 17. 2010 at 10:23 PM You recap like rapid fire! There's something about your writing that makes me wanna read more and more. it would be hard to top thi s one for sure. (0) Reply 18. Awesome drama!!!! (0) .1 anagoshiki September 16th. Been waiting for Woong-ah's declaration for ag es! (0) Reply 18. 2010 at 10:22 PM JAVABEANS I think you can rejoice now because you get to recap such an aweso me episode (GF used to recap most of the fun stuff). Well. 2010 at 10:36 PM That's exactly what I was going to say! Finally. an awesome Monday episode . 2010 at 2:06 AM I bet there are some hilarious outakes from the scenes with the aunt and director.1 krix September 16th.1. :-D The actor and actress are great job! (0) Reply 17.1.1. Thanks for the great recap.1 krix September 16th. episode 11 end with the most romantic kiss. THE awesome Monday episode. but who cares as long as we get our dose of cuteness right? (0) Reply 19 JD September 15th. (0) Reply 20 meowmeow September 15th.1 Brandi September 15th. 2010 at 10:26 PM Thanks for the recap! Love this drama.1.

it is better that he is acting on mot ives other than ªi want herº. what a ep (0) Reply 24 haezi September 15th. I cant imagine how broken the love will be. 2010 at 10:38 PM Thanks for the fast recap. 2010 at 10:27 PM Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love this episode¼every single scene! (0) Reply 22 Bittersweet September 15th. it seems like dong-joo is almost an older brother figure (seeing that he ass igned mi-ho the name sun-joo). maybe they are half brother and sister and he's sor t of like vampire hunter blade. 2010 at 10:39 PM So sweet¼ and they kiss¼ yeah¼ love that Dae Woong grew up! And be the man he need s to be!!! Thanks for the recap! (0) . 2010 at 10:29 PM Wao¼!! Cuuute¼ Finally. in any case. you're great Javabeans i think this is the best episode of MGIG (thumbs up) (0) Reply 27 Porcelain September 15th. 2010 at 10:32 PM Thank You~~~!!!! AH~!!!! Hoi couple kissing scene was so sweet~~!!!!! (0) Reply 26 Valentina September 15th. (0) Reply 25 hoihoi~ September 15th. If woong ah die (0) Reply 23 ilukd September 15th. hunting his own kind even though he doesn't necess arily love humans±or maybe not. 2010 at 10:30 PM thanks ¼. 2010 at 10:31 PM thanks for the update! this was quick! love the role reversals. They love each other.Reply 21 Ace September 15th.

=D (0) Reply 29 Ash September ybe because miho did not know how to kiss?or maybe miho ask woong to mate with h er?haha¼just my wild imagination¼.about some creature will try to harm woong ie to get the bead¼. 2010 at 10:42 PM Awesome recap as always JB. that I've been a DB fan!!! That.can't get enough of it.i'm too happy today because of this show¼.who would have thought that there will be another character appear in the end of this show¼.(in the next ep). l like the way woong sang the hoi2 song before he made his moves. 2010 at 10:42 PM JB. This drama is truly unpredictable in its own way¼.haha¼so cute¼. or the fact that IT IS the BEST MGiG epis ode¼ Weep. Looks like the rumour was correct.. little scrunchy-faced brat.. 2010 at 10:40 PM Awesome!! :) (0) Reply 30 Anonymous September 15th.Reply 28 yankoala4 September 15th.. hahahaha!!! Thanks for continuously sharing w/ us your funny comments & witty remarks¼your recaps ALWAYS. 2010 at 10:45 PM i just love this show! I felt very sad for woongie when miho ignored him¼ ±patient my woongie± really into the scene when they were kissing¼. 2010 at 10:39 PM sad but sweet ep ever¼love the pair so so so much! haha keep repeating the last two scene.this is perhaps the best recap I've read from you. off to watch episode 11!!! (0) Reply 31 lovenyc52 September 15th.just undeni ably cute!and the way he pulled miho?Yahhh! I think after the kiss it probably will be quite a funny scenes i guess¼haha¼. thumbs up and up!:) (0) . Thanks!! :) Can't wait to watch this ep and watch Mi Ho scare the bajeebus out of Hye-In (again) :D (0) Reply 32 nadiyah September 15th. makes my day complete!!! Now. from the past 2 years o r more. weep..

1 july September 15th. i'm so curious about him. we are only left with 5 more to go. 2010 at 11:29 PM i think Mi Ho understanding of `mating' is actually `kissing' only.. 2010 at 11:44 PM there will be new character in eps 12... hehe A few episodes before this week. (0) Reply 34. Mi Ho said she knows what they are doing and told him that they are `mating'. 2010 at 10:55 PM gah my skins crawling with Cuteness koodies¼ Lmao I've just finished marathoning Brilliant Legacy with my sister. and we still went to work. 2010 at 12:35 AM 16 episodes. 2010 at 10:48 PM the last minutes of this episode had me on the verge of crying. 2010 at 10:54 PM Can anyone tell me how many episodes are slated for this drama? (0) Reply 34..2 byeol September 16th.1 july September 15th. when she was watching the TV programme with Dong Joo and the screen was showing a couple kissing. (0) Reply 33 nixxochick September 15th. including 41ho urs no sleep. Hmm~ is he bad... will he be a dengerous to our Hoi Couple?? Can't wait for next episode. distributed internationally and then Universally for ye Hoi Hoi-ers to . and I've got plenty of LeeSeungGi love to boot.2 wikeee September 15th. (0) Reply 32. he should be cloned. dear.i love this drama so much! :) (0) Reply 34 Haina September 15th.Reply 32... (0) Reply 35 jossy September 15th. 2010 at 11:26 PM It's only 16episodes.The guy is Love.

waiting for it the whole day after watching and now can match the scene¼.best episode ever¼the level of tension keeps me on my toes and so many touching momemnt¼would have cried if I knew what they talked about¼at last he confessed and the fangirl in me squeal (0) Reply 37 nara:) September 15th. he should be cloned. 2010 at 1:57 AM and save the original for GirlFriday..2 sha_cha September 15th. lovely connotation btw JB¼ superb recap! (0) Reply 35.3 anagoshiki September 16th.. 2010 at 11:14 PM ªand I've got plenty of LeeSeungGi love to boot. 2010 at 11:10 PM one more thing.4 apple September 16th. distributed internationally and then Universally for ye Hoi Hoi-ers to enjoy!!º TRUE!!! (0) Reply 35.enjoy!! (0) Reply 35. (0) Reply 36 Sara September 15th. 2010 at 11:00 PM YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Thank you Javabeans! (0) Reply . clone him and distribute :O i never thought that i would get to like LSG.The guy is Love. or else! (0) Reply 35. LOL @ the spiteful cockblocker remark..being the wonder boy¼now i am a co nverted LSG fan hoi hoi thanks to the Hong sisters. 2010 at 5:25 PM that's a brilliant idea. 2010 at 11:00 PM thanks alot for the recap¼.. never liked him in Brillia nt Legacy¼but i heard many good things about him.1 jossy September 15th.

. After the first 10 minutes. 2010 at 11:08 PM Firstly.right now. I'll have to watch it again¼. Lots of great emotional moments for Miho and Dae-woong AND I loved Dong Joo for stepping up to the plate and threatning to kill Hye-In himself if she were to harm Miho again. Dae Woong finally accepts Mi H o for who she is ± both the cute or the scary Miho. So you and your sane mind shouldn't bother trying to understand or care. GAH! Really. from beginning to end. I got a bit scared though. <3<3<3 (0) Reply 40 alert September 15th. Since almost everything has been laid on the table -except the dying part-. Not simply beca use of the confession or the kiss. (0) Reply 39 Jasmin September 15th. but the fact that this episode is all about a ccepting one another ± for the better or the worse. everyt hing's okay. I'm possessed and I've lost my mind . watching Mi Ho transformed into a scary being.her version of jealosy¼. 2010 at 11:05 PM I loved every bit of this of my favourite in MGIAG. It's like a hint o f what's coming when all hell will break loose later. an d know that if this scares me (and embarassingly had some teary eyed).I love the story¼¼and I like it very much when Miho was pissed and monster like¼¼. Hwang Tae Kyung got a hug. (0) Reply 39. and Mi Ho got a kiss! K drama birthdays rock! :D ªI don't like you because it's okay to like you Ð it's that because I like you. I wonder whether it's about time our Emo Hunter will get a bit panicky that his pl . I LOVE Kdrama birthdays! Something always happened in Kdrama birthd ays! Yoo Rin got snow globes.. 2010 at 11:02 PM Thank you¼¼Very good¼.38 cheanne September 15th. I readied myself for the water about to leak from eyes. really loved this episode.1 Evangeline September 16th. I bet the re'll be much more scarier things waiting in the future episodes. Aww.º ± that got to be my favourite line in the whole episode (with Dae Woong admitting to Hye In that he's going to go officially crazy came close in second) I was biting my cow-coloured pillow for the whole hours watching the episode ± an hour for the ep. 2010 at 12:31 AM I love the scene that bitch Hye-In was threatened too!!! Hahahahahaha!!! The fear in her eyes¼ And the scene which Dae woong said Yeah. another just rewinding the last scene¼ and every time I watch ed Dae Woong let go of Mi Ho's hand and hold her head instead to prolong the kiss¼¼all my 7 tails popped and I faint faint faint in glee! (Not a lovely scene to look at though) This is a really good episode.

Lee Seung-gi is such a great actor. 2010 at 11:12 PM I was cheering for Miho as she was going after bitch-face. 2010 at 11:13 PM Thank you for the recap. I'm desperately looking for a twist¼ I mean. hmm¼ interesting. what's with him being half-human? I tho all. Read the rec aps here. By the way. As for Omumabalini Hoi Hoi¼ it's like the best curse ever. 2010 at 11:10 PM kyaah. this drama was Super Duper cute!!!! (0) Reply 42 Melissa September 15th.. javabeans. And s eems like Dong-joo is the perfect person for blackmail :D (0) Reply 44 lain September 15th. th somewhere that could thwarted his whole plan and that cou to die. Yeah. Finally!! A great confrontation scene after her wishy-washy-ness in being nice to the brat.. I can't wait to watch this episode.] Love this episode! I'm glad u got a good one after last week!!! MGIAG IS THE BEST!!! (0) . 2010 at 11:20 PM thanks thanks¼ been waiting for days¼ (0) Reply 46 Noypi September 15th. 2010 at 11:21 PM I Love you JB!! Hope u got to read my personal message . then watch it ^^ Hooray for Dae-woong. that's what I usually do. Ha! I'm so going to use that! (0) Reply 41 Lestha September 15th. 2010 at 11:12 PM Thank you javabeans!!! I am so in-love with this drama! (0) Reply 43 Maggie Y September doesn't go smoothly ere ought to be a flaw ld prevent any of them ught he's not human at as he expected. (0) Reply 45 fangirl September 15th.

. 2010 at 11:26 PM Gotta watch this episode asap ! Thank you for the recap. Hoi! Hoi! (0) Reply 49 Enamoured September 15th. and slides it on her finger. º (Love starts now) [ Download ] . Also. (0) Reply 50 Koreandramasrock September 15th. 2010 | 271 Comments It's time for the ultimate showdown: Libido vs. What's a girl gotta do for some smoochies 'round here? Oh. it will be too heartbreaking for the f ans. LOVE your description of the ªdog docº!! (0) My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 12 by girlfriday | September 16. however. Show. Gah.. every time when happiness comes for a couple. 2010 at 11:28 PM Kumawo unni!! I love this show more and more. SONG OF THE DAY My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho OST ± ª EPISODE 12 RECAP Dae-woong sings Mi-ho the gumiho song and pulls her in ever so gently by the han d for a kiss. Grandmas join in. this is indeed a very nice episode with Daewoong getting panicky about Mi Ho. and he takes out her ring. you big tease. but it looks like Show might have a mind of its own.. how are we going to take it? (0) Reply 48 Moonblossom September 15th. i hope it doesn't happen in this drama. Who will win? Who will l ose? Who will make girlfriday cry? You know which horse I'm backing.Reply 47 july September 15th. He tells her that it's for real t his time. 2010 at 11:26 PM What a fantastic recap! And what a fabulous episode!! You and Show just made my day. Mi-ho sm iles at him brightly. Girls and their mothers swoon together. 2010 at 11:22 PM thanks JB. Fox Bead. there will be some se paration soon too.

but he can't stop it now. And what a great use of the ki / fox bead as a metaphor for sexual experience. insisting that he was attacked. fox bead! Yo u have the worst timing ever! He grabs his chest in pain.º Dae-woong: ªI pulled back right away!º Keh. he puts his hand behind her head and goes in for another (omo!) kiss¼but is thwarted by the fox bead. ªWhy does t he bead have to do that?º Oh. C omedy! Needless to say. Dae-woong smiles at first. She pouts. He says to himself that he wanted to protect her from Dae-woong's death and save her the pain. But as a plot convention. and Mi-ho assesses the damage. having followed Mi-ho and Dae-woong earlier that day. pounding away in his chest. Girl wants her lovin'. Dae-woong holds his chest as the disappointment registers on his face. Ha. like someone just took away her can dy. At home. My. or e ven past loves. spitting out that he wasn't thinking a bout THAT. Mi-ho writes down a life plan. maki ng their sexual tension build and simmer. realizing that until the bea d is done healing. He starts imagining the progression. Her eyes get wide. Damn you. and then you snatched it away from me cruelly. 3. He balks at that. He lurches back in shock and embarrassment. 2. Whatchoo gonna do? He nods. but reels in pain. ending with a row of kids chanting ªDaddy. and it's acting up now because he's ªgenuinely thinking about mating. then lures him back in for another try. But I still hate you. If you can take it [the pain] . I concede that I like you. Mate with Dae-woong [when the fox bead heals] Marry Dae-woong [when the 100 days are up] Have child with Dae-woong [one year later. when they met in front of the chapel. If only all m en came with such supernatural indicators. I love her. He goes again. 4. saying that he doesn't h ave to lieÐthe bead tells the truth. ªNO!º He tells her that he can't abide by a life plan th . and goes in for another kiss. he makes it sound like a wild animal came at him like a snack. then we can¼º Seriously. Mi-ho po uts. they can't mate. She says that the fox bead isn't done healing from the time he shared his ki with another woman. because you set up a roadblock. the fear sets into his eyes. God. They read as follows: 1. and then says. a list of goals for when she becomes hum an. Mi-ho whines that it's because he's been defiled by another woman. I was thisclose to r ecapping heaven. buy us meat!º He breaks out of his reverie shouting. I t's like watching a teenager try to initiate foreplay without getting too¼excited. especi ally at the rate of one a year. I love her. Mi-ho pauses for a moment. God. but then when she gets to the kids part. Dear Fox Bead. and finally tells her to sit further away.And then. not him! Mi-ho smiles at him devilishly. I think I just fainted. nope.º HAHAHAHA. Fox Bead: 4 / Dae-woong: 0 Emo Hair turns out to be quite the stalker. I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns. Thwarted again. Twice. then one every year] Live a long and happy life with Dae-woong Haha. She then frowns. he must've ªdone it for real. ªWoong-ah. I admit that you're useful. bracing himself. as she deduces that if the fox bead isn't healed yet. with her best come-hither smile. Heh.

she'll show him her tails. getting involved where he shouldn't. He's stayed too long in one place. He admits it outright. because of her fear of water. and Mi-ho r elishes the coincidental victory. an d is preparing to leave. which makes Aunt Min-sook a little upset . and discovers that the bead smells of goblin fire. you've lived centuries. as she worked really hard preparing the rest of the dishes too. He s ecretly thanks the fox bead for putting the breaks on Mi-ho's life plan. She calls moonlight ªdal gil. It's the perfect audience for her old-school talents. Dong-joo reels at his words. and puts on h is serious face. looking at it . but I'm thinking that c an't be a coincidence. The kid sees his chance and runs. Dae-woong hears that the funding might come through for the movie to sho ot his action scenes in China. wondering if it's possible that their sharing the same face isn't a coincide nce. but only sticks to has him married at 21 and a baby daddy by 22. as G randpa especially enjoys traditional culture and artifacts. Hye-in has grown a giant red zit overnight (karma's a bitch that way). by moonlight. she's afraid of wate r. He apolog izes for not being able to watch over her till the end. H Mi-ho goes to see Dong-joo. adding that because of her . Mi-ho plays the flute and does a traditional dance. she sig hs that she can't visit him then. She asks if it's because of her. Have you ever met a coincidental doppelganger? At Grandpa's house. and tells her that he can't stand by and watch anymore. He licks his chops at the thought of stealing such a delightful treat. Hye-in tells her she has no shame or pride. since her bead smelled of goblin fi re. he sees the boy follow Mi-ho. He sighs that she'll stop listening to him now. but Don g-joo nabs him mid-hunt. who isn't the least bit happy to hear about her reconc iliation with Dae-woong. saying he knows what he is.º which you'll remember is his past love's name in reverse. Dae-woong invites Mi-ho to his grandfather's house for dinner that night. so Mi-ho picks up a pickle. Dude. and the little kid sees right away that Dae-woong is keeping Mi-ho's fox bead. st icking to Dae-woong again when she said she'd leave. he's broken a lot of his own rules. He frets over the possibility of being separated from Mi-ho for two months. ªThen you know I'm a goblin?º Dong-joo pulls him aside to kill him. and immediately sees that she's a take a gi Cue cr fox. He's surprised to he ar that. On set. The kid says. which is why she'll marry Dae-woong and l ive happily ever after. He does a b ump pass. wondering why when other animals are afraid of fire. The next day. She adds some more hocus pocus and leaves Hye-in stewing . which is why her tails glow blue like flames. the chicken shop ajumma about it. She insists th at Mi-ho try the vegetables and rice. He doesn't react. and runs away to his room. to the utt er delight of everyone. He insist s he was just trying to befriend the gumiho. When he says that he's thinking of going somewhere remote. and Mi-ho responds matter-offactly that she doesn't have those things. Mi-ho asks it slow on the ten-year ant tree last night. She eats well. She tells Dong-joo that before they say goodby e. while Dong-joo stands agape. like an island. He trails Dae-woong. When they part. and eepy little boy who sees e follows. Mi-ho walk past. but the kid pleads for his life. It's the first concrete proof he's given that Mi-ho and Gil-dal are linked. She tells him that the Samshin Grandmother made her out of fire. She hears that nearby construction tore down Mi-ho wonders what the tree's inhabitants will do. who tells her to plan.

and sends Mi-ho home ahead of him . so then she pulls his arm around her shoulders. He loses himself for a mo ment. and asks the Grandmother in the painting if she made Mi-ho out of Gil-dal's goblin fire. tears in his eyes. Dae-woong stops at the store to get something. On their way home. Ooh. He cries as he remembers having to kill Gil-dal. she smiles. Mi-ho gs she learned when she was waiting and's family. Ha. Woongtastic. he's here to say hello. He asks if she isn't scared. Okay. Upstairs in Dae-woong's room. Dong-joo is there waiting for her. He puts out his hand. so he's got to up their level (of physic al contact). and Mi-ho pouts that even though they've become a couple. so then Mi-ho links arms. and that he's missed her. Gah. She accuses Dae-woong of using the fox bead as an excuse to keep her away. he'll prot ect her till the end. Dae-woong develops their first photo and buys an album to put it in. She admits that her life plan may seem trivial and ordinary. and he says that this time. to watch over her. ªI wasn't li ving¼I was just existing. and she gives him hers. and keep fr om over-doing the PDA. I want to change. but no. and they take a picture togeth er.º She tells h im that when she was trapped in that painting. Mi-ho says. and says he'll be staying. Much better. That brings more tears to Dong-joo's eyes. Get ready for the angst. That seems okay. distracting Aunt and Grandpa. he runs into Dong-joo. Dae-woong comes to the rescue. and now he has to factor in his responsibilit y in the mess. He says to himself that they can fill it together. She'll become human and live happily with Dae-woon g. just to mess with it's poison. Mi-ho says that he needn't worry. at the thought of aging. talking to Mi-ho as if she were Gil-dal. and fill my time as I live. and eventually dying. and all she ever wanted was to have wishes like theirs. On his way home. but when he takes her hand again. and Mi-ho feeds him while their heads are turned. starting now. but that human beings are universally afraid of. and they walk home swinging their hands ba ck and forth in their usual explosion of adorableness. Mi-ho wonders if he's here to say goodbye. making his twenty seem like is really pleased that she got to use the thin for a husband centuries ago¼on her future husb fact that she really has lived for hundreds of a blip on her radar. Dong-joo visits the Samshin temple. who tells him that his plan to leave has . The tortured emo thing is a better fit now. nothing's diffe rent for them. but it's what she's witnessed as the things tha t all people ask for. Dae-woong promises to make new memories with her. He touches her face l ovingly. Oh dear. saying that it's been a long time. because it's got some w eight behind it. I need a new word fo r adorable. Mi-ho and Dae-woong pass by a couple with their arms around e ach other. Angry tears form. He feigns the fox bead's unhappiness with that. He takes stock in the years. He say s that these are things that she's never had to face since she's lived for five hund red years. He checks. and the fo x bead seems okay with that. people! This isn't g oing to be confusing at all. she heard so many people's wishes. She pouts. When she arrives. I like this development in his character. this time in terlocking their fingers. as he asks desperat ely if he's repeating his mistakes all over again. Dae-woong decides that they've started now. Cute. I like the dilemma it poses for him.

He tells her that eating vegetables will be good for her skin and make her prett ier. He gives her the photo album. really. Dae-woong finds Mi-ho. Dong-joo looks pained. Hye-in spills the news to Mi-ho. buddy. for a long. ªAnd when it comes time for h er to leave. and as the camera pans. asking if she could maybe go along with Dae-wo ong if she used her new passport. which is exactly what she wanted. and turns back to say one last goodbye. telling him that's fine. real ly. and Mi-ho shows him that she'll be eating her vege tables like a good gumiho. and tells her to fill i t with lots of pictures. to protect Mi-ho from the inevitable heartbreak. Atta boy! .º HAHAHA.been delayed. Belated. Mi-ho and Dae-woong eat at home. 9) ªI just¼really.º Hahaha. and Dae-woong scoffs. When Mi-ho visits Dong-joo later. 6) she's considerate. you me both. wishing that someone else were keeping the fox bead. so he makes up a list of his own: Nine Reasons Why It's Good to Have a GU-miho Girlfriend. He real izes that he'll have to protect Dae-woong while he carries the bead. Wooooooog-ahº by he rself. Dae-woong gets the call that the China shoot is on.º He adds the finger guns at the end. Mi-ho: ªHow could I possibly be any prettier? I'm satisfied now. She doesn't want to keep meddling anymore (it injures her pride). and eyes the vegg ies suspiciously. Yeah. 4) if she likes you. Dong-joo tells him to keep the fox bead safe. ªbut have you seen a girlfriend so pretty?º sh e's confident. as she's pouting. Dae-woong cuts to banmal. while Hye-in just looks pissed . He leaves. so she can tell him about everything she did while he w as away. And Dae-woong's reaction just makes it all the better. thinking he's over-stepping his bounds. let her go. telling her that Dae-woong is hesitating becaus e of her. ªyou'll go straight from a fox to a pig. 2) you can wander around at any time of night because she's strong. and not to worry about her. She looks so sad that he come s back and swoops her for a kiss on the cheek. 8 ) he can trust that she'll never leave his side. but if she keeps this up. 7) she knows that two-timing equals death. long time. as long as he st ill leaves. 3) she doesn't play coy be cause she's frank and honest. so he decides that the little goblin must be killed. really like you. which means he'll be abroad by himself for two months. 1) she's unique in all the world. He promises that once the fox bea d is done healing. Dong-joo uses the goblin as an excuse to send Dae-woong away and keep Mi-ho here. She says she'll start once she's human. It's time for Dae-woong to leave. but Dong-joo i nsists they have to keep them apart. and Dae-woong tries to get her to eat a more balanced diet. 5) this one makes him nervous too. she shouts it wherever she want s. How cute that he confess es the same way she did.º Dae-woong: There won't be a time when Mi-ho wants to leave. He sees how dejected she is. but all the better for it. and I have no inte ntion of letting her go. Mi-ho and I are going to live happily. The next day. really. but two eavesdroppers. ªWooooooong-ah. we see that they've had not o ne. Dong-joo adds. Sighing. Dae-woong tells her that she can eat like this now because she's a gumiho. From now on. he'll kiss her properly. Dong-joo watches him go. Mi-ho swoons in utter bliss. Her bla tant acknowledgement of her own beauty just cracks me up. she tells him to go.

Mi-ho goes to see Dong-joo. He asks for the bead and when Dae-woong refuses. bondi ng with Grandpa. Dong-j oo appears just time. he'll eventually die. He tells her that because of the goblin. Exposition Goblin. Dae-woong catches up on Mi-ho's days without him. and adds ªDae-woong a ndк with a heart to the top. Mi-ho catches the goblin. but asks what happe . After yet another plate of veggies. She sighs in exasperation. so he pulls over to go catch the goblin. Aw. she's at Dong-joo's house. Heartbreaking. She says that she has lots an d lots of life plans with Dae-woong. Dae-woong stirs awake. he senses his magical knife start to a ct up.The look on her face. it sta rts to rain. Dae-woong dies. what do I do?º At home. and he looks at the 100 -day calendar now with hope. where he shows her the house he's prepared in Japan. si nce the knife's power will affect her too. Aunt Min-sook. She doesn't reveal what she knows. In the gym. so tasty¼NOT. the goblin finally finds his opportunit y. She realizes that Dong-joo really is a hunter. surprised to hear the kid talking about his bead. Meanwhi le. In the park. In the gym. He sees ªMi-ho's Life Planº glued to her bed. anticipating that real kiss. asking if he's going to tell her to leave Dae-woong again. who's too injured to squirm out of her grasp. and tells him that if he carries it. but that Dong-joo knows all about it. ªAh. excited to surprise Mi-ho. is just perfect. Mi-ho documents her time. and she starts to cry. she declares to herself. asking Dong-joo what that was. Mi-ho thinks back to Dong-joo's cryptic words about living in a world without Dae-woong. she has to stay away from Dae-woong until the hundred da ys are up. the chicken shop ajumma. Dae-woong spits back that he needn't a sk for things that Dae-woong already said he'd do. letting it sink in that if she takes the bead back to b ecome human. Mi-ho will die. the goblin wonders how to get the fox bead out without damaging it. as Dong-joo drives Mi-ho home.º Heh. Dae-woong returns the dagger. putting his own blood on the dagger. He asks about what the goblin saidÐis it true that he'll die? Outside. The goblin manages to get away. He warns h im one more time to keep the fox bead safe. Why thank you. H e tells her the same thing. He tells Mi-ho not to follow. While Dae-woong is gone. calling her evil for using her fox bead to steal the ki of a human being. She stands there frozen. but he does knick him. playing with Ddoong-ja. and then he whammie s him unconscious. The gob lin surmises that he got tricked by a fox to carry her bead. and she asks. and eating he r vegetables. ªWoong-ah. He pretends to be hurt so that Dae-woong will come close. Dae-woong arrives home on a four-day weekend. he starts to attack him. Dong-joo LIES to Dae-woong. Just then. smiling that they're almost halfway there. As her tears come flowing out. telling him the goblin meant that if he refuses to give the bead back after the hundred days. till she's h uman. so he can just forget it. and then throwing it at the goblin. He tells her that he's going to move there¼with her. While Dae-woong waits outside for Mi-ho. He not only tells her that the human will die when she tak es the bead back. who catches things like her. He misses. Sun-nyeo.

the perfect bookend to his squee-worthy ªYou take responsibility for meº in Episode 11. asking in a haunting tone if it would kill her. He says bitterly that she mistoo k betrayal for love. This is the kind of dramatic tension that I love. thinking nothing of her question. Shin Mina « Sung Yuri on the set of Noona Baker ends on a high. When he leaves the room. ªI'm sure you would. because she knows that to protect him.º She comes home to an excited Dae-woong. He admits to coming home because he missed her. Mi-ho: And I'll protect you. who wonders why her reaction is so muted . she decides. Kiss hits new low » 271 Comments from the Beanut Gallery 1 2 3 . saying. and he'll never let that happen to Mi-ho. COMMENTS Aaaaack! How can my heart be torn in two directions by one turn of phrase? His d eclaration to protect her is the ultimate manly declaration of love. Dae-woong wonders why she's crying. ªWhen you're near me. He admits that he t old Dae-woong that if he doesn't return the fox bead that she'll die. ªI have to disappear. He wipes her tears.ned to Gil-dal to keep her from becoming human.º Thump. He says it will. Heart? Meet floor. How can one mother-frakkin' fox bead do this much damage to two hearts? RELATED POSTS My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 11 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 10 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 9 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 8 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 7 Who will cameo next on Gumiho Girlfriend? My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 6 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 5 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 4 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 3 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 2 My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho: Episode 1 Pop Culture: Gumiho Tags: featured. Lee Seung-gi. Mi -ho looks up at him in tears. as promised. It's mundane on the surface. Dae-woong: I'll protect you. But the n her use of it is soul-crushing. He says that he'll be faithful and return it on the hundredth day.º He places her hand on his heart. and moves it. it stops hurting. Mi-ho looks down at his dagger. means t o give up her life. and asks why she didn't tell him about the fact that she'd die if he didn't return her bead. right? I'll never leave your side. but epic in consequence. and she says it's because she likes him so much. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.

com/watch?v=ZuSpsBZEVMg (0) Reply 3 mmmaggie September 16th. (0) Reply 6 hunterbear September 16th. 2010 at 8:57 PM This episode was so good Ð emotional. nay a coupl e hours would you? I'll be sure to return him the same way I found him :). How could anyone not? Between the kiss and the babies in episode 12 I knew I n eeded another short montage of remembrance. 2010 at 8:53 PM When I saw the first 15 minute of episode 12 I just about died from the cute . Potential future competition for the Hong Sisters??? (0) Reply 4 Ace September 16th. wit h the Hoi couple. I just have to ask. Just when I thought I would stop making these¼Sheesh. javabeans. http://www. 2010 at 9:03 PM Wonderful recap girlfriday! I believe you may have out done yourself. 2010 at 8:59 PM Thanks for the recap! I think I'm loving the Hong sisters more and more. game-changing. but now. The las t two episodes have turned me into a giant mass of blubbering mess so here is my .youtube.4 NEXT » 1 miniejungle September http://www. you wouldn't mind ªlendingº out Dae Woong for a couple days. I love the ªkiº you both bring to your recaps. Girlfriday. Their first OTP in Delightful Girl Chun Hyang weren't like this back then. it seems like these two sisters are a tough pair of writers to beat. Dearest Hong sisters I so Love you. yet still with the joie d e vivre of the earlier episodes. 2010 at 8:57 PM Weee! Epic episode! Thanks Girlfriday! (0) Reply 5 luraaa September 16th. 2010 at 8:52 PM yooo hooo!!! updates!! thanks girlfriday!!!!!! (0) Reply 2 Diadda September OH yeah and an episode 11 vid too. Starts off all somber but music and mood change for the big kiss.

sigh. MUAHAAHA! Serves her right. One can only hold up a mass of fangirls for so long before mysteriou s accidents befall said person¼. 2010 at 9:09 PM No lending.Right? Or maybe I'm missi ng something. Heartless. . You'll have to off me first.1. And I think I know what I want noona to die of ± incurable ugliness. Besides her two tails can grow back with the bead back in her. I can't wait to sm ash it.1 girlfriday September 16th.2.1 Diadda September 16th.1 hunterbear September 16th. Wait till the show is over¼then well¼uhhh¼ I'm sorry Girlfriday. Yes.2. Who's heartless now? (0) 6. (0) Reply 6. Now I know how Miho felt when that bead turned into a cockblocker. T rue that she wouldn't be able to be human but at least she'd still be alive. 2010 at 9:42 PM Ack!!!! NO!!! we need the recaps. The hour/sand glass drives me nuts. all the bette r :).2 Lahlita September 16th. this show makes me blood thirsty.last coherent thought.2 girlfriday September 16th. the evil witch. 2010 at 9:06 PM Oops almost forgot.1 hunterbear September 16th.2. 2010 at 9:46 PM Damn. Lahlita September 16th. or noona. (0) Reply 6. (0) Reply 6. (0) Reply 6.2.1. unni-yah. 2010 at 9:55 PM . 2010 at 9:29 PM @girlfriday *Very Intense Stare at no one in particular* That can be arranged. Why doesn't Miho just take the bead out while DW still has some energy left. 2010 at 9:15 PM Sigh.2. (0) Reply 6. (0) Reply 6. and if it so happens to come in contact with DJ.

2010 at 7:40 AM Haha.1. All or nothin'. i don't want anyone of them to die¼¼ and do n't separate them for the remaining episodes¼ i would rather they spend the next 4 e pisodes together.2. 2010 at 9:57 PM If you are going to hoard the (0) 6. But when the show is over.1. you wanted Seung Gi or Daewoong? You can't have both!! Whether it is Seung Gi or Daewoong. I have seen fangirls riot for less. and only tak ing back her human-infused bead will turn her human. because she drank Dongjoo's blood which is slowly killing her.3 javabeans September 16th. thanks for the recap. hahaha.2. http://www. Goddess of Limericks Diadda. for within her lies the Magic al Bead of Drama Ki. 2010 at 10:33 PM girlfriday.. . She's killing her gumiho self. a goblin appeared this far along in the series. Until MGiaG is over. so please don't jump queue and take ownership of t hem. Miho can't take the bead out now and stay alive as a there is nothing I can do. who knows wh at else could happen! maybe the chicken shop ahjooma is actually the grandma in the painting and she has some uber magical awesome remedy. anyway. which attain a celestial level of beauty and power.1 bethany September 16th.3 Diadda September 16th.. That is the only explanation for her ethereal recaps. (0) 6.3 karen September 16th. Gotta wait till all the recaps are done.3.2. But you're right. Maybe we should conspire to over throw gf's claims of po ssession.Don't worry. i have been in the queue for as long as they are in this world.. 2010 at 10:45 PM hows about some DEUS EX MACHINA???? i mean.2. I shall protect uri Girlfriday-unni with my life. (0) Reply 6. 2010 at 10:31 PM I'm pretty sure that we're in one of those point-of-no-return scenarios.4 hunterbear September 17th. thinking that one of them will die¼ but eventually they are able to get together in the end¼ (0) Reply 6. I'm gettin' some damned sausage! (0) 6.2.

3. (My money is on Mi-Ho) Thousands of women around the world call in sick to cry their eyeballs out at home. three times com pounded) pissed. There WILL be a happy ending.__. Either Mi-Ho or Dae-Woong dies. 3. 2010 at 12:12 AM Ways this drama could end: 1. The Hong sisters end up being assassinated by rabi d. They both die. 2.1. there's gonna be a happy ending. (0) Reply 6. DJ needs to give up his bead for miho to live and he can hope. an d everyone else lives happily. And you have to admit. 2010 at 9:05 PM next week is too far away . This i s quite a possibility.3.1 nzgirl September 22nd. 2010 at 7:07 AM 4. or I will be seriously seriously seriously (yes.3 facetious September 19th.3. it'd make a pretty e picly tear-jerking ending. or some weird and obscure way for there to be a happy ending. I mean.1 meve September 19th. This one ma kes the most sense. going by the endings of the Hong sisters previous shows. right??? I don't think I could be happy in a Kdrama world where MiWoong wasn't a happily-ever-after¼ (0) Reply 6. (0) . 2010 at 10:30 PM I was thinking about this. if its a Hong sisters drama. This one's the most dubious. (0) Reply 6. Somehow they both live (presumably through some loophole they hav en't told us about yet). (0) Reply 7 last_thread September 16th.3. bawling fangirls. because the Hong sisters might want to try a different ki nd of ending than their previous ones. and there HAS to be some kind of out-clau se.3. 2010 at 10:54 AM the ahjumma bein the gradma would be epic! (0) Reply 6. but I'm not going to rule it out c ompletely.2 ktb September 17th. happily ever after setting up a butcher shop.

(0) Reply 11 Soyachan September 16th.Reply 7. Thank you for the recap.. this show is getting heart-wrenching. 2010 at 9:11 PM oh my you're really fast girl friday! i love every recaps of yours! i love dong joo. I must!) (0) Reply 10 serenity56 September 16th. especially since I was screaming at the computer in Korean. 2010 at 9:13 PM it is weird that i like reading the recaps way more than watching the actual episode? thanks for the recaps! great. and i love how he's character is improving¼ aw. 2010 at 9:06 PM thanks GF¼ another great recap!!! Woongtastic indeedy!! We're in the last stretch¼ i can't wait to see how this all [happily!!] ends!! :D (0) Reply 9 Kender September 16th. 2010 at 9:09 PM I spent the entire episode ranging from ªOMG SO ADORABLEº to ªOH GOD WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME. daewoong and miho totally inlove.1 kristin September 16th.º I'm pretty sure my brother thought I was going crazy. If it has a sad ending. he's hot. 2010 at 9:14 PM no kidding!!! (0) Reply 8 lovenyc52 September 16th. GOD. (I must put all of my faith into the Hong sisters' ability to en d this well. I may hav e to kill myself. 2010 at 9:12 PM yeh. entertaining writing! (0) Reply . I've been refreshing this page for the whole eve ning :) (0) Reply 12 totokoko September 16th.

13 Addicted September 16th. this is the best drama so far.. (0) . I'm so looking forward to the next episode. I do feel some sort of heartache for Beautifully Emo. I think when Gil Dal perished and turned into dust part of it was taken by the gr andmother and made the fox bead out of it.1 Butet September 16th.1 serenity September 17th.º ahaha getting the dirty episode again? THNK U! but i still dont understand the connection btwn miho and the old goblin and tht kid-goblin is creepy. 2010 at 11:56 PM I think Miho was made out of a spectacle/part of Gil Dal (old goblin). 2010 at 9:27 PM and THANK YOU! and dang. Hoi-Hoi/Dimples Couple! (0) Reply 15. Is that so hard to do? But so much adorableness and sexual innuendos. I gushed and awed and fel t heartbreak in such a short time. all he ever wanted was to be loved by a Gumiho. (0) Reply 15 :P September 16th. 2010 at 9:14 PM I LOVE YOU!! now i can go back to my homework! (0) Reply 14 Butet September 16th. now my head is spinning with more theories. 2010 at 9:17 PM I've been a frequent visitor of this site lately because of this drama. 2010 at 9:17 PM this episode is ªWoongtastic. I love it to pieces¼ Thanks for the recaps! Dae Woong and Mi Ho are super cute! But the plot thickens from here¼ I feel sa d for Emo Hunter though. (0) Reply 16 rich September 16th. 2010 at 9:16 PM Imma take it that Javabeans is not going to be happy again cuz she didn't reca p this episode (0) Reply 14. For me.

2010 at 9:22 PM This episode was seriously Woongtastic! And Girlfriday is totally beach-slap ping Javabeans when it comes to getting the awesome episodes. Mi Ho could very well have been made to figure it from¼oh. when Mi-ho said she would protect Woong-ah. I don't know. I don't know how they're going to both make it out alive. umm. I salute you! The only thing I didn't like about the episode was Exposition Goblin. L'epique sigh. And in my other eye. Lahlita is going to go to Korea and punish some Hong Sisters. and Mi-ho should have put it together . (0) Reply 20. and loving on the show really hard. Is all I'm sayin'. 2010 at 9:21 PM never have i squealed and giggled so much from watching a kdrama aaaak! if i was a gumiho. i would have lost all my tails and died already with each episode becoming more and more woongtastic! come to think of it.Reply 17 jossy September 16th. 2010 at 10:06 PM I agree Ð the goblin was unnecessary. But that one gripe is peanuts in the face of all of the wonderful ¼ I don't even have words. thereby keeping the origination of conflict firmly within. His sudd en arrival on the scene to spill all the secrets was really inorganic. Just random squeeing and being simultaneously joyful and heartbroken. It's just that there was something in my e ye. I would like to s tate for the record that I did NOT cry. Also mad props to ViiKii for being amazingly fast with the subs this week. And the e nd of the episode. notes sexy-vet-doctor scribbled on a prescripti on pad for doggie vitamins or something during one of his sitting-in-the-darkene . 2010 at 9:17 PM Daebak! now so. Hunter should have made one more cryptic comment. (I can't be lieve I'm talking about inorganic in a show with an otherworldly premise). 2010 at 9:21 PM thanks thanks¼ been waiting for this (0) Reply 20 Lahlita September 16th. OMGash. where can I get a fox bead? hehe awesomeness 3000 as usual GF! (0) Reply 18 someone September 16th.1 nom_kitteh September 16th. but they have to. mi ho should have her own word for all her awesomeness :D (0) Reply 19 fangirl September 16th. but none of it is particularly meaningful. If there's anyone reading who is a ViiKii Viking. Le sigh. so much more to say. If t hey don't.

Damn. And maybe¼ Maybe¼ Because miho was made from gildal s goblin fire as what the recaps said: ""Dong-joo visits the Samshin temple. So to protect Woong.d-room-emo-episodes.2 Lahlita September 17th. 2010 at 3:30 AM >> I have this theory that he was the one whom Gil Dal originall y gave her fox bead to but she fell in love with someone else. Also that creepy horror movie-esque quality to the evil boy was really disconcerting. This is gonna be one those hong gil dong shows. I have this theory that he was the one whom Gil Dal orig inally gave her fox bead to but she fell in love with someone else. 2010 at 3:09 AM Oh.. 2010 at 6:31 AM Shallow as it is. and asks the Grandmother i n the painting if she made Mi-ho out of Gil-dal's goblin fire. hence he had to k ill her or something<< Hm¼. So. pleeeaaase.. ahhhh no no no hong sisters need to make a better way out (0) Reply 20.1 linkyo September 17th. Your theory does make sense. she will have an energy source) while daewoong will have miho s bead re maining inside him¼ Ugghhh??? Dongjoo¼ Dies? ^^. not one of those Hong Gil Dong shows! I cried bucket s at the end of Hong Gil Dong! I'm guessing my hottie-hot-hottie emo sweetie's gonna give his bead to MiHo. But I was thinking: maybe the sa me thing happened to gildal and dong joo. but because she love d him so much and couldn t see him die so gildal asked dongjoo to kill her. damn. That means dong joo has a part of "miho s life source"±gildal s fox bead± so maybe the way out is for dongjoo to take out gildal s fox bead for m iho (so. damn. Maybe it was to ensure that Dae-woong's life force gets drained 1 00% since he won't receive any additional ki? .1. There's got a be a reason why Dong -joo kept beating Mi-ho over the head with the fact that she's not allowed to mate with Dae-woong. but it has to occur before the 100th day. (0) Reply 20. I'm going with the theory that sharing ki will save them. "" So¼. So n ow Dongjoo is half human because he has that fox bead inside¼.1. damn. right? So someone's gonna die regardless. But it has still been a fantastic 6-8 episodes so far.1. Mi Ho has to kill herself. maybe gildal gave her bead to dong joo..1 Ojou_Belle September 17th. as what happened between miho and daew oong. hence he had to kill her or something.1. isn't it? (0) Reply 20. Well.

2010 at 6:50 AM Cruel as it may be. 4) At some point. thereby depriving her of the chance to make an informed decision. 3) Dae-woong is crazy in love with Mi-ho. I also have the theory of sharing thei r ki because Dong Joo always told Mi Ho not to mate with Dae Woong. Dong-joo is beautiful. . (0) Reply 20.2. or Grandma will come down from the heavens a weave a mirac le for these two. He w ill want to protect Dae-woong until the 100th day. You're beautiful. Dae-woong is going to find out that he and Mi-ho a re doomed. She won't leave him. H e started this mess by not telling Mi-ho up front what would happen if she went this route. I'm counting on that. Plus.OK. You Ð and your emo hair Ð are just going to have to die. I must say. Here's why: 1) Dong-joo wants to keep Mi-ho safe and ensure that she lives. now that she has decided to die for him. Ba d Dong-joo. that would be an appropriate s acrifice.1. 2010 at 7:39 AM ok sharing ki it is! Hah. and then remove the bead (kil l Dae-woong) so Mi-ho can live. That. this entire situation is rife with dramatic possibilitie s.2. I can't wait for that to happen. If he does indeed have Gil-dal's bead within him. It's going to be gut-wrenching. which means she won't allow the bead to be taken out of him at the end. So he's not letting Dae-woong out of his sight. and that (b) the pain is more bearable for her when she's with him. (0) Reply 20. Their b abies will have the cutest dimples ever! swoon! (0) Reply 20. So she's not letting him out of her sight either.1. He won't leave her. Sh e would never have put Dae-woong at that kind of risk if she knew beforehand.3 Gumiho September 17th. that ªneither can live whilst the other survives.1.1 Ari September 17th.2 hunterbear September 17th. so I'm thinking that Dong-joo will have to give up whatever life-force is within him . 2) Mi-ho has made up her mind to protect Dae-woong. So he won't leave her.º and about the choice M i-ho has made. but if he has to die to save them SO BE IT. every minut e is precious. 2010 at 8:24 AM I agree with you Lahlita. but I don't see a separation for anyone. but no. that doesn't make any sense and it's a really shallow resolution. and understands that (a) l osing her tails to become human is an excruciatingly painful process that will o nly get worse.2.

both of them knows their predicament that one of them will die. movie.. I want a happy ending. he realized that he doesnt want to repeat the same mistake again this time.1 linkyo September 17th.. Gosh . I just can't afford to think that this drama won't have a happy endi ng. what's your theory about this? The ªneither can live while the o ther survivesº thing reminds me of Harry Potter. 2010 at 9:54 AM I think at the end of the day (episode) DJ would (should) sa crifice himself for both MH and DW cause its obvious enough that DW and MH are h ead over heel with each other.1. Daewoong will have to endure some pain during the m atingº right? I mean.2. Since DJ had killed his lover hundreds thousands years ago. Sharing ki¼ now that is one good twist. dinner or overn ight vacation out in the beach overnight. But the Dong Joo theory could be possible.. their ki will be one? I dunno. I don't know what to think. (0) Reply 20. my theory(dream). Or maybe he alr eady became tired with i-cant-live-at-one-place-for-a-long-time policy. *starry teary eyes* (0) 20.. he actual ly let gil-dal live. 2010 at 3:51 PM I would love to have the ªki sharingº plot. date. her fox bead inside him is still healing (the duel between d .. So there you enough is enough. It's just that Dong Joo's identity is stil vague. I don't t hink that Dong Joo is kind enough to sacrifice himself if he has Gil Dal's bead. the Hong Sisters are making me think too much. 2010 at 2:06 PM Oh my God. let just let those two lover hoi-hoi couple make their own love stor y and perhaps he will eventually think that by letting DW and MH live..1. like the scenario would be.2. If it is going to be like that¼ Was wondering ªthen. (0) Reply 20.My theory is when they mate.DW wont let MH kill herself for him neither do MH There is no room at all for DJ and we might as well erase our memory of that evi l noona. H e's too selfish. I pray so hard every week hoping for a happy ending for our hoihoi couple..3. but in an effort to have one blissful day as normal humans. then sharing their ki will mean the powers of the bead will prot ect them both and give them life.1.1 Treep September 17th. they spend the day as a regular boyfriend and girlfriend or lovers.2. Please! GF..4 xiaoSxin September 17th. sweet romantic night. i could giggle watching that episode.4. Gosh.

2.2 Momolito September 17th. (0) Reply 21 miss_procrastination September 16th. Show¼ give us shallow! And/or Emo Hair will have to play the sacrificial lamb and make his exit. 2010 at 6:14 PM Maybe if min ho get pregnant. well then. I like your ki-sharing idea. you can't do hocus pocus to retri eve the fox bead when you're a human already) ±maybe that's why dongjoo forbid her to mate with daewoong? Or¼???? (0) Reply 20. His being mostly honest with Miho just doesn't cut it ± he will have to pay.5 linkyo September 17th. Lahlita.2 asianromance September 17th.2.2. I think. 2010 at 10:28 PM Oh god Lahlita.4. but I was busy coming with wi ldly implausible scenarios where everyone gets their HEA. Thats why im hoping they mate and she gets pregnant.1. 2010 at 4:29 PM Thank you for laying these points out so nicely. You just shattered my lovely dreams *pout* (0) Reply 20. (0) Reply 20.2. Ho ng sisters! Entertain us with great ending please! (0) 20. But maybe it's the matter of timing? (100th day before the f ull moon?) Heh¼ Still having no idea where the story is going to turn LOLz.7 viola September 17th. (I mean. Thats my theory (0) 20. These twists in the plot takes me back to my confusion with Pirates of the Caribbean a nd the whole heart in the box thing (still haven't gotten that one straight). the w ay to retrieve the bead is indeed to ªmateº¼. Oh. 2010 at 9:23 PM . how does ªretrieve the bead back after 100 days and she's already a human (almost?)º Since miho wouldn't be a gumiho anymore at the end of the 100 days. 2010 at 3:38 PM it does make me wonder how many non-humans are just wandering around in the MGIAG world¼.aewoong vs fox bead).1. way to break my heart there! I know that there i s no way His Preternatural Prettiness can survive.1. 2010 at 4:00 PM Oohhhh!!!! Now I kinda get it! After thinking about it¼ Basically.1. And if that is shallow.6 kappy September 17th. she will have human energy ins ide (the baby will become her bead).

I mean bead. XD Well. 2010 at 9:25 PM Ogosh I dont want this drama to end! (0) Reply 26 cheanne September 16th..very good¼. (0) Reply 23 Orion September 16th.. Dae Woong has done quite a few bad things himself so let him wear the chastity belt. If this drama does not end well. I swear I will give up watching k-dramas fo r good. (0) Reply 23. I will throw a goodbye party. I don't know what will happen to me when I actually watch the episode. 2011 at 5:10 PM Orion. are you a Firefly fan? (0) Reply 24 Nan September 16th. 2010 at 9:24 PM Damn that gorramn fox bead! It's driving us (as well as Mi Ho and Dae Woong) c razy. Thanks for the recap! (0) Reply 22 hazelbeans September 16th.1 Cristy April 5th. 2010 at 9:24 PM Thanks for super fast recaps!!! :) (0) Reply 25 Heilie September 16th. Dear Shisus. If it does end well.I am floored. so give me Miho's and D aewoong's wedding and babies. for a while. How can there be so much cuteness mixed with absolute dread? T here are so many possibilities for how this will end¼I really hope that the Hong s isters will keep to the happy-oh-my-goodness-too-cute. 2010 at 9:25 PM wow ¼.I really love the story¼¼ (0) . 2010 at 9:23 PM omgomgomg ± I legit squealed continuously while reading your recap.

Thanks for the recap! Gonna be a long wait 'til next wednesday¼ (0) Reply 29 Hajung September 16th. magical way for them to both survive. How will DJ ensure that histor y doesn't repeat itself? Also this episode felt long in a good way because so many things happpened over the course of one hour.1. which I didn't think was possible *heart*) XD I really can't foresee what will happen from now on. (0) Reply 28 vis September 16th. 2010 at 9:37 PM you had an even better episode than javabeans! lollllll (0) Reply 30. 2010 at 9:35 PM OMG! What an awesome episode! It's just getting better and better (and our hoi -hoi couple is getting even cuter. 2010 at 10:28 PM >:[ (0) Reply 30. I can't help but worry for them.episode.Reply 27 cattey September 16th. They can't die! It just cannot happen! (0) Reply 30 :D September 16th.1. it just stopped and broke after the fact that Miho now knows about the conseq uences of her becoming a human. I think I was so caught up in the hilariousness of the first half hat I didn't really get how angsty and sad the second part is. But after reading this I'm so s ad! I'm hoping for some mysterious.1 Balletbabe September 17th. Girlfriday!! This episode made my heart race in excitement at the beginning and in the en d.1 javabeans September 16th. 2010 at 9:31 PM Thank you so much for the recap. 2010 at 4:17 AM .1 anon September 16th. 2010 at 9:49 PM again lol! (0) Reply 30.1. 2010 at 9:35 PM Best. but I know it's all gonna turn out just fine.

It gives the angst of a major characters death but the love of our primary coupl e is still safe. 2010 at 10:40 PM I think Drama God is really on your side. Doctor Emo will be able to do it since it was his blood and mag ic spelly things that started all this. 2010 at 12:18 AM Just curious. I think in terms of emotional throughline and dramatic tension . (0) Reply 30. 2010 at 10:21 PM Actually. as the hoi-hoi banter in 12 made up for it in leaps and bounds. 2011 at 5:12 PM Probably because girlfriday is the author of the original post. I'll join .1 Cristy April 5th.3. 2010 at 9:38 PM I have my own speculation as to how this will end. (0) Reply 30.2. but eps 12 is still better than eps 11.2.Aww cheer up JB your recap had the much anticipated big kiss whi ch thanks to the darn bead won't be happening again any time soon (0) Reply 30.1 pohonphee September 16th. ha.At least it better not be one of the mains. When HE asked HER to take responsibility for him? I died. It was so well-constructed that I felt carried along. Not that I would want to trade. ha.2 girlfriday September 16th.3 facetious September 19th. ha¼true eps 9 is bet ter than eps 11. Tragedy with happy ending¼. At least this is what I am thinking will be the best solution.2.2. (0) Reply 31 Diadda September 16th. why's the reply highlighted in green? (0) Reply 30. but 11 made me squee like nobody's business. 1 2 was good. Episode 11 was better. Demon Hunter Vet MD will sacrifice himself for the girl he has always loved and break her cycle of pain o nce and for all.2 Ace September 17th. 2010 at 1:23 AM I love this scene¼the background music was Super Mario Brothers¼ºgo¼clear¼leve l up!¼º hahaha! so cute! (0) Reply 30.

1 Tushka September 16th. (0) Reply 31.2 Ojou_Belle September 17th. As soon as she touched his face (in the ma ll cafe) he was dead in the water. (0) Reply 31. even if it didn't include him.makes a lot of sense. gil dal wants to save the human she was in love with. My heart brea ks for him.2.2. (0) Reply 31. But wh en he told Hye In in episode 11 that he was only half. he's going to die¼.2. Dong Joo no longer wanted to put MiHo back in the picture or kill her. 2010 at 4:14 PM i don't think that dong joo has got gil dal's bead¼i mean.1 nara:) September 17th.1 asianromance September 17th. poor DJ. 2010 at 3:41 PM and now it would only be fitting for Dong-joo to sacrifice himse lf for her to make up for the betrayal. S ure.3 facetious September 19th.1.the rest of the posters here in a mass revolt. I always suspect ed that he sacrifice himself for her. isn't dong joo su pposed to be a supernatural being already? i think the bead of gil dal was in th e human who betrayed her that was why gil dal begged dong joo to kill her himsel f. Now. 2010 at 10:21 PM Since Dong Joo made the deal with MiHo to become human. I have this theory that my hottie-ho t-hottie-sweetie Park Dong Joo is the guy whom Gil Dal offered her bead to hold on to for 100 days. 2010 at 12:20 AM That¼. He says he's half human which is probably th eeffect of the fo x bead in him. maybe he'll be re born as one of MiHo and Daewoong's many children. 2010 at 3:13 AM I agree! As I said somewhere above. (0) Reply 31. 2010 at 12:40 PM I think so too! I thought Dong Joo was a non-human up to now. he thought nothing of playing with her life but slowly wanted to make her h appy.2 choieyen September 17th. he wants MiHo for himself. O_O Now I feel like I just read a spoiler for . (0) Reply 31. this makes me speculate t hat he was the one Gil Dal sacrificed herself for. (0) Reply 31.

2010 at 9:42 PM I wish emo hunter has a happy ending. Eeeeek.namu¼namu chuwa (0) Reply 36 Jenju September 16th. and I w atched the first 5 minutes of this episode at least 5 times!!! Can't this series n ot end???!!! We want more!!! Great recap.namu.namu¼. NOW. namu¼. I want skinship galor e! MATE. omgosh he makes me swoon more than dae -woong. -__(0) Reply 32 jyiskool September 16th. you're truly Woongtastic!!! I was laughing out loud at the recaps. (0) Reply 32. GENIUS.namu. 2010 at 9:50 PM @GF ¼.he's a real hottie¼. I need a new word for adorable. I'll be disappointed if the answer is true love. never laughed so hard over a recap! I'm seriously losing my mind! (0) Reply 35 ilukd September 16th.I hope to see NoMinWoo in better & nicer roles la ter in other dramas~~ (0) Reply 33 memei September 16th.yes.the ending of the series. namu¼..1 Anonymous September 16th. (0) Reply 34 Gen September 16th. 2010 at 9:43 PM Aaaaakkk! Maybe they just have to mate and share the `humanity' in order for her to become human without killing Dae-woong. 2010 at 11:14 PM oh.. 2010 at 9:47 PM GF. Woongtastic. (0) Reply .. 2010 at 9:50 PM Okay.

2010 at 10:01 PM CAnt wait till the next episode. you rock! (0) Reply 39 alert September 16th. girlfriday.T (0) Reply 43 alice September 16th. this recap is woongtasticly good! (0) Reply 40 xiaoSxin September 16th. exer. 2010 at 10:11 PM lee seung gi is so cute. *sob*. Viikii is the best when it comes to subs. 2010 at 9:59 PM ªWoontastic?! º ªThump. i wish i had a boyfriend like him. *woot* How are Ho ng sisters going to solve this case and let both of them live happily together? i want to see them mate :P again. T. thanks for the recap. 2010 at 9:50 PM Thanks for the fast recaps. cutest.37 CityHunter September 16th. (0) Reply 42 Jobz September 16th. couple. Heart? Meet Floor. 2010 at 9:54 PM i love how Miho plans out her human life with Daewoong. will comment later onc e I have my melted heart back. 2010 at 10:10 PM Awesome recap as usual! Now I have to cope with the impending doom. ladies. (0) Reply 38 miniejungle September 16th. haha.º Gosh Girlfriday you have one heck of a sense of humor!! I was ROFL reading y our recaps (during the fun moments) and yes my heart finally made it to the floo r on this episode. a whole team o f children!!! i think everyman would be scared of this future. 2010 at 9:57 PM Damn you fox bead. I LOVE IT!! (0) Reply 41 kiki September 16th. the little gobli . for making me cryyyyyyyyyyyyy so very bad that I have to skip lunch for fear others will see my puffy eyes.

. 2010 at 10:15 PM im sad for dong joo. that last two lines.. 2010 at 10:39 PM wow!marvelous recaps¼ i. at noon. or both of them di e.. 2010 at 10:16 PM me too¼love this one¼the drama keeps switching between mello and comedy romance¼wh ich I like of course. 2010 at 10:14 PM Heartbreaking. 2010 at 11:15 PM He's the same kid~ (0) Reply 43. (0) Reply 45 imaddictedtoyou September 16th. This can't have a sad ending though. i love the conflict of . 2010 at 10:32 PM Today. 2010 at 11:37 PM he is the little ma jun kid i think. and calling lee seung gi cute is t he biggest understatement of the century. it started to rai n and guess what the first thing that popped in my mind was? That's right my fello w friends. sad~ (0) Reply 46 chessy03 September 16th. (0) Reply 43. I just hope that the ending would be good¼ (0) Reply 47 Ani September 16th.1 Anonymous September 16th. either they both live. XD Thanks girlfriday! (0) Reply 48 queu September 16th.once again fell in love with dae woongie¼and miho as well¼..poor dae woong for being clueless. on the sky being clear and it being sunny.2 leodicean September 16th. seriously. Dude really? I think kdrama is knocking a couple of my screws loose. cute is too tame a word for dae-woong and mi ho.n boy he looks like the little ma jun kid from Baker King Tak Gu.they just the cutest couple ever¼i mean ever¼. (0) Reply 44 anna September 16th.sad for miho.. I thought MiHo was crying.

why not play em all at once!)¼ i'm devastated that there will only be four more.1 Osi September 17th..i would rather have my dimples seung g!!!gigles3. if you ask me.haha¼ i don't know¼ he's just probably too hot??? cute seunggi vs hot fox hunter??? SEUNG GI all the way yeah!! (0) Reply 48. great job mgiag production¼i LOVE u guys¼ seunggi just completely great actor¼. 2010 at 3:34 AM Seung Gi. dramas this good should just air every day. .^^ (0) Reply 49 Koreandramasrock September 16th. 2010 at 10:44 PM Aish!! That darn bead and that darn hunter for putting it in oori Woong-ah! Thanks for the GREAT recap girlfriday!! I loved and sniffled (I did NOT cry! I'm s aving that for the next ep! =.haha (when she fed dae w oong). as far as people kept saying he IS hot.each expressions were just nice¼.oh my!!!!! totally cuteness overload!!!! and looks like fox hunter in the same line as noona???oh i hate them¼. miho too looks so pretty and cute and cruel as well¼..= ) all over again! (0) Reply 50 bethany September 16th. SOB! 2010 seems to have been a great year for dramas.. 2010 at 10:44 PM while i can't wait for the next four episodes (which will be aired at a heartwrenching rate of two per week¼ seriously. FTW. heck.this story¼we are totally clueless about what's going to happen next¼.